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Surgery Required to Remove Granuloma

I'm glad other people on this site have had good...

I'm glad other people on this site have had good experiences. I really wish I could be commenting the same. I developed a granuloma under my right eye after using Radiesse which now requires surgery. This isn't for cosmetic reasons (though it is very unappealing) it's medically required.

The granuloma (as identified by a Plastic Surgeon)is adding pressure to my orbital rim,pressing against my lower eyelid, and increasing in size not decreasing. Now, I need to undergo General Surgery, miss a week's worth of work, be black & blue and bruised, and have a scar on my face. Since the surgery involves working around bone, I understand it will be painful.

The surgeon tells me the scar should heal well and in about 2 months and not be as noticeable. My initial experience with Radiesse was not good either. I had swelling over 4 weeks, the product shifted and distorted my face,and created a shadow/red circle under my other eye. Multiple people told me I looked tired, sick, and sad.

The other discouraging part is I used a Radiesse 'premier physician'. I thought I had done my research by selecting a doctor they recommended. I found out later, from the Radiesse rep, that a premier physician rating is given to the doctors who buys the most product. When I had my follow up visits,with this premier physician, I commented about my 'bump' and disfigurement, I was told 'everything is going to be fine'. After my 3rd visit, I realized it wasn't 'going to be fine'. That's when I found my new doctor.

PLEASE be careful with this product and the physician that administers it!!!! If anyone else has had a similiar experience with a 'bump'(ie, granuloma) please email me.


Has anyone found a resolution to lumps under the eyes?
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I am on my 10th month of having a lump and bag under my right eye. I had the injections done by a board certified plastic surgeon in Eugene OR. His assistant has been trying to get the discoloration to go away with a V-Beam laser. He says he can remove the radiesse with a little incision but I will have a scar. I contacted the company that makes radiesse and they said it will make it worse if he tries to take it out. If anyone has had any success getting rid of this stuff I'd love to hear from you.
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Hi, I too am into my 10th month of having Radiesse injections to enhance my cheek bones and have only just in the last 2 months experienced these lumps at the side of my nose, directly under the corner of my eyes. I have returned to the Spa where I had the injections and they state they have never seen or experienced anything like this, however it appears, after much searching, that they may be granduloma's. I am very worried these will increase in size and continue to press on my orbital eye area and interfere with my eye sight. I did not have any swelling at the time of the injections but I did experience lumping in the lower cheek area. Now months later I have the hard bumps (feel like bone) growing on each side of my nose. I am very freaked out but am trying not to panic and rush into a solution that may make matters worse. I am keeping in mind that Radiesse is only a temporary filler and it may go away in time. I am still in the process of searching for answers and solutions. I will keep you posted
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