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I've always hated my saggy breasts, ever since i...

i've always hated my saggy breasts, ever since i was 16 years old, but i didn't want to do a breast lift because of the ugly vertical scar. so about a year ago i started to look for other options and i found dr. horndeski on realself. first i had a skype consultation and dr. h was very nice and also his staff were very nice and answered all my questions. i wanted to do the ubl but dr. h told me i can do the mini ubl. i was afraid that it won't lift them high enough but i preferred to have less scars. On the day of surgery I felt that everyone around me were very attentive and nice, I was very excited and nervous.
In the first 3 days after the surgery I was in enormous pain, I could hardly move, I had a nurse with me for the first 24 hours, that was very important because I could hardly even take my pills. I'm now 4 days after surgery and I feel less pain and it's easier for me to get up and walk. So far the results look good, I hope they stay this way, even though i wanted them to be closer to each other. I've been trying on my low cut shirts that I've always worn with a tank top underneath to hide my breasts and I finally have a nice cleavage.

Ok, 10 days after surgery, they still look good...

ok, 10 days after surgery, they still look good but i think they drifted a part a little
i tried on a push up bra and it looked great
i would upload more pictures but i only have my cellphone to take photos and trsansfering them to my email takes forever
i still have some pain but i can walk for a long distance without feeling pain with every step

15 days post operation, i think they dropped a bit...

15 days post operation, i think they dropped a bit but still looking very good
i went out and bought some low cut dresses yesterday and they look really nice

I've just added another photo i think they look...

i've just added another photo
i think they look like they lost a little volume but my d bra still fit perfectly
i don't feel any pain at all anymore.

I'm 5 weeks after surgery, i hope they're starting...

i'm 5 weeks after surgery, i hope they're starting to get their final shape because they look really good now, they're more even than before. i started wearing low cut dresses, i've never worn them before, i love it, i feel so much sexier.

3 months post op- photo

3 months post op

it's been 3 months, they look really good, there is still some pleating around the nipples, but it's coming along nicely

10 months

i know it says i'm unsure about this surgery but that's just because i can't change it for some reason..
i'm actually very satisfied with my new breasts, they're beautiful.
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Glad you are still happy with your results almost 1 year post op. You look so great and you didn't even need implants lucky girl!
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Are you going to do the revision? I did Mine at 9 months. Totally worth it.
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Can you please tell me what your height and weight were before the surgery? I'm wondering from what I can see we seem similar prior to your BA and I was told at my consultation that this would be the type of surgery I would have, to correct my saggy breasts and enlarge them at the same time. I hope you understand and that I am not offending you. Thanks
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The result is awesome, we cannot see the scars anymore, how cool! Which bra size were you before the lift? and now?
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You l@@k Fantastic.... Loved your review Thanks FYI is you contact RealSelf in am email they will help you change the settings...I had similar problems when I started posting. Realself is very helpful that way. I am scheduled in 19 days for my Breast-Lift-Reduction 2/12/2014 I to always hated my saggy B@@bs as well...I am 61 year young a Spunky 'ol Broad. I had a full TT back in September 2013 at age 60, now I am looking forward to my upcoming procedure. (((Hugs))) LiveLoveBelieve
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Although i want just the lift w/o implant. What i dont understand though is how this is not just a peri-areolar lift? And then i wonder, would this lift last very long if it were done without implants...ahh... Still trying to figure it all out!
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it's different than the peri areolar lift, it's supposed to last longer, i hope it does
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I look foward to seeing new pictures! I am so happy to hear how positive you feel about your results. :) The more i hear about this procedure the more interested i get in it
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thank you, i totally recommend it
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Hi r.t. :) Do you have any updated photos you could share with us?
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i will upload new pics in the next few days
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Can I ask what size you were before / after and post-op and what bra size and brand of bra you bought for the post-op 6 weeks? Dr. Horndeski has suggested some, did you go with those ones? And, did you have to go a size up post-op due to swelling?
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before the surgery i was a 38 c and after the surgery i went up to a d, i don't know if it's just because of the swelling or it's going to stay that way, i hope it does. i didnt get one of the bras the doctor recommended but i bought one that holds them up real strong like i was recommended
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You look good! You'll be back to feeling great in no time I'm sure. :)
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I think you look fantastic! Look forward to seeing updated pics of progress!
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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! I am so happy for you...congratulations! You look great and you didn't even need implants. How are you feeling today? Where are you most sore? Anxious to hear updates!

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My 1 yr mini UBL will be tomorrow! I love my results. I also had silicone implants. I could not be happier. I will update my review soon. Your results look great. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. This was one of the best decisions I've made for myself.
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Thanks for sharing this. Your results are great thus far! Did you get implants or just the lift? What was your starting cup size and your post-op or target size?
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no implants, but i went up from a c to a d
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You look amazing!!
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I think you look great & they're in a good position. a push up bra can still give you that extra cleavage -- when you're allowed to wear one that is!
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i already got a new push up bra, can't wait to try it on
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They look great!! Keep us posted with pics as you progress! I'm going to go with Dr. H as well for a mini-UBL this year I hope!!
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Whats a ubl?
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