Donkalicious in 2015...Go Big (Literally) or Go Home! - 37 y/o ~ 5'7" ~ 170lbs

Hi All, I used to be in the itty bitty titty...

Hi All,

I used to be in the itty bitty titty committee and then it seems that I grew double D’s somewhat overnight, and in the years that followed the girlz kept growing. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I figured the same would happen to my hips and butt, but no dice. So I’ve joke with my big booty friends about swapping some of my boobs for their curves, but of course it doesn’t work that way. I’ve even joked about moving fat from other parts of my body to my butt and hips…hmmm…now that can work! So although I’ve toyed with the idea for a little while, as Kevin Hart would say “shyt got real” when I watched LeslieMosko’s YouTube video about the BBL and learned of the RS community.

So, here I am with BBL/BL combo consultations scheduled for the first week of July with Dr. Dreyfuss (Chicagoland) and Dr. Jimerson (ATL). I will likely go with Dr. J because of his reputation, the reviews, and the photos I’ve seen, but Dreyfuss is close to home. Nevertheless, I do have friends in ATL, which would eliminate the cost of an extended hotel stay. Either way I’m hoping for a 2015 dunkalicious date and I’m excited about being a part of the RS community.

How many quotes before a PS is select?

My business mind is telling me to seek additional quotes, like from Dr. Cortes and/or Dr. Salama. I imagine they'll all be close to the same given the reputations and popularity of both. I already emailed Dra Duran for a quote. My problem is if you give me too many options and too much time, I'll get more indecisive and eventually nix the whole idea. I'm considering convenience of travel to and from my hometown, evidence of skills, and comprehensive costs of everything involved like places to stay for recovery. When it came down to the nitty gritty of it all, what were the main deciding factors in your PS selection?

Maybe I should just flip a coin...Jimerson vs Salama for BBL

I forgot to give my stats in my initial post, so I'm 5'7", 170lbs, and 37 in a couple of weeks. Measurements are 34-32-41. Anyhoo, I got a BBL quote from Dr. Salama. I spoke with Christina (very nice and professional) at his office, sent my pics and got a quote the same day. They are having an all inclusive special that sounds pretty darn good. Both he and Dr. J have impressive portfolios, favorable overall patient reviews, and friendly professional staff. My virtual consult with Dr. J is this Tuesday which I had to pay $50 for which will be applied to the cost of Sx. To reserve the date for Salama it's 10% which will be just shy of $1,000. It's $500 ($450 since I pd for consult) to hold the date for Jimerson. I really want it done next year and Salama has availability, but as of right now Jimerson is into 2016. Nevertheless, I'm not financing it so I may be able to get on the fast track list for Dr. J. So many factors play into this decision and I want to get it right the first time! I'll have friend and family recovery support with either location so I'm not concerned about that. I would love to hear from anyone who considered these two specifically...who did you choose and what was the main deciding factor?

Personal touches...Price differences...PS expertise

Had my consultation with Dr. Jimerson's office today. My patient coordinator, Randi, was very nice and professional. I appreciate the time she took to explain everything and her thoroughness. I definitely felt like this was a more personalized consult that the one I had with Dr. Salama's office. But of course, the latter is less expensive which in this case I don't equate with less expertise. Nevertheless, they both are still contenders. I have one more with a Chicago area PS on the 9th and then a deposit will be made and a date secured.

Boobs not bottoms

Ok so I went for an in-person consultation with Dr. Dreyfuss in Orland Park, IL last week. He was nice and his staff was very pleasant. He answered all of the questions I had, did a quick physical exam, and then his coordinator created the quote and walked through it with me. They only had a few photo albums to show and none contained bbl pics. I was told that those were in electronic format but b/c they were in the midst of changing systems and the storm the previous week delayed the transition, that those weren't available just yet. I did have them quote me on a bbl and BL which came to about $12k. My impression is that he's definitely more of a boob PS than a bbl one, and he seems to be pretty good at the former.

Deposit made…Date secured…Team Salama it is!

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to roll with Team Salama! Aside from the great reviews and results I’ve seen of his work, the warmth, professionalism, and friendliness of the EPS staff (especially Cynthia) was a true selling point. So, on June 11, 2015 I’ll be getting a few enhancements by way of a BBL, fat grafting to my hips, and lipo of my inner thighs. I am confident that Dr. Salama will do a great job and I'm super excited!

A couple current pics

I've got Donk Obsessive-compulsive disorder (DOCD)...this can't be healthy!

First and foremost, I really need to refocus and stop obsessing over this site and donks. I swear it’s addictive. Seeing ladies go through their transformations has me uber excited. So much so that I really want to move my date closer, but I have it scheduled for a time that allows me the most adequate recovery time. Gotta get these urges under control. Nevertheless, I did schedule an in-person consult with Dr. Salama for December, so that’s my “fix” for now.

At least this way he can get a really good feel (literally) and idea for what he's going to be working with, and we can get on the same page about realistic expectations. Besides, if I’m going to maintain being 20lbs over my ideal weight, I want to be darn sure it's absolutely necessary and that I’m doing everything in my power to prepare for a successful sx and lasting results. It also gives me the chance to meet everyone before I become a ball of nerves. ?

Is there such a thing as too much A$$?

I pose that question because my mom and hubs keep warning me against increasing my A$$ets too much. My mom’s favorite go to line right now is telling me not to overdo it like Wendy Williams did with her boobs; apparently Wendy says she wouldn't have gone as big if she could do it again. I’m not going to lie, I want a dramatic difference, aka, a DONK. Hence, my current self-diagnosed DOCD, but who wants to pay ten grand for it to just look like you’ve been doing squats?!?! Now I agree that I don’t want big, wide, and sloppy, but I do want damn…damn…and daaaaaammmnnn (in my Craig and Smokey voice).

Anyhoo, I’m attaching a photo of what I think is ideal and reasonable for my frame as far as “wish pics” as well as a picture of my current hips from the front. I know it doesn’t exactly work this way, but I’m thinking I’d like to get my measurements to 34-26-48. Nevertheless, seeing as though I’m 10 months pre, I’ve definitely got time to reconcile my expectations with my wishes. In the meantime, I’m looking into beginning a yoga and strength training regimen in hopes of not only being better prepared for surgery/recovery, but adopting a more active lifestyle overall.

OAN, I was in Dollar Tree yesterday and it does appear that a number of the bbl supplies can be purchased there. GTK!

If I can’t get all of this sh%t off my mind, I’ll at least get it out of my colon.

When the confidante has no one to confide in, they tend to seek other outlets. Hence, RS has become my escape, my “happy place” for getting my mind off of other things. However, considering that I’m 10 months pre, I don’t’ have much to contribute daily, but I enjoy reading the updates of those who have gone through or are a lot closer to their bbl than I am. Nevertheless, I decided that I need to do a cleanse of sorts to get my eating habits back under control b/c I’ve done the absolute fool this summer in the name of having enough fat for a good bbl. (I say this as I sip wine and nibble on cheese and crackers, while waiting for the hubs to finish frying pork chops!) Heck, I had enough fat out the gate to be honest and now I feel like I’ve over done it…correction…am overdoing it.

So, I bought the Bowel Cleanse by Renew Life from the health food store today (picture attached). Directions say to take 5 capsules in the morning with plenty of purified water. There are 150 in the bottle so that’s enough for 30 days. It also says you can take 5 in the am and 5 in the pm, which takes it down to 15 days. I think I’ll follow the former; there’s no rush. I anticipate starting the cleanse on Sunday (8/17) and providing an update about it after I’ve completed the 30 days. My plan is to get down to at least 165lbs in time for my in-person meeting with Dr. Salama in December. I’d rather him evaluate my harvestable fat based on that weight b/c that’s more in line with me being 15-20lbs over my ideal weight.

Flowers won't be the only things in bloom this May!

I have moved my date up a month to May 14th. The main reason is b/c I've been concerned with my initial 10-day healing time conflicting with a very important graduation I must attend this June. Nevertheless, as an added bonus this new date gives Ms. Lola Fox (that's her name) the entire summer to bloom and fluff. Hmmm...I foresee good times this summer b/c as Sarah Vaughan croons, "Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)"!

Calories Cut, FitBit Flex on My Wrist, PT Sessions in Effect...Oh, and Waist Cinched

A month ago I posted about starting the Bowel Cleanse product. It was suppose to be a 30-day undertaking, but I only took it for 21 days. Nevertheless, there was definitely “movement” but I didn’t see any changes in my weight so I stopped taking it. In all fairness that probably has more to do with the fact that I didn’t change my eating habits. At any rate, I started a new product combo on Sunday (Trim Garcinia and Pure Mango cleanse) in conjunction with a reduction in calories (1400 or under) and personal training sessions. I also bought a FitBit Flex activity tracker and a waist cincher that I spent last weekend trying to get comfy wearing for 4-hour time intervals. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to handle working out in the latter, but my waist is 3 inches smaller when I’m wearing it. So, my short-term goal is to lose 7lbs by December and tone up a bit, but I’m ultimately doing all of this in hopes of triggering my motivation to get and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle pre and post op.

Taking advantage of the anonymity of RS

All is well, still excited about doing the in-person consult in December and getting my bbl in May. It’s so easy to get addicted to this site and lose myself in it for hours when I really need to be focusing on other things. So, I’m trying to not look at RS everyday, but it’s not easy. At any rate, I really wish I had made the decision to do the bbl sooner, because it probably would have been that “something new” that I needed to get me over the blah-ness that I was experiencing a couple years ago. That, plus I could have used the paid sick time that I’d built up at work. Nevertheless, I hated my job, wasn’t having much luck finding a new one, and ended up returning to school full-time and losing all of that paid sick time. But can I be honest with y’all? I’m over this school thing now and I’m only halfway through the program. Don’t get me wrong, having this opportunity is a blessing and there’s value in completing the program. I just know that I only did it to get out of the job I hated. Now my motivation is waning and although I will finish what I’ve started, I get a bit agitated with the hoops that they make us jump through. I’m also not really interested in the career path that this type of program promotes, but I can’t tell them that. However, I’m really hoping and praying for a renewed spirit and mind so that I can fully appreciate this experience, and ultimately make my next move my best move. Anyhoo, just wanted to get that off my chest w/o freaking out the ppl who are invested in this school journey with me. Now back to your regularly scheduled bootylicious programming…

Tailor-made phatty please!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I for one consumed far too much food and drink in the spirit of being thankful and honestly, with all the leftovers in the fridge, I’m probably not done yet. I guess somewhere in my mind I’m rationalizing my gluttonous behavior with my impending bbl, albeit six months away. Lord knows I’m hoping the doc can suck it all out and give me a tailor-made phatty. I’m having an in-person consult with him in a couple of weeks and I’m super excited to meet him and level set on realistic expectations. I’ve prepared my bbl goals, questions, and wish pics, but I’m having second thoughts about sharing the pictures. I get that everyone’s body is different and I definitely want a tailor-made phatty; nevertheless, there are quite a few chicas on RS that have some bangin’ slopes, hips, projection, and fullness that I kinda want to share as a point of reference for what I like. Some are his very own patients, others from a few other docs represented well on RS, as well as, my celebrity bbl crush K. Michelle. At any rate, the questions I’ve prepped for him are as follows:

1. What are the complications and risk for this procedure and what steps are taken to reduce the likelihood of occurrence?
2. What precautions or techniques do you use to avoid contour irregularities from lipo?
3. What precautions do you take to avoid patient burns?
4. Do you prescribe Lovenox injections to prevent blood clots? If not, are you willing to do so, or share with me your recommendations for extra measures taken to prevent blood clots?
5. Although I’ll be under general anesthesia, will I still be given a numbing agent?
6. Will a catheter be used?
7. What is your professional opinion on realistic expectations for my frame?

Please feel free to share any additional questions you think I may need to ask.

Wish pics - K.Michelle

My in-person consultation with Dr. Salama and team.

Last week I had the chance to do an in-person consult with Dr. Salama, as well as, meet Cynthia and Nancy. I must echo all of the positive sentiments that I’ve previously read and affirm that they are all indeed incredibly personable and caring. Dr. Salama didn’t sugarcoat anything. He informed me of the potential complications and we were able to level set on realistic expectations for my frame. He advised me to lose about 10 pounds to get a better result in the lipo’ing of my inner thighs. I’ve gained weight since my initial virtual consult in June and am about 179lbs now, so after the holidays, I will start trimming down and my goal will be to hold at 165lbs going into Sx. However, he told me to send him an updated picture once I lose the 10lbs. Also, he told me to please reiterate to virtual community that he is NOT against wish pictures. He welcomes them as they help him get an idea of what we like in general. However, he has no use for unrealistic wish pictures (i.e. aspiring to go from Gabourey “Precious” Sidibe to Beyoncé in physique) because that shows a person who lacks an understanding of what he does and has misperceptions of their own body. I think we would all agree that this makes perfect sense as he is there to “enhance” what we have, not go all Frankenstein with it. And by the way, that’s my example, not his, he didn’t mention any names in particular. So for now I’m getting the bbl with the requisite lipo areas and lipo to inner thighs; I may add arm lipo and fat transfer to my right boob to even things out a bit in that area, but we’ll see.

Cynthia is my coordinator, but Nancy was in the room as we had our follow up discussion after I met the doctor. I must say that these ladies are as sweet as they are beautiful and I really felt good about my decision after meeting them all in person. I also had the opportunity to check out the recovery house, which had about six ladies recovering there at the time. All of them very nice, looking curvaceous, and healing happily. They were VERY complimentary about their stay at the RH and advised me to seriously consider it. Lourdes was on duty at the time and she was super sweet, warm, inviting, and appeared very attentive to the ladies. So I actually am considering the RH for the first few days after Sx. All in all, I’m glad I was able to experience everyone well in advance of my actual Sx date. I feel like I have a better idea of what to expect, which I believe will mitigate my anxiety level as the date approaches.

Unexpected changes to kickoff 2015

Happy New Year!!! Okay, so the graduation that I previously changed my date to be able to attend is null and void b/c the future graduate now lives with us and has transferred to a school that finishes at the end of May. Hence, I had to change my date back to June. Nevertheless, I am convinced that 2015 will be our best year yet; the only thing that will be able to top it is 2016! ;-)

So June 11th it will be and fortunately, I was able to change my flight for only an additional $3. I’ve been flirting with the idea of staying at the recovery house because it’s nice and clean and Lourdes was super sweet. I’m sure it would be a good recovery environment. However, my aunt is coming with me and she’s an RN so I know I will be well taken care of either way, and the hotel option is less expensive than the recovery house.

OAN…Holiday eating and drinking took its toll on ya girl

My inner fat girl was out-of-control when it came to eating and mainly drinking (#nojudgmentzone) over the holidays. Dr. Salama told me to lose 10lbs and something must have gotten lost in translation b/c I gained 10lbs. WTH?!?! Not to mention the fact that I had already gained 10lbs between the time I sent my photos in and when I had my in-person consultation. So now I’m working on losing 20lbs between now and June. It’s doable, I’m just pissed I wasn’t one of those people who needed to gain weight…that would have been fun, this ish sucks. For the last 4 days, I haven’t eaten much. The hubs and I started the 7-day cabbage soup diet on Tuesday. He hated it and it bored me much faster than it did before, plus it caused a reaction in me much like magnesium citrate so we scrapped it today (day 4) and switched to the Dr. Oz 3-day cleanse. But I must say that I’ve lost 6lbs.

After the cleanse, I just need to get my act together with eating right and getting some kind of exercise on a regular basis. My goal is to get back down to between 165-170lbs and send an updated picture to Dr. Salama for approval of my pre-op weight. My weight as of this morning was 183.

Ya know, I read somewhere that contrary to what society may think a woman’s greatest desire isn’t to find Mr. Right…it’s to be able to eat whatever the hell we want and not gain any weight! Now if that ain’t the truth!

Rants and Raves w/o supporting pics are futile IMO

I know this is a bit random, but is it just me or is it a bit annoying to see rants about poor results, or raves about great results w/o pictures to support whatever you’re ranting/raving about. I mean I appreciate the shared stories as much as the next RSer, but for a site that focuses on aesthetic enhancements, it seems silly to not share photos. I get that anonymity is important for many of us, but that’s what the crop and sticker functions are for. I hope this doesn’t come across negatively because trust we want to empathize or rejoice with you, whatever is needed, but give us something to work with please.

Giving CrossFit a try to build strength and endurance

This is just a quick update on my latest fitness engagements in preparation for my June bbl. My weight is the same at the moment, but I’m hoping to see changes soon. This will be the 2nd week of a 6-week CrossFit bootcamp that I started which is focused on building strength and endurance. I’m certain that this will benefit me not only in my recovery, but also in maintaining my health and fitness overall. I’m going 3xs a week and loosely following the Paleo diet with the addition of some recommended supplements from a nutritionist. I say loosely b/c I’m also doing the Herbalife shakes. So, hopefully when the six weeks are up in March, I’ll have some great results to share.

RS burnout...DOCD cured...BBL on track

Hi All,

Just dropping in to touch bases, check on folks, and provide a few updates. It’s interesting, although I’m not a bbl vet yet, I think I’ve experienced RS burnout. The site can be very addictive and in the beginning I obsessed over it, the bbl procedure, and the photos/journeys of fellow RS’ers. After while, I obsessed less and once things started to get more rigorous in my program, I turned off the RS notifications and didn’t obsess at all. It also didn’t help that home life became more stressful for me because of the added responsibility that I mentioned in a previous update. So, here I am two months out from my date with Dr. Salama and I’ll admit that the excited I once felt has diminished. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to get it done and I am, it’s just that I’m not “schoolgirl giggly” about it anymore. I guess that’s the best way I can explain it.

At any rate, I had fairly good results with CrossFit, lost 8lbs and toned up a bit. I’m still slated for June 11th, received my lab info via email, and my appointment with my PCP is the first week of May to get that all squared away. All travel and lodging has been secured, so all I need to do is start gathering my bbl supplies for recovery. I do anticipate posting a better set of “before” pictures as my date draws nearer, and of course “after” photos, as well as, a personal narrative of my Sx and recovery experience. However, given that I really don’t have any information of value to offer at this time, my presence in general on the site will likely remain limited. Still, I’m sure I can still get notifications if DMs are sent, so feel free to do that if you want to connect personally.

Be blessed everyone! Happy planning and happy healing!

Less than 30 days to go…WHOA!

Okay Hunties, the countdown is on! I swear this procedure used to seem like it was so far away that I felt silly being on RS daily, now it’s a month out and I’m like…whoa! Fortunately, I’ve just wrapped up another successful semester at school, so now I have a slightly guilt-free moment to refocus on this procedure. My travel arrangements have been secured for a while so no worries there. I have my packet from EPS, labs are done and all fine, and I got all 4 of my Rxs from CVS for $26.55 total.

As far as supplies, I’ve taken suggestions from a few different lists provided by the lovelies here on RS. Hence, I have or will have the following supplies(some shown in attached pics):

Already Had:
4x4 Gauze, Surgical Gauze
Paper tape (3 rolls)
Sipping straws

Arnicare Gel
Prevail disposable wash cloths
Squeem garmet wash
Shower liner for the bed

Walmart online:
Compression socks
Tylenol, Extra strength
Green gold bond cream for itching
Neosporin antibacterial ointment
Suction hooks

To Buy in FL:
Baby wipes
antibacterial soap (Dial)

Aside from these items I also have the Make Me Heal Pre/post op vitamin kit and basic apparel such as maxi dresses, leggings, t-shirts/tanks, robe, slippers, flip flops, extra large (Sz 9) undies, and socks with grips. Additionally, I am continuing to take my iron, vitamin C, and B12 supplements.

As far as excitement, I'm getting there. I think I'm nervous about expecting too much because Lord knows I've wanted a voluptuous backside and some hips for a long time. My strategy is to visualize how I want to look and feel with my enhanced curves. So prayers up and fingers crossed for outstanding results.

A Few Pictures for Those Considering the Booty Buddy

Hey Hunties, for anyone who may be contemplating the BBL pillow and the Booty Buddy, here are some personal photos of the latter. It measure 15 inches left to right, and 10 inches front to back. Although I don't think that my butt will actually touch the seat, the pillow does compress significantly after sitting on it a few minutes.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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