The Pro Vs. The Rookie (Jimerson Vs Ghurani)

Hello everyone! First and foremost, my surgery...

Hello everyone! First and foremost, my surgery date (06/06/2013) is something I just made up. I am having a really hard time choosing between Dr. Andrew Jimerson and Dr. Rami Ghurani. To be perfectly honest, there are things I like and dislike about both options. We all know Jimerson is the man when it comes to creating lovely booties, but from what I have read, his lipo is not so aggressive.

I am not petite, but I am not big either. I am 5'4 and about 150 lbs, but most of my weight is muscle and breasts. There is not really a lot of excess fat on my body, so I feel that aggressive lipo would be necessary for me to get the results I desire. Ghurani is Salama's partner, and from what I read, Salama does very aggressive lipo and Ghurani uses the same technique. However, there is not a lot of info on Ghurani. The only before and after result of his that I have seen is Asiangotbooty and although she looks great, one recent before and after pic is not really enough to sell me on someone's level of experience.

Now, I have a friend that went to Salama back in September and she looks absolutely amazing, BUT that was Salama's work, not Ghurani's. I would like to trust that because he is Salama's partner, his work is just as good, but the proof is in the pudding and there's just no pudding out here other than Asiangotbooty! And I'm not talking about just on RealSelf, I'm talking about researching him on the internet. When I google him, I find lots of information on Ghurani in relation to other cosmetic procedures that he does, but there is very little information about him in regards to BBL. I don't question that he is a good surgeon, but this is a very specific procedure, and I am nervous about trusting him that much based on one person's results and the fact that he has a good doctor vouching for him.

That same concept is universal with all professions... Just because a certain chef makes a delicious steak does not mean he can also prepare a delicious shrimp pasta... Just because you can drive a race car like a pro doesn't mean you can properly drive a bus... Just because you know how to handle a class of 8th graders doesn't mean you know how to handle a class of Preschoolers... It's all the same. It's clear that Ghurani has experience with plastic surgery, but does he have experience with this specific procedure? I don't really know...

Now, with all that said, some may say that it is smarter for me to stick with a doctor that has a track record of great results, which is Jimerson. And again, I have the utmost respect for this man because his work speaks for itself. I am just concerned that I may not have enough fat for the kind of lipo he provides, and I really don't feel comfortable having to gain weight for this procedure, because I know I do have enough fat as long as the lipo is aggressive. From what I've seen, a lot of the girls he works with are bigger than me to start with, so they have plenty of fat to work with during the procedure. I will post pics soon so that everyone can see my body style. I just wish Jimerson did aggressive lipo! If he did, I wouldn't even be debating this right now.

Cost is not an issue, because it's worth the price if it's done right. I just want to make sure that whoever I decide to go with will give me the results I want. I am confident that Ghurani will provide the sufficient amount of lipo, and then I am confident that if working with the right amount of fat, Jimerson will provide me the perfect booty and hips. Ugh, decisions decisions... Ladies, please help!! Anyone that has worked with either doctor, your input is greatly appreciated!


Hi there welcome to RS , I'm a ghurani future patient...I totally understand sometimes I feel that way about if his results are as bad as salama...Im calling the office Monday I will ask the staff to send me pics before n after ...but from what I seen of asiangotbooty gives me a feeling he does seem to me that he Lipo her waist real good also her upper back fat had lots bruising ....lately Dr. S is leaving upper rolls n we r ending up paying it ...if u read a lot of post op ladies r having unevenness either it's one butt cheek bigger or hips uneven not to mention seromas...n other stuff....don't get me wrong I love his results but I'm not willing to go on second round if he starts to do as before .....Dr j.....u should see pinkmonkey how fabulous she look! If ur not too big on waist area j will b a good choice :) since his Lipo is not that aggressive ...pinkmonkey told me she wasn't big at all n she still got a big donkey she's really happy ...if u have question go to her really nice lady. Good luck girl n keep us posted ♥
Thanks joselyn, I will check her out. The crazy thing is, I do want the lipo to be aggressive, but I don't want my stomach to look unnaturally small. I want all my curves to be beautiful and look natural and flowing. I did have a consultation with Ghurani and I found him to be very kind, patient, and confident, but still, Dr J is the business when it comes to this procedure. Was your decision to go with Ghurani based solely on Asiangotbooty's results?
To be honest yes ..everybody started talkin about her I check her pics then her reviews ...what I like was his aggressive lipo on her waist....there's a different before n after in his page for Brazilian up lift ...he filled her butt cute even though she had a good structure already...the hips he gave her natural ...honestly I've seen other work done outside of real self that end up looking messed up but this ghurani Dr look s like his work is very similar to salama just by looking at the other photo in his website that girl is not asiangotbooty bc the girl has tattoo in her arm asiangotbooty doesn't the girls butt looks nice too hips n waitline ...have u check that girl ? Let me know what u think as I'm too tryin to decide if salama or ghurani........ is just hard ....but I'm pretty sure am goin w ghurani :) though ♥

Okay, so I have yet to hear from any other ladies...

Okay, so I have yet to hear from any other ladies that already have experience with Dr.Ghurani. I pretty much know all there is to know about Jimerson, and despite my concern about whether or not he will actually lipo me aggressively enough, I am still confident that he can give me the shape I want, I just need to know that he will be working with enough fat. Is there ANYONE else out there that has seen Dr.Ghurani for BBL?


dr. rani been doin sx longer salama... Google me
Okay, I know he's been doing surgeries for a long tome, but my concern is his experience with this exact procedure. I can't find info on him in regards to BBLs. Did you get a bbl from him?
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Still deciding which Doc to go with

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