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I will be 50 years old next month. Ever since I...

I will be 50 years old next month. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted around butt. my flat butt has always bothered me. I always try to hide and cover it by wearing long shirts. If I turn to my side you will see a beginning of a curve but the middle of my butt looks mashed in. Almost like in squeezing my cheeks together. So long shirts give me the appearence of a butt. I really am not happy with my butt at all.

For years ..even in high school I worked hard at keeping my butt semi covered because of my severe embarrasement. I just remarried 2 yrs ago and I try yo hide my naked butt from my husband looking at it. After we have sex I always keep my long nighty close by so I can hurry and slip it on before I even stand up. I dont like my husband touching my butt because I don't want him to feel the flatness. This is a real problem for me.

I have been researching getting a new butt and out of all the plastic surgeos I believe Dr. Jimmerson will help me be proud to walk in front of my husband with my clothes off. I have my consultation in may. No one knew how bad my ugly butt has been a hindrance in my life. Even my family would make fun of my butt. I have always laughed it off around them but on my inside I feel so bad.

I think I have some draw backs. I am 50 , I am 5'4 245lbs. I wear a size 18. Im not sure there is help for me. I hope Dr. Jimmerson can help me. I have 5 months to try and lose weight before my appointment in May. Im just wondering if there is anybody my age that had a bbl. I sm going to chronicle my journey. I hope that I can change my life....finally

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I chose Dr Jimerson after over a year of researching surgeons in state and out if state. I have not found a better Dr to change my life

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Look at my review. You will be fine! I am older too. I know exactly how you feel. A new you awaits. You are already beautiful!
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I understand and I've been dumped by someone who said they loved and cared for me! But after seeing me naked he changed! I'm getting my coins together to get this done! I need some change! I'm 223 pounds and 5"5 in height! Nice face but no ass with a nasty gut! This has bothered me too my whole entire life ! I hate for people to look at me! I'm praying for a second job! Thus far I have 5300 toward this surgery ! I know my life will be different !
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Girl, I feel you. I do the exact same thing with my shirts/blouses and my boyfriend. I am embrassed for others to look at my butt becuase it looks like I got a shelf and then it goes flat. It's so unatrractive. I have a consultation with Dr. J on 3/18/13 and I can't wait until I get my sx date. I am 5'5 @ 240lb but I am really solid. I am happy for you and your journey. Congrats to you!
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well congratulations on your upcoming visit with doctor J. sounds like we have the same kind of booty lol. I would loveto hear how your consultation goes. I've been dieting and down to 235. by the time I see doctor J I hope to be190. I am so serious about changing my body.
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Hi welcome I'm from another Dr. But jimerson is the bestest here very popular if ur interested in big butts he's the one ;) I heard thick ppl go to him. By ur weight and height I see the weight u talkin about I'm positive u will loose weight before sx.. follow jImersons IntrucstIons n u wIll b fIne ur goin to love ur results good luck !♡
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Thanksvso much for the encouragement. .
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Oh ur very welcome! GOOD LUCK
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Good luck with your consultation, I'm sure Dr. Jimerson will be able to help you.

Here is a link to some BBL reviews for ladies in your age-range. Hopefully this will help give you a confidence boost. It's never too late to make yourself feel good!

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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Thanks Kirsty.
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