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I'm a 33 year old woman who has not had kids yet,...

I'm a 33 year old woman who has not had kids yet, but I have had big breasts since I was a child. I was almost 200lbs up until I was 21, and I worked hard to lose the weight by exercising and eating right, I'm currently 115lb. Now...my breasts have sagged and swung past my knees since then - I'm currently a 30F.

I don't know what it's like to have "perky" 18 year old breasts because they've always sagged like a "droopy" 80 year old pygmy. I have always wanted a lift, but was concerned due to scaring (I already have horrible stretch marks everywhere, I don't want anymore scars) and breast feeding my future children. I have done a lot of research, and this is where I found Dr. Horndeski.
Here's my impression of the visit:
1. His office is nice, but not overly friendly like some of the people typed in Real Self. They have warmed up to me, but it wasn't like the hand holding experience that I thought I would receive.
2. Dr. Horndeski doesn't have the normal demeanor of a plastic surgeon. What do I mean? He's not arrogant, and quite honestly, he's not very complimentary. He's just very matter of fact, and in a way geeky - this is refreshing.
3. I haven't met the PA yet or talked to her, but I was told that she will be meeting me the day of the surgery. I was given her cell phone number and was told to call her anytime of the day or night - this gave me a lot of reassurance.

My surgery is Friday. I'm nervous, but I'm more excited than anything. I am posting my preop pictures for you all to see, and will update with weekly results. If this is as good as all of the ratings say, then I'll probably walk around naked as a walking billboard for Dr. Horndeski!


Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. And wow, you've also lost a ton of weight. I think you're going to feel like a new woman. Anxious to hear how the surgery went. Happy healing and take it easy!

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I just had my surgery yesterday with Dr. Horndeski. I'm pretty happy with the results right now, and it'll only get better once the swelling goes down. I hope yours goes well! Take care and get lots of rest.
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Post Op day 1-2 I did it! The nurses at Fort Bend...

Post Op day 1-2
I did it! The nurses at Fort Bend Surgery Center were soooo kind, and took care of me like their own child - I'm bringing them cupcakes next week. I don't remember anything (thank you dr. Who put me to sleep). All I remember was hello, and then wake up it's sprite time.
Pain factor - feels like I got into a bar fight with a champion MMA fighter and lost...
Swelling - I puffed up like a blow fish on my upper body, and am still very swollen.
Bowel movement - thank goodness I read some reviews on the constipation postoperative, and went and got some stool softener - I still haven't gone though :(
Results? Don't know yet, I'm still wrapped up until Monday, but all of the nurses came by and told me how "hot" they are - I'm happy that I did this. I'll post boobies as soon as I can!


Can't wait to see :D Congratulations on your surgery :)
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What size do you hope to be? Did the doctor said your cup size would change?
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I'm praying to be a D. He said that they would be smaller but not by that much.

Week 1 post op update - I finally had a bowel...

Week 1 post op update - I finally had a bowel movement after 4 days and 10 laxatives later...it wasn't pretty. The first morning after my dressings were taken off has been the most painful, every step I took, the weight of my breast had this sharp pain - that went away after I popped a pill.

I'm trying not to lift my arms past my head, but it's difficult and my body tells me that it's painful.
Back to taking off the garments and seeing my breasts for the first time - that was weird. First, they are high (think punch your chin high), and they're square.
Dr. Horndeski said that they will drop down a little, but not very much, and the size will stay the same...I may go down to a D/DD.
It's still very odd for me to see myself with perky breasts, I've NEVER had that before, so I'm still trying to adjust. Overall, postoperative week 1 hasn't been that bad.


Oh no, well keep us posted - hope all is OK!
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Looking at your latest photos, it looks like you had the mini-UBL (I can't see any incisions underneath breast) - is that right? Or did you have the full UBL? They look great anyways!!!
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It was a mini. I'm going to see him today. I've had sharp shooting pains on my right for days now :(.

Post Op 2 weeks update: I was finally given the...

Post Op 2 weeks update:
I was finally given the green light to take off the steri strips today, and am using a silicone gel pads to help minimize scarring.
As for pain, the sharp shooting pain on my right pecs have gotten better, but it still hurts if I do too much.
Apparently the bra that I've been wearing has been pushing against my nipple, so my nipples are smooshed against my breast. I've since found another bra, I PRAY that they will pop out.
Here are my pics!


I don't think your nipples look weird, but I sort of understand you because I had a breast lift myself 13days ago, same procedure incision only around the nipples and find they look weird too, even I wonder if the wrinkles around will go away with time, I really hope so. Wish u a good recovery with great results :)
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Did you do yours on the last Friday of March? I hear you on the wrinkles around the suture lines...I hope that will smooth out.
No April 2nd, first Tuesday of the month! :) and I sure hope so too!

Week 3 post OP: Still no nipple sensation, not...

Week 3 post OP:
Still no nipple sensation, not even a little bit...getting a little nervous but I'm going to stay positive.
My breasts are starting to take shape, and the swelling is coming down - I LOVE THEM! I'm in disbelief that these are actually mine. I've never had perky breasts in my life, and it's surreal. The nipples still need to pop out more, but I was informed by Elise that they will within the next week or so. The suture line underneath the scab seems very faint, so I'm not worried about the scarring. I will however be using the silicone scar sheets as soon as I get the green light!


You look fabulous!!!
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wow, you are healing beautifully!! :) you're boobies look great hehe... for the nipple part I really hope you get your sensation back soon, my nipples on the other hand are more sensitive now which is a good thing. lol keep us posted ;)
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4/27/2013 It's been one month now, I'm healing...

It's been one month now, I'm healing well. I still don't have any nipple sensation, and my nipples haven't popped out yet. Elise said that they are just being lazy, and that they will. My breast still seem a bit lumpy but that will smooth out in a few months. Other than that, I'm very pleased!


Hello! I am also considering the UBL with Dr. Horndeski. Has your nipple sensation returned yet? This is a big factor in my decision. :)
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Hi there, I'm considering going with Dr. Horndeski for the UBL. Has your nipple sensation returned yet? That's a big factor for me! :)
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Hi I was wondering if you could tell me how many weeks out before you were able to resume regular activity light to moderate lifting?? I'm having the procedure done in a few months and want to make sure I take enough time off work, my job does require some light to moderate lifting and a tremendous amount of use with my arms. Thanks for any advice!!:)
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