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Botox and the Side Effects They All Deny - Sunshine Coast, Australia

Its Bull****... All botox is toxic. I got...

Its Bull****... All botox is toxic. I got convinced 5 days ago to get my frown lines done. The sheer hell I have gone thru in the past 5 days I would not wish apon anyone.. ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, TREMORS, NAUSEA, TIGHT BREATHING, MUSCLE WEAKNESS, CRYING AT THE DROP OF A HAT....I cant wait til this wears off and never agin will I be so stupid.

Its lies....there is down time...I have been to the dr 4 times and th ER twice in the past 4 days due to major panic attacks and side effects


where are yous getting botox done? I have had it im 23 years old and haven't had any problems at all. I go to Brisbane though.
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Thank you so much for replying. (Lil Clem) Yes its been almost 6 weeks and am ok now regarding the blurred vision and muscle weakness, although I still randomly suffer an anxiety attack and feel "weird" detatched almost at some periods during the wk. It sort of just comes out of the blue, and no I dont suffer depression. Well I have since having this toxin but never previously. This weekend I am starting to feel tightening in the forehead/frown area and have the headache again so I am thinking it may be starting to wear off slowly as I can actually frown and make a wrinkle now. I agree with what you said about "what is the point in having a wrinkle free face but not feeling well enough to enjoy it" Also the unexplainable sense of dread sums it up perfectly!!! Its terrible and I will never have it again..I have also heard bad reports about Juvederm so I am glad you have not had a bad reaction to that. Do you feel back to normal now?
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wow, I have worked in a Botox clinic for a few years and never once heard of anyone having these kind of side affects. I have had it a few times myself and absolutely love it. Maybe there is some really dodgy botox out there...maybe its not legit stuff they are putting in the muscles??
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I rang them to tell them of my symptoms and they just denied it all! Said "NO we have never had any complaints" Its all lies to get your money. I honestly felt like I was going to die 3 days ago, and it has taken me 5 days to just get up and going and feeling semi normal! I cant believe I did this to myself or my children.

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