Brazillian Butt Lift with Dr. JIMERSON or Dr. SALAMA (Help Please!) -Suwanee, GA

Hi ladies. I have been on this site for a while...

Hi ladies. I have been on this site for a while now and finally made the decision that I will move forward with a brazilian butt lift. So now...I start my journal to plan and experience this life altering procedure. I sure hope that it will be worth the time, energy, and money. For the past four or five months I have read several reviews that have been mixed. I have to admit....I have not gone a day without looking at this site. :) While some people have completely loved their results others have experienced the total opposite. I have started to pay special attention to Dr. Jimerson and Dr. Salama because they are high on list to perform my BBL :). Recenlty I have came across a few patients that were not satified with their results by Dr. Jimerson and experienced horrible customer service. That was when I started to consider Dr. Salama. I love some of his results however I feel he might not be able to provide the hips I want but on the other hand he is 4,000 cheaper than Jimerson. I continue to go back an forth between the two. Decisions! Decisions! I just don't know who to go to.

I am currently scheduled to have my BBL Februay 2014 with Dr. Jimerson. I am started to think about all of the things I need to do. I am sooo nervious and anxious!!!!!!!!
I have spoken to Nancy and she is a complete sweetheart. Thank you so much for your comments.
Salama 100% !! I just had my 10 days ago and love the results
Thank you and congrats! I'm so happy you like your results! Did you get hips?

7 months to go........

I have about seven months until my BBL. Is there anything I should I can do now to maximize my results? Maybe certain exercises. ... take certain medicine/vitamins? I'm still trying to decided between J Curves and Salama.
Thank you :)

wish pictures...what do you think?

Do you think Dr. Jimerson or Dr. Salama is best to accomplish my wish pics?
Hey Hun. We were both in that same boat, I first was going to go with Salama but after checking out jimerson and his pic oh my fish jimerson is the man that will give you the hips you want. I want a big booty and nice sexy hips and I know dr J will give me it. Good luck with your journey!!!!!
Oh my gosh** (damn I phone) lol
Do you have you date set?

Dr. J here I come

After stressing and reviewing so many reviews I have decided to go with Dr. J. I hope I love my results. Currently I am scheduled for Feb. 2014 however I am trying to get it done by the end of the year.



I need help preparing for my procedure. What supplies do I need? Thanks in advance
Hi, did you get a date??
Darn cont from below ...but that was 2012 so just always chk w ur consultant first. Lots of new incentives dr j is implementing into your life chnging experience! Dang i ndd to get paid CONGRATULATIONS! !!!
Have you been assigned to a consultant yet? If not ask for Michelle. One thing abt going to dr j is that you will be given a list of things to get becz i knw becz i was a caretaker fr a friend and they told her to not to go spebding crazy on a lot of supplies cause dr j requires his pts to buy u the shots that you will ndd to give yourself or ur care taker administer the shots.They are ecpensive unless they have included it within the cost of ur proceedure!
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