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Looking to Improve my Profile with a Chin Implant - Sugar Land, TX

I had the consult today and I am excited about...

I had the consult today and I am excited about getting a chin implant, ive always had a weak chin and im hoping this will give me the look that I want. Im having it performed under local anesthesia to help cut costs and to minimize downtime. It seems like a long way off but im already getting excited.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

He's really nice and doesn't come off as acting too prestigious. He's very down to earth and answers all of your questions thoroughly. His staff is really nice.

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I was just reading through your comments in your updates! Scary about opening your eyes during the surgery. Yikes! Would love to see your pics!
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I would post them, but...Im just not ready to take a picture of myself yet, I avoid taking and being in pictures.
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I think I will go back to him for cheek implants in the coming months.
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Just had the surgery two days ago, there is some swelling but im already starting to really like the square masculine results, Im actually hoping the swelling doesn't go down too much because I love the size of it ...I chose to do the procedure under local anesthesia and was awake and aware of everything that was going on while the implant was being placed. It wasn't that bad, there were some painful moments, like when he used the cauterizing tool and some tense moments when I would open my eyes and see him with a scalpel, but it wasn't so bad, kind of reminded me of getting a root canal. I actually opened my eyes a couple of times during the procedure and I seen my blood all over the surgeons gloves, but im tough...It didn't bother me. I was telling myself..."You are getting a cleft chin implant, you have to be tough now!" Lol. I will post pics soon.
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Thanks so much :) I was actually able to reschedule for a sooner date because another patient cancelled so now i only have a week to go! Im getting a little nrevous but its a good nervous, im happy i will be able to say goodbye to my weak chin and trade it in for a stronger more masculine one.
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Oh, I bet this coming month will go fast! Chin implants can make such a dramatic difference. Do you know what size implant you're going with?

Please keep us updated. I will be watching your story with interest!
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