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I went for a consultation last week with a PS. He...

I went for a consultation last week with a PS. He was professional, friendly, and spent a lot of time answering my questions. The receptionist told me it would take 2 weeks to a month to hear back from my insurance about approval. Just 3 days later she called to tell me that the surgery was approved by insurance. I am still going to check out other doctors before scheduling the surgery. I am worried about the recovery time. The PS said 3 weeks until I can do any lifting. My job requires moving people and lifting. Hopefully I won't really need that much time off.


Welcome to the community and thank you for joining.  Definitely keep doing your research until you find the right doctor for "You". 

Very exciting that you were approved so quickly though.  You really should not do any lifting for at least the first 30 days post op.   It does take a while to heal internally so go slow.  Maybe you could go back to work on a modified duty for a couple of weeks?  Worth asking..
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Surgery date: 4/25/14

Decided to go with my previous PS. He was able to get me in right away. I am going for pre op tomorrow. I am nervous about having a reaction to the anesthesia. I am taking 7 days off of work. Hopefully I will only need the pain medication for one day. I will post my after photos on friday or saturday. Wish me luck!


Good luck ill see u on the smaller side ! :-) :-) I took off 8 weeks due to my job description
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Good luck with your surgery! See you on the smaller side. :-D
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Hope it goes well. I stay in Sugar Land too and checked out one "popular" surgeon in the area, but my procedure should be at Baylor College of Medicine. Come back pleased .... xx
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Post Op

I had the surgery today! I got to the hospital at 6:45am. I checked in and waited to go to my room. Once I was in the room the RN asked a lot of questions and I signed the consent. Then the Anesthesiologist came in to speak with me. He ordered for me to have a patch for nausea. Then the CRNA came in to ask some questions and give me versed. Then I was pushed back for surgery. I remember him pushing me to the OR because I asked for the smallest amount of versed. I scooted over to the OR table and was hooked up to the tele monitor. Then he put me to sleep. I woke up with a foley. I was not happy about that, but they took it out in PACU. I was almost fully awake when I got to PACU. I refused the Dilaudid in PACU because I was not in any pain. My PS called my mom and told her the surgery went well and that I was in PACU. I stayed there for 45 minutes and then I was discharged. I felt a lot of nausea on the way home. I had some vomiting at home, but I felt better after. I was able to eat a little. I started to have some pain at 7:30 and took Norco.

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Post Op


Aww congratulations, they look great even wrapped up, it's made such a huge difference and they look great for your shape, aww exciting xx
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Thank you! :)
congratulations, hope you are ok today. I had surgery on the 22nd, and had nausea bad the first day - from the second day I really see myself improve each day onwards so its all good :)
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5 Days Post Op

I am feeling a lot better. The doctor removed the wrap on Tuesday. I still have tape, but he says he will remove it next week.


Can I ask who did your surgery?
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Congratulations!! You look great!
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