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I'm 24 years old and been wanting this surgery...

I'm 24 years old and been wanting this surgery forever. My body is not bad at all, I just think its definitely room for improvement. I like to say " I'm just trying to put some icing on this cake". (LOL) Last year I was team salama but I am so impressed by Dr. J that I am sold already. He is going to be my doctor for sure. I know calling is the first step so when I feel I'm prepared I'm going to do that. I just have to figure out do I want to finance or save and pay out of pocket. Decisions
Hey girl I was in that same boat lol I was dr Salama for few years but now after hearing and seeing dr jimerson pics gosh that man is awesome!!! If you look on my profile I posted a lot if info about dr j prices. I had the webinar last night. His prices are higher than most drs BUT you get what you pay for and I want big booty like deelishis my wish pics are her. Congrats on going with dr j. When did you want surgery? He's booked up until end of next year unless you pay cash and get on the fast track list. Good luck with your journey!!
:) ok babe ... Keep us posted !!
Hi and welcome msbadbarbie to RS! you made the right and best choice! Dr J will definitely put u on the map but do put your deposit dwn just to hold your date becz e's going up on his prices and he will allow u to lock in 2013 prices w a deposit. If you do the webinars that lets his pt coordinators knw you are very serious and you too could get a sooner date as well! There is also a list if anyone cancels but you must be pd n full. Please ask for Michelle to be your coordinator or Sarah but Michelle was mine and she was great about getting bck w me or consulting me period! In the end I had to go with dr p due to financial reasons but if I ad to go w an american physician it wld definitely be Dr J!!!! Follow ur first mind... Yes he has a passion for his results only his angels! Ask him!

What I'm working with

Adding my pre op pics so you ladies can see what I'm already working with. It's not bad but I have room for major improvement. I think I already have a pretty good foundation. I just want to make sure I end up with the right ps to take me body to the next level. I want a really tiny waist and major projection. My waist is small it's just cover with fat and I don't need hips because my hips are already wide in my opinion. Once I get the waist I want then my hips with probably look as wide as they really are. What do you think ladies?

Pre Op Pics

I totally concur. My surgery date is 23rd August. Am buying the necessary essentials, booked time off work. Just need the medical clearance - am seeing my doctor tomorrow.. Your body is fabulous. Dr J definitely has a particularly sophisticated skillset when it comes to this. Cannot wait to see your results
Hey Bbl Sister, You have a GREAT foundation! I think Dr.J is definitely the BEST out of all the Doctors for a BBL. He was my first & Last decision. Hopefully I will be having my SX next month. I plan on going up to GA this month and pay my remaining balance off in cash And get my SX date moved up. I'm so ready to get this journey over!!! I have been planning this BBL for over a year now. Anyways, Good Luck with everything & I wish you the best!
I have been wanting this surgery for almost 2 years now and I still haven't put down my deposit BUT next week this chick is putting down her 500 deposit!!! lol What I think I might do is in the middle of sept. pay off the balance because I want this surgery asap. Im so tired of my flat butt, love handles and my big stomach. I work my ass off at the gym and eat right but its like i dont lose weight i just gain muscle and I hate it. I hope you can get your surgery next month, cant wait to see your after pics!! keep me posted women! thank you and good luck with your journey!!!
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