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I Finally Did the Lip Lift :) - Sugar Land, TX

Well for the past 2 years I have been doing...

Well for the past 2 years I have been doing research on lip lift since my perma lip implant didn't do the job I was hoping it would by lifting my upper lip outward and giving me some teeth show. YES I still have the perma lip implant in the upper lip and I just did the lip lift and got 4mm cut off from under my nose. the worst part of the procedure is the numbing shots those were painful but the rest of the procedure is easy and fast and the doctor and his team are so nice and professional, as a matter of fact I'm planing to go back in a few months for his mini breast lift its a breast lift with hidden scars around the nipple, anyways back to my upper lip lift lol I got side tracked sorry. Today is day one and I have little swelling but already about 2mm of teeth show and I know I will probably be more swollen tomorrow, so far I like it but I hope when the swelling is down my lip doesn't cover my teeth! will keep you guys posted. I'm currently on Vicadin "spelling**" so I'm not in pain and prescribed also antibiotics, and if you get cold sores around your lip you need to let them know so they can prescribe you Valtrex as well.

2nd day of lip lift

so I'm still swollen just a tad bit also the tip of my nose is swollen and stiff but scar is looking great, I don't have pain today, the doctor did a very good job, but I'm wondering if I should of took more than 4mm :/ bc my teeth are barely showing I'm not sure if its bc I'm swollen or what! I will be patient and will update after the doctor takes off the stitch which in Monday.
Thanks for sharing! Your incision does look great. Don't fret yet about the tooth show (or lack thereof). It's early days and I bet you're really swollen!
Your lips look very full and lovely! Super awesome that you have tooth show after just a couple of days!! I'm going to get this done, also with Dr Horndeski, in early summer and it's always wonderful to read these great reviews about him. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see more pictures!!!
Thank u Missmila, I liked reading all the good reviews as well and made me comfortable, even though I got a little discouraged from his not so nice office compared to the rest of plastic surgeons!! Also on other websites it says some people put good reviews Bc he offers them free botox!!! But once I sat with him and his assistant Elisa I was at ease and NO he did not offer me free botox for this review lol. Good luck on ur lip lift :)

6th day of my lip lift and I'm happy :)

Well doctor pulled the suture right put with one pull it felt really strange when he pulled it out. Anyways I only have like a 1 mm of teeth show and the space between my nose and upper lip now is 1.5cm which is ok I still think I should of taken just maybe 2mm more of skin out but I'm still happy about results and the scar is almost gone I mean no one can tell there is a scar!!! And doctor said I'm still swollen I might get a little more teeth show so let's see but he is defiantly the perfect doctor for lip lift.
Long time no update ?? How is everything !
All good, but I'm for sure going to call thier office after I get back from my cruise trip Bc I do want more skin taken off :/. I feel like just one mm of teeth show is not enough! I want probebly another 4mm taken off. And the recovery was so easy I don't mind going through it again lol.
I leave on the cruise next week so it won't be for another 2 weeks till I do anything

Today pix

I will be going back to take off more skin soon. Here is photos from today as u guys see no visible scar :) but I do want more teeth show
looks great and it looks have you have zero scarring!
Beautiful lips, he also did a really good job with the scar, wow. :) It's hardly noticeable in your May pics. Was wondering, is there any redness that still lingers around the scar or is it completely white now? Also, did it ever feel or look as though your nostrils were being pulled down by the incision? I really want a nice result like yours, but I had a nasal valve collapse that I had corrected with grafts and I'm afraid that the weight would jeopardize the grafts.
Was there any change to your nose? I had a lip lift with Dr Haworth and I'm 5 weeks post op. My lips look great but my nose is swollen and bigger. It embarrassing
Texas Plastic Surgeon

he answered all my questions, and took his time with me and I didn't feel rushed at all in our consultation.

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