After much research I have chosen Dr.Jimerson. I...

After much research I have chosen Dr.Jimerson. I would have probably gone with Dr. Okoro but he has very little before and after pics for BBL and minimal reviews. I have found 2 body types that I believe resemble my body type that I plan to take with me to my consult.

I called to book my consult on Sept 27 and the earliest appt was Dec 3rd. Kinda disappointing but I'm ok with it. I am transitioning to a new career opp and hoped to have the new booty before going into the new role.

I was $8800 cash which after research I believe is a good deal for his work. I will post again after my consult on Dec 3rd. If anyone has any ideas on how to transition into the new booty without people noticing please let me know. I dont want to leave the office one day and come back 2 weeks later with this big


Wow, the earliest consult is Dec 3rd. Dr. J is becoming extremely popular. Don't sweat it, you will be rescheduled for an earlier date. Welcome to the journey.
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Congrats on your decision with choosing a doctor. I also admire Dr. J's work. #Team Dr. J all day!!
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Thx, I plan to share my experience in detail. So get ready for the good, bad and ugly! Lol

Received call from Dr. J's office, someone...

Received call from Dr. J's office, someone cancelled and my consult move to tomorrow November 1. I will update y'all on tomorrow


congrats and best booty wIshes
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I had my consult today at Dr. J's office. I did...

I had my consult today at Dr. J's office. I did not get to meet Dr. J but did meet with one of his consultants which was an extreme pleasure. She took her time, answered ALL of my questions and concerns and made me feel confident about my decision. My cost is $9700 this includes: Lipo of Abs, Lower back and back bra roll. Darn that back bra roll cost me an additional $900 dollars. Paying cash the total is $9700, paying through finance is $10,200. I guess I will be paying cash. My surgery date is February 14, what a way to treat myself on Valentines!


Glad to hear consult went well.. Keep us posted on process!!
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Congrats on your Sx date. I am also thinking of ways to swiftly introduce my new booty to my job. I was thinking of beginning to wear larger slacks and wear lots of black. I work at an office but I have to move pretty often so I think it the discovery of my nEw booty may be inevitable.
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I start my new job the first week of Dec so im gonna where a Faja (waist cincher wit booty pads) this is hilarious. I cant do anything but laugh at myself.

When arriving in Atlanta from airport what's the...

When arriving in Atlanta from airport what's the least expensive way to get around? I'm traveling alone.


Hey I have my consultation on the 13th and wanna book sx around in feb as well!! Would love to keep on touch !! So happy for you!
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@bklynbeauty, sounds good. I will PM u my info.
Flew in from Philadelphia... reserved Enterprise at the airport!!!
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I am unable to keep my surgery date for February...

I am unable to keep my surgery date for February 14th, if someone wants to buy the $500 deposit for $450 please let me know.


Great buy but only uncertain because I feel like I'm looking at march ...
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How much girlie
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hey thats my date my and my girl sge has the 2pm i have the 730 awww man we was wondering who had the middle apt well good luck !!!!!
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Have to delay surgery

Have to delay surgery


Hey hun!! Whats ur status now??? Love ur wish pics! Those are my fav too! I want less of a high butt and more of a slope... Ladies, how do u describe what u want to Dr. J?
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Hey ladies! I know that KBooty's date has been sold, but if anyone else has a Feb date that they would like to swap for my date of April 15, feel free to PM me to let me know! If anyone needs a little more time to get ready or save money or lose/gain some weight, two months can make a huge difference! Thanks for the consideration dolls :-)
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Hey can u plz switch times with me? Im scheduled on the same day.
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I used the google search engine but most of my research and information regarding BBL was found on RealSelf.

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