Getting BBL Done By Dr. Jimerson - Suwanee, GA

I am so excited out my BBL. My surgery date is...

I am so excited out my BBL. My surgery date is 07/01/13. I have been preparing for about 2yrs. I am currently in the process of losing weight. I was told to lose about 30lbs. I am thick with a nice butt but it lacks the projection and roundness that I desire. I met Dr. Jimmerson in July 2011. At the time I was more tone and fight due to exercising and eating healthier. At time he told me t to lose no more than 10lbs. Since then I gain 20lbs. In order to get my desired results Aziza suggested that I lose no more than 30lbs. I have been reading others BBL sisters post for about a year. I finally have gotten the nerves to post my own. I am thankful for all the other BBL sister posts. The posts have been very helpful. I have become more knowledge of what I need and what to expect.

Do anyone have any sugestion for weight lose. I...

Do anyone have any sugestion for weight lose. I have added more wish pictures

My date will be here before you know it. I am...

My date will be here before you know it. I am excited and nervous. I have been filing my supply list. Here is a list of items that I have purchased.

Compressin garments with the butt out (
Compressin Socks (Ross Dress For Less)
Bobby Pillows (2) (Ross Dress For Less)
Maxi Dresses
XL Yoga Pants
Size 10 and 11 panties
Cleaning Supplies( Dish Detergent,Bathroom Cleaner, Laundry Detergent, Small trash bags, $1 shower curtain liner for bed)/(Staying at an Extended Stay)
Paper products(Toilet Tissue,Paper towels)/Plastic Eating Utensils
Arinca Montona
Pill Organizer
Small bottles of alcohol. peroxide
Shea Butter (Dry Skin)

Please me inform me of any supplies or tips that will be helpful.

Feeling blessed and highly favored on this...

Feeling blessed and highly favored on this beautiful Saturday morning. I had watermelon for breakfast and it was delicious. I am about to get dress and the hit the gym. I aiming for the best results. I am having my thighs and and bra rolls lipoed along with the other areas included in a BBL. I was told he can only take out a max of 5000ccs. Therefore, I must do my part to obtain the results I am praying for. Iam excited.

Excited and Nervous at the same damn time

My date is quickly approaching. I am feeling some kind of way. Praying for the best.

One Month To Go

June 1st is here so that I means I have one month to go before my surgery. I am ready

Medical Clearance Done

I had my medical clearance on yesterday. Everything came back good. I am ready and nervous. July 1is my date. Have anyone used Homewatch Care Givers? I am in the need of a certified nurse.

Getting Ready

My time is quickly approaching. I have lost 12lbs. I will continue to push myself at the gym this week and next week. I have added some before pictures.

More Pictures

Getting Ready

I have been eating good, walking, lifting weights, drinking plenty of water, staying focus, keeping up with my chores. I am gearing up. I am ready to get this ass maximize. I am praying for a successful surgery with a healthy and progressive recovery. I pray that I can handle the attention, lol.

Inspirations Quotes

I am about obtaining the life I want.

Emotional Rollercoaster

My emotions are every where. Trying to keep caught up at work, need to give my house a good cleaning, working out twice a day, eating light and healthy. I just want to scream. God take control

1 Week To Go

This time next week I will be heading to Suwanee. I am feeling better then I did Friday. I am moving forward. I will continue to hit the gym and juice this week. I am determined to be tone and fit with a round ass with major projection. I love working out I pray I don't lose a lot of volume afterwards because working out is a must for me. Buffie the Body works out and her volume capacity is great. I have everything I need minus a few items. I will get them once I get to Suwanee.


Ladies I have been medically cleared for my surgery. I had a visit with my Endo on yesterday. Due to my lab work in April he is concerned. Therefore he ordered more blood work to check my iron level, omega 3 level, MPO. He also took an ultra sound of my heart, liver, right kidney. So far everything is good. He is looking out for my safety. I am feeling some kind of way. Hopefully I will get the results so that I can pass them on to Dr. J office. God, I am asking you to lead the way. My health and safety is more important.

Getting it Together

I got everything that has been suggested to me. I will go grocery shopping when I get there. The only thing left on my list is getting a manicure/pedicure(no polish), doing laundry, and cleaning my house. This has been a busy week. Time is winding down. God please watch over my and my follow BBL sisters.

Winding Down

I had a very busy work day. I am glad that the work week is over. It is time for me to finish up my chores and back my bags because I am leaving for Suwanee on Sunday to let Dr J maximize this ass of mine on Monday. I need to relax as well. Plan surgery along with everyday life can take a toll on you.

One More Day

My place is clean my bags are packed. Getting ready to leave

Day of Surgery

Hi ladies I hope all is well. I arrived yesterday and set everything up including grocery shopping. It is 6:25 am and I am feeling better but not 100%. I pray that God watch over and protect me. I am thankful for my hubby he has been very helpful.

Out of Surgery

Surgery went will. I will update later. Thanks for prayers please continue to pray for me and I will do likewise for everyone

Day 1 Post Op

I am doing good. I will update with more info and pictures

Day 1 Post Op

My surgery went well. I haven't experienced any pain just sore. I have been eating, drinking plenty of fluids, walking around, and taking my meds. I have only taken to pain pills.

Day 2 Post Op

I am feeling good. I was able take off my garment and wash up. Tiana gave me my first message. It was a good experience. I will be getting another one in the morning. I have some swelling but I am liking my results. Dr. J made my ass round and perky. I got 1000ccs in one cheek and 950ccs in the other. He said that one cheek was bigger than the other so he balanced them. I also got 200ccs in each hip. My shape is coming in really nicely. This is motivation to get in the gym and tone up all over. My recovery has been going well.

Day 3 Post Op

I am feeling very relaxed. Tiana just gave me my second massage. She is a very sweet and helpful person. My stiffness has eased up some. I am going to get out of this hotel room today. Happy 4th of July

One week Post Op

I had my post op appt. yesterday. It went well. I also returned home yesterday. There is no place like home. I will update with pictures as my healing progress.

Almost 3 weeks Post Op

I will be 3 weeks post op on Monday. My emotions go up and down concerning my BBL.I feel like I have lost volume. I had a ass before my BBL. I am learning to be patient.

5 weeks Post Op

Getting better one day at a time

Considering Round 2 in the next two years

I am loving my new figure. I have always wanted dangerous curves. I will continue to workout, eat healthy, and save. I feel that my wish is obtainable.

8 weeks on Monday

I will be 8 weeks on Monday. I am loving my shape. It looks for natural and so believable. My waist line is starting to come in more. This week I will start wearing my waist cincher over my new garment. Eventually, I will be waist training with the use of a corset. The smaller the waist the bigger ones ass will look. I want more work n due time in the same instance I am still happy with my surgery. Dr. J is a great surgeon. I have considered going out of country to obtain a Yily or Duran waist but I will be going back to Dr. J for more touch ups. If I do my breast I will be letting Dr. Horndeski in Sugarland, Tx do them. Dr. Horndeski leaves no visible scars. In the mean while I will continue my healthy lifestyle and keep aiming for my professional and personal goals. Surgery is helpful but it is not the remedy. The remedy is knowing who you are and being happy with yourself, eating healthy and working out. Once you have those things in order then use surgery to help with the minor errors. Take care BBL sisters and stay true to yourself. I will post more pictures in the future. I am not a blogger but this blogs has help me so I want to help someone else.

Preparing for Round Two

I am doing well. I had my follow up visit (in office) in December. I am liking my results but I want more. I am focusing on a healthy lifestyle. I am planning for round two in Dec 2014 or May 2015. Take care and stay true to yourself.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I met Dr J two years ago (July 2011). He was like I am going to hook you up. He told my man that he was going to make him happy. I really admire his dedication and craftsmanship. My consultation lasted about an 1hr 30mins. Everyone was very nice and informative.

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Girl you look great, but I hear the booty greed is def real lol!
  • Reply
Trust me it is
  • Reply
lol! I hope I don't get too greedy
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Gorgeous results
  • Reply
Thank you. I am preparing for round two
  • Reply
Im going round 2 as well same time frame im thinking. Are you going back dr jimerson? I am thinking duran she is amazing with lipo also.
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I love Dr Duran lipo. I would love for her to do my lipo and Dr J do my a$$. I am most likely going back to him. I trust him and he knows what he is doing. I realized that these females with the banging bodies have had more than 1 surgery. I wish I had have know before but I am good for it. I want what I what I want so I have to go for it. Have you gotten a quote from Duran?
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I love my dr jimerson booty no doubt. I shud of got surgery with less weight off so I don't blame dr jimerson I absolutely adore him. I am unsure who I will go too. If I lose 20 then for sure I go back dr jimerson becuz he is the booty master lol. Dr duran quote is $3700 includes full body lipo and bbl. Also antibiotics one night stay at hospital. What was your quote dr jimerson mine $6000 with 2 lipo area
  • Reply
I agree I trust him with my life. Maybe we can share some costs. I definitely not staying more then 8 days last time 2 weeks. I dont need a nurse I was fine and I am a nurse. Second time around know what to expect. We could split hotel etc. Gosh I over packed worsevpart flying home was packing a 55lb bag abd flight was brutal but going dominican the flight s double and 13-29hrs with layovers. I will die. If you want a buddy that be awesome. Im pretty cool lol if I may say myself
  • Reply
My quote was $6000.00 as well. How do you contact Duran for a quote? I am going to lose 25lbs (hopefully I don't comprise my a$$) before I have round two. The key is having a super tiny waist to ass ratio. Let's keep in touch
  • Reply
I would love a partner. I know what to expect as well. I hired a nurse she didn't do much so I called the agency and cancelled. How much weight are you trying to lose. I want to lose 25lbs and tone up all over. Hopefully we can motivate one another
  • Reply her cell is 18097077163 keep in mind she is slow to respond to emails I had to send her message on google+ that I emailed her no response then I got email back Google her name is dra.augustina hilario duran she post her dolls on there. She makes some bootiful bodies
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If you have whatsapp add me or text 7809060602 michelle
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I want lose between 20-25 too most definitely tone arms and inner thighs. Im 40 yrs old I let myself go over last 5yrs. Im tall 5'8 and if I get too 180 ill look good I got large frame if I can lose bit more even better. I have a Fat back lol gosh it makes me so un-portioned what is your current booty measurement mine 44 inches
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Thanks.I am about to text you
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U look great and I'm considering a round 2 as well!! Will continue to follow your journey :-)
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Hi....kinda loss r u ladies goin to dr j this year or 2015 I'm tryna set my date n I wud lik to buddy up too...I'm hella cool
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you look great already!
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ur results are great!!
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Thanks. I am sorry it took so long. I am just seeing your comment
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You look great, your results are realistic and go well with your body. I'm glad your healing well!
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Thanks for the positive comment. I am loving it but I want more. I got booty greed.
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Oh you look so good sister..
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Thank, I am in the gym toningg up all over getting ready for round two
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Looking good
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