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Botox and the Side Effects They All Deny - Sunshine Coast, Australia

Its Bull****... All botox is toxic. I got...

Its Bull****... All botox is toxic. I got convinced 5 days ago to get my frown lines done. The sheer hell I have gone thru in the past 5 days I would not wish apon anyone.. ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, TREMORS, NAUSEA, TIGHT BREATHING, MUSCLE WEAKNESS, CRYING AT THE DROP OF A HAT....I cant wait til this wears off and never agin will I be so stupid.

Its lies....there is down time...I have been to the dr 4 times and th ER twice in the past 4 days due to major panic attacks and side effects

Vie Institute Maroochydore

I rang them to tell them of my symptoms and they just denied it all! Said "NO we have never had any complaints" Its all lies to get your money. I honestly felt like I was going to die 3 days ago, and it has taken me 5 days to just get up and going and feeling semi normal! I cant believe I did this to myself or my children.

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Thank you so much for replying. (Lil Clem) Yes its been almost 6 weeks and am ok now regarding the blurred vision and muscle weakness, although I still randomly suffer an anxiety attack and feel "weird" detatched almost at some periods during the wk. It sort of just comes out of the blue, and no I dont suffer depression. Well I have since having this toxin but never previously. This weekend I am starting to feel tightening in the forehead/frown area and have the headache again so I am thinking it may be starting to wear off slowly as I can actually frown and make a wrinkle now. I agree with what you said about "what is the point in having a wrinkle free face but not feeling well enough to enjoy it" Also the unexplainable sense of dread sums it up perfectly!!! Its terrible and I will never have it again..I have also heard bad reports about Juvederm so I am glad you have not had a bad reaction to that. Do you feel back to normal now?
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Dear Nikisc, I hope you are feeling better! I felt compelled to comment because I had a similar experience. I had gotten juvederm done in the past, and was not at all worried about getting botox. Big mistake! I was so overwhelmed with all-consuming, overwhelming anxiety, racing heart, panic attacks, and a horrible, unexplainable sense of dread. Before I got botox, I didn't even know what a panic attack was. I will post my whole ordeal one of these days, but basically I learned the hard way that botox may improve your wrinkles, but what good is it if you have a bad reaction and feel so horrible that you can barely leave the house?!? Then nobody will even get to see your nice, unwrinkled face! I had it done a year ago and it took several months before I felt better. Best of luck... hopefully you can get some extra help with the kids from your partner and/or family members while you wait for the side-effects to go away.
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Hi Britt....Its been 8 days and counting so i assume another 3-6 months :/ Today not feeling too bad, but 3 days ago I felt like I was going to die...It was scary and horrible to feel that way as I have 3 young children..Have been to the drs many times to get some answers. None of them will admit its side effects...One patronisingly said "You are having anxiety because you had the procedure done" I could not believe it...I never had anxiety prior to having this suggested poison put into my body. Britt can I ask you a question? Do you have botox??
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No, I have not had Botox, but as the moderator of the Botox community, my heart goes out to all of you. Why do you ask?


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I had just wondered if you had suffered any side effects from it. Thanks.
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Nope, I just worry about all of my Botox Community who suffers instead. :)

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Hi nikisc,

Welcome to the Botox community. Wow, that is a lot to be dealing with. I'm glad you found help in the Botox forum pages. Do you know how much longer you have before it will wear off? Please keep us updated. 

Thanks so much for the review,


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