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I am a 28 mama of 3 in desperate need of a lift...

I am a 28 mama of 3 in desperate need of a lift and some new tatas! I breastfed all three and have recently lost 69 pounds! My breasts are sooo saggy and deflated with no tissue. I am lucky to have found a wonderful plastic surgeon in the sugarland, Texas area where I live! My surgery is May 16 and I can't wait for this life-changing event. I'm so ready to lose my saggy breasts and gain a whole lot of confidence! :)
Welcome, I'm so happy that you started your pre-op review so we can support you through this. Have you started gathering your supplies for your post-op recovery?
Thanks for the warm welcome! No, I haven't started getting things ready.. Yet. The only thing thus far is childcare, lol, which I figured was the most important. I finally posted before pictures and was extremely nervous to do so.. Hope it helps someone relate as I have been able to find support through this website. :)
Thanks for posting photos, it really is so helpful for others to relate. 

Here is a link I thought you may find helpful for post-op recovery:

13 Things To Do (Or Buy) Before Your Breast Aug

Keep us posted :) 

Finally posting before pics...

I'm excited for you! I am pretty sure you'll be very happy about the change Just remember it takes them a little while to settle and be fantastic so be patient. Your going to feel great!
Thank you soooo much, I can't wait!
Baby girl, my thoughts , you did Gods work breast feeding those babies, ( no offence to those who did not, I had my first early as well as a few friends and they didn't feel right breast feeding, trust I under stand) anyway, once you get ur boobs as soon as you wake up , ur confidence level will sky rocket and you will stand up a whole hellava lot straiter!! I'm here for you as well as a lot others if you need anything. Don't be nervous , the surgery is not all that stressful , a lot wake up and are like wow I did all that stressing for absolutely nothing!! I will be reading ur updates too so keep on posting my deer!!;~}

Pre-op is in 3 days!!!

I know it's just the pre-op but I'm still super excited! It makes things seem more "real". At this appointment, we are going over the sizes and profiles. I have a million questions to ask too.. Which I'm sure they get tired i
Of answering haha. I need to bring my signed paperwork, wear a tight white shirt (I'm assuming for the sizing), and a sports bra. I'm so excited.. I guess I will get everything that I need for my actual surgery after my pre-op too. I really would like to find a short-sleeved zip up hoodie. Anyways, I'll update after my pre-op! :)
I'm excited to hear how your pre-OP goes! Do you have an idea of what size of implants and what profile you want?
Thank you! I definitely want high profile, silicon, and not too too sure about size... Am thinking small D? My stats are 5'6 150 pounds... Not quite sure what exactly goes with my body?
Same here...I don't really know what will work well with my body, so I'm leaving the final decision up to my PS. But so far my thoughts are that I want about 250 ccs, silicone, high profile or moderate plus. I'm hoping to find out more at my pre-OP.


What is all the buzz about this bra?
Lol, I had no idea about the Coobies either! But I just got one that I ordered on Amazon and they are super soft and look comfy. I haven't even tried it on yet though bc changing is such an ordeal right now. Congrats to you on your weight loss! Is your pre-op today??
I am definitely going to buy one- I found some on amazon too.. I like the ones with the lace! Oooo la la! ;);) thank you- I have worked so hard but this baby belly is taking forever to budge! All worth it though for my gorgeous babies! My pre-op IS today! I'm soooo stinking excited and getting ready as we speak! Maybe I'm being silly but I am so excited bc we haven't went into detail about size or profile or anything other than silicone so today we will go over everything and it will feel more real I'm sure!! Afterwards, I plan on finding some zip up bras and getting more pillows and some other things.. I have a sitter so I may do a little shopping ;);) I will update as soon as it's over!
Glad your pre-op went well! That sounds like the perfect size range, and it's nice to let your doctor make the final call during surgery because he can see what will work best. I'm also a runner and didn't want my new boobies to get in the way, so I get that! Hope the next 2 weeks will fly by for you :-)

Pre-op DONE! Feeling real!

Pre-op was a success! Yayyy! Wow, it is feeling so much more "real". 2 weeks from today- can't wait! Well we decided on moderate plus and somewhere in the ballpark of 375-400 ccs. I am a runner and don't want huge boobs but I def want noticeable ones! He gave me my prescriptions and answered all 1000 of my questions- lol! I tried on some but it was sooo quick I didn't have time to take pics of that. He basically said while he's doing the surgery he will play around and see what looks best. I showed him pics to make sure were on the same page and I trust him! He's so awesome :) Anyways, he did tell me to go to Walmart and get a Danskins sports bra that clasps in the front.. He said no zip because of my lift. He didn't specify but I'm assuming bc of the incisions. Anyhow, I posted a "before" pic in the bra. I DO NOT like this bra- it's so uncomfortable but I felt the need to buy it since he was so specific. Don't mind my saggy boobs and saddlebags! :/

Oops.. Here's a pic

Before pic in Danskins bra... Blahhhhh
Good luck on your surgery honey..... can't wait to hear your experience!
Thank you soo much! 11 more days! ;);)

Chest Excercises?!

My doctor told me to stop my chest excercises since surgery is only a week and a half away. :( He told me it will just make my recovery that much more painful. Too all my realself girls who work out, did this have any effect on y'all? I'm definitely going to stop and listen to what the doctor says but I'm just wondering! Also, do y'all think burpees are considered chest excercises?? I'm still lifting my weights though because that's basically only working out my back, arms, and shoulders...
Your day is almost here!!! How happy are you? I am 5 days out and i feel so much better! I bought a zip up short sleeved up hooded at walmart for 12 . Its a swimsuit cover up .. i will post a pic so u can see it ..
Heyyyy!! I am sooo excited! Still worried about lifting my boys though :( I am for sure looking for that hoodie at my Walmart!!
I didn't stop any exercises til two days bf. ur surgery is coming up fast, girl can't wait right?!

4 MORE DAYS!!! The countdown is ON!

Ok sooo 4 more days! Craziness! I am feeling very excited, anxious, nervous but also very VERY worried about caring for my small sons as I've said before. I will be completely on my own by day 6! My hubby is in oilfield and works out of town usually so I won't really have his help. That is what is fully holding back my excitement. Well I have been looking here, there, and everywhere for front closure sports bras! They are nowhere to be found. I have one Danskins but it's sooo uncomfortable. I took this before pic in the Danskins. You can clearly see how one breast is bigger than the other and the SAG! :( I called the doctors office earlier to see if there was anything else I could wear but because of my lift my doctor says only front closures. His assistant said she used a fruit of the loom front closure from Walmart but I could barely find the Danskins one I have there. Also, for shits and giggles today I got fitted at Victoria's Secret. I was a 36 DEFLATED C. :(:( (not for
Long!!) I was more curious about my width size with my weight loss. I was a 40 so I'll take a 36 any damn day! ;) Well, I bought a pillow with arms off amazon and a neck traveling pillow since I don't have a recliner. Hopefully that will help. I have a sports bra, stool softeners, comfy pjs, heating pad.. Just need to find a few more bras and get ice packs. Can anyone think of anything else I may need? I think I'll be very relived when this is just over with bc the anxiousness is killing me! Thursday night will be a killer lol!! Spring cleaning is in full effect... (Starting tmrw of course, dancing with the stars is on lol)! 4 more days... Can't wait to look like my beautiful real self friends!

Before Pic.. Forgot sorry

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see your results. :)
Thank you!!
Thinking of you . Good luck :)

DONE !!!!

So today was the day!! Went into the hospital, got called back into the pre op holding room and waited for the doctor and anthesilogist (sp?) he asked me a bunch of questions and I told him I get really sick and he have me medicine for naseau and put a patch behind my ear. Then the doctor marked me up like a road map lol. My hubby then went back into te waiting room and that's all I remember. I was in recovery for over an hr bc i was having a hard time waking up. I told them I have young kids and I get no sleep haha so that's probably why! ;) then we came home and I have Been in and out of sleep all day. My hubby set his alarm and just came out to give me my pain meds. I thought I was gonna get sick multiple times today but never did. I have to force myself to eat just to take my meds :( I have been in a LOT of pain- I have had three children and this surgery is no joke! Totally worth it though! I unzipped my hoodie to take a sneak peek and a picture. I go see my PS at 9 am and he will take off my bandages. I'm just in so much pain! I took some
Before pics which I thought were funny and then ones I room after in the bathroom. As soon as I get the bandages taken off, I will post more pics.
Congrats you are looking good already!! Hope your recovery goes well and you feel better soon :) I lived off of saltines and chicken soup the first 2 days!
Thank you! You can see how swollen and high they are! I'm going to post more pics tmrw after my shower
With the lift I was don't don't lift anything more then milk and walk around the house but don't raise your arm's up high till sec week .. And I could not eat anything with out getting sick .. The pain pills make you think you can do anything ... Glad your hubby is helping you .. Let him do everything even if you want to !! Like every mom out there . lol .. Rest it's your time ... Hugs

My stats!!

My stats are I'm 5'6 and 150 pounds. I didn't find out what exactly the
Doctor did until this morning. He ended up using high profile (which is what I orginally wanted) because he said moderate plus didn't look good on me. Also 400ccs in both. I will update more pics before my shower tmrw. Doctor wants to see me back on Tuesday!
Wow u look great! I'm So happy everything came out perfect! If u don't recognize me lol it's cause I actually put pitcures up Of my face now lol. When u and I were talking I had no pic on my profile but finally decided why not lol. Wow I can't say it enough they look great so far! How r u feeling? What did ur dr tell u about showering? My surgery is May 29th and my pre op was Friday. But can u believe I forgot to talk about profile? Ugh now I'm freakin out I'm OCD a bit haha and need to know every last detail ;). Well again u look great and I'm so happy for u!
Thank you so much! So far I'm really happy! I'm still in a ton of pain. I went for my post op today and he took off my bandages, said everything looked perfect, then re-wrapped me and I go back on Tuesday. I told him I needed somethjng else bc the Vicodin isn't even touching the pain. So he prescribed me a muscle relaxer, that's helping some but not like I would really like! I didn't know exactly what ccs or profile he was gonna do and he said he would try things out during surgery. He ended going high profile 400ccs. I really wanted high profile so it worked out well. I get to take a shower tmrw sooo excited haha'! I have had three kids- one completely natural and this pain may possibly be worse. :/ he said mine is bad bc he had to do a full anchor lift! Good luck on ur surgery- keep me posted and I will be updating more pics tmrw!
Thank u!! I will ;) hope ur doing well!

3rd day post-op!

It's been three days and I'm still in aLOT of pain. The doctor said bc of the type of lift (full anchor) that's why I'm in so much pain. I really like the high profile
Look he gave me! I am currently on a muscle relaxer three times daily, antibiotic, and two norco every 4 hrs. I have to take them too bc of not, I can def feel the pain. Another big problem I have is bloating! My stomach was flat and now I literally look prego! Did anyone have bad bloating and if so, how long until it went away?! Other than that, I'm just taking it as easy as I can. I have been sleeping off and on all weekend. Falling asleep as I write this. Well I am posting pics from earlier today before i went to shower. My next appt is Tuesday so I will update more then!

Saggy boobs?

I feel like my breasts are still saggy after a FULL anchor lift with implants. It might justl look this way because it's high profile and all the volume is on top? I'm very worried.. Curious to see what others have to say..
Hey Angel, as long as you take the pain meds you will be bloated . They do that. After about a week your body will start adjusting and feeling better. Go look at " cantblamesagonkids" hers look just like urs. Actually I need to go check up on her . The dr told her the implant will drop causing the nipple to center. I'm not really sure. They are a great size. I wld say massage the top a lot . Btw you and are hubby are too cute together;-}
Yes I am sooo ready to be not bloated anymore! I tried looking for her and couldn't find her.. And yes thank u I think they are very proportionate wht my body.
Look on my page and scroll down my comments , she's on there. Yea bae , a couple more days and you will be ok. Try breaking ur pain med in half and taking four ibuprofen with it. It helps with the swelling too. My dentists said four is ok bc they prescribe you 800 mg ibuprofen anyway . Maybe that will help with ur tummy, ;-]

4th day post op

Saw my doctor today.. I was worried about my nipples being too low. He said they are perfect and that I'm healing really good. He said once my breasts fall into their pockets my nipples will rise. I also have like no bruising so he was surprised about that. All good news- I was really nervous. My hubby and I went to lunch then walked around and I thought I was gonna be able to go the whole day without meds... Ended up taking them! I'm going home to sleep the rest of the night. Also the doctor said the bloating will go away in a week! I attached pics from today. I'm really happy with them, especially in bras-shirts which was really my concern anyhow.
Hey there. Here's a review from another RS member whose nipples started out low and were brought up as her implants dropped. http://www.realself.com/review/southlake-tx-breast-lift-breast-implants-and-lift-jan-22nd
Hopeful.. Thank u sooo freakjng much!! Hers definitely did look like mine and u can tell that now hers definitely look porportunate. That put my mind at ease and I appreciate you taking the time to share that with me!!!
No problem! She had the same "wish boobs" that I want, so I've been following her journey. I think her results are great, and I'm sure that as your implants drop you'll be happy. :)

5 Days Post Op

Well I'm still having some pain and a lot of pressure. This healing process is no joke! My breasts have already dropped a little and my nipples have risen, thank goodness. I feel like they're getting better and changing for the better everyday. I'm still sleeping upright and that's annoying but I don't go back to my PS until Tuesday. He said then we will talk about massaging! I feel like my breasts are engorged and I finally know what all this "morning boob" talk is. Also, I am posting a picture of this blister I have under my breast.. Has anyone had this before?? I showed the doctor and he said it was a blister and not to mess with it and it will go away on its own. He said it's probably from my bra running against the tape. I attached the picture- sorry for TMI. I was itching my breasts at night and I accidentally "popped" it- I know that's so gross. I can't wait to start trying on clothes! Also, does anyone know when this bloating goes away?! My stomach looks like I'm pregnant! :(:(
I see that you are using a neck pillow in one of your pictures. Do you find it helpful and comfortable? I bought a memory foam neck pillow and it seems really bulky and awkward. :-/ I'm not sure if I'll keep it.
YES!! I was just telling my hubby thank goodness we got one. I would not have been able to sleep comfortably upright if I didn't have one. I bought mine for $12 off amazon and I believe it's a memory foam one also. Your surgery is coming up?!
That's the one I got. Have you been sleeping in a recliner, or your bed? My surgery is June 5th, so 2 weeks from today! :D

1 week post! They're shaping up!

Sooo.. It's been one week (and one day)! It's been a hell of a week. From recovering.. To catching a virus, to my two year old catching it, then my 8 month catching it all while hubby is working.. I'm alone! I had some help this week but she couldn't help me like was needed bc her kids caught a virus too!! But I'm still standing. I'm still in a lot of
Pain. Mainly at the top of my implants and then badly under my breasts and at the sides of my incisions. I'm trying badly not to pick my kids up but with them being sick I have to. My hubby left to go out of town for two days so on my own completely. Lifting them in and out of the crib is a must unfortunately. I'm
Just praying I don't get unstitched but I'm using my legs as much as I can. Sleeping on my back still bc it still hurts any other way and I haven't been cleared by the doctor yet. I go back on Tuesday. I'm still using my ice packs too. My nipple situation has gotten better just like my doctor said and I can ready tell a huge difference! What do y'all think?? Well i hired someone to come clean my house Monday because I am going absolutely crazy not being able to do anything! Was anyone doing housework by this time? I'm curious to know what all you guys were doing at a week post! Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement!
Any Images?
I'm not trying to stalk you, but I haven't heard from you in awhile and I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing.
Thank you for checking in.. I have been super depressed and just kinda out of it. It doesn't really have anything to do with my boobs just life in general right now. I still look and read everyone's page - I just never comment. I actually think not being to work out has really ignited this depression. I deleted all my pics bc I was going to delete this account but it wouldn't let me and I'm glad it didn't bc I still like reading and seeing everyone's stuff. I guess I'm feeling down and whenever I get like this in life I always kinda "disappear". I really appreciate u thinking of me and I'm very happy for u. You look great. I know your excited. Im 3 weeks post now I guess I need to post my pics..
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

I chose to go with Dr. eric humble in Sugarland texas. He is an amazing surgeon and artist. All of his work looks fantastic so I knew I wanted to go to him. He's very pleasant and knows what he is talking about. So far, I am loving my results! I would recommend anyone from Texas to get a free consultation with him! You won't regret it!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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