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I had the consult today and I am excited about...

I had the consult today and I am excited about getting a chin implant, ive always had a weak chin and im hoping this will give me the look that I want. Im having it performed under local anesthesia to help cut costs and to minimize downtime. It seems like a long way off but im already getting excited.
How did you like the redo?
I havent gone through with it again....yet. I want to save up at least 10k so I can get multiple operations out of the way simultaneously. (Re-adjustment of chin implant size, brow lift, lip reshaping). *Exhales*...and then the next group of surgeries. Im goin down the list, lol. Hair transplant, lower cheek lipo (For more chiseled look), eyebrow transplant/reshaping. Its a journey and a process, just like working out I guess.
I initially went in to see him for a readjustment of my chin implant, but he convinced me to get my cheeks done first. I am not in love with the results, somedays I wish I could just start over from scratch and get the cheek implants instead of the fat grafts. Its frustrating, I just wish all that fat that was injected could dissolve and I could start over again,i dont know how im going to fix this, if its even possible. My cheeks look.....weird.
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He's really nice and doesn't come off as acting too prestigious. He's very down to earth and answers all of your questions thoroughly. His staff is really nice.

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