i found the perfect wish pics for wut i want and fit my frame! also photo shop pics of self!!!!

The office looked really nice and everyone was...

The office looked really nice and everyone was very professional. the staff was full of beautiful women and I didn't feel like I was just one of many customers.

He is the best

Ok...so I'm driving myself crazy thinkin about...

Ok...so I'm driving myself crazy thinkin about this surgery! I need to gain weight. besides drinking 4 ensure plus a day, does anyone have any other ideas how to gain weight for an active greedy slim girl?...lol

I may be scheduling around December. That's when I...

I may be scheduling around December. That's when I can get my vacation from work. I'm soooooo impaciente and ready to do this! AAHhH
Oh that wonderful! I'm excited for you...please give updates and any advice is welcomed
I'm getting mine done by him on the 15th very excited!
Thats Wut I heard. When I met Michelle I fell inlove with her butt...lol

Does anyone else obsess over looking at pictures...

Does anyone else obsess over looking at pictures of butts before surgery? I have been looking at all types, sizes and races to mach it up with my body and ideal shape. Something obtainable....lol I just want it to be as close to what I want as possible but Dr. Jimerson promised me I'm n good hands, literally..lmao
@nicoleATL i wish i could give you 10
Oh really? That's great. I have a long time to wait...lol themself of this year :-(
I ment the end of this year@alohalisia.........@ Teresa8296 yes I look a results also. It's addictive. I love all the ladies results. Everyone is being soooo thorough with research. His price is a Lil steep that's y its the end of the yr cause I have a Lil more to save n weight to gain...lol......@dipset wish u could give me that 5 lbs.

Paid my deposit today. Date for surgery is Dec....

Paid my deposit today. Date for surgery is Dec. 17, 2012. I have time to gain my weight. I got more info and success stories. I sat there and talked to Michelle for a while. She is amazing and I can't wait for it to happen. I will be the first patient that day. Dr J past by and talked for a sec. I love him and he's always upbeat n never seems tired. I wouldn't either, getting paid like he does...Lmao anyways if u ladies have any advice on before surgery prep please let me know. Luv ya! Outy

It's 2:36am I have eaten ramen noodles, roasted...

It's 2:36am I have eaten ramen noodles, roasted salted cashews, pudding cups, ensure plus,2 20 oz sodas, and banana. I might eat a full blueberry bagel and ice cream before I go to sleep. Hello may even take sum snacks to bed so when Im n and out of sleep I can eat...lol. really trying to gain so I can have more fat to graft and bigger legs to fit a bigger booty :-)

Hey ladies, I wanted to let you all know that RealSelf will be hosting a live video chat (called a webinar) with BBL expert Dr. Andrew Jimerson on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 at 5:15 - 6pm PST.

Dr. Jimerson, a plastic surgery expert and board certified doctor, will discuss surgical options for enhancing one's derrière and creating a well-rounded look and also discuss how the surgery works, risks, satisfaction rates and more.

You will have the chance to ask any questions you may have and get Dr. Jimerson's feedback immediately. This is a great chance to get all your BBL questions answered in real time by an expert doctor!

You can register for the webinar using this link: http://bit.ly/realselfbuttlifts once registered you will also be entered into a prize draw to win a CLARO IPL acne treatment device.

I hope to see you ladies there!


Her profile is....Ramsey29. Her booty is still the...

Her profile is....Ramsey29. Her booty is still the same size. She looks great after 1 year. So I guess its tru that what survives is permanent! Go take a look

I have been thinking about bbl like crazy... I am...

I have been thinking about bbl like crazy... I am not getting it til December 17th!! Can I even wait that long??? I am on this site so much I feel like I know everybody...lol I also have been thinking about what I need to have, which is driving me crazy because i am super organized and everything has to b a certain way! (like a OCD thing). I have been on different clothing websites to see what I may want to buy after surgery. Yes only sweat pants and tights but still wanna look decent! I know Dr. Jimerson and the ladies said they will give me all info and prescriptions at my pre op appt but I just wanna know wayyyyy ahead of time so I can be ready!. I have also still been looking at results and compairing. In someway have been making myself see what I want in a realistic way rather than magical...lmao I know the rest will come with toning and eating right, even though my frame will make this procedure ideal for me. Can't wait to get my weight gainer shake. 650 cal before adding milk( thanks @ bbl sis in comments Armygirl911). Michelle a patient consultant of Dr. J also gained weight this way for her surgery. I will keep u guys posted on my gain. Even though it is very hard for me to gain over 130... Uhhhh we will see! with All those calories I dnt have any choice but to gain! Ttyl

I'm excited to follow your progress!  It is hard to gain weight when your body has a natural comfort level at a certain body fat percentage.  Are you really active?

Yes super active! I have to eat like a pig to gain 5 pounds
I know thats how I was always on this site, non stop....I've gotten better now. I limit myself to 15 to 20 mins maybe three times a week. My man used to say that I was obsessed with it....and I am. But I have my surgery scheduled for June 14 @ 7am! So now Im prepared and ready to go! Just trying to stay active so that I may have easy recovery. Ive been doing three miles a day, four days a week. But your time will be here before you know it cause I used to follow Enjoyself and a few other reviews when I first started, Christmas is right around the corner girrrrlllll! You will be ready to get it over with and have the BOOTAY of your dreams!!! ttyl my bbl sista!

Im excited but Dec isn't coming fast enough!...

Im excited but Dec isn't coming fast enough! Uhhhhhhgggg. I gained about 5 pounds but I'm not really trying until September. I dnt wanna gain TOO MUCH weight! Just a good 20 lbs maybe. I will keep u guys updated on the weight gain. I'm super organized so I'm tryin to get a list of things I will need together NOW! I'm local so I don't have to travel. I can't wait. I really dread wearing clothes that hug my butt cause it shows how I don't have one....lol its this chic that's hangs around, she's heavy set. She always talks about how she has a DONK and I don't. Little does she know, its very outta shape and surprisingly small for her size. Anyways I choose not to put her down because I acually know I'm sexy. Just no booty. I think all women have key qualities in their beauty! But if u r insecure about yourself, pay attention to the things you say to others just to build yourself up. You may realize your making them feel the same way someone else mad you feel. At the end of the day a bigger booty may make ppl look but your ugly personality will cause them to do ONLY that and keep it moving! Thought maybe my bbl sistas could relate in some way or another.......
Congrats on your upcoming bbl!! I too am going to Dr. J but not until next year:-(. Good Luck and keep us posted.
Thanks...well mine is at the end of this yr. Dec. So I will def post more as time gets closer
Lol I am trying to lose 30lbs before Dec.

Been eating a lot so I can gain my weight for...

Been eating a lot so I can gain my weight for surgery. I told a couple more friends about it today and they surprised me. Instead of being negative, they are now thinking about getting bbl also...lol that's crazy. I love my friends!
Nicole I know the feeling. I have been looking at this site for some time & finally decided to join & start posting. I'm having sx with Dr. J in August. I can't wait. I'll be sure to keep my profile full of details of my surgery for all you ladies. Take care.

I am trying to make sure I get everything I need...

I am trying to make sure I get everything I need and starting to become obsessive compulsive about this surgery. It's all I talk about!!! I'm still very confident in the Dr. I have chosen. Nothing changing there....lol I have a confession! Haven't been drinking my weight gain smh! I keep gaining and loosing weight but I have 5 months. I only wanna get to about 140 not blow the hell up! I will start tomorrow. I currently weigh 117 5'6. Heyyyyyy don't u look like that! I'm gonna gain!! My job is very physically demanding so I will really need to buckle down and drink this high caloric shake at least twice a day. That's like 2200 extra calories on top of food! Great! I'm not that excited right now. I'm more on the preparation stage. I'm still stalking profiles..lol I watched Dr. Jimersons live bbl video and loved it. He's so awsome in person. He acually sits and talks to u and listens to Ur wants and customize the surgery. I will update on weight gain and take more horrid pics when I gain a good amount of weight. Until then, more research! *kiss kiss*
j love.when is your date?
Encourgement for your weight gain!!!
thanks nellima

I need urgent help so that I can set aside the...

I need urgent help so that I can set aside the money for "blood work". I see ppl talking about blood work and EKG but I see on the internet that EKGs can cost over $1000.00 WUT?! So is what the docs ask for different? What exactly do you have to get done?! Please NO GUESSES. I need accurate info from a lady who already had it done, has one scheduled or has received info from their doctor on what exactly to get done. Thank you in advance ladies I'm starting to freak out so I'm sorry if this update seems aggressive :-)
@Nicole-ATL. I had lipo and BBL 3 weeks ago. I got my blood work done in Austell behind the hospital, but that and the meds were included as part of my procedure. My Dr covers all bloodowrk and meds. Its going to be hard to find a cheap EKG. Quest is very expensive. You may want to go to a clinic because all that will cost less. Start with local clinics first since they usually do a sliding scale for payents. Welcome to the BBl club girlie.
thanks. i found out i dont need a EKG
I went to Solantic, It cost $250.00 all together :)

I have been surching for some pics to be able to...

I have been surching for some pics to be able to show Dr. J exactly what I want. We all know that is hard but I found them! They are soooo perfect. Even though I know we are all different and it won't be exact but I don't want there body exactly. I want the best body for me but just giving an idea for size, roundness and where I want the fullness. There are so many shapes and sizes and some girls rather have fullness than projection. Some rather have bubble than a shelf. ME.....I want a little of it all. Bubble, Shelf, fullness and projection! Dr. Jimerson is a GREAT Dr. And I know he can do it cause his patient consultant and also patient has the perfect booty. She is the same size as me but with a DONK! ....lol and I damn sure want one too! I updated my wish pics and did some surgery on my self......well on my pics.lol
how did you pay for the surgery? I am saving for it now but was just wondering
any follow up? pics?
Ur day is coming very soon. Wishing u tha best of luck. My day. Is right behind to


its beenbtwo years since i last started my journey to trying to get my BBL surgery! The reason i didnt was because i didnt feelvas thoufh i had enough weight for what i wanted even though doc said he could work with it.....but i want MORE. So i have gained weight and feel that i have enouph now. I dont want huge but nice bubble. I have a small frame. 5'6 125 pounds so my waist and stomach will look nice once lipoed cause i have seen my shape without extra fat. So lets get started ladies
I'm new at this so pleaseee I need help
Hello ladies i have been reading all the comments and ready to do it!!!
What did you find out about the EKG?
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I talked to Michelle first, She is a patient consultant. She is about my size but with more booty cause she was also a patient! She answered all my questions and let me touch her butt...Lmao! Dr. J came in and took a look at me and answered all my questions before I even asked them. He was very professional n educated in his field. I'm n love...lol I'm found to pay my down payment next week and set my date. He said to gain 10 lbs but I wanna gain 20 to get the results I want. Michelle told me she had to gain also and gave advice on how to do so...I'm very excited and can't wait to get started!

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