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Chronicles of a lip lift Sugar Land, TX

Hi girls!! I'm laying in bed at the Staybridge in...

Hi girls!!
I'm laying in bed at the Staybridge in Texas a very nice place indeed, tomorrow at noon I will be finally getting my upper lip lifted !!! I'm so excited I can't sleep. Maybe is the jet lag as well. Anyways I am posting some before pics. Send me good energies and pray for me!!! Yeeewww! Till tomorrow.


... Ok it's done! Things to do before. Buy the medicines you will need before the procedure so you won't have to think about it.
Disinfectant hydrogen peroxide.
Buy your baby food as well.
Water and straws.
The doctor took 5 millimeters from my 2.1 cm. the numbing shots are painful, the procedure is fast and a bit weird.
The doctor and assistants were amazing.
You will fill a mild medium pain right after the procedure is over, because the numbing shots bring a feeling of burning. So I will suggest to get a pain pill asap.
The results are good. I will be able to really tell when the swelling goes down.


I had the procedure just 6 hours ago, the scar looks fine it bled a bit when I ate, the pain pills I am taking are really good! Yeeewww!!! I feel like a bit stoned... I have to sleep sitting so for now I just eat baby food and watch tv... I wanted to add that I started taking ARNICA MONTANA 5 homeopathic globules tree times a day 2 weeks before the procedure and I am still taking it, it helps healing faster and prevent bruising.

I am pretty swollen

I had a check today with Dr. H. and my upper lip and nose are pretty swollen, so swollen that the gap between nose and upper lip is as before 2.1cm!!! He was really confident that I will get a good result when the swelling goes down, and said that if I will want more excised I can come after six month for a free revision. I really hope I won't have to do it again, because it's really quick but also intense. I will update pictures as soon as the swelling goes down. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Today I went to the whole food store just close to the clinic and did some shopping. I had a gauze with tape surrounding the wound just to protect it from sun and dust. You are pretty good to do normal things the day after, but I still felt I needed to rest, the medicines and the pain killers and the adrenaline shot you get during the operation are all a bit tiring for the body. Bye xxx


I forgot to tell you that when I woke up this morning I didn't feel any pain so I stopped taking the painkillers....

The swelling

The swelling is going down this is the end of my second day after surgery. It is still swollen, but the naso-labial zone it's not painful anymore, but it is still a bit where the incision line is. I'm feeling better, and I'm eager to see the results!

I am in NY

7.55 pm, day 4.
My face is deflating. Now the serum is on the sides of my chin, and the bottom nose is still swollen and a little bit sore. I look better, my lips are showing a little tiny bit of teeth. I ate a salad and a sandwich for lunch, but the latter was a little bit complicated to eat, pulling at times the inner nose, I wouldn't recommend it. Then I met Zizi !!! She came to pic me up at the airport and we had dinner together. It's such a relief meeting with someone that has passed through the same as me, chatting about this surgeries and feeling totally free to be able to talk about it, being understood, without having to justify yourself. We are like sisters already! She is stunning in person, inside out. Zizi we told each other already but again, I'm really glad we met! I can't wait to remove my stitches. But I'm not sure if it is on day 5 or 6? Does somebody knows????


Hi girls. I am posting some pics 14 days post op.

The scar

The scar is healing, it's probably a bit red because I had a very bad bronchitis and cold for the last few days.
I took the stitches off by my self on day 5. I can still feel the dissolvable internal stitches they give a stiff feeling underneath the scar line when I move my nose. Girls remember to not touch the scar for the first 7 days.

The review

Hey the site doesn't give me the option to change from "not sure" to "worth it"....

Revision in October

Dear lovelies,
I'm so excited!!!
I've just fixed my appointment to go back to Houston and have the revision done to get the lips of my dreams!!!


This is the gap between nose and upper lip I am looking for.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

I just had a Skype chat with doctor Horndensky and he is a friendly man. I will update soon. Dott. H. is a good surgeon and human being, really down to earth. His staff it's amazing as well.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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I look forward to seeing your revision. My research on this site has led me to believe that I would rather go to a doctor that is initially cautious, than end up with a bugs bunny or joker smile look. It's very scary. No turning back at that point.
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Yeah I just saw a bugs bunny one on here, don't like that look either.
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Hahaha! I hope I don't get a bugs bunny look as well!!! I wonder who is the doctor that did the bugs bunny one?
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Thanks! Lulu
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Good luck for u
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How did you choose this Dr. Your lips are amazing. I am having a hard time finding drs that specialize in this. Did you travel to him or was he just close to you?
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Hi I found it trough a review on real self. I travelled from Australia to Houston. I'm going back in August to take more mm off.
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hi dear long time no new photos :( how is everything ??
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Hey girl, I didn't post any more photos bc I look the same as last update no change! so all is good and I scheduled my second lip lift with same doctor end of October :). if you really want to get your lip lift this is the doctor to do it with :).
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Thank u for fast replay ... Iam 5 months pregnant and all the time i keep searching for good doc and i heared that vitamin c help to prevent the skin to get scar after surgries .. Iam planning to start vitamin c from now.
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Hi Lulu25107, well if you want a vitamin that is good for healing yes C is good and also Vitamin E is good HOWEVER, DO NOT take E too much while you are pregnant bc you can over dose on E vitamin, also do not take it 2 weeks prior to ANY surgery bc it thins out the blood so you don't want to be bleeding too much that will increase your chances of bruising. What you can take before the surgery day and maybe start taking it 5 days before hand is "Arnica" tablets that dissolve in your mouth and they supposedly prevent bruising and soreness :). Good luck on whatever you decide to do.
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Thank u very much sister.
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Long time dear How is everything !
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did the shape of your nostrils change?
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No, I'm not sure if the nose shape changes with lip lift that only cuts skin I heard that wen u do a lip lift and cut muscle though the nose changes but not sure that's what I heard. So far I love the results but I still think I should of removed 2 more mm for best results :).
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Hi, at first because of the internal stitches and the swelling underneath the incision line the right nostril looked different from the left, it's been two months now and thank God it all went back to normal. no changes in nostrils shape.
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Hi! There was no change in nostril shape. Underneath the right nostril and the incision line there was a little swelling because of the internal stitches that made my right nostril look different. It's all gone now and they are back to be my usual nostrils.
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How is ur scar ? Any new photos ! Wana see how is ur healing sweaty . Thanks
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did your nostrils widen?
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Hello fairy thank u so much for helpfull information it's great to know about your experience, I'm looking to to find a experience doctor for about 7 years but really couldn't ' I'm exited to found you now , can you please mention how much did you pay and where your surgery based ? Uk or abroad ? Thank you :)
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Lovely, thanks for the update!
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Hi Fairy Green Eyes, your lips look so pretty! The amount of tooth show looks absolutely perfect. I actually just had a skype consultation with Dr H today and thought he was GREAT, and am planning to fly to Houston in May to have this done with him. Super excited!! I was wondering, since I noticed you put "not sure" for whether you're happy or not - is this because of the stiffness of the dissolvable stitches? Or is there something else you're not happy with? Just wanted to be sure :) Congratulations on your beautiful lips!!
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Hi Miss thanks! There is almost no tooth show, and I will be back to do a revision in 6 months. I am pretty happy so far but I wanted a radical change. i always loved very full natural lips. Anyways not sure is because the site doesn't make me change it don't know why...
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Ohh I see. I think your lips look ridiculously gorgeous and full, but I think I remember you mentioning in a previous comment that Dr H will let you go back in 6 months to get more excised for free...could always do that! It's so awesome that he offers this.
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It is so kind! I wish every doctor do it! Because a tooth show is very important to feminime look :) so good luck with it xxx
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