Full TT & BBL with Fat Grafting to Hips. Lipo of Upper and Lower Back - Suwanee, GA

I am 34yrs old 5'7 and I weigh 170lbs. I have been...

I am 34yrs old 5'7 and I weigh 170lbs. I have been looking at this site for a while now, and actually I am not sure if I am even typin this info in the right area??? I am scheduled for surgery with Dr Jimerson on 07-02-14, I am a little nervous about recovery, but I am excited to get everything done. I have 7 more days until surgery!!
Ull de great! Tummy tuck is major thing. My mom did... Be prepared and consistent with pain killers. If u can, try to gradually work urself to regular pain killers. U don't want to get addicted to the narcotic ones... Remember take your time. Dont push urself to hard... Bring extremely comfortable clothes And make sure your support person has a strong stomach The drain bags are pretty gross. I didn't have a strong stomach. I almost vomitted and was unable to help my mom with that part. Msg me if u need anything. I'm happy to share what I know!

Minor sore throat, congestion and ear pressure... DAYS BEFORE SURGERY.. UGH!!!

So I am having cold symptoms less then a week before surgery, this sucks!!! I know that usually surgery will need to be rescheduled if your sick. I went to my pcp this morning and was prescribed zithromax.
I am waiting on a call back from Dr Jimerson's office, hopefully they will say this is fine and that I can still have my surgery on Wed.
Has this happened to anyone else??
Yay, that's super exciting! I'm doing a virtual consult with his office on the 7/1 and I'm excited to find out what he can do for my frame. Nevertheless, I'm sending positive energy your way! Can't wait to see your amazing results. :)
I can't wait either!!! I'm hoping he works some magic on me, Lol, I need it! I will post pics soon! I will follow your surgery journey
Thanks for the info! I have a weak stomach too. I am dreading the drains! I am flying in by myself, so I will be staying at a recovery house, Gold Platinum Care. There is a nurse there 24/7 to help me.

Got my call back!!!

Gotta call from Aziza (she is so friendly and caring, I always feel more comfortable after speaking with her) she spoke with Dr Jimerson and let him know my symptoms. He wanted to confirm that I did NOT have a fever (I don't). I was advised to continue my prescription and I should be fine for surgery on Wed!!!
Thank goodness!! I have waited so long for this!

Pre-op pics

Hoping Dr Jimerson can fix me up!!

Pre-op pics

Welcome to RS ! Congratulations and ooohhhh he will put u on the map!
Thank you!!! I am hoping so!!! Next Wed is my big day!!!
Also could you message me the info for the recovery house I am having a hard time finding something there.


Has anyone else had a bbl, tt and hips??? How did you sleep?? They say not to sleep on any part that had fat transfer, so no sleeping on my back or sides. With a tummy tuck, no sleeing on your stomach... This is one of my greatest worries about this surgery.
I have less than a week to figure it out.. Lol
Sry. I thought I had responded. 3years or so ago. She was up walkin Ina bout 2weeks. She did minor stuff for the first week. Waking to washroom. Trying to feed herself small stuff. She's doing well now. Back to reg life
Read both parts of my journal great stuff .... I did and I slept on my hips and they are fine ! It's all in how u pad ur chair u sleep in!!!
OK, good to know!! I'll read it all :)

2 more days until I fly to ATL!!!!

So I fly out in a couple days, this all still doesn't feel real. I'm sure reality will set in when I get on the plane. I went shopping for my last few items yesterday, I'm pretty sure I have everything I'll need.

Jimerson's patients???

Is there a way to pull up only Dr Jimerson's patients??? I would like to see/read more experiences from his patients.
You can click on his name and then click follow! It shows you all his patients and if any future patients start blogs w him as their Dr! They'll tell you to sleep on your sides with lots of pillows-alternating sides to minimize the stress on your hips! All the best. Dr J does great work from what I've seen on RS! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on 7/2.
Thanks for the info!!! I'm excited!!
Good luck tomorrow!


Just got off the plane, I'm in ATL!!!! Now this is definitely feeling real!! Going to get settled, then tomorrow is my pre-op with Dr Jimerson!!!
Excited for u! good luck with everything ...blessings
Thank you!!
Good luck and praying for a speedy recovery.

Pre-op Day!!!

Today I get to finally meet Dr Jimerson! I'll be sure to update you guys how it went!
I am staying with Terry from Gold Platinum Care since I came alone for my surgery. I was pretty nervous about being so far away from home (Seattle area) alone. But so far my stay here has been very comfortable :) I am glad I chose to stay here. She picked me up from the airport (all transportation is included in her package). She was a little late due to ATL traffic, but when she arrived she was so nice and friendly I forgot all about the wait. So I forgive her. (giggle giggle). She has been very attentive to my needs, making sure that I am comfortable (and I haven't even had my surgery yet). So I'm sure she will be on top of things during my recovery. I'll keep you posted!!!!
Keep us posted on your progress. I am considering Dr. J., so I appreciate your posts.
Keep us posted!!
I will :)

Pre-op Apt

So for starters, I did not get to see Dr Jimerson today. (for the record I was an hour late, but Terry did call Dr Jimerson's office prior to my scheduled time, she was told it is OK that I arrive a little late, as long as I was there by 3pm) The employees at the office were "very laid back" (kinda too much). Very loud side talking and laughing (very loud). Not really what I was expecting from a plastic surgeon's office.
But anyway, I had my appointment with Rene, she verified everything that I was getting done and gave me my prescriptions. She made it a point to let me know that I was an hour late, and if I was late tomorrow there would be a $500 charge. That was a little stressful to hear especially since they said it would be OK "just be there by 3".... but anyway, signed a few documents and that was it..... but it took forever because she kept walking out (2 times) and leaving me in the little office for like 20 min the first time.. then like 10 min the second time. She said it was due to them being short 1 nurse and she was helping out.
I'm not too worried about how that appointment went because i "was" late... maybe it would have flowed better if i was there at my scheduled time. My focus is on tomorrow!!! My surgery got moved to 10am instead of 7:30. I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes!!

oh i forgot

I also met with the nurse that will be helping me out. (her services are included in the package from Gold Platinum Care). She just asked some basic information. I asked her if the shots that I have to get hurt.. her response was.... "the shot is the least of your worries" Lol, considering all that I'm getting done, I'm worried about a shot.. Lol, but that's about it, and she let me know she will see me tomorrow after my surgery.
Girllll that nurse ain't NEVA LIED if she EVER told one! I may not be a dr J curves but I took care of one of his patients! You must get up n walk every two hours or at least two times a day, wake up to take your meds before the last pain pills wear out,do take your antibiotics til there done and drink plenty of fluids(water, pineapple juice etc) do wear leggings to prevent Blood clots!! Happy healing beautiful ! You are going to be put on the map!!!
Lol, I know that was a silly question for me to ask. Today is my big day!!! I'll keep you posted!
I sure will!!!

Surgery Day!!!!

Today is my big day!!! Already took a shower (I probably won't get another one anytime soon). This whole no deoderant thing kinda sucks... hopefully I won't be funky.. Lol.
I'm a little nervous, but I'm ready to get in there, get this done... and start recovering!
Oh and about the prescriptions that Dr Jimerson prescribed, my insurance covered everything except for the injections. The injections were $215.
Chat with you guys after surgery!!!
Hope your doing ok! Happy healing!
LOL you would think I am having surgery today LOL I am so excited for you. I really appreciate your posts as I will be having the exact same procedures. Today is your day honey embrace is and know all the pain will be worth it! #Soontobe.newbooty BAM!
Safe journey & hopefully pain free healing with your pain meds!

I made it!!!

Hey I made it out of surgery, these meds aren't no joke!! I don't have any pain while I'm laying down not moving. Getting out of the bed, that's another story, hurts like heck!
I'm still loopy off these meds.. so I'll give a more detailed update about the whole experience a little later. Just wanted you guys to know I'm OK, I really appreciate all the support, prayers and well wishes that you ladies have been given me!!!
Oh I have not looked in a mirror, but from just feeing my sides and butt, I think it may be amazing!! I'll let you know when I get to a mirror
I am doing great!!! Thanks for asking :)
So far I don't have much pain at all. I do take my pain meds right on time! Thank you for your support. I'll update all the details of my experience a little later

post op pic Day 1

I'll post more later, it hurts like heck to get up! When I'm laying down it's OK.
I slept on my stomach and had no pain
Thank u Jesus!
Awww. U look great! Made it safely through surgery
Great to hear and see you are doing well.. Rest and recovery. Go girl I am so happy for you :).. Your a Jimmerson Doll now.. Team J curves

laying on my stomach

So I received a call from Geeta one of Dr J's nurses. She called to check on me andto make sure I was eating and drinking. She also told me NOT to lay on my stomach (even though it was comfortable) so I'm now laying on my side using a boppy pillow. This uncomfortable and hope I don't loose my new hips.
Glad to hear all went well! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Thank you!
Happy healing!!! Do not lay on ur tummy or bootay plz!! Get as many pillows as u can for your sides for cushion bcz u will loose your fat transferred to your hips!

about my appointment yesterday

So when I got to the office it was a whole different experience than the day prior. It seemed very professional. First I met with the nurse Geeta (think that's her name) she was very nice, checked my vitals and gave me my IV. She asked some health questions, and answered my questions.
Then I met the anesthesiologist. She had a few questions for me as well.
Finally Dr Jimerson came in. He went right to marking me up with his marker. He was not very talkative at all!! (Maybe he was tired or something???) I tried to make small talk and he would answer with one word answers.. kinda strange because everyone always talks about how friendly and informative he is... well he was nice.. but not what I expected.
He then told me that he may not be able to lipo my upper abdomen because he will probably reach the max on just my back. I told him I was OK with that. Then I showed him my wish pic and he said we'll see.
Then he left and I don't remember anything after that.
Today his nurse Geeta called me to check on how I was doing, I thought that was nice of her.. and she rescheduled my post-op appointment for earlier next week. She said it was supposed to have been scheduled at 1week exactly.


Oh and he was able to lipo my abdomen
I'm also from the Seattle area and want him to do my surgery. How long do you have to stay in the atl before flying back?
2 weeks because I got a tummy tuck,, you only have to stay 1 week if your just getting BBL


Did I forget to mention that I love my new booty!! And my stomach looks flat! I think I can even see a waste line!!! I get to take my garmet off for one hour today, I will take more pics!!!
That's great!


OMG!!!! U look amazingggg .. dam, ure making me wanna change surgeons! Happy 4 u!
Thank you! He did a very good job..
He did a great job, you have J. Curves :)

just a heads up regarding the garmet.

I ordered 2 garments from lip express. Their size chart is wrong. For my height and weight it says I should be in a medium, so that's what I got. I walked out of Dr Jimerson's office in a size XL garmet. Thankfully they supplied the first one. And from what I've heard. Lipoexpess is close to where I am. So I can return those mediums
Your looking good hunny
Thank you!
You look great! Dr. J put you on the map! But when you order the garments it tells you to always order a size up from your true size and sometimes two sizes bc they do run SMALLLL! You have to account for the swelling as well .

Day 3

So today I am still pretty sore. I am cutting back slightly on my pain meds/muscle relaxers. All I do is sleep!
I don't have too much pain, just soreness. So far, everyday has gotten a little easier. It still hurts like heck to get in and out of bed!!
I am happy that I chose to stay here at gold platinum care. I feel very well taken care of. They provide healthy food and drinks... I don't really have to worry about anything, because everything is taken care of.
I have been laying on my stomach with a lot of pillows. I know the said to lay on my side, but that's painful and I think I might lose my hips.
I am very thankful that there is a nurse to give me my meds on time, to empty my drains, and to give my injections. I have a weak stomach..
But on about to have dinner, I'll keep you posted.
Oh and I get up and walk around about every 2 hours
You look great. Do you mind me asking, how many cc's did you get in buttocks and hips?
I think 800 in each buttock and 200 in each hip. I may be wrong about the butt.. I was still a little woozy when they told me

Day 4

Nothing new, still a lot of pain and soreness. I will try to take more pics today when I take my garmet off. (Only for 1hr)
Looking good Hun... So excited for you!
Dr j is king of bbls. Point blank. He's super busy so it don't surprise me that he wasn't giving small talk. But either way, he still did his job and got u a dunk. I just wish we can clone his talent cuz then prices are through the roof
That's good ur being well taken care of. Ur recovery is very important so the fact that ur happy with ur care is excellent... What exactly are the injections for? The pain, on ur stomach when you get up, is that due to the TT?... Have you started getting massages?

4 day post op pics

I'm shocked but impressed to see results so quickly! I was so swollen after my TT. You look great post op, I can only imagine what the final results will look like! Happy healing :)
Thank you! Yes today was a good day, but I'm mentally prepared for any not so good days that may come. I am pretty swollen too! How long ago was your tummy tuck?
Wow .. wait til all that swelling goes down; its gonna b great! Your TT scar looks nice & low :) .. glad ur recovery hasnt been too too bad.


Horrible sleep last night, and I started my menstural cycle 5 days early!! Terry said that it happens often for it to come early. I was hoping to have my drains out before my period started, that way I just have one thing to deal with at a time.
I still haven't had a BM. I will probably take 2 dulculax tabs today after my massage. I'll keep you posted :)

Lots of pain and soreness

I had my massage today, and it was wonderful. I felt very good afterwards. I have been trying to walk around my room lot because that's all I see people say is "walk and stay hydrated"
So after my massage I decided that I was tired of walking around the room, and I decided to walk downstairs and go outside on the back porch. I stayed outside only for about 5 minutes. I came back up to my room and started to not feel very well. I started to feel like I could hear my heartbeat in my head. (I suffer from migraines) so I drank some water and laid down. After a short while my body started to feel very sore. I feel like I take so many medication that I didn't want to take another pain pill. I felt that maybe I could just sleep it off.
After a couple of hours with no relief I decided to take on of my migrain pills.
I am still very sore and I will probably end up taking a pain pill and a muscle relaxer.
As of right now, if I had the option to do this surgery again, my answer would be "Hell No!!"
Too much pain...ugh.
How many days post op did the major pain go away for you ladies??

pain meds

So we just looked at my med schedule and I have not taken any pain meds today. I felt so good after my massage I declined to take one at that time... Lesson learned!! I am going to take them every 6 hrs regardless if I have pain or not...
With that being said.... I'm taking my pain meds now... I'll keep you updated

pain update

I took my meds and feeling better already :)
How is recovery going. I am having a TT and am considering bbl, but I want to transfer to hips as well and am trying to figure out sleeping positions. I would rather do the surgeries together than separate especially since I already broke up my mommy makeover. But if I do them separately I guess I wills do the bbl first even though I really want and need TT. Bbl is just the icing in the cake.
My recovery is going well, I did make the mistake of skipping my pain meds this morning, that was a horrible experience. But other than that, things have been going well. I had all my procedures done at the same time, TT, BBL with fat grafting to hips and butt, and I had lipo of my full back. I find it most comfortable to sleep on my stomach with a lot of pillows :)
Have u told the doctor ure sleeping on ur tummy? Is there a risk frm sleeping on it?

Random thought...

For as much as these garmets cost ($100+) they should make the edges more comfortable. Its starting to hurt around my boob area.... I stuck a sock in between for comfort.. Lol
I noticed the gar et eft a pretty prominent impression on you. :-( also something I've been wandering about ladies who had transfer to hips. The garments cover the hips, I assume the compress the area. If so how does that affect your results
I will ask Dr J on Wednesday at my appointment. The garmet "is" super tight. I have seen some women cut them... but I'm going to wait and see what the Dr says. I don't feel as if it is messing up my new hips.
Congrats on your surgery and happy healing! Sorry if I overlooked, but did you mention how many cc's did he removed total.

post-op was rescheduled for today

I got a call from Azziza asking if I can come in today, instead of tomorrow to have my post op. Of course I said yes. I'm on my way to the office now. This is the first time I left the house since surgery. I'm currently bent over on my knees riding. I didn't feel ready to sit using my boppy pillow yet.
I'll keep you posted on how it goes :)
Don't forget about all the questions you have for him!!! :-)
He wasn't there :(
How are you doing? I'm new to RS but I'm scheduled w/ Dr Jimerson Dec2015

my post-op appointment

So as I mentioned earlier, I received a call from Azziza asking me to come 1 day early for my appointment. (I think they are trying to finish up with the patients from the old office before he takes a week or 2 off???)
But anyway, I get there, and everyone was professional and nice.
(Oh I wanted to add that I had just taken my pain med and muscle relaxer prior to finding out they wanted me to come in today)
So I was very tired and groggy feeling. I went back and was asked to put on the paper garmet (taking the garmet off and on is very tuff) so then the nurse comes back in and takes one look at my drains and says "we are not going to be able to take these out today". Then she basically says call the office when my drains are draining at a certain level.
So now I am tottaly exhausted from taking my garment off. Then I feel the urge to have a BM. (When I took my pain meds I also took 3 dulcalax stool softeners) I have not had a BM since I've had surgery. The restroom is directly outside of the reception area. At first I was going to try to wait to get back to the house... but I looked at my garmet and thought there is no-way that I can put it back on and wait to get to the house.... So I sucked up my pride and used the restroom. I was hoping not to stink up the whole office considering that I've been backed up for a week...
So I use the bathroom, and there is nothing except a few loud farts.. ugh!!!
I go back to the room to put my garmet back on... and that was it. I was soooo totally exhausted!!!
Why didn't they ask me on the phone how much my drains were draining??? That was a total waste of time and my energy!
Sorry if that was TMI.

next time

Next time I go in for an appointment, I'm going to request the Dr be there.
Does he really only see his patients that fly in to have the surgery by him for the little 5 minutes he spent marking up my backside prior to surgery? Is it normal not to see him again? Have any others experienced this?

Write down questions

I'm going to make it a point to write down any questions I have. When I get in the office I go blank... probably because I think a pre-op and a post-op appointment should be with the Dr, not one of his nurses.
I am liking my results, just not too much of how the office operates.
OK, I'm done venting.. Lol
OMG I really think that's awful!! His patients pay good money for these procedures & the very minimum you could do is be there for their follow up appointment. I'm beginning to reconsider surgery with him. If I have a complication I want to know my Dr is going to be right on it, but from different posts I've read it's very hard to get anyone to call you back. I love his work but I'm afraid my husband might really cut up! LoL
So sorry he wasn't there! So what did your visit consist of??!?! Did they give you an explanation of where he was?? You know I went in for my consult & waited for almost an hour then only to be told he was still in surgery that I need to go have lunch & come back, then they tried to get me to meet with someone else (a nurse) My husband insisted that he see us. He spent about 10 mins with me.
No, they didn't mention Dr J at all. I think the appointment was supposed to be removing my drains, and taking post op pictures?? (I assumed this because I was in a room with one of the blue colored picture backrounds. From what I've heard, Dr J does not see the patients at their pre-op/post-op visits. That's crazy. I feel like just a number, if we walked past each other, he wouldn't even know who I was. He only actually looked me in the face for about 15seconds right before surgery. I'm on my period, maybe that's why I am so bothered by this.

How I'm feeling

Besides all the stuff that irritated me today, I am feeling pretty good (pain wise).
I've been taking my pain meds every 6 hrs. I also got my last injection today.
Today was the first time that I was able to take my garmet on and off without any help. I also washed myself up without any help. (The nurse was previously washing me up) I am not able to shower until my drains are removed. I feel that my overall recovery is going well!! I do have numb areas on my stomach and back (which is normal) the feeling gradually comes back. My steri strip came off my new belly button, and Dr J did a good job. I am happy with it.
I had my second massage with Tianna this morning, and she is awesome!
That's all that I can think of at the moment, I'll keep you posted if I think of anything else that would be helpful :)
Wow that kinda sucks ...I'm sorry, I understand being busy but at least he could walk by and say hi.Geesh.Well the good thing is you look great .Just checking up on you and I'm glad your pain has gone away!!!yay
Thanks for checking on me :)
That sucks that he wasn't very personable with you. I'm wondering if I'll have the same experience. I'm going to make a consultation appt and I'll update my page and let you now how that goes. For the cost, we should be given GOLD STAR TREATMENT!

Post-op Day 7

So far today has been a good day!! I love the way my body looks without my garmet!!!
Sorry about all my venting yesterday.. Lol, (pms-ing)
My drain from my new booty is basically ready to come out, (its finished draining). My 2 drains from my tummy tuck are still draining good. I'm thinking maybe tomorrow they may be ready??? After these drains come out I'm sure it will be much easier to get in and out of this garmet.
I don't really have pain, just stiffness. Especially if I lay too long. I get tired easy, because anything I do takes extra energy :)
My only issue I have is MAJOR CONSTIPATION!! So that's what I'm working now :)
But so far so good!! I can't wait to see my Hubby's face when he see's my new body!!!
I am going to need a whole new wardrobe... 1 week until I get to fly home :)
have you tried miralax its very good for that. its a little pricey but its quality you pay for and I understand when u in that situation u really don't care how much it is as long as it works LOL
So awesome!!! I pray my recovery is like yours!! :-)
Pics pics pics!!!!

7 day post-op pics

I am so bloated.. ugh. But so far I'm looking good :)
Right! I gotta try it
Its tuff, but do able :)
Just posted some :)

comparison pics

Really bad lighting, but still awesome results so far...

All swelled up

So today I was feeling good, but after washing myself up and braiding my hair, and trying to take pics, I was wiped out! Exhausted and all swelled up. I have never been swelled up before, not even when I was pregnant with my children. So it looked pretty freaky to me.
I take my garmet off for 1 hr a day, but today I only kept it off for about 40 min, because I started swelling.
After putting my garment back on and laying down (and drinking water) the swelling has went down.
I'm feeling good and loving my results :)
You are looking amazing Hunty!!! Definitely representing Dr. J as a force to be reckoned with as I consider him and Salama.
Dr J all the way!! :)
gurl you look awesome!!! I know you feel it too. can you imagine when all the swelling goes down and you are fully healed. OMG do it boo. Your city aint ready for the new you LOL. fabulous honey fabulous

post-op day 8

Today I finally left the house. I went to Lipo-express to exchange my size M garmet to a size L.
I didn't realize that the store was in a mall.... But it was nice to get out the house. It is so hot outside.
After leaving the mall and getting in the van, I realized that my legs and feet are SUPER swollen. So right now I'm in the can riding to Walgreen's, I need to buy a few things... then I'll be back in bed! I'm exhausted.
Looking good! You're results are already amazing.
Thank you!!!

Drains Removed!!!

This morning I got a massage from Tiana (another wonderful massage). During my massage, I received a call stating that I could get my drains removed, but I had to be at the "new office" in 11/2 hour. So I hurried and got myself together (just left my hair braided from the day prior, and no make-up) I looked tired looking, but I didn't care, I just wanted the drains out!!
When we arrived at the new office, they were having a "office meeting". So we had to wait about 15 minutes.
The new office is beautiful! Its looks triple the size of his old office.
Well I got called back and finally got my drains removed by Dr J's nurse. While I was getting my drains removed, Dr J poked his head in the door and asked me how I was feeling, and if I had any questions about anything. He was very nice! Everyone at the office was very friendly. When I was leaving, we bumped into Dr J again, and I asked him to take a picture with me. He was happy to do so, but mentioned that he wasn't dressed for a picture.. Lol, I said "that's OK, neither am I, I'm your first patient at your new office, we gotta remember this" Lol.
I had a very good experience, and it did not hurt to have the drains removed.. so hopefully its smooth sailing until I get to go home Wednesday... I'll keep you posted on anything else :)

Dr J's post-op pictures

I didn't take post-op pictures because the office wasn't all the way put together. At 6 weeks I send pictures of my results. (If you live in the area you come in for a 6 week checkup) and of course if I have any questions or concerns, I was advised to call in :)
So happy 4 u :)
so are you clear to go home now?
No, I still have to stay the full 14 days. I can leave on Wednesday

10 days post-op

I am getting home sick. I am ready to go relax at my own house. I miss my family.
But anyways I am all swelled up. I hate this, it feels like if I stuck a needle in my foot it would pop. It seems like if I'm laying down the swelling eases up a little, but who wants to lay down all day?? I can only stay on my knees for so long before that gets uncomfortable too. When I'm on my knees, I kinda lean forward and rest on my elbows. Being in that position for too long makes my wrists and hands go numb.
I need to find another position to get comfortable in.
At home, I purchased a folding chair that has a hole cut in it for my butt to go in. I sure wish I had that here. I am tempted to go purchase one here, but I only have a few days left here. But it might be worth it. Can you bring a folding chair on a plane? I really don't want to pay for a new chair and then have to leave it.
Anyone know any quick cures for swelling???
I finished all my antibiotics, now the only medicine I am taking is the pain pill and the muscle relaxer as needed.
I really haven't had the energy to try on a bunch of clothes... before my procedure I thought that I would be taking a lot of pictures in different outfits. That ain't happening.. Lol,maybe later.
Thank you!!!

home sick

I'm thinking about flying home early. Now that I think about it, I don't see the Dr anymore before I'm scheduled to leave on Wednesday, so why stay??? I would definitely feel more comfortable in my own home, the only thing that makes me nervous is my 5 1/2 hr flight back home. When I had my post op appointment I didn't receive any follow up care instructions, besides to send in 6 week pictures. I think someone may have said to conti

going home

I just changed my flight, I'm going home tomorrow
you make it home safely?
Oh btw YOU LOOK GREAT GIRL!!!!!!! Your b4 & after pics are awsome!!!
have a safe trip & let your flight attendant know your recovering from surgery and maybe she/he will let you hang out in the back where they are.

2 week post op

Hey, sorry I haven't updated in a while, I'll start with my 5 hr flight home. I used the wheelchair service that the airport offers. I wasn't embarrassed at all. I couldn't imagine standing in all those lines. They have a separate security line and everything. I was pushed by someone from the airport all the way to my gate. Then as I waited for my plane I sat using my boppy pillow. ( I folded it in half and put it under my thighs, then I put a pillow behind my back. So there was no pressure on my butt at all) My flight was delayed, but only like 30min. Finally once I got on the plane, I sat the same way (it was very uncomfortable) I took 2 pain pills and a muscle relaxer and that was it.... I made it home.
The next day I took my first shower, I was kinda scared, I tried hard not to get my tummy tuck incision wet. It did kinda get wet, but everything turned out OK.
So now I'm at the 2 week point and I'm so TIRED OF NOT BEING ABLE TO SIT!!! I left a few messages with the Dr's office yesterday (now it automatically connects you to a call center that's not even in GA)I ddidn't receive a call back, I left a few messages today as well, and still no call back.
Basically what I want to know is, can I sit on my butt, if not when can I? And when I can sit normally? I want to know how long I have to wear this garmet? Right now I take it off 1 hour a day, what's the process of more hours without the garmet ?
So right now I just lay on my couch, or I'm on the floor on my knees, this sucks!!
Oh and I notice a flat area on both my butt cheeks, kinda right in the center. It feels kinda hard??? I have read about fluffing... I'm hoping that will soften up and round out
Glad u made it back home .. wat a freakin mission!!!! Sorry about the flat side, im sure it'll fluff out with time. How r u sleeping? I recall they said, no sleeping on the belly. Were u sleeping on ur side? If yes, do u think that's wat flattened it a bit? Supposedly after the 11th day u can sit BUT for a short period of time. But I would wait til that fat is healed in rite in there! In re: to the garment .. 24/7 for 3 weeks .. then like a spanx for 3 to 6 weeks. PLEASE dont quote me on this .. keep calling the Dr's office til u get through to them. Good luck!
Thanks for the info. I kept sleeping on my stomach. I haven't put any pressure on my butt or hips.
Yes, I got home Sunday night. Thanks for checking on me :)

Day 15

Today hasn't been a good day pain wise. Yesterday I felt good an took about a 10 minute walk around my neighborhood. I also put on a size large garment (I normally have been wearing XL) I only kept it on for about 3 hours because it was so tight.
I slept horribly, I'm tired of sleeping on my stomach, for some reason, when I lay on my stomach my arms and hands feel like they go numb. Its really tuff to get comfortable.
So anyways this morning I feel very sore and tight. I don't have any pain meds left, and I still haven't received a call back from Dr Jimerson's office. (I've been waiting for a call back since Tuesday)
I called again this morning and spoke with the call center AGAIN. Supposedly they will have someone call me back today.... we'll see.....


Oh and the girl at the call center that I spoke with, her name is Randi... I've read a few people had their consults with her.. just a. FYI, She is not at the office, she is I a call center that is not even in GA. she acted very helpful and concerned, but we'll see how this goes.. I am obviously very unsatisfied with the office right now, I paid a lot of money for my surgery and I deserve instructions on my after care.
Oh wow, I'm sorry you're going through this with the office. They need to get it together. Can we see some new pictures of your progress?
Wow I had my consult with Randi.I had no idea she is from the call center...That's so weird.I know that has to be frustrating to not get anyone to help you.Smh.Im worried for my date
Before I had my surgery it seemed easier to get ahold of someone at the actual office. It seems like since they've moved, its impossible. I have been calling since Tuesday, (and I left messages saying I was having pain) I left about 6 messages, no one has called me yet. Maybe after they get more settled in their new office they will start returning calls??? But on the brighter side, I do love my results :)

16 days post op

You did such a great job chronicling your journey hun....very straight forward/matter-of-fact....love that! Sorry about your aftercare situation. Many of us have watched Dr. J's patient responsiveness appear to fall off as he became more popular. Hope you get the aftercare protocol ASAP. To his credit, he did an outstanding job.....an absolutely amazing transformation! He is indeed a bbl master. Nevertheless, his bedside manner and post op responsiveness are just as important.
Thank you, I tried to just get to the point :)
Wow .. he really did a great job! U should b very pleased. Once that swelling goes dwn ure going to look phenomenal.

7 days, still no call back

Today makes exactly 7 days that I have left a message for a call back. I leave at least 1 message a day, sometimes 2 messages. I'll keep you guys posted on when they return my call.
I know that Dr Jimerson has a 30 day guarantee.... are they trying to wait until the guarantee is over before they call??
My butt looks very round in top, but halfway down it goes kinda flat. I hope that its going to all round out.....
Hey luv ! I want to apologize for the customer service and bed side manner u are experiencing bcz Dr. J usually gives his pts his cell phn or if u call the answering service after hours they page him! Yes you look great compared to your pre opt give days b4 sx, awesome transition! I do see your immediate concern w the flatness in the very middle so plz keep calling ur doing everything correctly even though you shldnt have to go thru such extremes ! Well u know the old saying it's not what u know bit who u know so let me get my lil whip out and call my buddy ole pal that I'm going to politely fuss at for u otay! Pm me your name if u don't mind ? Have u asked to speak w Michelle she is usually rt on it! Happy healing luv and sleep on ur sides ok cushion those pillows so u won't affect your hips! Hugs n kisses !
Typo five days pre opt


Hey, just wanted to give an update.
Last night I was feeling a little frustrated regarding not receiving a call back, so I decieded to send Shelly an email. (I'm not sure why I didn't think to do that sooner??)
So this morning around 7:30am (I'm on the west coast) I got a call from Jazmine, she said that Shelly was out of the office today, but she got my email and asked her to call me. Jazmine answered all my questions and apologized for the lback of returned calls. She said it was due to the move and they are learning a new system. But anywayss.... here are my questions & the answers I received.
When can I sit like normal? I can sit using my boppy pillow for 6-8 weeks. Not the folded under your thighs balancing act, (that was only for the first 2 weeks). She said laying the boppy pillow flat and sitting on it will NOT harm my results.
2 Garment process. Needs to be worn for 6 weeks, only removing it for 1 hr a day.
3 The triangle. Needs to be used for 6 weeks, rotating it clockwise each day.
4 Belly button ooze. Normal and to keep it clean
5 Butt roundness. Can take 6-9 months for final result
6 The taped X's on my butt (injection sites). I can remove the tape.
7 Tape on tummy tuck incision. Leave alone and let it fall off on its own.
I think that was all the questions I had, now I know to just send an email.
I am still a little nervous about sitting on my butt, I keep you posted and let you know if I am brave enough to sit, and how the experience goes.
Thank you!! I did receive a call today from Jazmine :)
You are too sweet how nice of you to help out a fellow doll let me read your review

3 week post op update

Hey, just thought I'd give an update to those following my journey.
I am overall very satisfied with my results. I do have an area of flatness on the bottom part of my butt. Hopefully it will all round out, but even if it doesn't, it looks 100% better than it did.
I don't really have pain in my butt, or my tummy. I do still have a lot of pain in the areas that had lipo. My back and my sides are the places that hurt. I don't take pain meds anymore, I just kinda deal with the pain. I am currently not working, so I am able to take it easy :)
I just went down a size in my garment to a size large (I previously tried downsizing, but only lasted a couple hours because it was too tight). So far I'm in day 2 of my size large.... its pretty uncomfortable, but I can handle it.
I got on the scale for the first time since surgery, and I'm 167lbs. (down 3 lbs) I was kinda surprised, this garment makes me feel like a stuffed turkey... Lol!!
I was told that I could sit on my butt using my boppy pillow. I have sat, but only for like 5-10 min increments. While sitting, my butt feels normal, but then the pain in my back and sides kick in... so I never sit for long. Im still mostly laying on my stomach.
I don't know how women go back to work 2 weeks after having this type of surgery. I'm glad I'm able to heal without worrying about work. But for those who are working and getting the same surgery as me, I would definitely suggest to take off more than 2 weeks. I'm on week 3 and still having pain.
Well that's all I can think of now...
So happy you got a call back.And great information for us future Dr.Jcurve patients.Thanks


Today I felt sore and swollen. It felt like my garment was cutting into my right side.
I ended up putting back on my XL garment. It kinda sucks going back up in size.. but o'well. At least I feel a little relief. I notice that the garments make me pretty grouchy, it sucks to still be sore and have to wear garments.
This healing process is long and not easy.

how did Dr J lipo my back????

I don't have any incision marks on my back or my sides.. . How did he lipo my back??? Did he go through the injection sites from my butt?.. is that why I have so much back and side pain?? However he did it, he did a good job, I'll just be happy when the pain goes away.

Would I do it again????

Yesterday I was complaining of pain, and my hubby asked if I would do the surgery again... my answer, I love my results, but no, I wouldn't do it again. This is a long painful recovery. I can't wait until I feel normal again.
Congrats u look great. I also got tt & bbl & lipo. I noticed you stated you sleep on yor stomach& sides. Do you sleep like that all the time? My doctor told me specifically not to sleep that way. He has had me sleeping on my back. When I complain about the damage yo my bbl he's unaffected & only states 40% of fat reabsorption is normal. How did your doctor recommend you sleep?
I sleep on my stomach, but my Dr recommended that I sleep on my sides using pillows. I also got hips, so when I did sleep try to sleep on my sides it was painful.. so I stopped.
Are you having a lot of pain in the areas that got lipo? I have no pain in my stomach or butt... just my back and sides... where did you get lipo?

Day 28 update

Couldn't sleep last night, I couldn't get comfortable (not that I ever have gotten comfortable since surgery) it seems like lately I can't sleep unless I take one of my hubby's ambien (prescription sleeping pill). I don't like taking them because they leave me feeling tired and groggy the next morning.
The good news is that I'm getting the feeling back on my sides and my back, the bad news is that it hurts!!!
1 month of pain is too much!! When I take my garment off for the 1 hour a day I am still very stiff and sore. I feel much better with my garment on.
Does anyone know how long pain from lipo lasts??? I just want to feel normal..
Four to six months but it varies per PS! Hang n there! Lmbo cause although I had no pain just massive soarness and very stiff ... I often ask myself that same question and my answer remains still the same....ahh hell naw was I crazyyyyy!!!
I didn't do my research very well, if I would've known I'd be in pain 4-6 months I wouldn't have done it. Well at least I have 1 month down :)
It gets easier !

Flat area on my butt

I have always had this flat area on my butt, it depends on the angle I stand at, and then its really obvious.. I am hoping it all rounds out, but even if it doesn't, I'm happy with it, as long as it doesn't get flatter.
Sometimes Dr's just cant change the shape of your butt. I think i might have the same issue come mine turn. But nonetheless you look GREAT!! I'm very happy for you. I do have one question .. Going back to your post "Would I do it again????" - - Do you feel that had you SEPARATED the procedures, recovery would've been better? Or did you mean you wouldn't do ANY surgery, at all (if you could go back)? If you read my journey, i originally was booked for a TT/BBL - and after seeing your results and those first couple of days that you were doing good, i was certain that i would go for it. But now..... i've decided to just do the BBL and get the TT at a later time. I have a 1 yr old, that JUST started walking and i feel that if i got both of them, i'll be stressed and recovery wouldn't be as smooth. Atleast with one of them PERHAPS it'll be easier!! Ughhhhh .. i don't know. Part of me just wants to close my eyes and just get both of them and deal with the consequences later!!! In your honest opinion, what would you do, if you were me?
I would definitely get it all done at once. One recovery! I personally would not have surgery again because the recovery is a long process.
What hurts is the area of lipo. My butt and tummy don't hurt.

Laying on my stomach post tummy tuck

I was advised to not sleep on my tummy after a tummy tuck. Before I had the surgery I thought I was going to try to sleep on my back all propped up with pillows to keep my new booty from touching the bottom... that idea did not work for me... immediately after surgery I was in no mood to be trying to climb a bunch of pillows and situate my butt in a hole.... plus I didn't trust it. I felt it would smoosh down and I'd end up being on my butt.
I was told to sleep on my side using pillows, I tried that and it was painful, and I was worried about the pressure on my new hips..
I ended up sleeping/laying down on my stomach. This way I had no pain (besides, when i got up and down.. had to use a lot of arm muscles.) This has been the most comfortable position for me. I'm 4 weeks post op, and laying on my stomach has not caused me any problems... but I am no Dr.. so you should probably do what your Dr says... I'm a little hard-headed... Lol
Be mindful of the future build up of swelling while on ur tummy. I wasn't persistent but I snuck and lated on there a few times and boy oh boy did I swell up so I stopped and slept in praying position w heck of pillows to pad my kness! Much better!
So far I have been good :)
On behalf of RS sisters I absolutely appreciate, respect, love and am thankful for all your posts and the sharing of your journey!!! I've been following along with all of your posts. And you are GREAT! Thanks for keeping up to date with all thE RS sisters! (Sry I had to say that... U're so direct and it's wonderful!)

Need garment releif!!

I have been wearing my size XL garment, the one I came home from surgery in. Its a garment from Lipo Express. I feel like its the reason I have so much pain. I feel like its way too tight on my sides... feels like it cuts into me. Its not as tight on my lower tummy area though.
Is it time for a stage 2 garment?? And exactly what is a stage 2 garment??
I need some relief


Where is there to purchase garments other than lipo express?
Sorry soon2be.newbooty for bombarding your timeline with posts that do not pertain to your surgery! lol Looking great btw xoxoxo
I know right. My bad. We can talk about this on my page
Its OK, Lol.


So today I attempted to go shopping. It was really tuff trying to find any bottoms that would fit my butt and my waist.
I have to admit, it sure felt good to put on a half shirt and look cute in it! I got a little carried away and bought 4 half shirts... then I tried to remember I'm 35, I can't be wearing all half shirts.. Lol. I blame my daughter, she is 20yr and was helping me shop. She was trying to pressure me into getting some booty shorts... Lol, I stayed firm regarding no booty shorts. I did get some cute things though.
Now for the struggle..
Today was my first day keeping my garment off for more than an hour (actually not suppose to do that for a other 5 days) but after about 15 minutes at the store I was super sore. I was walking like an old lady. I felt like I swelled up a little in my waist area. Before I left to go shopping I took 2 800mg ibuprofen. Those seemed like they wore off pretty quick.
I am excited about going shopping again, maybe next week. A few things I tried on showed the flat area on my butt, I didn't like that.... but I knew from the start I wasn't going to get a perfect booty. And I would never put myself through this kind of recovery again, so a round 2 is not an option.
I will be taking pics on Wednesday to send to Dr Jimerson for my 6 week follow up, I will post them on here as well.
How many cc's is 1 Liter?
Aka nothing. 1 love handle alone is 1 liter lol

Quick update

I have left messages with Dr Jimerson's office since around the first of Aug. Regarding pain that I have, and if it could possibly be worse because of the way my garment fits. Of course I never received a call or email.
I just happened to call around 9 am on Thursday the 7th, and Shelly answered. I told her about my pain, and my concerns with my garment. (I feel like I shouldn't be having this much pain at 5 wks post op). Shelly asked me if I was local, I told her no, I live in the Seattle area.. she took my number and said she will have a nurse call me back. As we hang up she says "Don't worry sweetie, we'll get you taken care of"
So that was Thursday morning at 9 am... I received no call the rest of the day Thursday, no call Friday... and no call today.
I can't believe that I say I'm having pain and they don't care..
I think its a huge mistake to go out of state to have surgery. Unless you have the money to fly back down for follow up appointments that are further out than 2 weeks.
Actually I didn't even have a 2 week follow up appointment. They tell you to stay two weeks, but after they remove your drains, they're done with you...
But anyways about my pain... I will be 6 weeks post op in 2 more days. My lower back and sides still hurt very bad. It feels like a burning pain, like every time I get up or down it feels like my skin is ripping off. I don't feel like that is normal? I know that I don't have an infection or anything.. my skin is not hot to touch and I don't have a fever.
I have heard some ladies say the pain can last six months... that's crazy.. how can anyone go to work with this kind of pain? I know that I had a lot of fat in my lower back and my sides... I wonder if I am in more pain than normal because he took a lot out of those areas?? Hopefully I get a call back so that some of my questions can be answered by my Dr office. Oh and just in case anyone forgot... I WILL NEVER HAVE COSMETIC SURGERY AGAIN.....
I guess its really my fault, I didn't do enough research before getting surgery. The Dr should really advise patients of the real recovery process, and how painful and long the process is. Maybe other Dr's do explain this... not mine.I was basically told I would be off work for 2 weeks and couldn't sit on my butt. I was not told about this burning pain I would experience for who knows how long..... OK I'm done venting.. I will be posting my 6 WK pics on Wednesday
how are you feeling?
Thanks for checking on me. I have been feeling pretty good, still pretty sore, but its getting better.
OK FIRST AND FOREMOST...YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! Dr. J did the damn thang on you girl! congratulations!

8 wk post op!!

I am feeling a little better than before, I still have pain in my lower back and on my sides.
I started getting massages once a week, and that seems to help a little. I still wear my garmet for the majority of the day and always at night.
When I go out during the day I don't wear my garment, but when I get home I'm usually pretty sore, so I put my garment on.
I use my arnica cream about 2-3 times a day. I'm not sure if it actually helps though.
My butt is still huge, the pics don't do it any justice. My tummy tuck seems to be healed, and its nice and low. now I need a scar cream to use on it. My belly button seems to be shrinking??
I love my new shape and I can't wait to be fully healed with no more pain :)

oh yeah and....

I started sitting on my butt using my boppy pillow at 3 weeks. At 6 weeks I sometimes sat without my boppy pillow, and now at 8 weeks, I only use my boppy pillow at home.
Sometimes after sitting for a while my butt feels a little sore.. then I'll just get off of it for a while
Oh and o did notice that one side of my hips is more round than the other side
I'm contemplating going to Dr. J how much did you pay for just the butt augmentation part.
I am not sure? I don't remember what the price breakdown was?
Congratulations on your banging transformation girl! Looking hott*

Quick Update

I have been doing well. I still have stiffness and on & off pain in my lower back and on my sides.
Now the pain is not my issue, my concern now is the periodic SEVERE ITCHING!!! I notice it mostly while in the shower. I don't know if the heat or the spraying of the water from the shower is the cause.... but it is horrible! Almost makes me feel like jumping out of my skin!!
I had an extreme itching attack today while I was on a walk. It was a tuff up hill walk. It was warm outside, and I was sweating... but the itching was so intense! I could barely finish the walk. Usually that walk is pretty tuff to walk.. but this time, due to my intense itching, I barely remember the walk. All I remember is horrible itching!! I hope this phase of recovery goes by quick.
Wow, it's been a long time since I've seen a review of Dr. curves work. Dr.curves sure did give you nice curves chick. You got a huge bootay and nice figure ;) yay!!!! You look amazing girl. Stunning!!!! He was the doctor I originally wanted to go to but can't afford him way to expensive for me but happy and thrilled I'll be going to see Dr.ortega for BBL April of 2015;) eek
Thanks! I'll follow your journey!
I can't promise you anything but will try to start a review when I have a lot of time in my hands. Lol Don't even know where to start with review but will go back and check out other reviews to see how to begin lol Oh yea, how many cc's did Dr. Curves inject in each buttocks? Also what type of insurance do you have that covered for some of this procedure? Thx =)
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr Jimerson does awesome work, but the service at the office sucks! On the day of surgery he was very NON sociable, maybe because he had his work cap on. Dr Jimerson did a wonderful job on my body, I'm happy with my results. At my post-op appointment (which was with a nurse NOT Dr Jimerson, pre & post-op appointments are NOT with the Dr) he poked his head in the room and asked if everything was OK, and how I was feeling. For that quick minute that he poked his head in the door he was very friendly. Overall, total, I think I spent between 5-10 minutes (awake) with the Dr. My after care attention has been awful!! Since my post op appointment, I have left several messages with "after care" questions. No one ever called me back. Its impossible to speak with anyone at the actual office, you are always connected to a call center. The people at the call center promise that you will get a return call, and it never happens. I would only recommend Dr Jimerson to patients that live within driving distance from his office, that's the only way you will be able to speak with anyone.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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