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After a month of getting the fraxel i still look...

After a month of getting the fraxel i still look red and tanned, also the area around the cheeks and chin looks dark, i am hoping that with time this will go away.


Within 2 days the redness was gone and took a week for the skin to peel off and after that i was left with radant skin, yes i was told to put lots of moisturizer. I just hope to look the same or at least for all the trouble and money there is should be some improvement. I am using mineral makeup and yes spf all the time. Thank you...
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Yes,that would be the best way to describe it.... really bad makeup look. My foundation does not match either as well. I was also thinking of doing a microderabrasion treatment to get rid of that layer of skin, i am scheduled for another fraxel treatment but wil not do it till again, i dont want to look even darker than this, i am also fair so it doesnt look good at all. I was better off without the fraxel treatment i looked much nicer with my foundation on. I did a fraxel treatmen 2 years back and it did wonders for me, i think the dosage or strength was really strong this time. I have a special occasion coming too for me next month so it really sucks! So do you look like you used to before the fraxel. Thank you.
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How long did it take you to heal last time? Depending on the time period 2 years ago....maybe you had the 1st generation. You could have had the 3rd generation also known as the Dual. Give it time. Baby your skin. It is angry right now and needs to calm down. Glo Minerals really helped cover mine plus it as a SPF.
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