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His staff is professional. They answered all my...

His staff is professional. They answered all my questions. The only thing I don't like is the wait time to even get a consultation with him. It takes about 2months. Mines is April 16. I sent pictures and paid $50. The wait time would have probably be even longer if I did not specify that I will be paying cash. My goal is to enhance my butt not to look bought. My goal is to keep most of the fat he transfer and have great results..
Welcome to RS and congratulations! Ur n great hands, yes they r professional and very nice! No worries u wont come out of dr j's office w Nutin FAKE LOOKING OR STORE BOUGHT OR SQUARE!!! U will definitely be put on the map! Best wishes!
I feel that way. Ive really been doing my own research and now I kind of undecided if I even want to do the procure
Oooooh no! !! Dont be. Pm me if u like to! But its definitely worth the wait!!! Work closely w your sx consultant they relieve the added stress off of u!

Doing research

Ive been doing a lot of research and Im about only 45% now sure I want to continue. I don't want to go off other ppls experiences and info but to educate myself. GOD gave us only one body and it's are duty to take care of it. We dnt get another. So you guys try to do right by it! If your trying to have surgery for any reason then to make yourself happy ur doing it for the wrong reason. Fixing ur body won't mend ur brokenness
Im only considering it becus my own personal happiness I always love looking my absolute best in whatever I wear..
I have an upcoming date pre-op may 28 and surgery date june 18 2014 if still interested please pm for more details
Good luck Hun & do what you feel is best for you. I had my consult in Feb & he is expensive but I'd rather pay an expensive doctor for the best results & to feel safe than a cheaper doctor for half ass results...Valerie is my coordinator but when I call the office whomever answers the phone is more than willing to help me.....
Your right as expensive as he is I know it's going to be worth it I just hope there are still availabilities for this year or at least the first part of next year

phone consultation

My phone consultation went well. I got my quote and I've made my decision to go ahead with my surgery. Only thing I didn't like was that they wanted a $500 deposit within 30days. Of course nobody in real life have that money laying around. although I have savings I just didn't feel comfortable and taking it out of that. I forgot all about the deposit and my consultant didn't call to remind me of the date approaching. However I cant wait to have my surgery next year. Hope everyone is doing awesome happy recovering!!!!
Happy Memorial Day luv! Just stopping by to show some luv n support. Great u have decided to move forward w ur sx! U won't regret it! Dr J is awesome and so is his staff !
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