Hello beautiful bbl ladies! I am so excited I have...

Hello beautiful bbl ladies! I am so excited I have finally took a big step into my bbl future and I'm too excited! I have been back and forth on whether or not to do it, my surgeon and the date. I am finally ready to get on with. I have made up my mind I want those Dr. J curves! He is a bit pricey but I am willing to work a little harder to get exactly what I want. The main reasons I chose Dr. Jimerson is for the obvious works of art he creates, he is located about an hour away from me and did I mention his work?? LOL but anyways I called to schedule my in person consultation but the soonest available date was November 7 so I took it. Im gonna try to tone up and maybe drop 5 lbs. So while I wait i will busy with that and working to get this money up for my procedure.

Well I just had a few free minutes of time and...

Well I just had a few free minutes of time and thought I'd just share more info on my personal story. I'm 5'7 and roughly 160 pounds. I'm wanting to maybe drop 5 pounds and tone up my arms and thighs. But I'm gonna wait until Dr. Jimerson sees me at my in person consultation. It seems so far off but I'm patiently waiting. I had a baby 6 months ago and I also have a 4 and 5 year old so its time to tune things up. LOL its not really that bad I'm only 23 and nobody thinks I look it. I just really want a big booty and itty Bitty waist and I think this is a good idea for me. So for now I wait til November. Dr. Jimerson was always my first choice because IMO he makes the fattest butts! He does hips and I'm in Georgia only an hour away. So I have the convenience of going for an in person consultation and avoiding the extra stress and financial obligations associated with flights and hotels. I'm gonna be able to recover at home and to me you justcant put a price on that. Ill be posting my post open pics closer to my consultation date. Just wanted to check in with you all! Happy waiting to all you ladies waiting for the big day!

Well im still waiting for my consult, scheduled...

Well im still waiting for my consult, scheduled for next month on the 7th. I thought about pushing it back due to me quitting my job last week. I bet your like who would quit a job as hard as they are to come by? But seriously, I tried hanging in there just for the sake of my bbl dreams, but my boss just gave me pure hell and talked to me like a piece of dirt on the floor. So we got into it and she told me to go home and think about coming back. Obviously I didnt return. But I have a good prospect for another job. I have to call tomorrow for details. Anywho..I think ill be ok with coming up with my deposit money by then. Especially if I get that job. On another note, I posted before pics from last month and im gonna wait to see what Dr. Jimerson says about weight. I also posted my wish pics. I just basically want a big round bubble and a cute shelf. Thats all for now dolls!!

I am so up and down about this bbl! Sometimes I...

I am so up and down about this bbl! Sometimes I feel I'm being selfish to spend so much money on my appearance. Then other times I feel I deserve to feel as beautiful on the outside as I am on the outside. My consult is november 7th but i dont thnk thats a good day for me cuz my bf will be off that day. He is adamantly against me and this sx so im gonna keep it on the DL for now haha! If hes at work there will be less questions asked. So I was gonna call and try to move my consult back a couple weeks and the lady said the next available date was the 27th of December which is not good for me. So I'm guessing it would be January before I could go for a consult? How would I fare getting a sx date in March and what if his prices go up like I have heard?? What am I gonna do???

I know the last post I was talking crazy! But...

I know the last post I was talking crazy! But after a lot of thought I decided I am going to keep my consult date with Dr. Jimerson and work through any issues as they arise. As I have stated before my bf is against this sx and I am not even telling him that I continue to push forward with this procedure. So ill be going off with my mom for the day, supposedly lmbo. I have my in person consult scheduled for 11:00 so hopefully ill still be able to make it to work. I'm also looking into getting a second job so I can get all the money up. I would prefer to pay cash since I have so many other huge purchases ill be financing next year. But on the same note I think it would be better to finance my sx and pay for a car cash up front. I just about got it all planned out finance wise anyway so now I gotta get my list of questions and concerns together. A lot of my questions were answered when I read nursekw08 update on her consult with Dr. J. Especially about the massages and herbal remedies or whatever you call them. She Aldo stated that there were only like 3 dates left in March so I'm just hoping for the best. I will take April if I have to cuz I gotta get this booty on deck by summer! Good luck to all ladies whose sx is coming up and happy waiting to y'all ladies who are being patient like me lmbo.

Just wondering who has actually done this? I have...

Just wondering who has actually done this? I have seen it said many times but I spoke with Dawn about this and basically got shot down. She said that due to the deposit being non refundable that they don't do that until after your consultation. Any help ladies???

As I have been going up and down and round and...

As I have been going up and down and round and round with my bbl emotions, I have skipped out on two in person consultations with Dr. J. When I made up my mind again that I still want this done, Jimerson is booking in person consults in September. I dunno what I wanna do now. Having a consult is part of your research and helps determine what you want to do as far as the procedure. I know its my fault but waiting that long for a consult. On-the-job plus side I am not planning to have my procedure ASAP as I want to continue to researand book with whom I feel is the best. But on the same token I'd love to have a date for the future to look ahead to and plan for. Not to mention paying down my balance in cash. Anyhow I plan to make up my mind by February and start working out my details for late 2013 or early 2014. I would love input ladies. Sending blessings out to those January bbl beauties. I remember some of those women scheduling their surgeries when I was juststarting to seriously contemplate a bbl. Long time coming haha!

I have a consultation scheduled with jimerson for...

I have a consultation scheduled with jimerson for September but who wants to wait that long just for a freakin consult??? I mean really? He is at the top of my list cuz I love the shape of his booties and I'm only like an hour away but it ain't that serious. I can to somewhere else. Traveling is not out of the question. Then I had a wonderful bbl sister agree to give me her consult date which is coming up soon but you know what apss said? They are not allowed to let me take her consult even if she don't want it! I even called back later on and asked if we could switch consults and she said no!! I mean I get it they maintain waiting list and I'm not the only one who wants aearlier consult but damn! If I have the means to an earlier consult than let it be! Salama patients switch surgery dates for crying out loud LOL. I'm sorry for the rant but dr. Jimerson just may not be the one for me. They just seem so hard up for money over there. For what I don't know. They charge you for every little thing they do and then if you can pay your surgery in full in cash well come right in and get whatever date you want! Same with consults if you can give them some money than You can come for consult ASAP. I want an earlier consult but I don't want to bribe your office for it! Even though salama office send out cookie cutter information at least you get your price and can go on And book a date. I'd much rather wait 8 months to surgery than to a consultation!!!
With that being said, I talked to secret charm yesterday and she is so cool! She has basically got me researching dra yily again. I love her overall shape especially her waist! And the price islovely too. I'd be able to go a lot sooner than I was planning! My only drawback with her is that I have not seen any donks and I mean real bubble butts! I want a lot of projection and some wide hips with a small waist. I think she is capable of doing such but I still wanna see proof with my own eyes LOL! And I'm also looking at salama again. His last few girls were on point and sxwallex hasn't even got to her one week post op. I know she will be on point. But the real problem is I have seen one body on here that I would clone for myself. I mean her waist booty and hips would be perfect for me. She went to salama and her name Is bootylisious. I've been thinking about maybe booking with him?? Ahhh I'm all over the place but I want to go ahead and decide who what when and where LOL. I've been researching for a year now and it's driving me crazy!!! What do you gals think?

So I have heard back from dra. Yily and she quoted...

So I have heard back from dra. Yily and she quoted me $3000 for liposuction to flanks, abdomen, arms, back, and possibly inner thighs if my blood levels allow. It includes all labs, clinic fees, anesthesia fees, and one compression garment. It sounds pretty good and I'd be able to go a lot sooner than I had anticipated on going to dr. Jimmerson. I have seen some great results on here and mmh. Also a sweet realself sister prettygirlslim pointed me to some results that were just what I wanted! I'm pretty much sold on her. I also like the idea of being able to recover at the recovery house where you are pretty much pampered for the duration I'm sure. I just look at it like going on an exotic vacation and getting a little nip and tuck! LOL

Now my dilemma comesin here....I love the idea of going to yily but that means leaving my small kids ( ages 6, 4 and 10 months) for at least 9 to 10 days!!!! I guess its just unimaginable right now especially thinking of my baby! I have never been away from her more than 8 hours at a time! I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea though. Although jimmerson is more convenient location wise I'm going end up spending like 10 racks for everything! Price isn't a really big deal but damn! I like the idea of being able to see my babes tho! Am I theonly one going thru these kind of decisions? I want the surgery but now it just seems like so much extra??? Lord Jesus take the wheel!!!

So I heard back from Yily on the 17th and she put...

So I heard back from Yily on the 17th and she put me down for surgery on May 10th for the second patient of the day. I had to email her again today to switch it to the 11th so I can go with my bbl sis @thenewbooty. I know it will be a couple days from now before i hear from her but im cool with that. I'll just be busy preparing and getting this money up! I have really started digging deep planning for my trip to DR and now that I have a buddy to team up with im so excited!!!

I have also lost weight unintentionally lol!! I put my new pre ops up!!

May where the eff are you??? Im ready to do the...

May where the eff are you??? Im ready to do the damn thing!!!

I dont know if it was a mistake or what?? I got an...

I dont know if it was a mistake or what?? I got an email about 7 stating that my inhouse apointment was for today @ 9AM??? My consultationn was scheduled for 9-16-13 awhile back so what?? Now they got me thinking again...

Im Back... And ready to get this show back on the road!!!

I have been MIA for awhile just going back and forth with doctors and if I really wanted the procedure or not, but I have def come to the conclusion I GOT TO DO IT!!! It would just totally complete me lol. So I'm still planning to go with Yily, but My in house consult for Jimerson is coming up and I adore his work, but I also like Yily and Duran. For now I am with Dra. Yily, but I also want to hear from Dra. Duran. She has some nice work!! Im ready to get back to planning and preparing and get this over with!!

Team Yily for now...

I am in love with dr jimerson work but I would have to wait longer to have the procedure done and I think I have waited long enough!! I feel Yily or Duran will be able to deliver results Acceptable to me lol so for now I am scheduled with Yily for march 10 2014.... I also have N in house consult with jimerson in September and debating if I wanna go or not.... Further temptation lol

Back at it again....

So I have been away .... Again, but I have been working and focusing on school, saving my money and also looking for a reasonable prices surgeon in the states. Well, I found Vanity and I believe this is it! Dr. Ghurani is the one and the price sounds good too!! I reached out to Jessica and she quoted me 7000 for the entire package which included the bbl surgery, pre op tests, post op garment, meds, and stay at their recovery home. I believe I'm missing something but that pretty much sums it up. I am now in the process of scheduling a date and putting down my deposit. I'd love to go In March or April but anytime would work I guess. I have also uploaded more recent photos, I have gained some weight and I'm more ready than ever for this sx.

Vanity is upping their price!!

So I have been in correspondence with Jessica at Vanity. She has been in constant contact and she even emailed me back Saturday night! Anywho,,, in her email she stated that the dr had the opportunity to look at my photos and he confirmed that I am a candidate for the bbl surgery. I had to send them my wish pictures so that they can get an idea of what I am trying to achieve to let me know if it's possible or not. They will also be able to tell me if I need to gain or lose.


I had to hurry and post my last update cuz I'm at work and had to get up and do some work!!! Lol but anyways I got my quote last week sometime and Jessica quoted me 7000 for the entire package which included stay at the recovery home for 7 days and6 nights which included a 24/7 nurse and driver,,, 1 post op compression garment,,, 2 foam boards,,, medication ( pain, antibiotic and nausea),,, 7 lymphatic massages and the full surgery room costs. I am also able to bring a guest at no additional cost.
The surgery includes general anesthesia, and the anesthesiologist,,, lipo to your full back, waist, love handles , flanks and full abdomen, liposculpture, fat grafting to glutes and hips, 24 hour emergency line answered by dr., and full panel of lab work.
It all sounds so good but she told me I would need to leave a deposit to lock in that price because prices would be going up today January 20. I am not sure what they are going up to but I want my 7000 quote!!!!!! If I haven't heard from her via email by 3 o'clock when I get off, I will be calling her to get details on leaving a deposit and possibly discussing surgery dates!! My best bet right now is going to be after summer but I def wanna go before December which is my birthday month. I'm thinking September or October maybe. It'll give me time to get everything together and possibly go on a school break or something. Chat with you all later!!

Call from Vanity today

I got to talk to Jessica today after tons of emailing back and forth! She was really sweet! She basically gave me the doctors opinion and it was that I'm a perfect candidate for the procedure and there was really no need to gain on lose weight. She said that he was basically gonna focus on adding fat to the top of my buttocks cuz I already have cheeks!! Lol I just love my bottom crease!!! But I wNt this ass to jump off my back tho!! She said I could gain 3 to 4 pounds for a really big booty,,,, so yu already know !! But according to her, Ghurani prices are not going up, only Fisher. But right now they are about the same. She suggested that I go with Fisher because he would be better for my body type. But I have time to decide. She told me I would need to leave a $400 deposit to secure my price and once half of my surgery is paid for I would be able to secure a date. I have time tho cuz I'm planning for later this year maybe sept-nov so I'll be thinking on all that.

Lawd,, Duran finally got back to me... Got me thinking

So I finally revived a response from Dra Duran,, who's work I truly admire!! She quoted me $3500 for the bbl and well... Her work speaks for itself!! I'm just a little uneasy about sx in the DR!! But the way she snatches these waists and pumps them booties up is REAL!!! Damn she got me thinking,,, I'm ready to book and pay and start getting prepped,,, I really want a date in April so we shall see,,, I will attempt calling Duran in the morn and see what her availability is. That will give me more info in my decision making .... Until then

Ugh, this process is killing me

Picking and dropping surgeons left and right... I'm a hot mess lol but I wanna be sure lol so anyhow. With all the mess going on at Vanity, I thought I should just steer clear of those guys, that's the last thing I need. Now my problem is getting in touch with Duran's office to get a date!! I love her results and the price is also nice! So if any of yu ladies have any tips on contacting the office to get on the schedule please let me know! Thanks in advance!!

Got my date with Duran!!

So I heard back from Duran today and she put me on the schedule for July 7!!!!! Yasssssssssss!!!!! I'm super excited and can't wait to finally get this over with! I am totally confident in Duran's skill to shape me and give me the body I desire. Besides, I already have a pretty decent foundation and I lil bit of booty so I think that adds up to success with this bbl!! I'm only planning on getting lipo and bbl, buttttttttt I have also been thinking about the idea of a vaginoplasty/labiaplasty. I may just inquire with her about these procedures or I may wait and do them at a later date. I'll see what happens. So now I begin with putting together a tough copy of my supply list and slowly stockpiling items. I have so much to do,, but I have lenty of time so here goes...... Happy journeys to all of you!!

I have still been looking around...

I have been put on the schedule with Duran for July 7. I haven't sent a deposit just yet cuz I'm not sure about going out the country. I love her work, just scared of the language barrier. So I have been in contact with other docs. I missed my FaceTime consult with Dr. Salzhauer cuz they were 45 mins late calling. But he was super sweet on the voicemail, I will def be rescheduling!
I looked into Dr. Ortega and have been in contact with Karla I think that's her name. They have a special for bbl right now that's $4500. It sounds good and he has some nice before and afters in his website.
I contacted Elite in regards to Dr. Ghurani and she gave all the basic info. His price is $7779 and I guess he's just not doing bbl at vanity cuz this info was sent to me today from Nancy. I love Ghurani work, but I'd have to wait a little longer for him, no biggie tho.
Last but bit least,,, it's a lot of drama surrounding Dr. Fisher but I am still drawn to him,,, I know I know! The price and the total package plus his work just keeps popping back up in my head and I can't help but thinking he could deliver the results plus everything else I'm looking for... Sigh... Am I crazy????? Or nah??? lol I gotta get myself together I slick wanted to go before summer so I could enjoy all the good stuff going on,, but if I need to get up more money then that's that,, I have a dr appt scheduled Monday afternoon to see how healthy I am to go through with this procedure. Hopefully all things check out. Check in again then...

Still trying to decide...

So I am still on the merry go round of picking a surgeon. I love Duran work but am iffy about going out the US. I also have a quote from Yily. But I would realllllllllly rather be in the states,,, preferably Florida cuz it's nearby! I think I will be giving Vanity another chance,, either Fisher or Hasan. Good prices and close to home! I could even get my bestie to tag along too who is also a nurse!! Plus I think I could come out cheaper than going to the DR. If Vanity has openings for April or possibly early May, then it's settled and I'll be going there. Duran couldn't give me a date til July. Sooooooo.... Playing the waiting game now I guess! I just don't think I need a whole lot!! I'd be happy happy to get rid of this gut and get a little waist! And if course put a little extra on the backside!! Lol I already have a little butt and a somewhat cute figure, so I think I should be good to go!

Paid my deposit today.... I'm # TEAMFISHER baby!!!!

So I had been in contact via email and phone with the lovely Jessica at Vanity. I requested a quote for Hasan after seeing some remarkable before and afters but I already had my quote from Fisher. I ultimately decided on Fisher and I believe I will have amazzzzzing results with him!! As of now, I'm undecided on my surgery date. I'm thinking late 2014 maybe October or November before my birthday in December!! Now I begin researching to compile my supply list!! Ish just got real!!!!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I am no longer having sx with Jimmerson!

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I am #TeamFisher too! When is your date? I am going in June.
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good luck boo, i am too going to fisher for my round 2 of lipo :) I did round 1 bbl with Dr. J, im happy :) but want more lipo
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I want to wish you the best. I am probably going to go to Vanity to see Fisher sometime October or very beginning of November... I wish you the best. Maybe we will be there around the same time! I am excited right now. I am in contact with Vanity right now as well. I was going to D.R. in which I still have my appt with Duran but I prefer to stay in the states as of now. I cannot get down with all that is going on down there..smh.
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Exited about following your journey. I think we all jump ships when deciding on a surgeon. I went from dr j to Cortes and now to fisher/hasan. Im love with them prices but they do awesome work. I can't tell the two apart.
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i've jumped a few times too lol :0
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Ayye!! Good luck hun! #TeamFisher
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ok now i see you are going to them lol. your ass looks damn good already to me so you are really going to have a donk!!!! ;)
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Girl plz gimme what u got so I can get my money back from Vanity!!! lol u look good!!
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Fareal tho her body is going to be OFF The chain after!!!
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Hey doll! Congrats on your decision. Fisher is going to sculpt your body right plus you already got cake for days.
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Thanks sweetie! I'm ready like yesterday!
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You're welcome. Yes, I know how you feel. I'm looking at this gut in disgust. I'm so ready.
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Returning the ♥ and following your journey. Girl u already got a party I am aiming for a cheeky look like yours!
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Thanks hun! Can't wait til we on the other side!
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I meant phatty lol
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Good luck future fisher doll!
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Good luck and keep us posted luv
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No you're not crazy I too have had alllllll the same thoughts. Paid my deposit to Vanity but their customer service is really giving me second thoughts. Then I called and was informed Dr. Fisher wasn't going to be available for the next two months due to personal circumstances. Which drew my attention to DR... heck I'm half Dominican but don't speak Spanish that well & I've been really concerned about that on top of going's all too mind boggling. God luck in your research dear
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Ugh... I'm bout to pull my doggone hair out... This sx... Guess I'll call Friday and see if they can fit me in for April or early may,,,, it may get real then lol I'll stay up to date on your journey also!
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Completely understandable in the meantime look up ExoticAsiaBlue, Yily did her & she looks great!
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We are the same height I will be following your journey
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Does anyone know Dr. DURAN, bank's address and the bank's branch? My bank needs that in order for me to send my deposit.
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I too am planning for sx in late 2014... However hadn't considered Dr G or Dr F have you seen many pics of their work? If so where, I think I may look them up...
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I love ur cheeks 2! Im considering dr fisher for fall 2014 i just dunno y i was suggested fisher for my body type.
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Yay!!! She suggested Fisher so now I am digging up info on him and more than likely he will be my dr. I'm aiming to go in the fall too anytime before December. Will you be staying at their RH??
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