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About two weeks to go until the surgery, already...

About two weeks to go until the surgery, already getting excited, hoping to fill in and soften my sunken cheeks and bony temple/brow region. Also hoping this procedure will reduce some of the acne pits on my cheeks and temples. Ive read that this procedure has a high absorption rate but the only way I can determine that myself is to actually go through with the procedure and find out, I hope the fat that is injected will have some permanence.
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I was overall satisfied with the procedure, but....i was scheduled to get prepared for surgery at 10am, they didnt see me until 12:30pm, i waited in the office forever...they knew i was getting restless. The procedure itself was easy and painless, i took a nap on the table.

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not very good, I would post pics but im embarrassed about how I look right now. I look over-filled, my cheeks are HUGE, I hope this is just swelling cause I look kind of freakish right now.
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How are you feeling DiamondDogs1974?
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I have joan rivers cheeks right now, im scared that the fat wont go down. Im wondering if i might have made a mistake? I know its too early to tell, but im just so scared that i'll look like this permanently.
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Better today, swelling is bad, but im going to work anyways. Who cares?
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Just finished the procedure, pretty swollen and I have a fever, not enjoying that at all.
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Would you ever consider also adding fat to your forehead?...Often, when we age, the depression between the top of the eye brow bones and the top of the forehead, gets bigger....I read a blog by qiuqiu (you can google it) and she had fat transferred to her forehead area. She now has a round forehead and, with her other fat-grafting procedures, she looks at least 10 years younger....I'm just curious if you've thought about this--I'm not trying to convince you to do more--but in hindsight, I always wish I had checked out all the other options, since it's more economical to get everything done at once.
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Yes, I have thought about adding volume to the upper portion of my face. I wish now, that I would have told him to go ahead and add some more to that area because im sure he had plenty of fat to work with, but I held back for some reason. Oh well, my cheeks look better.
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Thanks, yea im brave. lol. I just hope the end result will be good. Ive read on here and other sites stating that fat transfer results aren't permanent, but my doctor assured me that even with my high metabolism, a new technique he uses for fat transfer, will produce permanent results. But I might need just one minor touch up in the future. Im keepin my fingers crossed.
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how is your face a month out? did you have a lot of bruising? or just swelling? would you do it again?
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The swelling has finally gone down, although I get flare ups from time to time, it seems like the swelling is more apparent when I just wake up but tapers off as the day goes by. I really like the results, I had a post op visit today and he said this is my final result, although I might need a touch up in the coming months. Im pretty satisfied with the outcome. I had no bruising whatsoever, just intense swelling, it looked like my head was replaced with a balloon for the first week but after about day 8 or 9 the swelling got down to a point where I didn't feel self conscious out in public. But being in the public eye for the first week was pretty unavoidable since I made the stupid decision to have the procedure done less than a week before going on vacation to Reno to visit family....O..M..G, it was torture. I was getting awkward looks and raised eyebrows from practically...everyone, I wanted to die. I ALWAYS underestimate the recovery time, im really stubborn. I wanted to go back to work the day after my rhinoplasty..no joke. But all in all, besides the first tortuous week, im pretty happy about the surgery. Just a word of advice for anyone planning on doing this--Do not even think about going to work or being around big crowds for at least a good week or even longer, your face will look disfigured. I learned the hard way.
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Welcome to RS ! Your brave...ouch the face? Congratulations and happy healing!
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