Im So Upset -Sunrise, FL

I'm not understanding what's going on I'm doing...

I'm not understanding what's going on I'm doing everything they tell me my friends and family say I looked the same I'm just hoping my money don't go to waste I mean he was very good with me made me feel like I was gonna leave with what I ask for I'm hoping in the long run it pays off I'm praying ..
Wow maybe you need to go for a more aggressive liposcrupture and another round of BBL (because there was no booty at all before) they need to put all extra fat into your BBL, I hope you showed him this picture you have up and ask him to explain whats going on. Good Luck.
Sorry about ur result and don't b discouraged.
I hope you do not let this discourage you , this Dr did not do a good job , your body doesn't look bad however he needs to do a revision free of charge !!! Good luck ill be praying for your situation , he did give you a small but but it looks like you could have achieved that on your own !


Stomach is gone but my butt is a no go

Not happy

I'm not happy with my butt
Omgawd I'm soo sorry sweetie soo is goin to re do ur bbl??
He did me also. Very unsatisfied with results. First they said I wouldn't have to pay anything for revision now the patient manager saying $999 to revise. I'm not paying that because what he doesn't do good the 2nd time. He is not a good fat transfer doctor and with all the complaints, strax is not comprehending all they see is money!
Strax is so money hungry! Can't believe they are charging that much for a revision
Dr randy dean

He was a good dr but my results are not looking good

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