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I have been reading along, and truly enjoying...

I have been reading along, and truly enjoying everyone's journey. At first I only wanted to get a tummy tuck to get rid of this ridiculous "Mothers Apron"...but last year my hairdresser got a Brazilian butt lift, and I was like "WOW" what a transformation....all I could do was keep poking her butt..crazy right, but I was just so astonished with how good she looked. I pondered it for a while, and a couple of months ago I began looking for surgeons in my state.....they were either too expensive, or I didn't like their technique. I stumbled upon Dr. J's site, and after looking at the before and after pics, and speaking with his staff, I'm scheduled for a consultation on April 15, 2013.

I'm anxious as hell! I even cutback on my workout to keep from losing too much fat....I need it for that brand new voluptuous booty.........

I got on the scale for the first time in months. I...

I got on the scale for the first time in months. I weigh 197lbs.and .I'm 5'5. I'm not going to try and lose any weight before sx...I weigh a lot, but there's a lot of muscle. I need my fat. For the first time I'm in a place where I need it. My shape like many isn't proportional. I have very broad shoulders and my bra size is 42DD....I refuse to buy a bigger bra.....I have very lil hips, muscular thighs and small legs. My highest weight was 214. I lost just over 50lbs on my own, started using a trainer and gained over half of what I lost...after I lost the 50lbs I saw what my true shape really was, and I was happy with that. I still have the shape, but this midsection, the rolls on my back, and this roll that prevents me from seeing my own "goodies" has to go....

I noticed that the price ranges for the different procedures varies by state and in some cases countries. I'm in California, and I must say, what I'm about to pay for 3+ procedures and 3 round trip tickets, would only get me a Brazilian butt lift and that's it here in Cali.

15 days before my consultation! I feel like I have...

15 days before my consultation! I feel like I have become obsessed with this. I told my daughter I swear I'm looking at a$$ everyday.....I even started looking at other surgeons just in case Dr. J cannot get me in nlt November of this year. There's no way I'm waiting until 2014, I would be committed to a psych ward by then. What's really sad, is both of my daughters have a good size butt, and Momma has none...that makes no sense at all.

Does anyone have information on any caregivers in the Suwanee area, that have been working with Dr. J's patients? Would appreciate the info......

I'm starting to become a lil torn between doctors....

I'm starting to become a lil torn between doctors....I wanted to give myself some really good reasonable options, so I have still been looking, and so I have gone from 1 PS, Dr. J, to 3. Dr. Salama is starting to look pretty awesome and Dr. Bruno in Beverly Hills, ca. Dr. Bruno's TT and BB combined are really reasonable, and I could save $$ from the travel expenses. ugghhhh this is too much, oh well the things we go through...

So its Friday night and I have sat at this...

So its Friday night and I have sat at this computer long enough and decided to do a virtual consultation with Dr. Salama. If I can get Google to act right, I will send In the pictures and wait for him or someone to contact me with some info. I was impressed though when I went to his site and saw where he had 3 openings this coming Wednesday for face to face consults. The fact that they emailed me a few weeks ago when I inquired they did state I should give them a few dates for surgery if I decide to go with them, I thought that was cool, since I have a couple of dates in mind....and they asked for 10% down and payment in full 2wks prior to surgery I believe...cant beat here we go....He is a lil bit cheaper than Dr. J and for whatever reason the plane tickets to Miami seem to be less than Atlanta...which is completely crazy to me.....This is truly a journey

Well ladies, I had to make some

Well ladies, I had to make some longer going with Dr. J. I would have liked to, but the business aspect is a lil too shaky for me. I accepted the fact that he probably wont be calling me himself for the consultation, but noticing that others are getting 2014 dates, the fact that they did not disclose to me the fact that the $500 deposit only puts you on a list, doesn't get you a date, will not work for me. Cash or no cash, I live too far away to be told or asked if I can come in with only 3-4 wk notice...that's some bull! I'm not knocking Dr. J in anyway, he is BADD, but I have to be a lil reasonable with myself...sitting on a plane for up to 8hrs will flatten my new PHAT ASS, cant have that! I may end up paying a lil more, Actually I know I am, but it will be worth it. I can stay in my own state. Drive down, and have some one drive me back while Iay in my back seat. I'm going with Dr.Ghavami....there consultation is $150, goes toward surgical fees, and the deposit is $750, which will get you a confirmed date, not a list. They are booking about 1 month out, which is fine with me, since I cant do anything until August anyway. Only thing with Dr. Ghavami , is he will only do consultations virtually if you are out of state or country. It took me a couple of hours to make up my mind, but what the hell I will drive the 5hrs to get there and work it out on May 11, 2013 at 1030 on a Saturday morning. They open the clinic once a month on a Saturday for out of town patients. I thought that was cool, I will just make a quick turnaround trip. Play a lil bit while I'm there ;-)...If anyone wants my consultation on Monday with Dr.J at 1;30 EST, inbox me quick and we can workout you getting my slot.....let me know fast, as I need to confirm that I will not be taking the apt by tomorrow night.

So my face to face consult is in 30 days. I have...

So my face to face consult is in 30 days. I have to drive down to Los Angeles (5hr drive) Dr. Ghavami will not do virtual consultations for perspective patients that live in the state. He charges for the consultation, but it is applied to surgery costs and they only require a $750 deposit which gets you a firm date. They are booking one month out. The total price of this will cost me a grip! But you know, I'm worth it! The clock is definitely ticking....

For whatever reason K keep getting emails from Dr....

For whatever reason K keep getting emails from Dr. J's office. I received another confirmation of tomorrows virtual consult. I'm like really? I spent part of that $500 that I had set aside and put the other in savings. I will be very shocked if I get a call from Dr. J.....I will let him give me his spill and ask questions, but I have a few comments on how that place is being ran....We are all entitled to change our minds and go back n forth, but I am definitely not getting on the J Train.....After tomorrow I promise not to vent anymore about his establishment.... ;-)

I called and confirmed my consult for May 11. I...

I called and confirmed my consult for May 11. I have to drive 5hrs to get there so I wanted to make sure there were no changes. good thing I called, my appointment is 30min earlier than I thought it was..
Even though I have wish pics, I am gradually becoming more realistic with myself and what the possible outcomes may be....I met with my trainer on yesterday, and Im sore as hell, but one thing I realized is I have to watch what areas I work on. I already have a small rather non-existent behind, so to work my glutes defeats my BBL purpose. I decided to work legs, arms and back.

This process is really life changing, and Im finding that the real work is after the procedure. Between getting the right garments and knowing when to change them, to the lymphatic massages to diet and exercise. Its not just enough to just have the procedure, I salute you ladies who have done everything necessary to get the body you desired....I'm online trying to find pillows and boppys for the car and work afterwards, this is so insane ;-)

I leave tomorrow afternoon to head to southern...

I leave tomorrow afternoon to head to southern cali for my consultation....getting a lil excited. I'm really curious to see what this doctor will say he can do. So many different views as with any of these plastic surgeons, but I feel he is the one...we will see in a few days, wish me luck ladies....

Yesterday I had my face-to-face consultation with...

Yesterday I had my face-to-face consultation with Dr. Ghavami....I was thoroughly impressed with him and his staff. I was stuck in LA traffic and knew I wouldn't make it on time, they were very sweet and told me not to worry...I was 45min late....They apologized to me as they were running a lil behind, but I understood. I knew if I was late, so was everybody else....I initially had planned to get a Tt and BBL, all at once, but Doc preferred splitting up the surgeries...what he explained made sense...he let me know that the performing both, on me, could impede the healing process for the TT and I should wait at least 2-3 months after BBL, as I may decide that I don't need the TT. He wants to do aggressive lipo on my back and he is going to lipo my arms as well, though I really wanted to leave those alone, but again he explained what he wanted to do and if I left my arms alone I would look like Popeye...we compromised and will do the arms, but leave my thighs....If I go back for the 2nd surgery and he finds that my butt has gone down more than he would like ,and has softened up enough then he will lipo my thighs and do a lil bit of a touch up to the BBL....He was very thorough and upfront...everything he said made sense, and was tailored for my body, and I will get that I am totally juiced about!!! He was happy and so was I, they even require you to stay your first night in a recovery hotel, that really sold me. Now I don't have to worry about freakin out my friends or family, at least not initially. I put down my deposit and im all set for surgery. Oh and I weighed in at 203.4lbs to be exact and he said do not lose any weight, and to be careful with my workout. No cardio, and to limit myself to ab work only. No glutes as it will be extremely difficult to inject fat into the muscle and expect it to stretch...made perfect sense....I am totally anxious and excited....and I found this lil shop in the Santee Alley, Fajate that ranged from $30-$100, I grabbed the ladies card and said I will see you in a month. Might as well buy them in various sizes while I can.....

Making progress, getting antsy just under 3m away

I scheduled my clearance physical with my Primary doctor. It has to be done within 30 days of surgery...Felt good to make that appointment today, lets me know that my new body or the one that's been hidden is on its way. Starting to purchase all my lil goodies, vitamins etc....cant wait to be able to shop for smaller clothes....

postponing surgery medical clearance was an issue

Its been a ehile since I have updated on RS. I had an appt with my primary doctor today and went in knowing I probably wouldnt get clearance. Im an asthmatic and normally its under control, but over the last 2 months it has been ridiculous. Im on the upside, but not comfortable going under general anesthesia for a couple more months. I spoke with the ps office todwy as well. They were so sweet about it. Since I paid my deposit, its good for a whole year. I didnt know that originally, so it made me feel a whole lot better about the entire situation.

I looked up his credentials, and also checked to see if he had any lawsuits. His technique is cool, and he makes house calls. Dr. Ghavami, prefers face to face consults

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I was interested in his post because you were going with a BH PS and you wanted it done in 2013, bu you haven't posted since July 2013. I was just curious to see what you finally decided to do and who you went with.
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Good luck :)
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Working your butt out is good. It helps build the blood circulation. The blood circulation is what makes the fat injected survive. Thats one thing I didnt do round 1, that I am doing now.
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Since youre in LA like me go to Dr. Dennis Dass. He is in Beverly Hills now and is great just outa my price range for my round 2 and he has his assistant there who he did a BBL on years ago and she still looks great. You want a shape and personally he is the only doc in cali i would recommend. Im going to TJ for my round 2.
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I just wanted to inform you that if you are looking for a big butt, he does not do big butts. There are a few girls on RS who went to him and were disappointed. Im not trying to tell u not to go to him, I just want you to be aware.
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Thank you Redbonz... I'm not looking for a tabletop just a nice proportionate size ass...
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Well wishes
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wtf they crazy as hell! 500just be put on a list NO THANKS I need some guaranteed info playing with my so I feel you girl
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That's it CC, give me a guarantee.
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Right!! I hate this what are you going to do?
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CC I'm going to go through with a consultation with Salama, I ran across another PS in Beverly Hills, Dr. Ghavami....I hope I can get a virtual by the end of this week. I want to get them done before I have my consultation with Dr. J, so then I can make up my mind without giving away any $$$.....I would save a couple of $$ by going with Ghavami, as I can drive down there and save on the freakin plane tickets......My biggest issue right now, is getting it done before November year just is not an option for me....Its like whomever out of the 3-4 PS's can give me the date I want, that's who I'm going with. There's pros and cons to all these guys...but the one thing that is consistent is they all know how to shape a butt,.....theres just one, Dr. Bruno, he is in LA area, he and I would have to talk, I only seen one butt on RS that I just loved...the ones on his site, not so great....
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Good luck on your journey
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Oh no CC I'm keeping my date...Hegg seems cool, the only problem I have with him, is the anesthesia....he prefers some other method, other than general anesthesia, and that's not going to work for me. I have to be knocked all the way out....We will see what Dr.J, or whomever has to say in 3 weeks...never count down the day "phone consultation".....I'm realistic though, in that I wont be surprised if a nurse calls to do the consult. If he calls, then I'm 99.9% sold!
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Doctor j is awesome! I'm going with perry in miami (prices are a little lower) but in giorgia dr j does his thing! You're gonna look awesome
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when did you call to schedule your consultation?
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I actually went online, registered and asked for a consult on Feb 20. A few days later someone called, gave me some information and told me they were booked out until May 2014. I told her that's too far out and I was paying cash. Customer service was already good, but it changed once I said cash. Another lady called me back later that morning and booked me for April.
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What the hell they're full of shit!!When I called for a consultation and said I was paying cash it did me no good!I even emailed Aziza
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Did you even get a consultation date? I don't know who I talked to, but it wasn't Aziza, all I remember is her name started with an "S". The only thing I don't like, is that I don't have an exact time. Its like when the cable co is coming out for an installation, they gave me a 2hr window. She did mention that the consult is only good for 90 days. Now rather they hold to that rule, we will see.
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Have you looked into Dr. Stanley Hegg, he is in San Leandro.....I may check him out as well. I did a lil bit of checking over a month ago, but didn't see any pics. I did today, and his BBL technique isn't bad,,,,doesn't look like a "table top"...I don't know his prices....may need to call for that.
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They gave me one for next year! lol theyre crazy if they think im waiting that long....And i heard of him maybe ill check him out too....But shoot girl if you got a date with Dr.J I say keep it and if you dont let me know,ill pay you for that date!haha
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