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So im 15 days out. Really nervous &...

So im 15 days out. Really nervous & apprehensive about the sx and the look & feel. I still go back & forth. But im also very excited! I can only be off work 14 days so im concerned about that and having to wear the suit. This site has helped me in so many ways the past few glad I found it. I will upload before and after pics. Do u tell him wat type of look u want or how soes that work?

Hi KimBB I am having surgery on 8/8 with Dr. J. You should take your wish pics to your consult and discuss with him if they are realistic for you. Good luck :)
Will do thank u

Hey girl,

welcome to the bbl sisterhood. 

Today I was suppose to make my payment for the...

Today I was suppose to make my payment for the remainder but my bank tripped out and didn't have my funds available :( Monica kinda went in hard on me saying they would have to take me off the books cuz ppl waiting with there money & they can't run a business like that. Can u say sickkkkk! All the planning & arrangemnts not to mention the emotional and mental stress. So Samantha called me back & said just make sure I have everything in place by tomorrow. I've come to far to be discouraged or to give up. Wish I had my new booty so I could hit a stripper pole lol. Im joking. Hope everything is in place tomorrow.
hey. Im havIng surgery wIth dr. j on sept 7th. good luck wIth everythIng & dont stress..

Up late nites thinking bout this procedure and all...

Up late nites thinking bout this procedure and all my cohorts that have done or will do the same thing. This is a great site and support system as u don't want to go around telling everybody u got ur bootie worked on! Its even harder when u love all of urself but despise one particular part that u had absolutely nothing to do with creating or shaping lol. Now I find myself accusing every big bootie chick of having an bbl! Im to excited! Blessings*******
Will do nellima. Thank u sacramento gurlie44
Welcome girlie......
lol.....keep me posted!

Whew its getting so close! A few more days to my...

Whew its getting so close! A few more days to my sx im super excited. Hope to tazke and post pix soon. I see so many great outcomes this week im wishing for the best! I wake up everyday at 4am thinking "im really gonna do this". Im excited and nervous at the same dang time ;)
Good luck!!!!
Thank u ms nubooty2013
Have a safe trip to ATL!

Had my pre-op today in the office and it went well...

Had my pre-op today in the office and it went well. The staff was very nice and Dr. J is down to earth. He knows botty! Saw the Rapper Young Joc there too! Too funny. I would have took a picture had I already had a bigg ass lol. Im excited and so ready to be on my way to recovery. My homegirl had it done today and she is doing well....just sore not really c/o pain. I want to post pix so hopefully I can figure this out by tomorrow. Y'all keep me in ur prayers, thanks for the support, and I am about this lyfe!
No problem :-)
@bootiebeauty78. Thanks for the update. Good to hear she's doing fine:-))
Kim's doing fine & will update when she can. Thanks ladies :-)

So im 2 days postop and im feeling goooood! I stay...

So im 2 days postop and im feeling goooood! I stay on top of the pain meds and have felt little to no pain. Walking helps andhaving a good support system is key. My cuzzin have been great helping me keep the medications in order and making sure I eat. The day of surgery I was a little nervous but the doctor and the anesthesiologist (spell check) were great and made me very relaxed. I didn't wake up in pain thanks to the good juice doctor. She made sure I was comfortable cuz I let her know that was a big concern. I did have some extra bleeding but I knew that was normal and didn't freak out. My best friend has been the female urinal! Today the garment must come off so I will let u all know how that goes. We took off babycheeks yesterday and she did well. We are both moving around pretty good and eating. What I didn't know is we can't eat no sugars or white flour or pastas so keep this in mind while shopping for food. Thnaks for all the prayers and thanks bootie78 for keeping everyone updated. Until next time.......

So i'm 6 days post-op and im feeling great. I have...

So i'm 6 days post-op and im feeling great. I have had absolutely no complications and im getting around great. I tried to stop taking the pain med but then the lipo spots have shooting pain so im back on them. My but is sooo round. I know it is swelling but it seems like im gonna be left with a nice round bottom. Dr. J definitely gave me curves. The only issue I've had had been this garment cutting me on my vajayjay! I put a pad down there and that has helped out tremendously! I put panties on the second day...wrong move cuz I think it caused some bruising. My drains have mostly stopped draing. Im very happy with the results and the overall experience. I went to marshalls yesterday to buy a long sweater cuz there just isn't any logiczl explanation to explain all this new found ass!
Congratulations, on your new lyfeeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaa, I know it feels so good to look wonderful from the back to go along with the front...I cant wait, Im still saving, and staying praid up...Thank god and speedy healthy recovery to U.... To funny about the "New Found Azz" lol lol
Thank u LookBetterBody! Back looking great. Its so round. Looks great in panties. Pics coming soon
yayyyyy lol

Hey ladies! Im 11 days post op and im still...

Hey ladies! Im 11 days post op and im still feeling good. Haven't taken any pain meds today....yay! This garment is not the business but im determined to make it work. Im back at work two days a week but I feel pretty good. I stand up for most of my shift and have been having to explain the boppy pillow. Swelling to my feet is a problem while working, but I understand. So apparently u have to massage the lipo spoits to stop scar tissue....max painful and u need extra garments to change into. They suggested lymphatic massages and that cost me $90 bucks and I didn't get it. She rubbed super soft but she said that will get rid of the water/fluid. Im still super excited with my results and my experience. I will recommend dr j to all! Hahaha my ex was trying to make fun of my butt saying it was fake but he couldn't keep his hands off or keep his comments to himself ;) redemption. I promise to post pics soon. Oh bm are moving but they hurt everything :/
Pleaseeee post pics!! Scheduled for October 5th and I can't wait!
Hahaha I know how u feel. I will post them by friday I not to tech savvy!

Three weeks post-op and everything is almost 100%!...

Three weeks post-op and everything is almost 100%! My waist is anorexic and my ass is colossal!! Dr. J knew what he was doing! I was worried about scarring but its minimal especially the ones on my bottom. I was concerned with the mumber he used, four on each cheeck, but i think thats how he is able to make the bottom so round and plump! It seems he only used two incisions to lipo the fat out and they are by my pelvic bone on both sides! Kudoos to the doc for scarring on my back at all. Im happy with my current results and overall shape. Sorry no pics but check out #7 on his site and u can see me!! Thats really my b4 and after hahaha. I wish i knew how to post directly here but i dont. I know there is some skepticism about photos, but those are really my pics. I have them saved to my phone from when they emailed me...anywhooo, I didnt think i look that bad naked...damn. Although im still in the healing phase and have to wait for the final happy and have no regrets. The money was worth it.
2161# and ur right now im #19
2161 #19 it did move
Please, please, please post pics. I am considering Dr J (more than considering really, he seems like the best choice) and the more pictures of his work i see the easier the decision becomes. I am just so so nervous after reading about some of the recoveries i need all the reassurance i can get.

So now im right at 2 month, 8 weeks and im still...

So now im right at 2 month, 8 weeks and im still happy witht the results. Just dissapointed with some of the demands on this site. I had sx for myself! Did not ask anybody's opinion or thoughts. Did not make y'all show me proof of anything like ur deposit receipts so I will know u were really serious about sx. Was just happy to find a community that knew my struggle. But some of these chicks are simply rude and border line crazy! If u got sense and a lil tact send me ur info and I can show u pics if u think it will help u. Everyone has different results. But im not gonna be bullied into doing anything! I really think most of these ppl just on here to be nosey! Cuz if u were serious u wouldn't be worried about the next person but be trying to get urself prepared. But the sx was worth it! My clothes fit so well and im healing up nicely.
Hey ladies! If anyone is scheduled with Dr.Jimerson in February and is willing to switch to April 15, please PM me for more info. I would LOVE to get this done in February, anytime after Feb 11th. So if anyone needs more time to get ready or save money or gain/lose some weight, two months can make a huge difference and I would be very grateful for the swap lol! Good luck on all of your journeys and I hope to hear from you ladies along the way!
Hey just checkin on you. Hope all is well.
I just had my week post op. Just wanna know if it was hard walking and laying down i feel so sad cuz i don't know if Imma b able to go back to work Nov 1st.i walk like I'm pregnant my thighs especially......
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