I am a 31yr old mother of two that has been...

I am a 31yr old mother of two that has been waiting 10 tears to have this procedure done. My kids and my husband are supportive and excited about my surgery. I am a teeny tiny bit nervous but i can not explain how excited i am for the opportunity to feel good about myself. I saw Dr. Ahmadi on a local TV show and have been researching him for almost 4 years. I scheduled a consult with him and he and his staff were great and I am comfortable with my decision to have the Lipotuck procedure done! I am so excited about my upcoming surgery!! I have been wanting this done for 10 years and have researched many Drs, but I feel like I chose the best in the industry! I will post before pics soon.


Welcome to the community!

Only a couple more weeks to wait and you will have your new tummy.  I will be anxious to see your before and after pictures.

Keep us up to date on how everything is going for you.

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I am 4 days away to the beginning of the rest of...

I am 4 days away to the beginning of the rest of my life! I can not wait, I am excited,nervous and anxious. I am not scared, I just want to hurry up and see the results! I know that patience is key, that I am scared about because I am not known for my patience. But as I told my grandma today, I will follow the instructions of my Dr. I hope the recovery is bearable and not to terribly painful. I will post follow up after my markings! And the day of or after if I am upto it. Keep me in your prayers for a speedy recovery and a successful surgery.

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Tomorrow is the big day! I am so excited, I could...

Tomorrow is the big day! I am so excited, I could hardly sleep last night and doubt I will sleep at all tonight! I am thankful that I have an early surgery (7am) that way I can just get up and roll! I am soooo nervous about the results, I am confident that my PS will do a great job, but he can not change my body type/shape! All my life I have hated my mid section, even when I was 100lbs! I am nervous that I will not feel beautiful, sexy ect. That is all I have ever wanted, I am not searching for perfection, jut satisfaction when I look in the mirror or see a picture without only seeing how big my belly is!!!! That is what I'm nervous about. The money is a big issue and I feel selfish, my kids gave up their Christmas for me! Of course they will still get a few things, but all the festivities are not gonna be the same with recovery and tight finances. I have a huge support system! My husband is awesome and wants me to be happy and insist that he loves me how I am and is going to miss my belly!(what a joke)! Then I have two wonderful kids age 14(boy) and 10 (girl). I almost cried when my daughter said to me that she wants me to have this done because she doesn't want to hear me say that I am fat and it makes her sad when I get dressed and I'm sad. My son is excited to have a hot mom, he has always been proud of me but he is excited for my confidence. I am going through with the surgery an don't have second thoughts, I am just praying that I do not have any regrets! Keep me in your prayers and I will try to update when I'm return to the flat side!

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Here are my before pictures! I was scared to post...

Here are my before pictures! I was scared to post until I really knew that I was having surgery! My Surgery is tomorrow!

31yr old
2 kids 14yr & 10yr old
Height 5'3 and weigh 175
Previous PS in 2002 I had BA

I am not worried about my weight, just looking to get to the flat side. I am having a Full TT with LoTS of lipo. Hips, flanks, back, pubis, axilla, and hoping to get inner thighs, I will speak to PS at markings today! Enjoy these awful pics, I can not wait to post my new flatter more Shapley body in the next couple of weeks!


Thinking about you and sending hugs your way:)

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Thanks y'all! I am so excited got my markings today and I go in at 7am!
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Good luck tomorrow! I am the day after you we will have to follow up on each other. I started to cry when reading your review and your daughter being sad because you always say your fat. My boys are the same way I try not to say it but it's how I feel! I'm like you as well in not wanting to look perfect but want to feel sexy and comfortable in my own skin! Again good luck tomorrow ill be thinking of you!
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I am 4 days post op and am feeling better and...

I am 4 days post op and am feeling better and stronger everyday! I am excited to see the end result!!! I know that I will not loose weight but the inches that I have lost already is amazing! I am so flat and still so swollen!!

My recovery has been ok so far! I will be glad when I can quit the pain pills, I hate the sleepy, groggy feeling I have. I am at day 4 and feel like by day 10 I will be at 95%!! I already feel 100X better about my appearance and can not wait till I can put on some real clothes and flaunt my new flat tummy!! I will post more pics soon. The ones I am posting are not very good as my tummy is covered in one cause it was supposed to be a pic of upper thighs but photographer was not understanding what I wanted!! The other shows it ALL!! But I will post some more tasteful pics soon.


You look great love the BB. How's the bruising?
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You are doing fantastic!!   Keep up the good work.

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I'm glad to hear that your surgery was an success, I am going for consult with a surgeon in my state at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation on December 14, 2012; wish me luck!!!
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So it has been one full week since I was a Rolly...

So it has been one full week since I was a Rolly Polly! I love my new look! The pain I have experienced so far has not been to bad. The first and second day are by far the hardest. They were the days I went through the holy sh** what was I thinking and was having a few rolls really worth all this??? Never less I was already past the point of no return and thank GOD cause yes the pain was worth it! Now for patience in feeling back to my old self is running thin, but of course there isn't much that I can do about that. I was feeling better and not hurting much at all and then bam yesterday (day 6) about 3pm I started hurting pretty bad!! I am staying in bed ALL day today and hoping the healing process is helped by that! I am posting a few more pics they are day 6 morning pics! I love the way I look and I can not wait to be fully recovered and buy new clothes!! Thanks for all ur comments and support!

One question- I know every PS is different, my PS does not allow us to wear pants/jeans or panties for 6 weeks. I was wondering who else is on the same boat as me? Hell I only own two dresses!!! Just Wondering.


I also went to Dr. Ahmadi and am very pleased. I was about two weeks ahead of you. Yep, no pants, no underwear. I am lucky, I usually wear dresses. I did wear some granny panties over my Garment one day when I had to wear a suit to work, but for the most part, I just stick to my garment.
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Trust me..skip the panties because its much more comfortable!!

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Haha, wait what!! Your PS says no wearing pants or underwear for 6 weeks post op... What is up with that?
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I am recovering well! And will post some pics...

I am recovering well! And will post some pics later though I do not think there is much change. I am still loving my look and looking forward to seeing results from lipo! I hope all of u other ladies are healing well.


Mell- Ur results are nice! I am very satisfied, I am also not skinny and I do not want to be. I am so happy with my new figure and thankful to have the time and funds to have done this. I would do it again over and over!
Thanks Cherri!

Just spoke with PS and was told that they removed...

Just spoke with PS and was told that they removed more than 15lbs of skin and fat!!! Omg that is crazy!! Of course the scale has not shown such a loss yet but at po day 11 I am down 6 lbs!!! Unfortunately I did not take my measurements before surgery but I did start last week! I will post on Friday if I have lost any inches! That is exciting, though I am not unhappy with my weight and I do not want to be thin, I love my curves! I would be fine if I lost about 20lbs but that being said I am happy where I'm at, but once I hit the gym again and tone up I am sure I will drop. Few pounds and most excited to loose inches. I know my results are dramatic but did not think that dramatic! Now I just wished I would have transfered fat into my booty, though my ps shaped it quite nice I am a little flat on the backside. Maybe next year I will fix that if I can not do it at the gym!


Cherri, not sure how much they removed on me but at one point since surgery, I was down 14lbs (about day 13), now, even with swelling, I've been consistently down 11 lbs. I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait to start exercising!
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Absolutely can't wait to get back in the gym and tone my butt and arms. My leg are kind of automatic when I'm working out, the only thing on my body that I have no complaints on are my legs! I feel like the time is moving so slowly, I just want the all clear to hit the gym!
I agree I just want to work out but am not allowed :( I am so paranoid about gaining weight since I am just sitting here I just want to build on my results. All in due time though we will be able to tear it up :)

I'm feeling great today! The last couple days have...

I'm feeling great today! The last couple days have been tough, I guess it's all part of recovery. I feel great then bam I will feel like I ran a marathon and I'm back down!! But I am trying hard to listen to my body and not overdo it. I had someone come clean my house yesterday and that was a huge help!!!! I am not a clean freak but I like my house to be in order and when it hurts to bend down I will just leave that pair of shoes by the door!

I am really missing sex!! OMG after having a baby (which is the only time I've been cut off) u r fat and feel icky so really no big deal, right??
Well after having a TT and Lipo, holy mother of Christmas, I am Hhhooooottttt! I have never felt sexy in my life, and not only do I want to show off my new sexiness I am ecstatic for some new positions! Not that my sex life was Uneventful pre TT, but there are just certain positions I did not want to be in because of my oversized belly! But with all that being divulged, I am still 4 weeks and one day before Dr releases me for fun time in the bed room! For any fellow TT did u cheat?

And last check out my new pics, this is a swim suit I had but wore a skirt or shorts and it is a full tankini, I just rolled it up! But I can assure u I will be wearing me a cute little bikini this year!!! The last picture is of my BB, I know it's gross but I feel like it getting infected and I have a call into my PS to see what I need to do.

Hope all my fellow TT are healing greatly and good luck to the ones soon to get ur sexy back!


you look great!!! About your belly button I would deffinatley put some hydrogen peroxide on it as soon as possible then after put some bacetracin ointment neosporin ointment.
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You look great!! I am 3 weeks away from what I hope will be the start of a new me :) I am not "thin" & I too love my curves, all but the big fat belly!!! I am so excited reading everyones stories & seeing the after pictures.I have wanted this for 18 years now & can't belive it is almost here! Good luck & keep posting :) Thanks, Lisa
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Thanks! U are gonna live your new look! My brother was real negative about the surgery and the money! He called me today to go check out his new 2013 $50,000+ truck. So I went and I showed him my latest after pic on my bikini and he was like is that you??? I then showed him my before pic and he was like yuck and I said yep that's why I got the TT!! Of course he didn't say anything since he just told me how much his truck was!!! Ohhh and did I mention I have an 07 NICE GMC that is paid in full!!! Of course he knows this too. I guess I would have just told him I wear my vanity and damn proud of it!

Day 15 and I am doin OK, though I have had some...

Day 15 and I am doin OK, though I have had some bad days! OMG what about these nightmares I've been having! I am not on any meds so I don't know what is going on!!! Snakes, babies and all kinds of craziness! I can not fall asleep till like 2-3am!
I am going in tomorrow for my 2 week post-op that was supposed to be a 3 week but it looks like I have contracted an infection in my BB. Ugggh, part of the risk of surgery! I was researching complications of TT and landed on a site of women who hated their results because of complications! I am glad I didn't run across that site before surgery! However I am not saying I am the smartest human being but I did my fair share of research before making my decision! I clearly understood the risk including something as serious as death. Being only 2 weeks po I pray that the BB infection is my worst obstacle besides the good day/ bad day issues. That being said I do not blame my PS as each of the other women on that site did! I wanted to tell them a little something but I figured I would come vent here! If my skin dies or I end up with nerocisis then it is part of the risk, if my tummy doesn't heal and I don't like the feel of the tightness 1yr from now and my scar is tender from time to time AGAIN it is a risk I was willing to take to be more emotionally secure with myself! And the ladies in which this has happened to that are blaming their PS should be ashamed of theirselves for lack of research and information going into such an evasive surgery! One lady said i got something called "narcotics" i think thats what he said...... I was like really u dont even know when he explained it to u, cmon take ur head out and research, itcould happen to any of us. I pray that God puts his healing hands around my body and cures my BB and keeps my body in healing and good Heath till I can get on with my workout and clean eating to take care of it myself physically!
Of course I'm eating ok but dear God I have never really watched sodium intake and OMG I know now when I have ate tooooo much! I think that's my bad days, I am trying to get that under control with Jamie Eason's Clean Eating Plan!


Ahhh reading your post today is scary but you are so right about them taking the risk. My ps was very informative and I actually had to read through and sign that I understand u may not get the results I want and things like skin dying can happen. It's all a huge risk and you have to he prepared for the outcome rather its good or bad. Your post still got my mind racing though lol
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OK Ladies, great news I do NOT have an infection...

OK Ladies, great news I do NOT have an infection in my BB and PS said that everything is looking great!! Even with the swelling!! He did not clear me for anything!!! I did not really expect to be cleared but I do not have an appointment for 4 wks!! I will then be at the 6 week PO and he said we can discuss exercize ect. then. I was hoping to see him at maybe 4 wks PO and start maybe walking or something. But he is not budging on his 6 weeks of nothing!!

Here is a funny story. My daughter who is 10 yr old had to be picked up from school today because she was sick. So when I picked her up she asked if we were going home and I told her no, I had a Dr appt with the tummy Dr. I would not typically take my 10 yr old with me, although I have been very open and honest with them about the procedure. But with a possible BB infection I could not put it off till Monday. So, Last week she asked to see a picture of my Dr. so I obliged, she didnt say much then. On the way I asked her if she was glad that she was going to meet him and to my surprise she said No, I am scared! I could imagine that a Dr who gives shots is scary but one who cuts your tummy off and sucks your fat out to a 10 yr old is terrifying!! But then she said Im scared he gonna look at me (as she puts her index finger and thumb on her chin) and say well lets see what work we can do on you....Oh and your Japanese so you will have small boobs, you should call me in a few years and I can fix that!!! I almost died at that silly girl! Mind you she is tiny and not an ounce of fat and toataly georgeous! I know she is my duaghter but really she is!

Anyhow, I am feeling good today, and will not update till next Friday unless something important happens. I will also Post pics again on Friday!

Last, I just want to ask that each of you send a prayer up when you read this, yes stop right now, and ask that God be with each of the family members and everyone effected by the horrible Conneticut Elementary School MASSACAR. Amen


Just looked at your pictures, you look great. Perfect timing for looking good at the beach this summer! I am 6 PO and feel really good. I can't wait to see what my tummy looks like when the swelling goes down, and I lose a little weight:-) Keep up the good work!!
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Thanks! And I am excited for the beach this year, I usually dread it! I am booking a week in FL and can't wait!!!
You are looking fantastic!!
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I am doing great! Still swelling of course! But...

I am doing great! Still swelling of course! But loving the results and seeing the lil changes are awesome! I am actually in more discomfort from week 2-3 as far at the lipo areas. By the evening I feel like I am bruised all over lipo areas, though I dont and have never had any visual bruising. My ps said it is my nerves reattaching. It still hurts like hell to laugh and cough and sneeze especially in my upper abs. But i can feel my ab muscles and i have been missing that for 15 years! Omg in the mornings I want to stretch and I can't because I am scared I'm gonna pop a suture in my MR.
My hubby lives my new hot bod and even family who doesn't know I've had a TT has complimented me on my appearance!
But I have been very active and of course by afternoon I feel it. But as long as I eat clean and drink plenty of h2o I seem to do fine! I am excited to see where my results will be next week and will post agin then. I am starting college next month but other than that no work outside of the house just full time job keeping house clean and kids in clean clothes an fed!


Hey TT twin you look absolutely fabulous! Loving your results your healing nicely! I still can't stand straight but ill get there! Keep rocking it! You are looking great!
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Not much has changed. Swelling has been up and...

Not much has changed. Swelling has been up and down this week. I bought new CG from jcpenney and they are
Much tighter and more comfortable! I feel like I'm getting thinner but just being patient for the end result.


OMG I have to say you are probably the best "makeover" that I have seen! You look great! I can't believe the before and after pictures. And you can't even tell that you had work done. Your PS made great incisions and you healed so nicely. You look awesome! I hope I look as great as you when I am done. I only had a TT so we will see.
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Hi, you look fantastic- congratulations on your recovery and results! I just saw a comment you made in another review so I decided to check out your profile. Love your review, thank you for your honesty and upbeat attitude. Did you realize you have a 'Not Worth It' rating for your TT? I didn't notice any change of heart so thought you might not be aware of that. Happy New Year!
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Dang girl!! You look great!! Woo hoo!
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This week has been a good week! I have had minimal...

This week has been a good week! I have had minimal swelling and lots of activity! I have had all my nieces and nephews all week for a total of 7 kids, shopping at the mall, cleaning after them, moving my MIL (no heavy lifting), husbands work party. I have finally has a little fun time in the bedroom with a hubby who can not keep his hands off me :-) One night I tried to turn him down cause my tummy muscles had a burning sensation and he said oh no, when I said not tonight (I didn't tell him I was hurting) because I was totally aroused by his assertiveness and i let him take control! Not that we didn't have a decent bedroom life but he is not usually the aggressor!!! I can't wait for the kids to get back to school so I can shop for lingerie! At his Work party which was very casual I wore the outfit that I posted. I met some of the young beautiful sales women for the first time, he works with and I told him I didn't dislike them but didn't care for them. I don't trust women! (I have always been so insecure which leads to jealousy) but I did like how they all knew we were married for 14years and together for 16years. He said I'm glad u went with me now they know ur the real deal and he told me he loved my confidence while we were there. It was a huge compliment since he has complained for years about my insecurities and has always tried to reassure me how "beautiful" I am and that he loved me and my body just the way I am. I could have never wore the shirt I have on in the pic because of my previous oversized belly. I felt great and the pants I had on used to give me a huge Camel Toe, they fit but were big in the legs and tight in the waist and vjayjay, now i could stand a size smaller. Now all my pants fit me well and some that were bigger waisted I will have to get rid of since I do not have to unbutton to pull down! I am still happy with my results and can not wait for summer time! I have never confidently wore a bikini but I will be this summer. I am also starting Jamie Easons 12 week challenge and following her eat clean live fit for life! I do not want to loose a bunch of weight but I am excited and now motivated to get fit and eat healthy! Good luck TT friends in ur upcoming survey and healing!


Wow, you look amazing. And you're swelling is pretty minor. What CG are you wearing. My lipo areas hurt like hell and have not smoothed out, I still have saddle bags, not happy.
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Wow! You look amazing!!!! Hope mine turns out to be this good!
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If I can look half that great I will be pleased. You look awesome.
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Not much to report, went to 6 week po appt and was...

Not much to report, went to 6 week po appt and was released so I will report all my activity with next post. I am actually 7 weeks po today and am behind a week. I will catch up soon!!


You look fantastic and all tiny! X
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You look so good!!!
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Well I am now 7 weeks and this is the best money...

Well I am now 7 weeks and this is the best money that I have ever spent. It's funny how I felt guilty spending the money going into this journey! But The confidence and self esteem that I have gained could never have a price in it! My recovery has been pretty good! I have had a few ups and downs. I have a few areas that I am not over ecstatic about, but there is hope and I have started a new work out routine this week. I am looking forward to fixing the few areas I have with clean eating and exercise. Just knowing that is an attainable gaol makes me happy :-) I hope all of you are healing well and loving your new look! And for those of you yet to make it to the flat side, I am so excited for u!!!


Thank you for sharing. I'm dealing with major guilt about spending so much on myself, I need hernia surgery and added TT since I was being put under anyway. Your results make me feel better about doing this for myself. Thank you
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I think it's natral for us to over analyze the money issue. But honestly I love my new self confidence and have no regrets, money, swell hell, recovery ect! I would recommend this for anyone that has an issue with their tummy!! Good luck with everything!
Fabulous!!! So happy for you.
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I am 2 months post op and life is pretty much back...

I am 2 months post op and life is pretty much back to normal. I have been out of my binder/CG for about 1 week and I love it! My incision is still pretty sore on the sides but is healing nicely along with my BB. I have lost 15lbs since surgery and 25 lbs since starting my journey. I have lost A LOT of inches and that is what is most important to me! It is much easier to be motivated to work out now that I am not so worried about my belly!!! I am so happy with my decision to go through with this surgery, it is the best money I have ever spent on myself. I do not have updated pictures this time but I will post new ones with my next post. I have not changed much over the last two weeks and have been struggling with swell hell!! I will be glad when that gets back to normal! I swell in the evenings but that is after a pretty active day and working out in the afternoons.
There really hasn't been any cons for me, this has been life changing and I love the new me. I feel like, I look how I feel now! Maybe it is superficial to some people but I believe that a positive attitude effects every aspect of your life and in my old body I couldn't find that positive attitude!
I hope that everyone is doing well and healing fine.


Hi I just had surgery w same doc one week PO today, I hv a ? I've had to cough and it felt like something inside popped, like it was along my incision, it felt like stitches poppin on the outside but actually on the inside of my skin... did that ever happened to you, if coughing? I ran to take my garment off to check my incision and everything looks fine?? PS love that you were so courageous to share ur journey
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You look amazing!!! It's great to see the progress as the weeks go on. Inspires those of us earlier in the process! Congrats!
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Your results are incredible! You look amazing! :)
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Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

I saw Dr. Ahmadi on a local TV show and have been researching him for almost 4 years. I scheduled a consult with him and he and his staff were amazing! I have enjoyed his staff and do not have to wait, when I arrive early they even take me back within 2 min. He is very soft spoken and not very comforting but he is friendly and he truly is an artist. I was looking into having a BL and he informed me that he would do it but would not get enough improvement for the scars I would receive as my BA that I had 10 yrs ago still looked great. So I felt like he was not trying to take my money just because I had an intrest. Follow up has been fine, it is short, quick and sweet. They did call me a few times after the surgery to check on me. I feel as if his staff could be a little more experienced, but I do like all of them and they have always made me feel welcomed, but when I ask questions I do not feel like I get a straight answer at times. But that is my only complaint not that the girls at the office are not great!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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