1 1/2 yrs...still huge!!

My entire life I have always thought of my flat...

My entire life I have always thought of my flat booty as my fattele flaw. I am finally able to do something about it. I have never liked wearing shorts or anything else that highlights my FLAT but. I have big legs, big boobs and NO BOOTY. I have always wished there was a way you can take my extra gut and put it in my butt. I am so happy they have come up with a way to do this!

My husband is just as excited about this as I am. He is an ass man. Luckily he fell in love with me and not my booty. He is coming all the way from Afghanistan to hold my hand through the surgery and recovery process!!!


Welcome big booty hopeful that's great your hubby can be there with you. Good luck.
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Hey, Welcome, and good luck!!!! My surgery is March 13th... I'm super excited!!! I can't wait to have my "BIG booty, and Dr. Jimerson is the doctor that will give you just that!!!!! Let's go Team Jimerson!!!!
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Me too!! It will be like a dream come true for me!

2 Dec- a little over a month to go. Got the...

2 Dec- a little over a month to go. Got the financing piece squared away. I also found a website where I am renting someone's house for two weeks for only $565! That is WAY cheaper than a hotel. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!

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8 Dec - One more month to go! As my day gets...

8 Dec - One more month to go! As my day gets closer, the more anxious I'm getting... I have NO fear at all about this. Just pure excitement! I thank God for the man he has put in my life. My husband insisted on paying the down payment for the surgery! He has been so wonderful and supportive. I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!! Ladies....don't let nobody tell you that there are no good men out there. I have a true, honest, good and FINE ASS man who takes his role as head of household serious...O.k....enough about him...

I was wondering if any of you have seen any reviews of long term results. As you have probably read, there is a lady on the site that dispels the results of our beloved BBL. Is there anyone out there that was completely unsatisfied who had realistic expectations?


Check me out. Tell me what u think. Be honest if u feel I wasnt being realistic
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He did you well! Your expectations have been met. Enjoy that!
Ok...now i'm really looking and comparing. You are right. It doesn't look like he did much to your back. You were small and that should be totally gone cause you didn't have much to start with. You got me thinking now......I know I'll still have back fat. I just wanted as much as possible to go away. Looking at your pics got me wondering if there will be any difference at all...

My medical clearance is this Friday...I hope this...

My medical clearance is this Friday...I hope this Dr don't loose his damn mind. I have never had blood count or blood pressure issues before. I explained to his assistant that this was an elective surgery and that my insurance would not have to cover anything but my meds. Cross y'all fingers for me!

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I have had someone actually inbox me and ask why I...

I have had someone actually inbox me and ask why I chose the wish pics I chose. To answer this I will simply state.... because its MY wish pic! I am not dilusional, I'm not unrealistic, I actually like not being skinny...I just want back fat and love handles gone...and some booty. I don't want to be a size 2 I'm good with a 12. If this is offensive to others than oh well...


Good luck! You're gonna e fierce! Keep us posted!
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There is nothing wrong with being thick. I am a size 7-9 depending on how much it can stretch lol I know i am smaller than you but I still consider myself to be thick. I love my thick thighs. I believe a big butt looks better with thick thighs. I dont find skinny attractive, all the guys I know love them some thick girls.
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Welcome Dreamin! Your time is almost here! Congratulations and having such a wonderful supportive husband by your side girl! Dr. J will take good care of you...and your goals are for you, not for anyone else. Most of Dr. J's patients are happy with their results and it is always best to look at the glass half full, rather than half empty. There's actual scientific proof that confirms that our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, co-create our reality so stay positive and keep those vibes up! Look forward to your updates.
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Talked to Aziza today. She is WONDERFUL!! She...

Talked to Aziza today. She is WONDERFUL!! She called me and asked if I had any questions or concerns. She reviewed my pics and told me the same thing Dr J said... don't loose any weight. So imma listen. I asked what she thought about the back fat. She said some people get back fat mixed up with skin. She has a point about that. Oh we'll if that's the case, I'll just enjoy my booty. :-)


good luck girl, im excited toooo i cant wait im counting down the days , sending prayers your way !!!
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Thanks! I'm like a kid waiting on Christmas!!
Dreamin... I bet u are like a kid waiting on Christmas... Me too! My date is 1/18/13 and it's my gift to me!

Medical clearance done. House booked. All I gotta...

Medical clearance done. House booked. All I gotta do is be there for my pre-op on 9 Jan and I am good to go!! I am way too excited y'all.


Hey, I sent you a PM. Just some questions. Thanks. Best of luck...:-)
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How exciting less than a month away..Very happy for you and can't wait to see and read updates!!
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Hey, can you send me the website info for the house your renting??? PLZZZ Also how far is the house from the surgery center?
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Only have 2 weeks left. My mind is reeling!!! Any...

Only have 2 weeks left. My mind is reeling!!! Any helpful hints? Packing list, do's and don't etc....

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11 days, 13hrs and 20 mins to go!!! I am getting...

11 days, 13hrs and 20 mins to go!!! I am getting more excited as the days are going by. Everything is paid for and ready. I haven't started taking Arnica because I can't find any over here in Germany. I will hit up Walmart as soon as I get there and pick some up. I have been drinking pineapple juice so I hope that helps.
I do have a concern. I haven't seen any pics of Dr J's work from women who are over 6 mos post op. It would be really nice to see. Ladies, after we get our work done I really think we should keep up with the sight and help out those that are to follow us. I will make it a point to post pics at least every 3 months to help them out.
I fly out of here on Friday next week and will be enjoying the area with my family for a few days pre op as well as picking up supplies and stuff. If any one has any helpful hints, please let me know.


Hey Sistar! I'm excited for you and sorry about how ignorant ppl can be! Every body is different and to each it's own! You will look amaZing and don't forget to post updates with pics.. Also you made a good point I thought the same thing, no updates past 6 weeks. No sure it that's good or bad but I would make it a point to ask Dr. J office.
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On pins and needles now! I can not wait!! I asked Aziza when she called me. She said she thinks people just move on and are satisfied. thats why they don't come back. I'm really gonna try to post all the way up to a year out so the others can see.
My bf was deployed January 2,2012 -September 2012. I lost 25 pounds while he was gone. Now I'm on a mission to loose 10 pounds before my BBL. u will look amazing && I'm trusting I will too. Best wishes . Keep us posted
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Had my bbl on Thursday. Just like expected, I have...

had my bbl on Thursday. Just like expected, I have a hard butt and not a lot of usable fat around the midsection. I'm not sure how much i got in each cheek but i remember him telling my husband between 8 and 9. I took my garment off today....that was a bitch. I don't know what I would have done if my husband wasn't here. I have decided not to post pics until the drain comes out. Right now I am just too damn sleepy. i must admit, i like the way these hips are looking in these maxi dresses. don't want to get to attached because of reabsorption.
The recovery is pretty rough. I move around a lot to keep myself draining. The only real challenge I have right now is laying down. I'm ok with getting up, it s the laying back down that kills me. Also the triangle piece at the small of the back leaves this weird crater in you skin. I know it will go away after a while but for now it just looks strange.
I have been reversing cowboying the toilet which works fine. I'v been drinking tons of water so it makes me get up every two hours and also keeps me hydrated. I had my first BM this morning with the help of a fleet. Reaching around to stick it in was so hard I almost called my husband in to help.
Thats about all I got ladies. I promise to post pics after my appointment next thursday.

p.s. I didn't get my thighs done. I traded that in for hips. My husband was happy about that..lol


Thanks for stopping by my page. I am so happy for you. R u still in GA? Maybe we can do lunch or if u need help I can come by. I cant beleive someone inboxed you about ur wish pics. thats crazy. I dont think you should've gotten ur thighs done either they are just fine & from ur wish pics it seems that if u get on a stair master u can easily shape them perfectly. Also even though i didnt chose Dr.J. I have talked to alot of his patients & studied his work closely & one thing i dont see is alot of reabsorption with him because he has one of the best techniques. Aziza is wonderful & her bbl has been over 6mnths she still looks great. she even let me feel to see if it was hard & of course it wasnt.
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Thanks girl! I agree with you. The ladies that work in that office have some bangin bodies. Have you seen Monica? She is the little blonde that works there. Her ass is amazing!!! I could not keep my eyes off of it. My husband was staring at it hard too and I couldn't even be mad at him. lol...I will be in town until the 23rd. We should be able to put something together by then. right now I can't even walk normal. but in a few days we can do something for sure.

I am now 4 days post op...day 2 was the worse!!! I...

I am now 4 days post op...day 2 was the worse!!! I am getting around better then I was before thank goodness!! Its still hard to do the most menial task like pick things up off the floor, get in bed etc...but it has gotten easier by the day. I am still swollen like crazy which i fully expected. I decided to add a pic i took yesterday.

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Well...the more that I look at my butt the more...

Well...the more that I look at my butt the more unsatisfied I am. It's still flat. Its wider but still flat. :-( To mad to make a big long entry about it so I'm just gonna state that and get off.....

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Ok...i was being dramatic earlier...i have to...

ok...i was being dramatic earlier...i have to admit that my but is bigger and I love my hips, I have to remember that not everybody can get a gigantic booty...Dr J did what he could and it is bigger than before. I will try not to be so hard on myself and not worry for a few months...lol
p.s. HE HOOKED MY BRA ROLL UP!!!! IT IS GONE !!!! That alone puts a smile on my face!


best of luck and happy healing!! ur results r coming as every day passes but u look great so dont be discouraged.. glad u made it to the other side!
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Gotta keep telling myself that. I am happy about the hips and bra roll tho. Thanks for the encouragement.
You look good. Maybe you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Let yourself heal and then start assessing. I think its bigger than before. TTYL
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OK...now that I'm done being dramatic I have to...

OK...now that I'm done being dramatic I have to tell you ladies......my ASS IS NICE!!!!! I'm only 2 weeks post op but this thang is nice. My husband is loving it and so am I. I went to a party Saturday night and actually had men and women comment on MY ASS!!! I measured it today....47 inches of ASS (i know its swollen but I love it). My waist is still swollen and I have a huge seroma but it is still 33 in which is smaller than I thought.
Ladies I have to tell you, Dr J really knows how to sculpt. The I love the way he blended my waist, hips and ass. I will take pics and post by the end of the week....


Looking good. I know once all of the swelling goes down, your body will be showing off some outragious curves for days... Happy healing Ma.
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Thanks! I hope so too...
How do you weigh if you don't mind me asking?
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Wish I could say I've been taking it easy but I...

Wish I could say I've been taking it easy but I haven't. I have been enjoying my new butt!! I've been partying and have had a great time with my husband. I am at about 2 1/2 wks post op and I feel fine and I am going to enjoy this swelling while it last! lol. My flight back overseas was great.. I got lucky and the flight was not full so i was able to lay out across 4 seats and didn't have to do much bloppy sitting. I have decided that if this thing doesn't stick, i'm going to enjoy what I have, while I have it!!

Have any of you ladies started working out after surgery? How long did you wait?


Hi girl looking good. You went in a week before me. I am also hoping for this new fat to stick. Wishing you a continuous smooth recovery.
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U look amazing. Jimmerson rocks
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Thanks!! He is good....I just hope it sticks!!

I woke up on my side this morning!! I was so sad...

I woke up on my side this morning!! I was so sad and mad!!! I truly hope i didn't hurt it...:-(...


Very happy 4u! Love your positive attitude. Very sweet that your hubby is so supportive
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Love ur results....i wish u continues smooth recovery....#DrJcurves!!!!
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The compliments are still flowing and my booty is...

The compliments are still flowing and my booty is still at 45 in. I am loving it!! My clothes still fit amazing and my husband is lovin' it almost as much as I am!!


You are looking good girl!
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Dr J did his thang once again!!! Congrats girl you look good!!! How many inches did you end up losing in your waist?
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6 mos 14 days

I have made it to the 6 month mark. Ladies....this surgery was a life changer. There is nothing like putting on a pair of jeans and making them look great!!! I don't think any of my fat was reabsorbed. My butt is now 46 1/2 inches and it is so round and cute!!! I love !!! Fluffing is not a myth. If ya'll have any questions please hit me up. I know I sound like a Jimerson sales person but that man did his thang on me!!! I don't care about being all personal and buddy buddy. He did a damn good job and thats what I paid for. I didn't pay for friendship.

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9 mod

If you see a review saying these results dont last.... DONT LISTEN!!! it's been 9 months and this thang is still beautiful!! You just have to find the right doc and all will be fine...


How are your results holding up
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I am a year and a half post op and I'm LOVING it!! Constantly get comments about my ASS!! Total life changer! Loving it!!!

1 1/2 yr post op

Ass is still huge!! Don't believe the nay sayers!!!


TY for that update! There seems to be a lot of negative reviews popping up all the sudden! Glad you love your results!
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