BBL 2 days post Op- Dr.Andrew Jimerson -Suwanee, GA

I have been wanting to get a bbl since I was a...

I have been wanting to get a bbl since I was a teenager. My sisters and my mom all have big butts. I have huge breasts and want a butt to match them. My husband loves me the way I am but this is something I want to do and he stands with me on my decision . Wearing swimsuits are such a drag for me. I'm nervous but so excited . My phone consultation is June 5th. I will take the first date he had available once I talk to him.

ok just scheduled my appt with dr j for august. so geeked b/c i know he will do it right and i have the funds!!! woo hoo
That is great . Can't wait to talk to him June 5th to get my date
Dr.miles at a dora clinic worked miracles for me I have 800cc per side like kimk

I just talked to Dr.Jimerson. He is so nice and...

I just talked to Dr.Jimerson. He is so nice and very detailed. I decided to get bbl and hips. My surgey date is July 25th at 7:30 a.m.
Now its time for me to get ready. Im so excited!!!!! Total cost will be 9800 cash for bbl and hips. $500 deposit paid today!
I will post my before pics later today so that you will be able to see my results after surgery!!!! Wish me luck!!!!
Im right "behind" ya lol aug 23 with dr. J :)
Great!! I can't stop smiling !! So thrilled!! Are you getting hips too?
August 16th! Can't wait!

I just bought some proactive to attmept to get...

I just bought some proactive to attmept to get these acne spots off my butt! LOl! I hope it works. If any knows of a product that will help please let me know. Thanks
Aztec indian healing clay on

@Lovechange I am so excited for you- You really do have nice legs!!!


I can't wait to see your results.

Thank you! I'm so excited. The 25th is almost here!!!!

10 more days till surgey. So excited!!

10 more days till surgey. So excited!!
Hey Lovechange, hope all goes well with sx. Wishing you the best!! I am in love with Dr. J's work as well. Planning to have my BBL done with him next year. Can't wait!! Please post lots of pics during and after recovery process.
I'm definitely going to post alot of pictures . I was scared for a minute because my bloodwork has some abnormalities but all is well. The nurse called me from Dr.J office and told me to take an iron pill with orange juice everyday . My iron is low and I didn't know.
I've wondered why they don't just recommend this from jump. I asked if I should take iron or vitamin c or anything pre sx & they said nope. I know too much iron is bad for you, however when you're having sx seems you want to have more iron for bleeding. Who knows.

7 more days until new booty!!! So excited!!! Im...

7 more days until new booty!!! So excited!!! Im going to stay in Atlanta for about 13 days. My presurgery appointment is July 23rd . I was told it would last about 1.5 hours.
Hey ladies I have an in office consult next month with Dr
J they told me it was 8800 up front but financing would bring it to over 9000 so I guess it is even more if you add hips right? And how did you pay for it? They told me there are three options. In house financing care credit or cash
Hi idream that's the only 3 ways to pay. I think the financing with care credit is no interest for so long, but not sure about the in house deal. I'm 2 weeks out & so ready to be 2 weeks post sx.
It's an extra $1000 for hips. I paid cash

3 more days!! I leave tonight!! Got a hotel for 12...

3 more days!! I leave tonight!! Got a hotel for 12 nights!! The hotel is only 3 minutes away from Dr.J office. I will take a picture of the hotel tomorrow and give you my opinion if the stay there when I leave. My presurgery appt is tomorrow . Will give all details of that appointment !

The hotel is 45 minutes away from the airport...

The hotel is 45 minutes away from the airport :(
I'm so tired . Office visit tomorrow.
Keeping you in prayer :)

Good luck with your surgery, I hope all goes well!

Good luck I can't wait to see how good u look

Pre op visit lasted about 1 hour Monday. They just...

Pre op visit lasted about 1 hour Monday. They just went over everything and asked me how big a booty I wanted! I told them BIG!! I am not paying 10,000 for an average size booty. I want a donk! The nurse gave me too much info to remember. I forgot everything!
Big day is tomorrow at 7:30 a.m
Have to arrive at 6:45 am. Should last about 4 hours including 1 hour recovery time.

Ladies please know there is another expense with...

Ladies please know there is another expense with this surgery. Your meds are not included. I have health insurance with discount on my prescription is my total was only $67.00.
This medicine is high. One of the medicines was $300 without insurance . Thank God for my insurance :) There are a total of about 6 or 7 meds. When I get back to hotel I will give you details . Also please know you will have to give yourself a shot for 6 days after your surgery to prevent blood clotting . The first shot will be done my the nurse after your surgery.
please let me knw the meds. i have had the shots before to prevent blodclots so i wanna make sure my dr includes this one. thanks so much for this info. whatever u say, i am requesting at my appt
I posted meds in my update, You're welcome

Good luck tomorrow!!!  I didn't know about a shot, that is good to be aware of and thank you for updating everyone.  Your new booty is going to look HOT. :)


Today is surgery day!! Booty day!! So nervous and...

Today is surgery day!! Booty day!! So nervous and excited at the same time.
Good luck today
Have a speedy recovery!!!!!
Hope all is well. I pray that you have a speedy recovery and the body you always wanted.

Omg! This pain is no joke. Yesterday standing made...

Omg! This pain is no joke. Yesterday standing made me nauseated . Today standing is okay. Getting in the bed and of the bed is the most painful for me. My back and my stomach is in the most pain. I only ate fruit and slept majority of the day. I have no appetite at all. I tried to try on a dress but I can't do it by myself. Bending over to open my suitcase is impossible . I will have my sister help me later and I will post for everyone to see . I bled all over the bed yesterday :(. Just figured out how to squat to pee .i will be so happy when I can take care of myself . There is no way I could do this without help

List of medicines prescribed by Dr.J Colace...

List of medicines prescribed by Dr.J
Colace -stool softener
Cyclobenzapine-muscle relaxer
Cephalexin-prevent infection
Hybrocodone-pain med
Lovenox injections -prevents blood clots

Posted a couple pics today. Once this pain goes...

posted a couple pics today. Once this pain goes down some I will try on more clothes and post pics. Wish I could figure out how to get in and out of bed without this excruciating pain :(
You look great in your after pics.. Thanks for posting. I am doing my consukt with Dr. J tomorrow as well, super excited! thanks for your post
Thank you! goodluck! He is a great doctor
Shalom Lovechange,

I was counting down the days to your surgery and it finally came!! Congratulations my BBL siser. How do you feel? How does your hubby like? When you feel up to it please send us more photos that we can clearly see your results. You know how we are. Dr. J really does EXCELLENT work!! We wanna see it all. Im having mine some time next Spring. Gotta pay my money and set my date.

I just posted a pic of the flyer Dr.J will give...

I just posted a pic of the flyer Dr.J will give you on your pre-op visit. This is where they buy the girdles from. Im going to get me another one in a week. My paperwork says I may need a smaller size after 1 week.

Finally was able to take my garment off to wash up...

Finally was able to take my garment off to wash up. It was work getting it off! Almost gave up trying to put it back on. Cant take a shower or bath until 48 hrs after drain is removed. I love how my body looks . I hope my butt stays this size. Dr.j told me I would need a tummy tuck to get my stomach completely flat. He did a damn good though. Some light ab work after I heal will get my stomach just right. Im going to buy another garment. I need a zipper these clips are hard to put back together. I can't seem to capture on my phone how good my body looks. When this drain comes off I will be able to try on clothes.
Hey LoveChange, happy to hear you are recovering well. Will be checking on you!!
Thank you JLO1
I am so excited for look good....thank you for sharing and I'm glad evrything went well!!Happy healing!!

I can't stop looking at my new booty. I would've...

I can't stop looking at my new booty. I would've liked to go bigger but Dr.J said my butt was hard and it wouldn't stretch as much as I wanted. He promised to fill it up as much as it would hold. It feels so good to look in the mirror completely naked and like what I see.
For fading your acne scars, try Porcelana. It's a cream that fades dark spots and lightens skin. I've never used it but I've heard good things.
Thank you . I'm going to the dermatologist when I get back home. I want my new butt to be pretty,round and brown !
it sounds like your happy with your results and your recovery is going smooth! im happy for you!!! especially with the fact that you are happy with the end results.

Post day 7. My back hurts so bad. The triangle...

Post day 7. My back hurts so bad. The triangle that is put in my garment above my butt hurts so bad. My back is sore to the touch when I take my garment off for 1 hour a day to wash it and give my body a break. The stomach still hurts. When I lay in the bed it hurts and when I get up out the bed it hurts. The only time I fell less pain is when I'm standing. The holiday day inn express is great. Very clean room,3-5 minutes from the doctors office driving. They serve free breakfast in the morning but Im not up to going down there. I just got my last shot . Its hurts. The needle is not small . My sister gives them to me. I never expected to be taking so many pills a day and getting a shot for 7 days straight . My butt looks so good. I can't stop looking at it. I love being naked now. Tomorrow I get my drain out. Im so happy. I will get to try on jeans.With this drain in I have needed help to put my garment back on. Im hoping I can do it myself once he takes it out. I just posted a pic on day 5. My but is so round just like I wanted. Oh and I'm still unable to bend over.

You will have to have someone to take you home...

You will have to have someone to take you home from the doc after surgery. I was told they will not release you to a cab. They charge $50/hour to monitor you if your ride is not there when their done. After their done you will be in recovery for 1 hour. I was so happy that the anesthesia was administered through the iv. I thought he was going to use a needle. The Anesthegiolist was no nice. He took me in the or. They had r/b music playing then he said you're going to feel sleepy. I don't remember anything after those words. I woke up in a bed laying on my butt in really bad pain. My throat was hurting from the tube I signed off on for them to put in. My throat took a couple days to feel better. I called for the nurse to get me off my butt. When she tried to turn me I screamed and told her never mind. I then asked can I go home. My sis came back there and the nurse helped her give me my first shot. Getting out that bed was the worst pain everrr! Her and my sis helped me lay in the backseat of the car. I was so nauseated. I had to hold on to the hotel walls to make it to the room.
Looking good!! My surgery is less than 2 weeks away with Dr J and I still have not started a review :(

Got my drain taken out today . So happy!! Headed...

Got my drain taken out today . So happy!! Headed to lipo express to buy 2 more garments before heading home!!
Im glad you are doing look great day is coming up on August excited and scared at the same pain no gain...i just want this flat butt to look better
I was the same way. Scared and excited at the same time . Im so happy I did it and chose Dr.J! I love my new body! The way I look in clothes is amazing! I know my body is going to get better because I'm eating right now.
You look so good and I am so excited for only gets better!! Don't over do yourself!

Went to the mall yesterday to get new garments...

Went to the mall yesterday to get new garments from perfect bodies. Their website is
Very nice lady and helped me find the right garments I needed. Ended up in the mall for about 2.5 hours. My body gave out on me. I was hurting so bad that I couldn't keep up with my sister. I wouldn't suggest anyone to try to do too much too early. We get back to the hotel and call a cab to go the airport . The ride to the airport was 1 hour 15 minutes due to traffic . I had to sit on my butt. THE PAIN was crazy. I wanted to cry. I didn't because I chose to do this surgery and just have to be strong. Finally get to the airport and had to run because we were about to miss our plane. MORE PAIN RUNNING. Well they let us on the plane. MORE PAIN. I folded my throw,a pillow from the hotel,and my neck cushion. The pain wasn't that bad after I did all that. One thing I will say about the garment is that the back thong area cuts in between my butt very bad. I don't know if anyone else has had that problem. But the thing area continuously goes into my butt and I have to keep pulling it out. When I say it hurts,I'm serious. I now put some tissue or a pad to stop it from going in there. The main things I can't do right now is get in and out of bed without pain and I can't bend over. Oh and I was told you get 1 free Dr.J's Curves shirt at post op appt. No one told me ahead of time until I asked to purchase a couple of them.

So happy to be home! Everyone is complimenting how...

So happy to be home! Everyone is complimenting how great I look. Those in my family who said not to do it even love how I look now. Ive been nonstop online shopping. Im just so happy. My pain was a 6 today only because I was doing too much. Tomorrow I'm resting. Im ready to be free of pain and not worry have to worry about losing any fat in my booty.
Hi Lovechange! Thanks for posting a review! I read every single word:) I am going to Dr. Jimerson in six weeks. I was wondering how you are doing now? Have you had any volume loss? Also, I need to still find a place to stay, as well as a caretaker. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks in advance! Hope to here from you!
hello, did dr j office provide you with your first garmet?
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