Tummy Tuck Experience - Sugar Land, TX

I had a tummy tuck done ,it was the best decision...

I had a tummy tuck done ,it was the best decision i had ever done in my life, i don't regret it. i am so happy with my procedure, DR. GARY M. HORNDESKI AND HIS STAFF WERE GREAT. THEY TREATED ME VERY GOOD AND MADE ME FEEL COMFORTABLE TO BE AROUND EVERYONE THERE. i loved it.
I was there for preparation for about 1 hour. Then they explained the procedure of what i was going to get done. The procedure lasted for about 4 hours. Afterwards they made an appointment for me to come back the next day, and it was great because they checked on me and made sure everything what going good. That really helped and made me feel more secure and happy because i knew they were taking good care of me.
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we would love to see some pics:) as I am researching for my TT
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Yay! Sounds like you had a great experience!!
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Congrats! Pics?
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Welcome to the community.  Glad to hear everything went so well.  We would love to see your before and after pictures and also hear more about your recovery process.  Any tips you could share with the ladies would be wonderful.

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Do you have pics?
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