Butt Sagging Like a Grandma - Sugar Land, TX

Dr Nguyen mislead me to think that butt implants...

Dr Nguyen mislead me to think that butt implants would make my butt look lifted. I asked him over and over if he was sure it wouldn't sag, since it was over the muscle. He said that the muscle fascia would keep it from sagging. The truth is he doesn't have the knowledge to putt butt implants under the muscle. He refuses to do anything to fix it and refuses to acknowledge that my results are not desirable. He has offered to remove them, but that would leave me looking worse because my skin got stretched out. I wasted $6000. Now I'll have to save up another $6000 and find a more experienced Dr to fix this mess. Don't even mention the recovery time, I was suffering and draining for 3 months. He just wants money and if he messes you up, he won't try to fix it, he will just try to get rid of you. I was told not to come back anymore for follow ups. My modeling career is pretty much ruined.

I went from flat to saggy

Is this the butt of a 30 year old or 60 year old

I'd rather switch butts with my 60 year old mom and I could have saved 6k

Results and then results plus working out

Working out helped some, but it can't fix the problem. I can feel the implants pressing down and there is no muscle supporting the weight.
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i thought the pic u have up was a wish pic. In all honesty i think you butt looks incredible, thats the exact look im after, as i want to create a gluteal crease aswell which i have very little of. It proberbly will sag in a few years time though, but for the time being it looks amazing!!
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That's like saying you want breast implants with a crease below them so you can look like you need a breast lift. No one wants that.
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Oh my :-( hope u r ok
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I can file a medical malpractice lawsuit with an expert report from a doctor saying Dr Nguyen screwed up.
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I am writing with the permission of this patient to comment and clarify some comments made. First, I am truly sorry that my patient is not satisfied with the cosmetic outcome of her surgery. I take this very seriously. However, I have posted the before and after photo to demonstrate that her buttocks are fuller, lifted, perkier, and appropriately contoured. I truly cannot see where I can improve on the results. The patient is a very fit woman so fat grafting to the buttocks was not an option. We discussed in detail the option of using an implant and all of the risks prior to surgery. She had a safe surgery and all standards of care have been met or surpassed. As far as office visits and follow up, I have made my office extremely available to Ms. B. We have met on 19 office visits to discuss the surgery. I give all my surgery patients my cell phone number, so I am always available to my surgery patients at all times for any concerns as I have been for Ms. B. Finally, the reason why I did not offer to do any more surgery on this patient's buttocks is that there is not any other surgery that I feel I can perform safely that would further improve her outcome. I am always looking out for the safety of patients at all times. I think this lovely young woman has great physical attributes. Sometimes less is more when it comes to cosmetic surgery. I am still always available and in communication with Ms. B. Dr. Nguyen
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There is no way I have been there 19 times to discuss the surgery. The only reason I had the surgery is because I was told it would make my butt look more lifted. Dr Nguyen physically lifted my butt up when he said it would be more lifted. When I was choosing a size I placed the implant in a much higher position on my body because I never envisioned it going to the bottom of my butt. I asked him before the surgery if it would sag and he said no. I have 4 docs saying I have ptosis and I have to go under the muscle. My time and money was wasted. I was lied to about what results I could expect. I was also told it would feel like well toned muscle and it feels like rocks. I can't even run anymore because it bounces up and down. Dr Nguyen told me why don't I go to another surgeon to get it put under the muscle? Dr Nguyen claims that my butt looks good, and that tells me that he doesn't know what a butt is supposed to look like. If this is a good result then why would I rather have my butt back to how it was before?
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Dr Nguyen you keep lying. If I was in your office 19 times you know it's because I went to you for a nose job and fillers etc. I have been in your office 2 times to complain about the results of my butt. It's like talking to a brick wall because you have no sympathy. I'm sharing my experience to try to help someone make an informed decision. You are lying when you say I was aware of the risks because you flat out told me it was impossible for it to sag because it was under the fascia. I was aware of the possibility of a seroma and my stitches splitting, which you may be counting those office visits into your 19 times you've seen me. And I didn't complain about the stitches splitting or the seroma because I was aware of those risks. I'm complaining about the sagging because I did my research and saw that another plastic surgeon didn't recommend going over the muscle, so I asked you if it was possible for it to sag and you told me no. I trusted you! If you told me there was a possibility I was ready to back out of the surgery. You never told me there was a possibility of that happening. You said it was impossible because you are putting it under the fascia and not just under the skin. Honestly I think you owe me a refund because you wasted my time and money promising me results that you couldn't deliver. And you have no sympathy for my situation. Imagine you went to a doctor to get something improved and you asked the doctor if you might be deformed and were told no and trusted the doc then you ended up being deformed and the doc said you look great and you were aware of the risks, but many other docs agree that you were deformed. I had a person tell me that I should tell you I didn't pay to have a grandma butt. I have been spending tons of money and time on working out and then you want to take credit for the after photo, but look at how my results were before I started obsessively working out. And no matter how much I work out I can never completely lift up sagging implants. I'm not an unreasonable person, but I don't expect to be lied to by my doctor.
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Why did you give this doctor 5 stars then?
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They saw what I put up here and called me and I was hoping there was some way he could help me perk it up... I should mention he did a great nose job for me. I think if someone was built differently, they might get a better result with butt implants, but I'm built with a long booty in the first place, and I'm trying to get a perky booty. : / If I could gain weight I'd do fat grafting instead. I'm not mad at him anymore, I just don't like the implants and I wish I would've went under the muscle or could gain enough weight for fat grafting.
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What a rotten Dr. Everyone reads this site before consulting a plastic surgeon so his career is toast! He won't have to worry about ANY follow up visits from anyone!
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