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I've been wanting this procedure for a long time....

I've been wanting this procedure for a long time. I'm a 5"6 192 lbs mother of four kids. I use to have a nice butt before I had my children.I don't know where my a** went. I've been doing a lot of research on this procedure for a while and I decided to go with Dr J, his before pics are unbelievable. After reading his reviews and looking at his pics I knew he was the one for me. It seems like February is so far away... Lol!! I've always been self conscious about my bottom. I hate the way I look in clothes, I can't remember the last time I wore a dress. I don't buy leggings because of my spongebob shaped butt. My friends always say u have nice legs u need to show them off and wear a dress but I hate the way dresses fit me. My hubby is so supportive he said if u want to do it I'm behind u 100 %. That's was good to know and he's gonna be traveling with me on my journey so he can take good care of me. I'm just a lil nervous about the recovery. I plan on being out for work for about 3 weeks.

I swear I can't wait to get this done, the summer of 2013 is gonna be my summer.i can't wait to see my results. I'm so thankful for this website it's was very helpful. I know people are gonna be talking when I return back to work but who cares. There's nothing wrong with doing something to enhance your beauty. I've had my children and I take very good care of them donuts time to do something for me. My family always saying u better do something for yourself so this is for me.i can't even rember the last time I did sum serious shopping for myself because I hate the way my clothes fit, but that will all be over soon. Once again I appreciate u ladies and I will def take my BBL sisters along on my journey so stay posted. If u ladies have any info that can help me along my journey feel free to let me know. # team apple bottoms!!!!

Congrats to the sisterhood ladies!! thanks for sharing ur journeys. Ur def in good hands!
Hey bbl sista i recently joined this site. Im am 24 and am getting bbl by DR.J himself on Feb 21 2013. I just wanted to say congrats we will both b traveling to the A at the same time with small butts and leaving with that thing juicyyyyyy.GREAT MINDS AND BUTTS THINK ALIKE!!! I would luv to c ur pics after:)

Hello ladies!!! im having my consultation on...

hello ladies!!! im having my consultation on friday dec 7 with Dr J,i cant wait!! im so looking forward to it,I cant wait to hear what he has to say.Ive gained 6lbs im wondering if i need to loose sum pounds.I think im gonna try and loose like15 lbs before my surgery in feb.I want my ass to be super fat!! Do u ladies have any idea of sum things i should take with me on my journey?? I dont want to wait til the last minute to start getting things i need cause february is gonna come so fast.When i speak to Dr j im gonna pay my deposit and book my flight,hotel and rental car.Also ladies,give me info on a descent clean hotels,I dont care about the price as long as its clean and comfortable.I plan on staying for 11 or 12 days.....I cant wait,i will post agin after my consultation.

Let me start off by saying, I'm no longer going...

Let me start off by saying, I'm no longer going with Dr Jimmerson.ive been calling his office for almost 2 wks just to leave my deposit. I haven't got a response yet...I know they are extremely busy but come on now, that's ridiculous. If I gotta chase you to give you my deposit then I feel like I don't need your service.where is the customer service, I even have one the patient consultants and I texted her and still no response. I decided to go with Dr Salama, I called his office spoke to Cynthia and sent her my pics. I got a quote the same day and my deposit was paid.My date was set for October but I want a date for June or July,she said she's 100% she can get me a date around that time. U really hope so because I work the school system and I will be able to recover as long as I want.Dont get me wrong I really like Dr J work but its just crazy that til this day I still haven't recieved a call back, suppose it was an emergency. If your too busy for me, than I can spend my money else where.I plan on staying in Miami for about 13 days, I need some suggestions on a good, clean hotel. I also want to know where can u rent a car for cheap. My boyfriend will be traveling along with me.I just really hope I can get a June or July date cause that will be perfect for me.I want about 1200cc to each cheek, I want this booty popping... Lol.If u ladies have any suggestions please don't hesitate to let me know I really appreciate it..... I will def keep my BBL sisters informed with everything........

I was given an oct 15,2013 date with Salama, yes...

I was given an oct 15,2013 date with Salama, yes he is booked up that far. I need a June or July date bad. If I get a June or July I can rest as much as I want because June and July I'm off work. I go back in mid August so that will be perfect for me. I'm really stressing about this, Cynthia assured me that she will get me the date I want, I really hope so. I wish I would have left my deposit last year so I could caught the cheaper prices. I swear I hope I can get a date around that time so I can really recover how I want...... Also if u ladies know of a clean cheap hotel please let's know and a place for a good price on rental cars. I'm gonna be bugging Cynthia til I get that date.... Lol

I'm so happy I got my date changed to June 21........

I'm so happy I got my date changed to June 21..... I'm so happy I don't know what to do, that made my day!!! So I can now start looking around for flights, hotel and rental car. If u ladies know of a good reasonable hotel and a place to get a cheap rental car please let me know.Im soooo happy!!!!!
Hey my date is MAY 9th 2013 and I really would love your June 21st date please consider and send pm thanks
Go to airbnb for rates
Congrats! I am still researching PS, but I have to agree Dr J's office is super slammed. I could not even get a consult in office until Nov 13' and over the phone consult til' Jan 2014. If I cant get a consult, they Im not booking the surgery. I guess all the publicity from the TI & Tiny show helped increase his business. I have been considering Dr. Salama as well and I have been in contact with his office. Geez, I hope if I go with him I can get a June date too.
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