Don't wanna stay ten days !!

Soooooooo like everyone else I'm completely...

Soooooooo like everyone else I'm completely obsessed with this site. At work I'm on it !! When I wake up I'm on it .. Especially on all my down time .. But my obsession with the bbl is overwhelmed .. When I first discovered u could get a bigger butt without implants or hydrogel ( mi first option ) .. I was like yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh I've struck gold ..

Well let me tell u about mi journey .. Since I was 12 or 13 I noticed that I wasn't " blessed " with a nice a$$ .. And I was always self conscious about it ..,as I got older guys would tell me u fine !!! But aiant got no a$$ !! I would be like damn !! I can't win for loosing !!
Anyways I reached out to doctor J way long before i discovered this RS site .. But since I discovered this site .. I'm more in love with his work than ever .. Today i will be callin to put the rest of mi cash down for my deposit !! They told me they still had sum June dates available !!! Yes !!
Let me tell u guys about me in a nut shell ... Im 5'6 , 180 pounds .. With no bootay !!! All thighs and hips !! Lol .. I will post pics later on today !! I'm from Mississippi so I'm excited about traveling to Georgia .. I've never been believe it or not !! I'm 25 years old .. One child .. Single parent . So here my journey begins to a even new sexier me !!!

Welcome to the sisterhood
Thank u for welcoming me !!
Good luck hun!!! Safe bootay journey..

Hey guys !! Ok so im gonna do the financing threw...

Hey guys !! Ok so im gonna do the financing threw the one that gives u $5000 dollars .. But I was wondering could I use another finance company like care credt to fund the rest ??? Pleeeeaaaassssee help !
I thought that was how it worked where the $5000 is a in-house loan and than you borrow the rest from a finance company if you finance the whole surgery. I didn't ask them too many questions about financing during my consult because I'm not ready to apply for a loan yet, but I am curious how difficult is it to get approved. Were you able to get the rest from Care Credit?
Good luck. I had surgery in August with dr. J & I love my results.
Good luck on your journey to becoming bootilicious!!

Ok so this jus in .. Ives decided to go with Yily ...

Ok so this jus in .. Ives decided to go with Yily .. I think .. Lol anyways if anyone is looking for a may date with doctor j .. I have a deposit for sale ..

I have a may 1st deposit for sale

I have a may 1st deposit for sale
I was originally going with dr.jimerson but I have changed my mind...I found a new plastic surgeon that I have found...if there is anybody out there that want to go to dr.jimerson and take my spot please let me no...I really want to get my money back and the pffice its self dosent give refunds.. I cant let 500$ go down the drain like that lol....please inbox asap
Inbox me about ur deposit


My procedure is April 14th with Duran ! But Elizabeth told me I must stay ten days !! But I don't wanna ! Have any other Duran dolls stayed less than ten ? Please help !!
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Going with Duran

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