3 Days into my Plasma - Columbus, OH

IT HURT LIKE HELL.... I will try to be as in depth...

IT HURT LIKE HELL.... I will try to be as in depth as I can. They first start you on special creams and lotions cost of about $500.00 for everything they want you to use. The procedure cost $4000 in my area which is Columbus Ohio. They give you pain meds and then put numbing creme on your face .. then the ouchy part comes .. they shoot novacaine into your face 8 different places around your eyes , nose and mouth area.. holy cow did that hurt. then they start the procedure. some of the places are not numb so it feels like you are being burned with a cigar.... it felt like a sun burn for about three hours after wards and then I felt fine. sleepy but fine. your face turns brown and then starts to peel off. I am hoping for wrinkle reduction and tighter skin. I have a few pics but it will only let me download one. so I will put up other if I find a website that lets me blog my experience. I will let you all now in a few days how things are progressing

Day 7 and things are looking good. still kind of...

day 7 and things are looking good. still kind of red and scaley abut unless you get up very close to me you cant tell ... I shoudl be good as ne win 10 days.

Did it hurt. Yes and No... the shots on my face...

did it hurt. Yes and No... the shots on my face hurt like a SOB .. but after that it only felt like a stringing nothing I couldnt handle. was it uncomfortable. yes but from what I see so fare worth it. my skin is tighter and smooth. my eyes were the biggest concern and they seem to be slightly tighter and I'm told will just get better with time.
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I have had procedures done here before.

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Hi there, just checking in for an update on your progress, any updated pictures would be welcomed :)

Thanks in advance :)


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Is there any long-term benefit? Have you done other things?
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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and write a review.
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Thank you for sharing this experience. I hope you find support from our community.  If you are looking for a Doctors opinion, I recommend you ask a question in our Doctor Q&A.

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Yes, please update new pics. I'm thnking of having this done too!
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Hi BossLadyTj, did you end up getting the treatment done?

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Hi. I am grateful for your overview info on the sedation and pain. I would love it if you would not forget to post a pic or two and to update. I am considering having this done so that the deep CO2 isn't necessary, and please don't forget to update. There's not much on the Portrait on Realself, and most people had it done years ago and didn't update after, or had horror stories. I hope yours goes better and you do update. Thanks!
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it is now day 5 and wow I am loving it. I had crepiness under my eyes and for 40 I was NOT happy about it. I will be happy to add pics. day 3 and 4 were the worst now I have some redness and some light peeling but for the mostpart I am THRILLED with the results. skin tight .. NO wrinkles ..
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Great! Some "no wrinkles" results are edema (swelling). I hope most truly go away for you from real neo-collagen creation. Is there supposed to be a demarcation line in the end, between when you got it done and not? --- And did it hurt a lot?
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Please, please save your money and consider another procedure! I had Plasma done to my face 4 years ago to correct acne scars. The procedure was horrendously painful despite going to a qualified and trustworthy MD. The results lasted maybe a 1 year top. You'll achieve the same results with the less expensive and way less painful IPL, and you will be able to go back to maintain your skin. Can't do that with Plasma. Now I know why, nobody in their right mind would want to go through another treatment again!

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Stella, I'm scheduled to have the Plasma laser done in 2 weeks, what other treatments do you recommend? I have acne scars I want gone at least half way gone would be great. I've tried every medicine, $200 gels, chemical peels which just made my face blotchy, I even had a 6 low laser facials done 2 yrs ago and 1 CO2 which never peeled on me so not much results. I also had the "Vampire Facelift" in the area where my scares are which was horrible and did not work. Roller derm treatment only made my face break out they only thing I have not tried is Juviderm. So what do you suggest?
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Hi there ClareK, just checking in to see if you went ahead with the Portrait treatment? Thanks for encouraging others to update, the more information shared the better!

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I never had one nor was nec. planning to. I was searching methods to help. Thanks and if I do anything, I'll let u know.
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