Fix Me Dr. Fisher! - June 15

Pre-Op: Height: 5'4 Weight:...

Height: 5'4
Weight: 125lbs
Measurements: 36-30-34 (30 inch waist because I have wide rib cages, ugh -___-)

Pre-Op after weight gain: 145lbs
Measurements: 36-34-38

Alright where to start? So just like anybody else on this site, I have been a complete stalker of the "Brazilian Butt Lift" forum ever since last summer (2012). Just like many of us on here, whether we want a BOOTY & HIPS or wanted MORE BOOTY & HIPS .. I just needed a BOOTY and HIPS to save my self esteem. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with beautiful curves. My body was very narrow, flap jacks from the back, straight up and down, plus my butt sat super low.

Ever since I can remember, I have ALWAYS been somewhat self-conscious about my figure. In my case, I felt like it was a sick disease although everyone suffers from it somehow. I felt the need to try and cure it, so I started to hit the gym like crazy, and began to see the pounds dropping. Once I notice a difference, saw results, I then on became a GYM RAT. I finally lost all this weight, grew to be more comfortable in my own skin, and drew more attention to myself more than ever! But yet, I was still unsatisfied even with all the hard work I put in at the gym as well as watching my diet.

So then I thought about building a booty with weights. I worked out with my buddy who is a personal trainer and is into body building. No matter how many weights I force myself to push with my glutes and legs, the little difference did not meet up to my expectation in what I wanted my butt to look like. I was so desperate for a booty, I felt like I tried every way in the book aside from having surgery to achieve a butt. My nieve ass even took Maca Roots (which supposedly helps you grow a butt), and when no results came from that, I ordered me a bottle of Dime Curves (booty pills) which was more money down the drain. I tried corset training and that was very short lived. As you can tell, I was on a cold mission to obtain me some curves I tell ya!

When all fails, I started to look into having surgery to enhance my nonexistent curves. I googled "Brazilian Butt Lift" and that is how I stumble upon this website. Although I didn't have a review, profile, or anything with Real Self, I still became an addict. I was on here as if it was Facebook or something while reading each and everyone's review. At that time, all I saw was Dr. Salama's name on every review. I then began to look into him since his results from what I saw was AMAZING even with thinner girls that barely had any fat to work with which I considered myself at the time.

I gave him a call last Summer in August but Nancy told me that he was booked up like 3 months out for a consultation .. something crazy like that. So my impatient ass was just like um yeah, I need me something like pronto and end up not setting up anything with them. As I continue looking for my surgeon, I saw this before and after picture on the side of RealSelf which makes me believe is the picture that has drawn a lot of girls to Dr. Jimerson during their research. Y'all know, that picture with the chick that's wearing the pink panties in her post-op picture. I was like "DAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMNN, she was about my size and now she has all of that"?!

Once I clicked the picture which lead me to Dr. Jimerson's site, I instantly knew I wanted him to be my doctor. I started to thoroughly research him on RealSelf, reading reviews and what now. But once I seen how much he was charging, I was like AWWW HELLL NAHHH, NEXT! Yeah, I had to place him at the bottom of my barely optional list I had going one because his prices was surely out of my budget for real.

Back on my mission for a surgeon that can deliver booties. Weeks of researching, reading updates, looking at before/afters day and night, I still was convince that Dr. Jimerson was the one for me even if his prices was up there. Still, I wasn't really trying to pay that much so I kept searching. I started to hear more about Dr. Campos and witness some of his work. Yes, I was truly amaze and thought he sculpted bodies like a pure artist but my man was not having it. He was already against me for wanting to have this surgery but yet supportive because he knew I wanted to get it done BAD. Still, he was not down with the whole getting work done outside of the country so that was out of the question.

I was getting very antsy with getting this done so I finally caved in and went with my gut feeling to go ahead and fork out the $11,000 for a booty. I believe it was around the end of August 2012 when I called Dr. Jimerson's office to set up a consultation. He was booked up until the end of November for phone consultations. I set of my consultation on Dec 3, 2012 which was a Monday because I had that day off and wanted to be by my phone at all times so I didn't miss his phone call. The gal then gave me a quote which was $8,800 for the BBL, $1,000 for hips, and $900 for bra roll = $10,700. I made myself to believe that I was not going to put a price on my body and my happiness.

After Dr. Jimerson's whole publicity stunt on the T.I. & TINY'S show on VH1 which I thought was a smart marketing choice on his end, I heard the whole rumor about him marking up his prices which was true, I started to freak out! I didn't know if the quote that I received during my set up for a consult was going to be honor because I didn't put down a down payment to save a surgical date. I was afraid that by the time I had my consult in December, he would have already marked up his prices and I would of end up with a different quote because I didn't make a deposit. Plus, he was getting so popular and I started to see his name pop on Real Self more and more each day.

I knew I wanted a date the beginning of 2013 just in time for the Summer and I was afraid that he might be booked up until then. I was so sure that I wanted to go to Dr. Jimerson, I then got a hold of a patient coordinator Michelle who is very upbeat and friendly. Thank goodness for her, she helped me lock in a date before I even had my consultation. I put down my $500 deposit to save the date, the quote remained $10,700, and I was a happy camper.

While I was waiting for my consultation to roll around, I began my weight gaining journey which of course I dreaded! I mean how do you go from being an organic eating gym junky to not watching what you eat and barely lifting a dumb bell? Well it was actually easier than I thought, I completely let myself go, stopped going to the gym, and ate anything I wanted (which was the fun part about this whole process). I gain weight easily so that really wasn't a problem for me. I went from being 125 to 130 before my phone consultation. I knew I didn't want to gain no more than 15lbs for sure.

Finally December 3rd came along, had my phone consult which was supposed to be at 12:00p.m. but didn't get a call until an hour and a half later. I called the office to make sure they didn't forget about me, they informed that they were running behind of course, and that they will call me back shortly. I was completely fine with this. I finally got a call from one of the patient coordinators, talked to them for a little bit, and then they told me Dr. Jimerson will give me a call shortly. Anyways, my phone consult only lasted about 15 minutes if that since I didn't really have any questions thanks to Real Self. Jimerson did want to make sure that I gain the extra 10lbs and that I did.

While I anxiously waited for March to arrive, I was so disgusted with what I saw in the mirror. Sigh, the sacrifices you make to get a booty. I ended up gaining about 18lbs or so. I completely shut down my whole social life, I didn’t want to be seen in public with all this weight I have been gaining. So if it wasn’t work or a super special occasion that I needed to be at, I was strictly being a home body. Hell, I didn’t even celebrate New Year’s because I was so damn self conscious about my body. My man understood where I was coming from so it didn’t bother him and plus, he doesn’t like to go out as much either.

As the days got closer, I accumulated everything I needed for the surgery, my medical clearance was good to go, and I booked my flight through for my boyfriend and I. We decided to stay for 15 days just so I can at least prepare myself for the flight back home. My boyfriend was in charge of booking our hotels because he has a buddy that’s a manager for the Holiday Inn. So he ended hooking us up with cheaper rates which in my opinion still seem a bit expensive. He also wanted to stay in midtown (downtown Atlanta) so it’ll be easier for us to sight see and what not.

We arrived to Atlanta (03/04) drove around, went to The World of Coca-Cola, and I ate at Chicken Fil A for the first time. I had my pre-op appointment the next day with one of the nurse ‘Geeta’ who is seriously awesome you guys. We basically went over my medical history, what I should expect, and she answered any questions I had because she too had her butt done. Her booty looked super natural and fit her frame very nicely. She also gave me my prescription list and advises us that there is a pharmacy across the way where you can pick up your prescriptions. Although I didn’t have my pre-op with Dr. Jimerson, he kindly stepped in to introduce himself so I very much appreciated that.

My boyfriend and I ended up going across the street to pick up my meds. My medical insurance helped me a bit and I ended up paying like $130 for everything. Next morning was the big day and I was first in line (Dr. Jimerson performs 3 BBLS a day). We arrived before anyone from the office did. Once we walked in the office, Geeta took me back, had me change into the gown, put my hair up, and the compression socks on. I then walked back into the room where Geeta asked me some more medical concerning questions and then she stuck me with the huge IV needle. Luckily, I am not afraid of needles at all which is a good thing because you see them quite a bit with this procedure. After that, the anesthesiologist (forgot his name but honestly, the most comforting, and friendly man. He was very sweet as if he was going to perform the surgery on my ass) Anyways, he stepped in and informed us on all the side effects with anesthesia and what not. Dr. Jimerson walks in next to mark me up. We made small talk such as him asking me how we heard about him; I asked him how he came up with the name “Dr. J curves”, told him I wanted my booty to look like 1 of his patience’s in the picture I brought in and yeah. About 10 minutes later, anesthesiologist comes back in, and juiced me up.

I woke up on my back, cold as hell, gazing around with the nurse and Dr. Jimerson looking at me. Dr. Jimerson then walked away, I asked the nurse if Dr. Jimerson touched my inner thighs and she said yes .. I thought “DAMMIT” because I really didn’t want my inner thighs touch but whatever. Do what you do to give me the best results. She asked if I was able to get up, I rolled my ass off the bed, we walk to the bathroom because they want you to pee to make sure everything is working correctly I assume. I wasn’t able to tinkle so she just helped me get dress and they just let me go. Nurse who is such a cute little thing walked me to the car.
800 abdomen
300 each flanks
1800 lower back
100 each bra roll
200 each inner thighs
Total= 3800
In- 800 CC in each cheek
300 CC in each hip

Post Op Measurements: 36-31-43

When I got back to the hotel, I wasn’t in pain. It’s definitely more stiffness if anything. My boyfriend warmed me up some soup and I had no trouble eating it. After I ate, I was just straight chilling on my stomach. Second day post op was probably the worst, although I wasn’t still really in pain, I was sore as hell. My man made sure I kept up with my meds and at 11:00A.M. for the next 6 days (when you wake up from surgery, you get your first lovenox shot and the next 6 days, you take your shot at the same time as the first) my baby gave me my shot. You can shoot in it your arms, outer, or inner thighs if you didn’t get your inner thighs done.

After 48 hours, they want you to take your garment off so your skin can breathe, and you can wash it. As much as I wanted to rip that damn garment off my body to get out of that uncomfortable thing to see what I was working with, it was a B*TCH to get off!!!! My man and I were struggling for real! We were not able to get it over my booty and hips and I couldn’t help but whine and cry because it do hurt, not going to front. My man was getting so frustrated and was complaining on why I went so damn big for? That shit wasn’t helping so I shut the door on him while my garment was still on. I snap the garment back on and just said “F*ck it, going back to bed.” Hour later, I got back up, and we tried again. I was so determined to get it off; I just pulled it down as hard as I could not giving a damn about the pain nor the fat cells. Sure enough we got it off and it felt GOOD. My man cut around the holes so there wasn’t as much pressure on my booty and it actually helps a lot.

During my first week of recovering, I wasn’t really in pain. It was definitely more stiffness and soreness if anything. So annoying as hell when you’re limited to move or stretch but whatever. I got to admit, I rather be stiff and uptight than intolerable pain. I was dreading for a massage by the 4th day to get all this fluid out so I googled lymphatic massages in Atlanta. I already spent $10,700 for the surgery plus the extra expenses for the trip so I couldn’t afford to pay no $80-100 for just one session. But then I found out about this place called The Wellness Sanctuary located in midtown Atlanta ( The owner whose name is Tatiana is an AH-MAZING masseuse you guys. I was so fortunate to have found out. She’s not only an amazing masseuse but an overall amazing person. She’s knowledgeable, passionate, and definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to massages. I was already comfortable with her with my 2nd session. Each session, I notice a difference in my body. My body was smoother; I was less tense, and I definitely could move around a lot easier. She would let me know on how fast I was healing and of course I felt like she had a par-take in that. After I left our sessions, I was able to walk a lot better. She charges $50 per session but if you buy a package, she takes $10 off so I bought 5 sessions and paid $200. She also commutes to you if you prefer that and charges an extra $20. She’s was very much worth it IMO. Please give her a call if y’all are looking for lymphatic massages in ATL. Tatiana - (206) 856-3864. He business is called The Wellness Sanctuary.

Five day post-op, I notice some unevenness with my butt. To me it looked like the left side was healing and going down a lot faster than my right so my right cheek was bigger than the left.. ahhh hell. On the 7th day, I got the annoying drain removed, wahoooo! I did not get to see Dr. Jimerson during my 7th day post op appointment nor did I bother asking because I’m sure he’s busy. Nurse Kim came in to take out my drain and I was quite surprise she didn’t have an ass on her but she did mention she’s going to get it done in May. Join the booty club girl! I voiced my concerns about the unevenness and how I still have these flaps on my back. She told me I was still swollen and it’ll be gone within 6 weeks..mmm kay, we’ll see about that. With the whole unevenness situation, both of your butt cheeks do not heal the same time. So 1 cheek could be healing faster than the other and possibly 1 cheek could be absorbing more fat than the other which I hope that’s not the case with me. Oh I pray that it’ll all even out once the swelling has gone down. I do have to say that I was confused on why I was put in a shot leg but out garment from lipo express when I got my inner thighs done? Dr. Jimerson couldn’t put me in long leg ones that he uses to use or at least a ¾ leg garment? I barely had any compression on my inner thighs so all the swelling went down my legs. I was pretty irritated about that. Tatiana (my masseuse) suggested that I purchased thigh high compression garment to help keep the swelling down. There goes another $40.00.

While I was in Atlanta, I barely left the hotel. The only time I left was to get my massages or make a quick run to Walmart. Other than that, I cooped myself up the room just to recover better and make sure I got plenty of rest. Let me tell you that you’ll be getting those “stares” from people and they aren’t looking at anything at anything else but that swollen ASS. My man on the other hand was kicking it and seriously enjoying the night life there. He met a concierge at the first hotel we stayed at who was also a night life promoter that had all the hook ups so he pretty much kicked it him for the next few days. I was happy that he met a few good people and creating new friendships. I was a little jealous that I couldn’t experience Atlanta like he did but I had to keep in mind that my mission in the first place was to come up here, get my big booty, and go home.. Point blank.

The plane back home was so uncomfortable for me plus there was a 3 hour delay due to the rain so that was seriously a BITCH. I flew Delta so I had no problem with them letting me stand in the back when the seat belt light turned off. I didn’t purchase a boppy pillow because I didn’t think it would give me the support I needed so I bought a foam roller (the one’s you use for stretching from Walmart $14.95) and placed it under my thighs. That was still uncomfortable as hell and it kept sliding off the seat every time I tried to adjust myself. I also had a pillow that’s suppose to give you more comforting support when you seat and placed that behind my back. My flight was 5.5 hours long and out of those 5.5 hours; I probably went to stand in the back for about an hour or so. Being on a place for that long and couldn’t be able to sit was just pure hell. I was so sore from coming off the place because majority of the time I was holding myself up to make sure I didn’t put any pressure on my butt.

Finally, home sweet home! I definitely made a mistake on having to be at work the next day from coming back from Atlanta. I woke up the next morning being 12 days post op to get ready for work and let me tell you that I was not pleased in what I was seeing. The swelling has already gone down tremendously from my ass so of course my booty looked a lot smaller. My waist still looked huge and my belly was puffy. I kept asking myself did you really spend $14,000 to look like this? Didn’t I pay $900 to fully lipo my bra rolls but yet, they’re still existent. I was honestly depressed yo like emotional to the max. I crawled back in bed and just cried to my boyfriend. Of course my man was trying to comfort me and calm me down, he kept telling me that I looked good, give it time for all the swelling to go down. Yes, I am ONLY 12 days post-op but I can’t help but think that there ain’t no way in hell will I be satisfied with my results after all the swelling subsides. My back was a mess, my tummy was puffy, and my ass was disappearing in front of my damn eyes. I calmed myself down, got myself together, and went to work. I only work with 2 older ladies who are coo as hell so they knew about the booty. I do drive to work and to be honest, I really don’t have a fancy way of driving. I just placed a pillow under my things, and incline the seat to where I’m sitting up super straight. There’s no pressure on my butt so It works okay but if y’all have a more comfortable way to drive, please let me know.

17 days post op- I have lost 3 inches off my butt + hips from being 1 day post op, unfortunately, that’s expected. My right butt cheek is still bigger than my left and right hip sticks out further than my left. I noticed that the right side of my bra roll has less of a fold than my left. My left bra roll still has a chuck of fat and I’m pretty sure I’m not mistaken it for skin because my skin is not that thick. This procedure is truly an emotional roller coaster. I thought I was fully prepared but you don’t know how prepared you are until you actually go through it. Am I happy with my results thus far? No I’m not completely happy because I’m still recovering but I will say my shape is a HUGE improvement and I thank Dr. Jimerson for the improvement on my body for sure. Do I think it was worth the whole $10,700? Absolutely not, I feel like I could have went with someone else that has better lipo techniques if I knew my skin was too tight in order for the fat cells to survive to achieve a big butt at least.

I’m not trying to knock on Dr. Jimerson’s work. I think he’s truly the BOOTY doctor and the right surgeon if you’re looking for curves! It’s not his fault that my skin was too tight for all the fat cells to survive. All he could be is lipo the fat out and inject it back into your ass. After that, it’s up to your body to determine your results. However, I still feel like I could have gone somewhere cheaper than him to achieve better lipo and probably same size butt/hips. I do think about what if I have gone to Salama instead? Would I have better results coming out of his office? I guess I’ll never know unless I gain weight again and shoot for a round 2 which is certainly NOT out of the question. If the left side of my butt + hips looked just as good as my right and both of my bra rolls were fully lipo, I would be very content with my results. Like I said, I’m only 17 days post op .. I’m still giving my body time to heal. Each day gets better and better just as long as my butt/ hips doesn’t lose anymore volume, I should be fine. My results are very, very, VERY natural looking. Although natural looking isn’t a bad thing, I didn’t spend the kind of money I spent to achieve natural. If that was the case, I would have saved a lot of money, and gone with Yily or Campos which aggravates me when I think about it. It’s like would I have received better results if I went with someone cheaper? I guess you really don’t get what you pay for.

17 days Post Op Measurements: 36-30-41

My booty isn't the biggest but I have a butt now y'all! A cute one at that and it fits my frame nicely. From this day on, I will be enjoying what’s left of my booty + hips, and making the best of it. I will be focusing on more important things rather than just my looks. Well I appreciate y’all taking your time to read my review and I thank members of RealSelf. If it wasn’t for this website; I would have been clueless about this procedure, and ended up with butt implants or something. I know how annoying it could be when you’re trying to find reviews about long term results or curious on how someone is doing so I’m going to make sure I keep RealSelf updated as frequently as possible up to a year at least. I see a round 2 in my future so I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere. I wish everyone the best with their journey & just enjoy life! Happy healing y’all

Awesome and inexpensive Lymphatic masseuse in the...

Awesome and inexpensive Lymphatic masseuse in the ATL. Tatiana- (678) 856-3864. My dumb ass put down the wrong area code for her number lol smh

While in Atlanta, I kept going back and fourth...

While in Atlanta, I kept going back and fourth with the sizing for the compression garments. When people say wait to buy an extra garment until after surgery because you won't know what size you'll be, they were very right about that! While I was in Atlanta, I sent my man out to perfect bodies (which is lipo express but named differently) to get me a size small garment for when all my swelling goes down. Well I tried to put the size small on while I was only 9 days out to see if I could even get it on. Yeah, that was not happening and those garments are mad expensive too. I didn't think I would ever get into a size small so my man and I went back the next day to exchange that garment. At first, I'm like I should just get a thong compression garment instead since I don't need compression on my butt/ hips. I exchanged the size small butt out garment for a thong compression garment in a small and a medium, $80 a piece while the butt out garment is $130, I end up paying an extra $22. I wore the thong compression garment the next day for a few hours while we were out and I don't think the thong lipo express garment gives you the same compression like the full body ones do. My undesisive ass had to ask my baby to go back for the 3rd time and exchange the 2 thong compression garment for another medium one. He puts up with my annoying ass y'all lol now that's love. But anyways, I was just going to take the medium garment into a simsterest, have them stitch in the waist a bit so that way it feels like a small around the waist and a medium closer to the butt part. They didnt have the garment I wanted so they said they would order me one and have it sent to my home (there is a shipping fee). cI lost about and inch and a half from the swelling going down ever since I got back from Atlanta. I assumed that I could possibly get into a size small garment now so I had to call lipo express to see if they sent out my medium garment which they didn't. I asked if they could just send out a small instead. I got the small in the mail today and I still can't get it over my hips. I need more compression around my waist area because the medium creases on me now. These garments are crucial too for your recovering stages. I'm going to wait, see if I could potential get into the size small garment in 6 weeks. If not, then I need to find a new garment. Anybody knows a good stage 2 garment to invest in that gives good compression?

2 + Years Post-Op BBL w/ Dr. Jimmerson. Rd 2 w/ Dr. Cabral

Hello ladies & possibly gents! I'm back for an update as well as starting my round 2 with Dr. Cabral (hopefully) I'm still in the process of trying to reach him. I contacted him on whatsapp & the only thing I got from him is "hola" & a Instagram image of his prices. It states $3,500 for lipo around your waist & grafting to your butt/hips. Also, $5,500 if you wanted to include your breast.

I paid in full to have my surgery w/ Dr. Fisher on June 15 but in all honesty, I am completely obsessed with Dr. Cabral's work despite his passed that I'm sure a lot of us have read. I am in good health & as long as I keep it that way.. I pray that everything will be smooth as my first BBL.

Anyways, about my results.. I'm happy that I have more booty than before but not satisfied for the amount of money I paid, not even close actually. During the time, I was so caught up in the hype of Dr. Jimmerson.. I didn't care how much I had to pay for his work. Till this day, I can say the money that I spent for this whole thing was definitely not worth it. I'm not bashing or saying it's the Doctors fault. I honestly should of done more research about this procedure.

I went in with 38 inches around my butt/ hips, day 1 post op I was 43 inches, and now I am 39 so that's only a 1 inch gain. With the weight gain for my round 2, I gained another inch so now I am 36-32-40. Also, my hips have completely diminished. He also left me with back fat that I paid an extra $900 for and I still have them flaps but whatever.. That will be use for my round 2.

I am a complete fan of the Doctors in DR -and I am looking forward to becoming a "Cabral Barbie". Plus, I spent so much money on my round 1, I can't fathom shelling out a few thousands for my round 2 here in the states again. Although I have scheduled my appointment with Dr. fisher, I have to go with my gut feeling & take my ass to DR.

Once I get in contact with Cabral, get a day booked, I will reach out to Vanity for my refund. I pray that they don't give me a hard time with my money because I do not want to unleash my gettoh side. I'm looking for a buddy too so hit me up! Best of luck to you dolls. ????

Round 2 with who?

So I have paid in full for Dr. Fisher on June 15 and put down a deposit with Moni @ New body Recovery but I'm really considering DR. Honestly, I'll be paying pretty much the same amount so it's not about money. I just want to make sure I receive the results I desire this time around. Lord knows I'm not trying to go for a 3rd round. I'm not doubting Dr. Fisher isn't going to deliver me hips & a bigger booty but what about his lipo skills? Have any of you question his lipo? I have those back folds that bothers me so much, I want to be sure those get sucked out for good.

Also, I read that he's been getting over booked & vanity is pressing on girls to go with a different surgeon once they arrive to he clinic ?!? What kind of shit is that? If it isn't Fisher or even Hasan, I don't want to see any other doctor. Crazy how you think you want to go to a specific surgeon, then in a blink of an eye, you want to change doctors! My ass is too indecisive seriously.

Cabral's work is beautiful .. That small snatched waist with the full hips/ booty got me so confused on who I would like to go to. Maybe once I see more Fisher dolls, I'll be convince he's the man for me. Seeing is believing. I just have 9 more weeks so I better snap out of this shit real quick. Stick with Fisher or.... Hmm?

I'm sticking w/ Dr. Fisher

I have decided to stick with Dr. Fisher although my heart was so set on Cabral, I know receiving my refund from Vanity is going to be a hassle. I can't have my blood temperature rising & stressing myself about it so I will keep my date - June 15. Is anyone else going to him on that day? Seems like a gang of us are scheduled with him in June! Boy, is that man going to busy or what?!? I just hope he doesn't wear & tear himself to the point where his work isn't consistent.. But nah, I know that man will pull through & sculpt us the way we all know he's capable of doing. Positive thinking :)

I wil be staying at New Body Recovery, hopefully for 7 days. Moni is going to get back to me to see if I can stay the extra day since I initially booked 6 with her. So far, she never fails to return any of my text messages, & she's pretty fast at responding! I have read great reviews about her so it puts me at ease to know I will be in good hands. Her website is I don't know how up to date her schedule is but it is posted on her website if anyone wants to check for availability. On a side note, I'm really loving how these Hasan girls are looking tho!

Pre-Op body after my Rd 1 w/ Dr. Jimmerson.. Sad

Finding a great plastic surgeon that does really well with lipo-sculpting is KEY to this procedure. It's one thing to have a bigger booty, but having a small waist so your booty can pop even more is ideally. These pictures are me with weight gain over the past year. I hope once it's been sucked out, purified, & stuffed back into my butt.. The results will be more permanent this time around. Oh how I hope & pray! My first round, I had to gain weight in a short amount of time. So I'm not sure if that had to do with my outcome as well, like maybe the fat that was used wasn't sufficient enough or maybe my body just doesn't take new fat that well like other bodies do? Who knows? All I know is that I pray that Dr. Fisher will work his talent on me.

Refund from Vanity?

Is really that difficult to receive your refund back? I read that they tell people it will take up to 4-6 weeks but even after that, they still see no refund? What's the point of their 100% refund policy? Am I going to have to hire a lawyer or file a small claims court if I decide to get my money back? Anyone else recently had any issues?

8 more weeks until Miami

I made up my mind for sure & I'm sticking with Fisher! I will be going to Colombia for a round 3 just to switch out my breast implants, ab etching, & maybe just maybe another BBL if it's needed! Haha. Colombia is started to get popular & their lipo results are crazy amazing! Their boobies are fantastic as well. I would of went there for my round 2 but just skeptical I wouldn't achieve enough booty so I will be going there for ab definitions & touch up if needed.

If anyone is interested

I wonder if it'll just be easier to sell my date than ask for my refund back from vanity? I really do love Fisher's work but I keep thinking I would save a lot of money & time if I just got my round 2 plus boobies all at once. Dr. fisher doesn't do breast augmentation w/ BBL. If I can't get my money back or sell my date.. I will go with Fisher.

Boobies are going to have to wait.

No more of this wishy washy sh*t, I'm sticking with Fisher! I have no time to be indecisive. I only have 5 more weeks after this week so I really need to get my sh*t together. I will have to plan my boobies for another trip & focus on the booty first. At least I know I will be more comfortable laying on my tummy.

I'm more nervous & anxious this time around. I think it's because all of the negative things I have been reading. I also had someone to hold my hand the entire time while I was traveling & coming home during my first round. This time, I will be traveling alone & staying with Moni @ New Body Recovery so I know I will be in good hands when I get there. Plus, God will be on my side the whole way through so I guess I won't be all alone after all. I believe everything will go smoothly & Dr. Fisher will sculpt my body beautifully :)

31 more days!

So after this week, I will only have 4 more weeks to go for my round 2. My time is seriously just around the corner. I couldn't be more nervous, anxious, & excited! But honestly, I am dreading the no sitting part. My first round, I truly did not flat out sit directly on my ass until about 6 months in! I was so use to babying my ass & not fully sitting on it.. It was weird.

Anywho, I also wanted to mention that not everyone at vanity sucks. All the things that you hear about Vanity not being responsive & they just go ghost after they receive payment from you could be true. But honestly, my coordinator Lia still answers all my questions via text messages. I get so paranoid thinking that she's not going to answer & who the hell is going to help me? But she hasn't failed to answer any of my questions. She maybe be quick & simple with you but she did not leave me hanging. I truly appreciated that from her & I'm really thankful she's my coordinator. I recommend asking for her if anyone decides to go through Vanity.

So far, my communication with my coordinator has been effective. I've also been seeing some awesome results from the Fisher Dolls which makes me that much more excited about surgery! I really do like the shelf look he intially gives because that's where my fat lacks on my butt. I just have a really good feeling about this. I still need to get my labs done, get the OKAY from Vanity, & I should be a Fisher Doll June 15! Happy Healing Everyone!

Pre-Op Pics

I hate this weight gain during the Spring. The things we do for booty.. sigh"
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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