Small Frame: God Gave Me a Voluptuous Upstairs but a Bony Behind - Sunrise, FL

I'm 5"4, about 118 and athletic. In college, I was...

I'm 5"4, about 118 and athletic. In college, I was leaner and fitter and weighed a few pounds less. But I have felt SO down since from the atrophy of my athletic figure, and the softening of my belly, thighs and arms.

Naturally, I am not built to be thin, but curvy. My bra size is a 31 DDD! But my butt is so small and flat that sitting for long periods of time, or on a hard surface at all, I get VERY uncomfortable and in pain even. My waist at its smallest was about 24 inches and that's with a lot of abdominal muscle build up. However, my thighs have always touched! I've always been so embarrassed that no matter how fit I get or how well I eat, my thighs always rub together, I always have a 'smoosh' out the sides of my sports bra and my arms carry some extra flap, detracting from the muscle I work so hard to earn! Of course my mom and my friends say, "you don't have any fat!" but I know my body and I know friends and moms aren't going to nit pick at your love handles unless you're several pounds overweight.

My body image has always been a major challenge for me. No matter my weight or size, I've always felt extremely uncomfortable in a bathing suit. I just have never had the look that makes me feel confident showing so much skin. I am extremely analytical and am able to honestly look at myself and say, "ok, I DO have touching thighs that would look better if they were a bit apart." So, instead of whining and complaining to people (or myself anymore), I decided to do something about it.

For the past two years, I have been researching smart lipo and then eventually the Brazilian Butt lift. I have never really been obsessed with being SKINNY. This is a word I do NOT care for because it implies a lack of muscle and lack of health in general. I have always just wanted to have my curves distributed in the right area aka my ASS, NOT my thighs, love handles, stomach arms and bra roll!

Hello! I am 8 days post operation Brazilian Butt...

Hello! I am 8 days post operation Brazilian Butt Lift!

I have a few things I'd like to share for people who are planning on having this procedure.

1. My doctor, Thomas Pane, at Strax Rejuvenation is AMAZING! I am thrilled with my experience with him and encourage anyone interested in a Butt or Breast surgery to check him out in Sunrise, FL.

2. I know most candidates for this procedure are a bit bigger than me, but I encourage women who are petite, athletic and against the 'skinny' look of lack of curves to consider this procedure.

3. BBL is great for people who have BDD (body dismorphic disorder) like me. This means you have at least some difficulty seeing your body realistically and/or are fixated on less - than - perfect aspects of your body. Have your proportions set (in this case having a fat transfer) really helps take away the anxiety and fixation of how clothes fit. It is a way to boost your confidence without dramatically changing how you look or obsessing about numbers on a scale. It's amazing what 'proportionalizing' can do!

4. This procedure is a SURGERY and that means lots of healing! I have been so impatient! Checking my lipo areas every hour to see if the swelling has gone down and bruising is gone! Also, I get so excited about my beautiful curviture, I am almost afraid its going to disappear on me, I keep checking my behind in the mirror. No more flatty-ass with wide thighs! I finally have a great look to my behind, but I know my curvaciousness will not be complete for several weeks when swelling is gone.

5. Bathroom use. Yes, I have been peeing standing up, I almost feel like a man, but it is necessary to stay off the tush. For the first couple days, I peed almost every hour. Now I'm down to about every three. Also, I wasn't aware that I would become so constipated this past week. I didn't do number 2 for 5 whole days! YIKES! I recommend Ex - Lax laxative if you've gone that long. Believe me it works and is a huge relief.
Also, what helped me get my bowels, um, 'going' was a large exercise ball. I got on my knees and gently pushed my pelvis in the ball, moving a bit and putting various amounts of pressure on it. It feels like a massage and wakes up your body to go to the bathroom!

6. Sleeping on the stomach really is MISERABLE. The first two nights I set down a plastic sheet to catch any drippyness from my incisions. Also, I have been posted up on the couch because I'm afraid I will roll over onto my back if I stay in the big bed. I have tried many pillow combos, but here's the best one thus far: Two softy, moldable pillows, similar to goose down. lay them long ways, one under the other. Crawl onto the couch on your knees and position yourself over the pillows so your chest is on the end of the top on. Wad up a small blanket and make the side of your head comfortable. When you wake up (and you will, frequently) turn your head to the other side and adust the blanket. Way more comfy on your neck than a pillow, trust me.
As for laying on your side, it may be quite painful as it was for me from the brusing from lipo. Make sure there's a pillow or blanket between your knees and make sure you have a blanket or pillow to hug to keep your chest open and arms from being uncomfortable.

7. Don't do much activity this first week! I was stupid and walked to the grocery store on day 5. BAD IDEA. I was sick it made me hurt so much. Even in my compression garment, I was swollen even from limited, slow walking.

8. When you can stand it, give your lipo areas a gentle massage with the palm of your hand and fingertips to prevent those hard spots. It actually softened my up pretty quick.

9. Eat small meals throughout the day, but do NO lay on your stomach for about 20 minutes after eating. You will feel SICK. Oatmeal is great, chicken chili starter from Williams-Sonoma (had white beans), oranges and blueberries, peanutbutter and banana sandwich, a small salad with protein after a few days, other foods with fiber. I'm a major dessert lover and a couple days ago I have Rice Krispy Treat Squares and they did NOT do well bc of lack of fiber and sugar. Try to keep the desserts down.

10. Your face and your vajayjay may get swollen. I had no idea this would happen, so I'm telling you now.

11. Please reference my photos for what your bruising, swelling and incisions might look like.

Here are my before and afters thus far. I know a...

Here are my before and afters thus far. I know a lot of women on here are a different body type and looking for that 'whah bam' booty and I think you women look really great! However, I am petite and did want a more subtle result that fit my frame. I had a lot of trouble finding women who were comparable to me and my body type, so I hope that my examples can help someone out there who wants something similar.

I had surgery two Fridays ago! Life so far has...

I had surgery two Fridays ago!

Life so far has been exciting and boring and painful all at the same time!

Yay for getting some more curves in my lower half. My stomach doesn't actually have fat on it anymore; pretty amazing! It's still very swollen though and it hurts! Same with my inner/out thighs and arms. Even with swelling though, measuring tape reveals smaller results. Can't wait for week 6 to measure again.

I wanted to bring up the issue about the compression garment. Wear the garment? Not wear the garment? I am a research freak and on this site, there are so many questions about the silly garment. A lot of the doctors say to wear it for a month and then at night weeks 4 - 6 and maybe even longer. However, I have not worn mine in a few days.

Reasons? Well, it's a freakin pain to deal with! That's one. The 'open crotch' part really isn't so much fun. Also, the sides where it zips dig into my hip bones which make it very painful in that area. Also, my skin on my tummy and love handles is weirdly moldable right now and I hate the indentations. I worry that my butt is going to be smooshed by it too.

I think the garment is great for the first 10-12 days. Then again, I am petite and didn't really have a tone of fat taken out, so that could make a huge difference in my need for it. I certainly did need it at first! After you've been cut open and gotten the fat sucked out of you and injected in your *ss, you need something to hold it all together. But I am 'together' now and feeling better NOT wearing the stupid thing.

One doctor posted on the Q&A section that your surgeon does your shaping (mine did a beautiful job) and that's what makes sense. The way he or she removed the fat and contoured the body is what is going to really bring out the final results. You can't use your garment as a magic wand if you feel like you're misshapen.

So basically, I think that the wearing of the garment past the first few days must be your choice. You know your body. If you think it helps, then keep wearing it! I, personally, am done with that darn thing!

I had my procedure three weeks ago TOMORROW! ...

I had my procedure three weeks ago TOMORROW! Which MEANS I can sit again in 24 hours!!! YESSS!!! I cannot believe that I have made it this far. I still check out my 'rear view' in the mirror everyday because I still cannot totally believe my new shape is for real.

Yesterday, I went to the pool and gently swam around. It felt really nice and relaxing and great to be outside again. I did some very basic exercises with the noodle to get my muscles to remember that they are made to WORK and get strong again. I did some froggy leg swimming as well but was careful not to do it too intensely. I know that I still can't visit the gym to do a light workout on the elliptical until next weekend. Trust me, its already marked on my calendar because i cant WAIT.

Last entry I talked about the garment, but now I really want to talk about how liposuction is not as minor as I think advertisements make it out to be. The patient coordinator at my doctor's office described the pain from lipo to be similar to being sore after an intense workout. I'm going to have to say right now that it's much more like feeling you got beat up. It HURTS. It's not a debilitating hurt. It's just that type of ouchy pain. If someone threw a soccer ball at my stomach I'd be doubled over. The worst is sleeping on my side. My hip and side just dig into the pillow even and it really hurts. A lot of the swelling has gone down, but the lipo spots are tender to the touch. On my inner and outer thigh it isn't as bad as my stomach, but I can tell there really is still some healing that needs to occur. My arms also feel tender. EAch week, there is improvement in pain and swelling, so I am hoping by my one month mark next week it is reduced enough that I can do 30 mins on the elliptical to start waking up my heart and muscles again.

AT ONE MONTH: 1. STILL SWOLLEN! Good and bad. ...


1. STILL SWOLLEN! Good and bad. Good because my lipo areas are going to get even smaller. Bad because I'M STILL SWOLLEN lol it's just not comfortable.

2. Butt is ready to be used and abused. Meaning, I have been sitting and laying on my back. On Monday, Doctor cleared me for exercise.

3. Went back to gym Tuesday and did 35 mins. I did elliptical, treadmill on incline and bike. Then I went walking for another 20. Felt amazing! But swelling gets a bit worse and so does numbness in love handle area. The next morning I did about an hour of weight lifting and felt good. However, woke up next morning SO tired and had a headache all day. Clearly, I over did it mehh. Nothing rest can't help.

4. Went out to a friend's birthday last night and felt GREAT. My friends are really shocked with how I look. Not that I was ever a big girl or anything, but like I have ALWAYS said, I just naturally carry some chunk on me no matter how much I work out. Yeah, well, that's pretty much gone now. And that's another thing. No one wants to tell their friend, "You're fat" "You are chunky" "You have chunky thighs" "You have a stomach" etc etc. So, instead, they say, "You're not fat at all" Even when you never said you were FAT. No, you simply point out what could improve on your body, but no one will admit it to you. BUT when you actually DO change, they immediately say something like, "You look skinny" implying they DID notice what you looked like before. SO annoying! I've definitely noticed from this whole processes that you have to put blinders on. If YOU know you can improve than certainly GO FOR IT. Do not listen to anyone saying, "No, you look fine" blahblahblahhh. Because once you do have your change, you will feel amazing about it.

5. Food. I have been cooking ALL of my meals since the surgery. One time my bf (now ex, blah) brought me some dinner and another time I ate for a business meeting. Other than that, the past month, I have had ALL home cooked meals. It feels AMAZING. The food is so fresh and tastes great and my cooking skills are even improving! I have a recipe to share with everyone:
Delicious summer salad that makes you FULL
sliced strawberries
goat cheese
1/4 cup quinoa (cook using package instructions)
Lite Lime dressing (Newman's own)
6 Shrimp, deveined, coated with olive oil, salt and pepper (cook on grill pan or regular pan)
Trust me, you will feel as if you are eating in a nice restaurant with this salad. Mostly, it fills you up without that icky I-just-ate-ranch-dressing feeling.

BBL UPDATE 2 MONTHS, 5 DAYS Butt still hurts a...


Butt still hurts a bit when i run or jump or anything related to that, but getting better. Still not in the gym consistently, I need to really get on that!

Lipo areas still have scar tissue that's trying to go away. It is still sore, ESPECIALLY on my stomach and love handle areas. Everything looks even, but I can still feel what's going on underneath.

I have made a decision to do a breast lift and Augmentation! YAY! I am going to the same doctor for it, but not sure when I am doing it. After all, all this surgery is expensive.

New pictures when I feel I'm all healed up.

3 MONTH UPDATE: Three months later and I have...


Three months later and I have gotten used to the new size of my butt. Sometimes I worry that there wasn't much of a change because I can't feel it anymore. Then I look in the mirror and at pictures and realize how great it looks now and I get excited and happy all over again!

I'm so pleased with the size and shape of my butt. I don't think "Oh, I wish I would have been able to go bigger." It really is perfect the way it is. The lipo was done very well too and everything really looks natural. I do want to go next year and have a big more lipo done on my thighs and arms but that's me really being picky. I wouldn't change what the surgeon did this time around AT ALL because it was the perfect amount.

In my legs I don't notice any swelling or scar tissue anymore and it isn't tender to the touch. In my arms there definitely is some and if I press on it, it feels slightly tender. My stomach is still softening up because that's where most of it was removed. You will be able to see in the new pictures for the three month mark how much my stomach has gone down since the last update. I believe there is still a bit more to go!

The doctors do know what they are talking about when they say you won't see final results for lipo until six months. It does take the body quite a bit to heal from the trauma of the procedure. The best part is, no one on the outside will notice. Only you will know and feel the scar tissue and it's not debilitating at all! I just gets swollen a bit on your period and after exercising as well. Also, being on the airplane! I notice a bit of tenderness in my stomach during travel.

On a personal note: Mentally, I feel like I'm still in my old body sometimes. I feel insecure about my legs and my 'rear' view. Also my arms and stomach. Basically, it's hard to make the mental adjustment to my new body. Taking the photos and trying on clothes helps me bring the mental picture of the 'new' me to life inside my own mind. When I get down and feel 'chunky' still it makes it harder to get out and do things like going to the gym. This is the BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) acting up. It may seem vain and silly to take pictures of your own self in underwear or naked, but to me it's helpful and releases a negative weight off my mind. Also, posting the photos here for me to go back and compare and see the progress lined up is reassuring. I hope that it can also help some of the other bloggers on here, too.

Also, I am getting a breast lift and Augmentation done next! Nov. 2 Same doctor.

Wanted to give a quick update. I had my BBL...

Wanted to give a quick update.

I had my BBL almost 7 months ago. I haven't put up new pictures because I look pretty much the same now as I do in the other ones except that I'm not as tan and I gained a bit of weight (did NOT go to my butt) I still cannot gain weight in my butt to save my life!

I want to say that it is not true that your body will gain weight where you had the transfer or will stop gaining weight where you had lipo. Your genetics are still determining where the fat goes, and it's still going to be in the same place it went since you developed into a woman. Our genetics rule fat placement, but it does not stop BBL from being an amazing surgery. A fat transfer is just about the closes you CAN get to fighting genetics.

For example, my body gains weight EVERYWHERE but my butt. My thighs are the worst, as is the top of my arms. Getting lipo and putting that fat in my butt was the only way on God's green earth I was EVER going to have a booty that wasn't just plain tiny and boring. I have been exercising for 11 years! That wasn't going to make me a big butt! I had a shapely muscular butt, but my thighs were so wide, it ruined the image. I'm SO glad that's behind me now. Phew!

Point is, BBL is great because you can't fight genetics but you can move fat from one place to another in a matter of a few hours.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

I did tons of research and met him and other doctors. Especially after meeting with the other physicians, I found Dr. Pane to be the perfect doctor to trust my body with. He has the proper credentials and certifications and of COURSE is Board Certified. He has hospital privileges began his undergraduate studies with the goal of becoming a surgeon, NOT a dentist or other medical specialty. Dr. Pane is young enough to be extremely thorough, caring and passionate, but still holds plenty of experience and seasoned expertise. He is respectful, kind, and most importantly, listened to what I wanted while guiding me to realistic goals.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Do you do a lot of weight lifting with your legs? sometimes in a lot of girls they have that thick leg no bum look because hamstrings increase in size
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Hi! I had my breasts done by Dr. P. Do you have pics of your bbl? For some reason I can't see any pics
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You look beautiful. And it's so encouraging to see someone about my size have this fabulous a result. I hear you on the whole BDD matter, cause I've had my share of it - but believe me, you are just lovely, lovely, lovely!
  • Reply
Wow, thanks so much! I appreciate your compliment quite a bit. When I first came on this site, I wasn't sure anyone would be at all interested in my blog because I just wanted a nice bubble instead of a much bigger size or something.
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Of course there's interest! I'm actually going to use your photos as a reference. :D And if you don't mind me asking - I do hope it's not too personal - how come you decided to do your breasts as well? Just wondering because they look perfect to me, they fit just beautifully with the rest of your body. I was sorta surprised when I read it. :)
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Awesome you are going to use my photos!! Check out my breast augmentation review to see why I did my breasts and how they are now full and perky!
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Yes kittycatkat, she looked beautiful before, but she looks Amazing now with perky boobs and nice butt.
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Thank you so much!! I'm starting to feel like a 'new me' but not far outside of what God gave me in the first place.
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Hi PB! I forgot I have read this review before of yours! =) You look great! Completely natural and I am jealous of your thighs and butt now! lol    
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Why, thank you! I absolutely love Dr. Pane. It was a no - brainer to ask him to do my breasts as well!
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Hi petiteblonde. I too am petite and was wanting to know how much weight you gained? What was your weight b4 surgery and how many cc's was the doctor able to get out?
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I gained about five pounds and luckily for me, most of it went to my stomach! I had 530ccs per side put in.
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Beautiful! I really like your silhouette and slim figure. I gained 10 lbs and I feel like a whale. I really hope I can get your figure when I'm done :-)
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Thanks SO much! I just need to get back to a dedicated fitness routine to perfect it. Also, stll some scar tissue on my stomach. The weight gain is worth it and after your swelling goes down, you will feel great! Just be realistic and focus more on shape. I made sure to emphasize bubble, which added fullness on top. Makes legs look longer and is feasible for our body type. Remember, average BBL patient is between 140-160, so we smaller women have a different result.
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You look amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I still have 3 weeks till my surgery with Dr. P and have to admit I am a bit nervous. Reading and seeing your progress has been reassuring. Someone else on here is having issues with Strax and aftercare. I do wonder if it has to do with her PS. She had her surgery with Dr. Basile who I know works out of different offices (one of the reasons I didn't pick him, although I love his work). I'm hoping the Dr. is the issue and not Strax. I will only be there for 2 weeks, so can't have my appointment canceled all the time. This lady is stating that they keep calling her the night before her appointments to reschedule her. She's been PO for 4 weeks now and has had no aftercare. Did you have any problems with your aftercare or having your appointments re-scheduled po?
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Hello! Thanks for viewing my most recent blog. And YAY for your surgery! It's so funny because a week after yours, I go in for my boobs too! I can't wait to hear how your experience goes, also. Anyways, on to your concerns.. You must be referring to the Palm Beach office. I cannot personally comment on that SPECIFIC office because I have never been there but I CAN comment on the Lauderhill office that you will be having your surgery and post op follow ups in. All comments below are based on that office. First thing: After care is essential and I was versed on this before my surgery as to when I needed to come in for each thing. Obviously, it's most desirable for you to meet with the DOCTOR and not the physician assistant or a nurse, but they DO offer that option. The doctor's schedules are crazy with the surgeries, especially since they can change last minute. So, that's on the doctor if he personally isn't showing up for follow ups, but the CENTER itself will have either another doctor or a nurse follow up with you. I know this because they offered that option to me AND they have a sign up in the follow up office clearly stating this. Dr. Pane has been accommodating to me, even going into my consult for me BL/BA! So, don't be concerned about NOT being seen. You WILL be seen by SOMEONE with an MD to make sure everything is okay lol so you won't be left in the dust without care. Also, Dr. Pane is a great listener. I re-realized this when I went in for my consultation for my BL/BA. If you tell him natural, you will get natural. So, i you want something that in between, let him know. He WILL do what you ask and discuss it with you. The more you talk, the better. Speak up and don't hold back on what you want. Also, you can ask him during surgery about the follow up. Tell him your concerns and how important it is that you see HIM for your follow up. He will work well with you. My experiences with him have been consistent. I don't think I would even use another surgeon for any future surgeries I plan on doing. Your surgery should go well. Just communicate the best you can and ask any questions, no matter how 'silly' they may seem.
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Thank you so much PB. You are so sweet. I completely forgot they have two offices and just assumed she meant the Lauderhill office. Well that makes me feel even better. :o) Since I am coming in from out of town, my initial consult was over the phone and I could already tell he is very caring. I was very disappointed about having my BL/BA staged, but at the same time very happy that he is looking out for my best interest. I will be having my preop the day before my surgery where he will make his final decision on doing my BL/BA together or staged. His honesty gave me a lot of confidence in him, so I will be happy with whatever he decides. This will just push my BBL a little further down. That is awesome about your BL/BA! Can't wait to see your final results!
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you're doing a BBL?? THAT'S GREAT!! I am SO happy I got one, it really makes a difference in comfort level alone (no more crashing thighs or bony behind). You DEFINITELY want to get the BBL done way down the road because, believe me, you do NOT want to sit for the three weeks. It is painful to sit! You will lay down or stand ALL the time. Even being on your side is painful if you have lipo on side/side of legs. However, I TOTALLY understand about how hard it is to be patient! I wish I was having my BL/BA done tomorrow haha! I also am going to get my nose done, but not until next year! And I want cellulaze too lol. I prob wont be done with my procedures for a couple years. It really would be cool to just do it all and be done and go on living life lol but surgery is such a big deal and can't be treated like a new hairstyle. I keep reminding myself that!! Also, as a side note, if you need any other info about Miami/Ft. Lauderdale or anything, let me know. I'd be happy to help out there, too.
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Thank you PB. You truly are the sweetest. Although I appreciate the offer, I was actually born and raised in Florida and know the area very well. My husband and I moved from Florida to Pennsylvania about 4 years ago. That is the reason I am having my surgery over there. Our whole family lives there and they insist on taking care of me and helping us with our children during my recovery. We miss Florida so much and were hoping to go out before surgery, but I am flying in to Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday, having my preop and buying my supplies on Wednesday, and having my surgery on Thursday. I'm so excited and can't wait!!!
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You look beautiful, PetiteBlond! Thanks especially for the before photos to allow us to compare the difference.
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Thank you! I just added some more. You can really see how swollen I was the first month compared to now.
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Your experience has been very helpful... I'm planning to have the surgery by the end of August, I'm excited but at the same time kind of afraid!

I wanted to ask you about the bruises... For how long did you have them? I will have the fat removed from my abdomen and thighs. Also, I have to get back to work after 10 days and I'm afraid I won't fit into my clothes and look funny, how did that work for you? Oh by the way I'm 115 5'6" with 17% of body fat.

And one last thing, (sorry for all the questions), you mentioned that you got your vajayjay swollen, for how long? I wasn't aware of that =/
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Yay! Exciting you are having surgery soon! To address your questions:
1. Bruising: Visibly, no more than 2 weeks in my case
2. I fit into my clothes better immediately after the surgery, garment or no garment. I would probably wear the garment the first day back to work. My reasoning on that is, you can get a painful numbness in your lipo areas when you don't have the garment on. I didn't really wear it after day 12 but I was also at home the whole time and would only put it on if I felt in pain. If you are going to be moving around at work, best to wear it.
3. Yes, my downstairs bit got HUGE, it was a lovely little surprise for me. That swelling lasted maybe 3 - 4 days at the most and then it went away rather quickly. It's not so bad. What's worse is having to pee every 30 - 45 minutes around the clock.
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Great advice, but I am having a BA/BL and TT so don't think I will be able to do any of that until my doctor clears me.
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