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Well I have not received any work yet, my...

Well I have not received any work yet, my consultation is in October, and I plan to have the surgery in March 2013. I have been looking all around, and I am currently still doing research. I currently live in Los Angeles and plan on flying to Atlanta for the surgey. Has anyone else flew to Atlanta for this surgery?


Ok guys, I am starting ti get anxious and I have so many questions. I called the office and spoke to someone named Dawn, she answered as much as she could but, I still have quesytions. My consultation is in October and I plan to have my surgery in March. I need to know things now, what is the cost? what do I need to prepare? how long will i need to be in the ATL? when and how will I have follow ups if I live in another state? pain, how bad is it? I mean I have so many questions, that I feel I need answered now. Can anyone who has been do Dr. Jimerson, let me see your results? A lot of the pictures I saw did not look to real...
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I will be flying into ATL as well, but this will be my first time flying....Lord Im in prayer over this whole processes....Praying for all of us....
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Good luck with your consultation, I hope all goes well. Please do keep us updated on your progress.

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OK, so I have a consultation appountment in...

OK, so I have a consultation appountment in October, I am very anxious regarding this whole process. I have been trying to get people to help me with the info regarding this process, but I can't get any help from anyone. I have so many questions, someone help!!!!


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I'm on the West Coast and plan to fly in for my surgery. I had my consult in January and am looking forward to the surgery. Regarding your most cases, the frontline team members can answer most questions and direct all other questions to the Patient Coordinator. Sarah seems fairly knowledgeable and is exceptionally friendly. She is usually the one I reach when I call the main line. I hope everything works out for you. G'luck!
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So I was so sure on dr j but can't wait the yr for a consult. Even though dr m is a bit more as far as cost, I have decided to go with him based on all his amazing work and reviews! Looking for a date in march but haven't quite decided yet. Now, what do I need to take with me???
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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I heard a lot about Dr. Jimmerson from google and other sites

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