Question on fluffing

I've been googling and using real self to locate...

I've been googling and using real self to locate doctors. I've been doing research for the past 3yrs on the BBL and I've finally found the perfect dr. Looking at all the before and after photos dr j is the de for me hands down. I have an on the phone consult for Nov 9, 2012 and I am preparing for surgery for march 2013. I want to post before pics but I'm not sure how to do that from my iPhone. Any suggestions?

I have huge hips and small waste and an even smaller butt. By bf is upset with me about this procedure because he loves me the way I am but I want a little added bump to the back. I will admit I'm a little afraid of the drains and the 7 day shots.

This is the first surgey for me and I'm 29. I had my only child naturally and that wasn't so bad but surgery is another level.

I've began to take vitamins b complex with c and also emergen-c. I guess I'll start on the fish oils soon since they are good for swelling and healing. I want a rounder butt, nothing huge because I want it to look natural as possible. I'm paying cash for this procedure and I'm purchasing post op items one by one because there are so many things that are needed. I will be staying at the holiday in express or hyatt so I am close to the office. Anything I need to know from u ladies? Please feel free to comment.

Anyone that has went to another dr and didn't have...

Anyone that has went to another dr and didn't have to administer shots? That's the scarest part for me. Not at all nervous about the surgery.

I found the perfect wish pic today, I am soooo...

I found the perfect wish pic today, I am soooo excited about it. Hopefully it won't be a problem getting almost like that I know that no two butts are the same. I'm excited all over again. Wish I could post the pics

Is it me or is everyone that's having surgery by...

Is it me or is everyone that's having surgery by Dr. salama ending up with seroma? I've checked plenty of doctors and 95% look like its coming from him. I guess it's his aggressiveness during the lipo.

I'm looking to switch dates for my consult. If...

I'm looking to switch dates for my consult. If anyone has a consult for October or early November and want to switch please let me know, I just received a call from dr jimerson 's office pushing my consult back ha week and ill be flying the day of my consult. Ugh! I'm at least trying to pay my deposit so I can have my date locked in.

Just uploaded before pics and wish pics....

Just uploaded before pics and wish pics. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Hey ladies. Does everyone agree taking the arnica...

Hey ladies. Does everyone agree taking the arnica pills really reduce swelling? I've seen alot of people talking about them and the pre and post op vitamins.

I've began to get small items for surgey. I have a...

I've began to get small items for surgey. I have a boppy, and yoga mat, I didn't order any vitamins for pre & post op because one of the reviews said they will change color if they sit to long. Ill order those the beginning of feb for match. Has anyone taken those? All the reviews said they work miracles with swelling and energy. I am ready for this surgery because my girls and I are headed to Miami next June. Just in time for me new summer body by Dr. J. What other vitamins and creams have u ladies been using? Please let me know.

I had my consult this morning. Shelly is my...

I had my consult this morning. Shelly is my patient consultant. She is very nice. I asked a million and one questions. Shelly confirmed that I am able to travel back to Nashville after day 3 so I don't have to stay in atl the entire 7 days. I asked about the different meds given and the dreaded shots. I spoke with her about the garment fitting and she advised me that she would show me how to put it on and how to use the boppy pillow. Any questions that u have please go ahead and ask. Til next time ladies.
Oh yeah I purchased the arnica pill and gel and the yoga mat and a neck pillow to cover it. I'm going to but extra cotton(stuffing) to put inside the neck pillow.

I plan to purchase a few more items today. Nothing...

I plan to purchase a few more items today. Nothing big just suction cups, gauze, tape, bed pads. There are alot of things needed and I'm not willing to get them all at one time.

Purchased a few more items today. I'm going to...

Purchased a few more items today. I'm going to hate purchasing those bed pads. I still gotta get socks and some more small items.

I understand the whole concept of ripping pages...

I understand the whole concept of ripping pages from a book, but at the same time we should have the option of being able to remove pics. This has to be the only social site without this option. I know when u post anything on the net it can get lost and stolen but I feel much more secure knowing I can remove them from my page just like on fb or twitter. I want complain ill just take down the pics that I have posted and leave one before and one after my surgery.

Hey ladies, I haven't updated in a while. I'm...

Hey ladies,
I haven't updated in a while. I'm still purchasing items slowly and preparing myself for March. Hopefully after the holidays my time well fly by. I'm ready to get this surgery over with pain, recovery and all.

Merry Christmas Ladies. I hope everyone enjoys...

Merry Christmas Ladies. I hope everyone enjoys today with their family and friends. Remember the reason for the season. I'm really ready for my surgery, I've been working 44 extra hours each pay period to Pay off my sx in full. Hopefully ill get to where I need to be. Any one u ladies that have had the sx taken the make me heal vitamins? I want to order some but I want some feed back before I do. Please help of u can. I'm enjoying this week off because its back to the grind after the new year. I'm paying like 800.00 bi weekly I'm almost there.

I need to order my vitamins from make me heal....

I need to order my vitamins from make me heal. Will they be any good of I order them now to take two weeks before and after? I saw someone wrote that they turned colors or got old. I didn't know vitamins could get old. Help please. Thanks ladies.

Ok ladies, Alot of people have been inboxing me...

Ok ladies,
Alot of people have been inboxing me about my list of items so here u go:
Pillow roll with yoga mat, cotton swabs, pill organizer(twice a day), peroxide, germ-x, soap dish, toothpaste, mouthwash,gauze & gauze tape, soap, cocoa butter firming lotion, toothbrush, trash bags, baby wipes( for #2),razors, suction hooks, alcohol swabs, Lysol wipes, Clorox anywhere( for shower& sinks) empty powerade bottle for syringes, female urinal, fleet laxative, arnica gel and tablets, bromelain, vitamin b w/c complex, emergen-c, omega swirl mango/peach fish oil to go( its sooooooo good) thermometer, carry bag and tide pods for washing. Also lap top, iPod and food & water.

Pur absorb iron supplement on sale at Cvs for 14...

Pur absorb iron supplement on sale at Cvs for 14.29 save about 5.00

How do u fit into this little thong waist cincher?...

How do u fit into this little thong waist cincher? I cannot fit it. Omg. Do I stretch it first?

Time to get my medical clearance done. I'm making...

Time to get my medical clearance done. I'm making my appointment this week. Wish me luck. I'm getting nervous the closer I get, but I'm also very excited.

Anyone that wants to know what pills are inside...

Anyone that wants to know what pills are inside the pre or post op packets from make me heal please let me know. Also what fiber pills did any of you ladies take? I need some I don't want to be constipated.

Hello ladies, ok here's the run down, I arrived in...

Hello ladies, ok here's the run down, I arrived in Atl yesterday around two pre-op was at 3, I arrived at Dr. Jimmersons at 2:45. Signed all paper work and went over surgery. Didn't see Dr J. I was told what and what not to do, eat, wear. Was given prescription for meds and took it across the street. meds were only $5.00. My surgery was today at 7:30am I was told to be at the center at 6:45am. I arrived at 6:40 changed into my gown, sock and cap. After that vitals where taken and an IV was administered by nurse blakely. I think that's the name, after that spoke with the anesthesiologist and dr j came in to mark me up. After that anesthesiologist came back and added the medicine to my IV. That's all I remember I woke asking for crackers. Lol. Was given my first set of pills, cookies and water. I'm back at the hotel and been walking every hour instead of two. The pain is not that bad just sore like I been lifting weights. Of corse all body's are different and I actually prepared for the worst pain ever. I'm walking and sleeping. It actually feels like I've been to the gym and went hard. The stiffining is the worst. im drinking plenty of water, eating pineapples and drinking pineapple juice. Pics are now posted.

Hello ladies, this journey isn't that hard for me....

Hello ladies, this journey isn't that hard for me. Thank you sweet baby Jesus. It feels like I went to the gym and did 1000 crunches or sit-ups. No extreme pains just hurts when using my stomach muscles. My waist is so tiny. I can't wait to wear my waist cincher and thong garment. Any questions leave them below or pm me.

Hey ladies I am 2 days post op and I'm still doing...

Hey ladies I am 2 days post op and I'm still doing good. My drain is getting lower from last night til this morning I only drained about 30 at first it was like 75 every hour and a half. I can now sit on the toilet to pee. Yayyyyy it might not sound like much to those who haven't had surgery but those who have know being able to squat down that far is like a million bucks. I'm staying with my cousin who is an RN and she said she's never seen anyone move this fast after surgery. Make sure u walk as much as possible, once your body gets stiff it takes a while to losen back up. It feels good to walk. I don't want to over do it but I've been walking up and down the stairs to stretch my legs. I ate 3 eggs this morning for protein and drank water and pineapple juice. I try not to lay on my side as much because I go numb but I hate sleeping on my belly, plus I'm sore there from the tummy lipo. I only did the tummy, back and bra rolls for lipo. I think my butt looks more realistic with my big legs and wide hips( that I already had). Make sure u take care of yourself ladies before and after surgery. I did take the pre op vitamins and now I take the post op. it could be just me but I never bled through my garment at all, and I only got one drain bulb. I get to take this garment off for one hour today and I'm ready for that relief, it makes me itch so bad. But so far so good ladies. Oh and I didn't get percs I got hydros for pain( I requested) percs make me burn and have welps.

Hey ladies, i figured out a way to have a BM with...

hey ladies, i figured out a way to have a BM with the garment on. Once I squatted down I took both sides of the thong and placed each side on each butt check and went. I didn't have any problems and nothing got on my garment. You might need help pulling the garment. It took me like 3 times but it didn't move once i got it placed on each cheek.

Hey ladies. I'm still holding on, only pain I...

Hey ladies. I'm still holding on, only pain I really have is getting up and using the muscles in the lipo areas. The garment is still hard to get on and take off, requires alot of pulling and tugging. I'm purchasing the lipo express thong vest today it should be easier, ill still wear my Ted hose. If I begin to swell ill go back to this garment. I am faithfully taking my post op vitamins and drinking pineapple juice, I'm sure I won't like pineapples after this. Being able to squat and bend is a plus, now I'm just waiting to get these drains removed. I only have 2 more shots of lovenax thank u sweet baby Jesus. I am so ready to shower no soak in the tub. I'm open for any questions. I hope my butt goes down some it is a little big for my frame, we shall see.

I am so blessed. I see all these ladies that are...

I am so blessed. I see all these ladies that are having a difficult time post-op and I hurt for them. Ladies this surgery is serious make sure you are as physical and mentally prepared as u can be. I hope each lady going thru pain has some sense of relief soon. Man it really hurts me. ladies remember to walk as much as u can I promise it does justice. If i can be any sort of mental support for u ladies i am there.

I'm going to blend fruit smoothies and continue on...

I'm going to blend fruit smoothies and continue on the Green Machine by Naked. I love it. I'm so sick of Pineapple juice I gotta switch it up ASAP. Today ill eat baked chicken and cabbage. No bread or potatoes as much as I want it. Still on my vitamins and I'm about to barf when I open the container. Lol I hate seeing them. Tomorrow is my last lovenax shot then ill start the arnica tablets. I read somewhere to not take them together. I still use the arnica gel tho. Trying to get my first massage today.

Do the massages really losen u up more and take...

Do the massages really losen u up more and take away the stiffness? I've read ladies say they felt 100% better after. If I can't feel 80% better and I'm already at 90 ill be home free. I only have stiffness in my stomach and sides. A few hard spots in my butt the bottom is very jiggly. I can even bounce it with my muscles.( I was testing to make sure they still worked) lol. So do u feel instant results from the massage?

Day 9, I feel good but these sides are so sore and...

Day 9, I feel good but these sides are so sore and tender, everything else is good to go. Waiting on the fluffing hopefully it will be rounder in the middle once it drops. I'm praying for it.

Hey ladies, I've been doing great, not much pain,...

Hey ladies, I've been doing great, not much pain, every now and again I get the burning sensation in the lipo areas. Lets see I'm getting around great but I still sometimes stiffen up at night when I'm asleep. I hope my butt rounds out because its still flat on the top to me, it could just be my eyes. What u ladies think? I'm only 11 days out so I know I have to let it soften up more.

I have a soft jiggly spot on my left lower side,...

I have a soft jiggly spot on my left lower side, is it an seroma? It doesn't hurt or snything but when I push it in it pops back out. Do I add more compression there or do I need to see a Dr?

Makes sure u ladies get energized & well rested...

Makes sure u ladies get energized & well rested this new booty has my bf like a crazy dog. Everytime I get up he's watching me walk away. We did have sex, I know, I know supposed to wait 6 weeks...ummmm yeah that wasn't happening for us. Sooooo cowgirl it was that way no pressure on ur butt and he's not pushing on ur sides. Worked out fine. Tmi? Sorry just for those wondering how they can do it. I have began to soften up pretty good and my booty is dropping, I'm liking it better as it drops. I like this look better in sweats than yoga pants. Is that crazy? Hopefully once I fluff ill enjoy it in whatever I wear.

This triangle is for the birds. Omg. So uncomfortable

This triangle is for the birds. Omg. So uncomfortable

I'm back

I stayed away for awhile to let my body heal and my mind focus because I was almost depressed about my booty. It's shaping better now, still not where I want but it's coming along.

A little more focused

New pics! I don't think I've fluffed, I still have some hard spots so I'm waiting it out. More projection and I'm turning heads.

I'm getting more projection

I'm getting more projection as the weeks pass. I still haven't fluffed but I'm turning heads and I'm filling out more then I was before. I'm in an xs squeem and I still wear a butt lifter.

Thursday makes 9weeks post op. new pic added.

Relaxing and watching my body change from week to week. Taking a break from realself because it can become stressful and addictive. Lol.


How do you know when you have fluffed? Ill be 12 weeks on Thursday how do I figure out if the fluffing is complete?
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I chose dr j by his before and after photos. He is chief surgeon at the hospital he works at. Dr. J also has the technology and staff to perform aed and life saving techniques if something were to happen during surgery.He is board certified and as no legal suits against him. He has no neglect or malpractice suits and all the ladies that have went to him are satisfied. I only saw only lady that said she went to the er for fever. That's common with any serious surgery. Fever, blood pressure etc.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey hope you are doing well.
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Did u take the pics down? :/
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You will be able to tell the difference when your booty softens and rounds and drops, it appears bigger but it really is the same Size just better distribution of the fat. I'm 4 months and I still feel little changes I got really tender as it dropped but I love it even better then before
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@ChocolateDoll....hope all is well....if u post pics we will check them out n let u kno if u have fluffed
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Thank u. I'm not sure if I've done that or not.
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Its a made up word but in essence your butt drops into position. It rounds out and is not as high like right after sx.
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Looking good!
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You look great!!!
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Thank u
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I see some projection hun looking good :) how do u feel now? Did u get hips addedd too? Im trying to figure out if I want hips or not...
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Hey Chocolate Dreams, good to hear from you. Looking good! I do see projection. You have wonderful curves Doll. Just wondering why are you wearing a Butt lifter?
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I wear that to work because the garment won't clear the metal detector
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I see some projection I think you are coming along nicely!
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Hi Chocolatedoll I'm a 5 weeks myself Wednesday! I see a big difference in your before and after pics. You look good just swollen. Me too! I look at my butt every day thinking it's shrinking but when I show someone else that say no. I think our minds are messing with us. This is an emotional roller coaster than I'm ready to get off of.. I'm still not sitting at all.. Happy healing to you.. You look great..
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Thank u. Hopefully we will both have the results we want.
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I jus had bbl wit dr.j last week and i have the same issue where my butt is big but it looks flat and i have been driving myself crazy wondering will it round out bc i paid to much money to have a big flat butt
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Its only been a week badd1, your body is ever changing. Everyone results or starting and ending is dfferent. its a lil too early , wait a fe weeks. Your mind will play tricks on you during your recovery, and you will be emotional about what you think you have or dont. Give it at least a month.
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Hopefully it will. I'm 5 weeks out and still flat. I've been told wait until 6 months out so I'm patiently waiting on August. Lol. I hope it rounds out.
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ChocolateDoll your body is going to go through a lot of changes. I'm 10 months and my body is still changing and becoming more defined. 6 months is when you really see what your shape is going to be, but it will still change a bit. There were some vets on here who at 6 months their bootys got bigger with no weight gain, there were 2 who lost their booty at 5 months because of illness. Things will change and then stabalize. Wait until 6 monthnsand then see, all your swelling will be gone and your booty will drop.
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@nycutie i have been very emotional about it but i was told to wait it out bc its too early and the body is forever changing
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ChocolateDoll hopefully we end up with the butt that we desire and paid for. By the way who was ur doctor?
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badd1 yeesss maaam for some reason some people are very emotional after sx. It's way too early to think the worse, you have time. Your body is gona change so many times and look so many different ways until you stabalize. I know its hard to believe when you go to other peoples pages and they are raving about how small they are, and how big their butt is...etc,, but your body is going to change back and forth. No 2 results are the same even if you go to the same doctor. Everyone's body type is different, and will have dfferent results. It will be okay, give yourself time, eat well, and excercise daily to make sure your body keeps th shape. Dont depend on the garment to keep your shape because the moment you stop wearing that garment, your body is going to go into its own shape. Its really best to wear your garment and take it off only to shower, compression is the key so go down in size when your doc says its ok to go to a smaller garment. get a squeem it really trains your waist. Get a butt out garment so your booty stays high.
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Hey I agree with below I went to him as well I love my but hated my Lipo I've been coming down still but I always work out do when they say you don't see ya results that is true I'm two mts post and my body its still changing I think I'm going back for rd2 also and Dr J don't return cslls makes it worst
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Thank u. It gives me hope
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Chocolate you are about 1 month post. U are still swollen, you wont see your true results til 5-6months post. You already had a nice shape, the surgery just enhanced what you had. I woukd reserve judgements until you are at least 4 months. I see a difference, but you look petite so im not sure if you wanted a huge butt or a natural looking butt. Ghetto booty looks fake, I think you look great because you are tiny. Your butt hadnt really droppef yet eithet so wait before you get your BP up.
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