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Hello, Let me say that all of you on this site...

Let me say that all of you on this site look beautiful & give me encouragement to want to take care of me inside & out! I joined this site looking for encouragement, support, and sisterhood. I am a mother, wife, student and work-aholic! I was born & raised New Jersey, traveled many years to Philadelphia to stay with my mom during summer breaks than eventually moved there and lived in southwest Philly for 15 yrs. Over the years I wondered and to my surprise found myself feeling depressed and not loving what I look like in the mirror.... asking myself WHO AM I??? I birthed this alter ego 16 years ago who is fierce, snatched & have it together on the outside, but once I enter my home amd lock my doors all of that disappears and I smother myself in bulky dark clothes to hide what I used to take pride in. During my childhood I was always thick yet proportioned, athletic in school, I marched in a drill team for 17 yrs, and loved to swim therefore my body was tight. After my third child and my career emerged ME took the back burner. Now that my youngest is close to 16 and im 5 months shy of the big 40 its time for ME to get this thick, sultry, beautiful flower blossoming again. Now before I moved from Jersey 2 yrs ago to Atlanta, I researched the infamous BBL!!!. I noticed that the doctor of my choice was located in Atlanta which to me was a sign that this decision will be the right choice. Now that I live in Atlanta I'm ready to begin the phase. Some has asked me if the women here REALLY has big butts (funny) & the answer is YEASSSSSSS!!!! At the same time please don't assume that's why I choose to undergo a BBL. Me wanting what I allowed to slip away is for ME I'm not seeking attention from men (I'm happily married), however I want my husband to see what he saw in me since we were teenagers...even tho' he's expressed his concerns with WHY??? We are muslims & he reminds me of what Allah' ta' ala made "babe, so your saying your not happy with what Allah created"??? He keeps telling me "babe, your perfect in my eyes" no disrespect to Allah/God but (he) didn't make these rolls on my back or this half behind, I did that from lack of!!! Let me calm down... I love my husband however religion is not what I am here for nor am I going to defend my choice. I don't care which religion we all practice, study, etc... Me as a women want to feel and look like a women & whatever I decide its my decision...

I will add another entry on that matter called SUPPORT, which I will elaborate more in detail later. I really just wanted to introduce myself to the community & give some background to my new foreground.... I'm hoping to make new friends, learn, listen, & offer advice... I LOVE HEALTHY, JUICY DIALOGUE!!!! I hope I don't get on your nerves with the questions, I'm totally geeked for the new ME! LET THE SAGA BEGIN...

Peace & Blessings to all!


Yes indeed :) Thanks Kirsty...
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I send you a big HELLO and a even bigger warm and fuzzy hug! I read your entry on another members page. Instead of clogging up her blog (As what I may say, she might find inflammatory and disrespectful considering her experience) I decided it best for me to leave the message on your page. You have selected a AWESOME bbl doctor! This unfortunate event is an isolated event. Definitely not typical. We are both facing the same obstacle, and that is getting the extra pounds off prior to sx, in order to get the best results aesthetically, health wise. I'm 6 months away from my big day with Dr. J! If all goes well I will be having my MM done with Dr. Cortes in October. Yes, I'm on a mission to get my life back too! 40 and fine is the goal! Best wishes and feel free to ask me any questions. If you get a moment visit my blog. Welcome aboard!
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Hay MzPhatbooty... Thank you so much... HERE'S A HUG for to... Yes, I did reply and what disturbed me is that my gut 2 yrs ago selected Dr.J than to read that unfortunate review really tripped me out. Like momma said ALWAYS TRUST AND GO WITH YOUR GUT! Once I read that it made me second guess and start looking for another doctor. Like I mentioned before the work I seen from Dr. J & what I was told about him is completely the opposite of what I read... Not discrediting the sister and her dilemma, I pray for her and wish her well...I want to trust in my gut and continue to prepare for my sx. Thank you again for reaching out to me, I feel a lot better knowing I have a cyber-sis going through what I will be facing. Ok, I will drop in on your blog to jeep up with you... Please feel free to hit me up anytime... Check on you soon. MUWAHHHH!

Any recommendations for losing lbs?

As I mentioned earlier in in the process of losing lbs, I drink 2 gal of water everyday & do 30 mins of cardio ( I like to see quick results) I'm shedding weight but I was looking to include a supplement to assist any suggestions?

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Hay Beauties,
I'm doing some research for my BBL outside of the states. As I stated before I had a doctor here in Atlanta, yet I'm really not comfortable by what I have read or seen here on RS lately. I want to trust my gut and ho with my first choice, but is it worth my health, my money, or my sanity!! I'm having such a hard time committing to this doctor....IS THAT A SIGN???


Tell your husband not to stress out - Allah created plastic surgeons too ;)
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Its super cheap to go outside states but do your research extensively. Read a lot of reviews. Good luck on your journey and surgeon decision. Also i find this site has a lot of ladies that are choosing to go to d.r. There is a lot of support.
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That's what I've been reading as well... I have a few items to check off my list... I'm not so worried about price in a sense... I'm more concerned about diseases, infections, just being outside the country... Its a lot to take in consideration. On the other end I have seen some results from the D R and Columbia... BEAUTIFUL! I definitely have to do some research, I don't know if my husband would bend ob that one. He's truly supportive at the end of the day & me presenting my bbl to him took a lot....LOL imagine going out the country to get it done! HAHAAAA!. He's definitely teamwifey I will have to mold him over to just saying we are going on vacation and stay an extra week! :)
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