Disappointed ,angry,I regret everything .an advice...

Disappointed ,angry,I regret everything .an advice sisters, don't waste your money.
I have paid 19700$ for bbl,tummy tuck and 5 extras areas for liposuction . my results are highly disappointing.i lost my lifetime savings.nobody has noticed a difference after my surgery.my tummy still big and my butt flat.

My before tummy and butt.

Day before surgery

2 weeks After j tuck

Pic with the drains

My BBL after 3 weeks

Dr jimerson bbl 3 weeks after.

No projection , no fullness , he said he put 1000 cc in cheek and 250 cc in hips.all I got is a deformed butt. My left cheek is bigger than my right.this man messed up my entire body

My Bbl has 3 weeks today.it s my birthday and it was suppose to be my gift to me.

I deserve a total refund.he stole my 20000$ and messed up my body.

Horrible butt

Flat butt

For those who ask me to show pictures with my garnement and drains holes

Dr jimerson J tuck , BBl, hips, and total lipo at 5 weeks

I take new pictures today for my 5 weeks post appointment.
Week after week , my disappointment and anger grow when my deformed butt shrinks and my tummy tuck is getting worse.they still ignoring my calls and mails.

Dr Jimerson is suing ME

To all my followers.
I just got a letter from his lawyer.saying they will sue me if I don't retract all i said about my experience.
Here is a part of the mail.

This firm has been retained by Andrew Jimerson, II, M.D. on behalf of himself and Advanced Plastic Surgery lSolutions for representation in connection with statements and claims made and written by you on several blogs andlor other social media posts that were false and defamatory. Accordingly, I hereby demand that you immediately retract and correct the false and defamatoiy statements published about Dr. Jimerson and Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions.
Pursuant to O.C.G.A. $ 51-5-11, this letter constitutes written notice to you that the above statements published by you regarding Dr. Jimerson and Advanced Plastic Surgery are false, defamatory, libelous and slandero'ss per se. Dr. Jimerson is a well-respected physician and plastic surgeon zrrd the gist of the published statements were to falsely portray Di. Jimerson as an incompetent medical professional. There is no question, that these false statements were calculated to injure the reputation of Dr. Jimerson and Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions in the medical and cosrnetic surgery industry and that they are defamatory per se.
The above statements were, published with actual knowledge of falsity or with a reckless disregard for the tnnth or falsity. I hereby demand that you immediately publish a correction and retraction of the statements about Dr. Jimerson and Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions. The correction and rotractions must be published in a conspicuous and publi" marrne, as the libelous and/or slanderous statements was published initially. Please notify me when the correction and retraction will berpublished and furnish me with a copy of same.

My bbl, hips, j tuck and 5 extra areas paid. After 2 months.

I take this pictures today to show my results after 2 months. They speak for themselves.i had bbl, hips,, lipo of my entire back, bra roll, arms and this,all for almost 20000$. My lifetime savings.I Feel robbed.i didn't get what I paid for.and now they are suing me for expressing my disappointment .....God sees everything....he is my STRENGH.......

3 months post Jimerson s Bbl, hips,J Tuck and lipo entire back,arms and tighs in less than 3 hours and at night...Shame on him..

My pictures speak for themselves....I will keep my review updated as long as I live....
I received messages saying that their office have refunded me my money ....that's False.....I didn't have any news from them since their lawyer s letter.....they keep my 20000$.....and threaten to sue me if I don't shut my mouth....but I won't ......

My method of payment , pre op and post op paper work.

Some people asked me to put proof that I am an Advanced plastic surgery solutions patient. Dr jimerson s clinic...so here are my 2 payments I made cash via wire transfer for 14750$ and another cash 4750$ in their office for extra lipo of my back, arms, tighs, upper back, love handles.they knew he can only lipo 5000cc but made me pay an extra 4750$ For 5 areas he never touched ....I won't let him stole my 20000$ and just walk away....

Methods of payments and paper work

A correction about the wire transfer is was 14950$.
So here are the pre op and post op paper and even the letter he gave me when I flew back to New York .and my two payments of 14950$ and 4750$ ..total 19750$... My lifetime savings I gave to him cash.and he took me at night even if my surgery was scheduled at 12:30 and did all my surgeries in -23--]2

My definite results....7 months post op.

Here are my 7 months results.....jimerson art of work...the magician who did lipo ed my entire body for thousands of $$$ , give me hips for thousands of $$$$ and butt for a fortune...here are my 20000$ body......they speak for themselves.....

7 months pics

My 7 months post op

J tuck at 7 months

I found this on Djcurves

That makes me cry....really he always did his best. 100% .?? So why did he do this to me .?for 20000$ .?

Before surgery and after surgery at 7 months.....

My before and after are almost identical

9 months post jimerson BBL, J tuck! lipo of 5 extra areas.

Butt at 9 months...

I met my wonderful friend phazphatbooty at Houston ....Dr Cortes office

Last Saturday I flew from New York to meet Dr Cortes at Houston...He is an honest and humble doctor.. I like his work too.but his price is a little bit out of pocket for me...Lucy said it can be up to 10500$ ...
.I also met my celebrity sistah phazphatbooty ...she is AMAZING....inside and out....her transformation is incredible...love you sis....
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I have paid 19750$ for bbl,tummy tuck and 5 extras areas for liposuction . my results are highly disappointing.i lost my lifetime savings.nobody has noticed a difference after my surgery.my tummy still big and my butt flat.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Did his office ever make an attempt to make things right for you by offering to redo procedure or partial refund?
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He should be ashamed of himself!
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Thank you so much for posting your experience and leaving it on here. You have a great heart because I can tell that you dont want this to happen to anyone else. I finally narrowed down my list to 3 drs and he is officially crossed off. Please let us know how everything goes with dr. Cortes! He is the other dr I am researching. I'm so sorry this happened to you and I hope more people are brave enough to not back down to lawyers and talks of suing for simply stating your dissatisfaction with services you paid for! Good Luck! Keep us posted!
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This doctor is either a hit or miss. His reviews are so shaky. But people still take a chance with him
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What happened to freedom of speech u paid for a service and wernt happy and hes trying to sue for voicing your opinion
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Omfg....he tried to sue
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Thank you for bringing awareness. Good luck on your future plans. Take care sweetie!
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What's the name of the dr
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Wow and I was considering him..omg
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So sorry, this happened, but you should see what actions you can take against him! For as much as he charge this is a FELONY!
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Hey baby any new updates on ur ps for revison
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This made me change my mind right away! I was going to have a consult with him because I live close to his practice, but not anymore. I'm leaning towards dr salama now...
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Good luck with your research.i didn't do my homework and that cost me 20000$.
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So sorry for what has happened to you I did think that he was a master but he was to pricey my husband said what's he gonna do come home with you and carry your ass around with his hands all day cause for that kind of money he should be doing just that so off the list he went which now that I have read your review I am so happy that he was crossed of my list I will say I agree with you it doesn't look like her lipo as much as he needed to is there a limit to the amount that he can remove in one surgery I no in Florida the dr can't take out over 4000cc per surgery so I no sometimes they will have you come back for round 2 however you have the right to be informed of this information before hand to make an informed decision I would sue him ,he can't sue you as long as your review is the truth ... and the world needs to no call an attorney stand up for yourself and thank you for sharing your story you are doing a lot to help your rs sisters and it is greatly appreciated... I do want you to know that as time goes by its getting a lot better so what ever you are doing keep up the good work
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Thank you for your support.i will keep my review update so people will see what this guy and his stuff did to me.they kept my 20000$ and told tissues of lies about me...but my pictures don't lie and everybody can see his work of me.
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Im sorry this happened to you... Did you excercise after the procedure?
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Im sorry this happened to you... Did you excercise after the procedure?
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A little bit.i also did some diet and lost some weight.but my results still horrible.
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May I add his sister had a tummy tuck as well and she looks like she's never been touched
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Yes she was one of the meanest person I have ever met.
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She was nice to me to get my money...didn't work !!!
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I had a consultation with him in Feb. I kept the appt. only bc I paid for it...I was there 5 mins and he was willing to do abt 8 procedures on the sane day for 15k...no thank you and I went with a different doctor and I'm glad I did...he has the BIG HEAD SYNDROME for real....
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