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Ok ladies looking for some tips...I'm 30 yrs old 2...

Ok ladies looking for some tips...I'm 30 yrs old 2 kids I am considering a mini ubl with implants. I am currently a 34A (barely) I am concerned about the lift and incision and exactly how it will lift my breasts. I also would like input on silicone vs saline implants Dr.H is sugessing silicone implants. I guess my only hesitation is I've always heard silicone implants arent the safest route.


Here is an article from our RealSelf Doctor Q&A that might be of interest to you:

Silicone Vs. Saline - Which Breast Implant is Safer?

Some pre-op photos might be helpful. How many cc's are you aiming for?

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I'm not real sure how many cc's I want to go to a 34D and I am currently a 34A (barely)

You'll have a better idea once you have a consult and can try on sizers. You might also entertain the idea of doing the rice test, if you haven't already, to help you determine how many cc's you would like.


I have decided to have a few more consults before making my final decision with whom I will use for my breast lift with augmentation but I am still going through with the procedure sometime in October 2013


Good luck with your search for a PS and consultations! The new silicone implants are very safe and I think they feel more natural. I'm very pleased with my scars and can't believe how fast they are fading.
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Hey there, wondering if you've made any headway with your decision?
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It has been 1 year and 2 months since my BA and BL (full anchor). They have faded soooo much. I should post updated pics. I don't regret it at all. I do feel like my PS could've shortened my incision just a couple of cm and I would have zero complaints. This is something that also has continued to minimize. It takes a long time to completely heal from and see optimal results.
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