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One Day Post-Op... SHOCKED by How GREAT my Mini-UBL Went! - Sugar Land, TX

Hi ladies, I'm a 50 year old mom of two grown...

Hi ladies,
I'm a 50 year old mom of two grown children. I have always taken my sagging breasts with a grain of salt.... until the past few years. The last 6 months i have been obsessed about how bad I thought my breasts looked. I sort of put my toe in the water by researching doctors in my area (Massachusetts) I made two consults and only went to one. He showed me pictures of previous surgery's he did. I did not want implants AT ALL but he explained that was the only way i would have the upper pole fullness. I was also freaked out by the scarring I saw on these ladies. With all of my questions he suggested I go on RealSelf and look around. He said I would find lots of women that have had the "lollipop" breast lift. I can't tell you how happy I am that this doctor referred me to this site. Little does he know he lead me to Dr. Horndeski from Sugarland, TX I was obsessed with finding out everything I could about they type of surgery he performed. No scars! I researched and researched and I could not find anything that was negative about Dr. H So.... I called his office and set up a Skype consult. It went so well I set up the appointment for 4 weeks later.

There was a lot of paperwork to complete and lab work to have done plus a mammogram. They do offer to have you do it hear and it would be part of the fee but I chose to do it using my own doctor because I didn't want there to be an issue if there was anything wrong with my lab work. I also picked up all my prescriptions I would need before I left. (albeit during my haste to leave I forgot all my medicines at home!) Thanks goodness CVS is here in Texas too!

I arrived in Houston 3 days before my surgery and I'm staying 3 days after. Weather is nice and gives me a few days downtime to lounge by the pool and take drives around the city. Monday was my first live visit with Dr. H. He is as animated in person as on Skype. Very kind, very gentle. Answers any questions you may have with patience. His staff is amazing. I can not say enough kind words them. They guide you through this process from beginning to end. My surgery was yesterday. I don't remember to much about it to tell you. I only remember arriving back at the hotel in a high amount of pain but nothing i couldn't tolerate. My boyfriend tucked me in and that's where i stayed for the next 12 hours. It certainly helps if you can bring someone with you because you really need the care, especially the first night. I even needed help sitting on the toilet.... I woke only to take another pain pill. At this point i was taking them every 3-4 hours. The cast he puts on after surgery is bothersome and makes it difficult to sleep lying down. At 2 AM I found myself on the chaise reading a book for a few hours. It helped sitting at that point. Looking at my breasts through all of the gauze and ace bandage they appeared to be HUGE and I was a little frightened by this. Not anymore....

I just returned from Dr. H and my first post-op visit. My pain is a lot less than last night but I'm still taking the pain pills. So in his office we talked a bit and he was quick to remove the cast and bandages. I looked in the mirror and i could not believe my eyes. One day after surgery and I already loved how my breasts looked, bruises, stitches and swollen - I still loved them. He showed me photos before, during and after surgery. Did I mentioned I love them! I have one last visit with Dr. H before going home. Overall, I don't expect much change but happy to see him once more. I then will be under the care of my own doctor to monitor my progress. I promised to send Dr. H progress photos for the next 12 months. He doesn't have many once the ladies are 4 months post-op.

My final word and advise: if you are considering a breast lift DO NOT look anywhere else but Dr. H He knows his craft and he knows it well.

I am now at 4 days post-op. I went all day...

I am now at 4 days post-op. I went all day yesterday and today without any pain pills - I did take one at night before bed. So the constant pain in my pecs is gone. Don't get me wrong it's still very tender just doesn't hurt anytime i move now. I went out yesterday for a pedi and to have my hair washed and dried. (yep, you don't think of those little things you can't do...). I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and called it a night. Today was a whole different. Woke up early and went spent the day at the PGA Houston open. Was up and walking for the better part of 4 hours around the course. Rested here and there and overall was a great day. Never would have thought 4 days ago that i would be out at a golf tournament, so things are moving along much better than i anticipated.

The pain on a level of 1/10 is about a 3. Yep a 3. Pleasant surprise. The bruising is worse than the 2nd day but that is normal from what I understand about bruising. Still swollen but I do notice it's not as tight and the girls are moving now. The shape is still odd but that is what the 24/7 wearing of the bra is going to fix/shape you. It is god awful wearing this all the time but hey, the price we women pay....

I am heading back to Massachusetts tomorrow and going back to work. Will keep you posted on my progress. For now, still think this was a great decision on my part.
Texas Plastic Surgeon


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Yes please let us have an update if you can! :)
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Your last post was in December. can you tell us if you have regained sensitivity in your nipple and under the breast. Super curious about this procedure and Dr. H. touts how there is no loss of sensitivity. Thanks
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Hello! Could you please post updated pictures?
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Hi. Sure ill try to do it this weekend. I am still happy with the overall results but not ecstatic. My clothes fit and look much better since the lift. I am seriously displeased with loss of sensation in my nipples, areola and a large portion under my nipple area on the actual breast. I was told it would return but its been 9 months so i doubt it will. This does nit mean it would be the same with you but you would need to decide if its wirth the trade off.
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Thank you for the reply. I have been seriously reconsidering this surgery and will consider this when deciding. Thank you for the added information.
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Hi there! Any updated photos so we can see how you are progressing? Thanks!
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Hi dreamgirls. I will post updated photos this weekend for you. I am now 4 weeks post op and am so happy with the results! All of the swelling is gone, still a little puckering around the aureola but very slight compared to some I've seen. It will go away within 7 months so do not worry about that. I wanted to wait until the tape was also removed before posting. Stay tuned :-)
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Thanks for posting pics and for your story! I am booking with Dr. H as well - I think in the fall and I have been interested in seeing photos and such being that its a newer procedure. Thanks for sharing - you look great so far and I can't wait to see how things progress!!!
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wow, you look great! I'm having the mini ubl with Dr H in a little over a week... yikes! Reading your story and seeing your pics is VERY reassuring, thank you! I'm only planing to stay one day after surgery before returning home, I hope that's not too brutal.
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Hi hon, Happy that you Re a little more comfortable after reading my story. Trust me you have picked the right surgeon. However, staying only one day is a lot to hope for. I only know that I was surprised how good I felt the day after and then how surprised how bad I felt on day 2. Like a two to. Truck hit me. So if you can stay one more day, and relax it wouldn't hurt. Good luck and keep us posted!
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Lovingit, you look AWESOME! Absolutely incredible results, dont you think? Congratulations on making the trip to Texas and going with Dr. H. He really is a miracle worker. Having been through the process and now 7weeks post op, I can tell you that once all the swelling and discomfort is gone, life is GOOD! I have never been more happy with a decision that I made and I can tell you will feel the same way too! All the best!
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Hi. Thanks for the comments. So you're at 7 weeks? Are you,still wearing the bra 24/7? I'm ready to whip this thing out the window and I've only been wearing 3 days! I look at the shape of my breasts now and it is a bit scary. Yes they are up high and y,es they look good even though they are swoLlen bu,t the shape is a little odd. Not quite round.... I'm sure the bra I'm wearing every minute will fix that.
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You will look great! You already do! Just keep wearing the bra 24/7 for 5 weeks. It gets bothersome at times but I found it felt better to have it on anyway. The girls take time to get the swelling down ( and there is lots of it) and to form the right shape. Have to be patient. You will see the difference with each week when you take the pics for Dr. H and Elisa. I have absolutely no patience at all so this journey was a bit of a struggle for me in that regards but now that it is over, I am thrilled. Hang in there.
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Do you pics you want to share? Did you have the mini lift also?
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Already sent them to you under the name Living Dreams. You can check out my profile. For some reason, my comments are coming up under a different name.
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Yep i got those. So you have two names now lol
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

Wow, you look awesome! He did a great job. Just in time for summer coming!

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Thank you! So happy I made the trip.
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Wow! Looks like it was worth the trip! Do you have scars under your arms or across your back?
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Hi. I do not have any scars under my breasts. The mini lift does not require cutting under the breast. He does this thru the nipple only. Those that need a reduction as well as a lift would have the under breast scarring.
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