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Hi Ladies, I'm new to realself as far as joining...

Hi Ladies, I'm new to realself as far as joining but not new to reading you guys journeys. I have been doing research on Dr. Jimerson since Dec. of '12 and had my mind set on him and him only to do my bbl bc his work is so amazing. I mean I kinda dislike the fact of him only being able to take out 5000cc and charging $900 for each additional area you need lipo'd, but I have to give props where props are do and he is amazing. Anywho, to get to the point last night I ran across a post about Dr. Cortes which is located in Houston where I live so started researching him. What I like about him he has a flat rate of 9,500 for the bbl and don't do additional charges that need to be lipo'd he does it all, chin too. Now talk about getting your monies worth. What I don't like is the fact out of all the reviews I've read on him his patients be in a lot of pain for a long period of time. Also, it seems he does everybody lift the same way they have a huge bottom, but I was hoping for an upside down heart and that's not what his videos showed. PLZ HELP has anyone had a bbl done by Dr. Cortes can I get some feed back?
I had my bbl done by Dr. Cortes. I'm only 11 days post op, but I'm satisfied with the results so far. I have pics on my profile. Anyway, it's interesting you picked the two same things about him that I noticed. In my opinion he does seem like he kinda takes his own artistic direction over the patients' request. I believe he did this with me, but I'm actually glad he did because I love my results. As far as the pain is concerned, with Cortes you dont just get a big butt, you get full body contouring. This means several lipo sites and massive amounts of fat removed. For me, it wasnt the overall pain that bothered me, it was the pain in the multiple areas that were worked on that bothered me. I hope this helps.
@CurvyFly I really appreciate you for taking the time to give me some insight on your experience with Dr. Cortes. My consultation is tomorrow with him so I'm excited about that. Btw I agree with you, he did a fabulous job on you so let me pump my breaks and let him work his magic with me. Now that I think about it he is doing way more lipo then the other and aggressive lipo at that I definitely love it. Hopefully when he gets done with me I want even need a tummy tuck. is there anything specific that I need to ask or let him know besides how I want to look....Again, I thank you so much your info was very helpful and your pics truly ease the worry.
I have an appointment with him too tomorrow. Mine is for 2:30pm when's yours?

Finally I feel better!!!

Had my consultation with Dr. Cortes today loved it. Also, ran into a few of my realself fam there and they look very nice. Love his work so Houston it is don't even have to leave home. So refreshing!!!!
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Are you liking your new body? I have sx with Dr . Cortes next month!
Hey girl how is everything? I'd love to hear from you doll! Kisses!
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