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Saggy NO MORE!! ;) - Sugar Land, TX

As a 21 year old college student, the...

As a 21 year old college student, the back/neck/shoulder pain and lack of self confidence I endured was fixed on March 7th thanks to the Ultimate Breast Lift.

I can honestly say I have had large boobs since I could remember. Most of my life was spent wearing 2 sports bra’s to keep them held up and sucked in because of how much I disliked the orientation of them/ how bad the weight of them caused discomfort. I am 5’2 and about a year and a half ago I weighed a good 158 (not the most ideal for my size). I realized I that if I ever wanted to get any kind of breast procedure done I needed to get down the ideal body weight I desired. January of 2014 I had weighed in at 135lbs but due to the substantial weight loss I had breast that hung (literally). My mom, whom had worked for Dr. Horndeski 15+ years ago, suggested we meet him because she knew he would be able to give me a positive incite on what I could do to have my number of issues fixed. The moment I took my shirt and 2 sports bras off he immediately said I was a “perfect candidate for the UBL”. I went from being skeptical about getting ANYTHING done to them to walking out hopeful and excited for the youthful looking boobs that were to come my way!

Being that I was a college student attending A&M, I decided I would have the procedure over Spring Break while my mother and father could tend to me during my one week off. It was about an hour drive from my parents house in League City to the hospital, which we had no problem getting too.

March 7th had arrived and nerves had kicked in but the moment Dr. Horndeski and Elisa arrived describing and drawing out what they were doing my demeanor turned to anxious and excited. My procedure ended up being 5 hours (little longer than planned) due to the immense amount of breast tissue they explained I had. Coming out of the procedure I actually felt fine! Pain was about a 5 of 10 (woohoo). I did however have a complication which had me back in the hospital Sunday morning (2 days after my surgery). Dr. Horndeski examined my breast and made the decision take take me back into surgery at 7am because my right one had developed a small blood clot causing my nipple to be discolored and the pain to be a little bit worse than coming right out of the previous surgery. I had faith in him the whole time because he truly cared about my wellness and knew what needed to be done to ensure the success of my procedure. After that minor delima, he had me back home that night and I was off pain medicine by the 2nd day.

After I had my drains pulled out, I honestly felt great! I was able to attend school just 8 days after surgery and thanks to my roommates had no problem following the “no lifting your arms rule or anything greater than 10 lbs”.

7 weeks out of surgery, and even through the dilemma I had I will stand before a crowd of strangers and say this was the best decision of my life. My boobs look beautiful and my comfort level is tremendously better!

I am extremely excited and happy about my progress and hope for others who share my same issue to seek the hands of this doctor right here:)

Here are some pictures of my before and right after surgery picture!!
I have a B cup, a severely deflated "literally" hanging B cup. It's like Oranges in a tube sock (I'm sure you've heard that one before, but in my case it's perfectly descriptive to the point that I can choose no other example, and I don't mind getting chuckles). "Where my saggy sistas at? Holla!" Those befores are BEAUTIFUL! As someone said, they were great before, I'd kill to have those before boobies! No lie. I'll never have the resources or time (full time Mommy), to have any breast procedure although I covet several due to six botched (in my opinion) biopsies and horrible genes. My husband tries to comfort me by saying he's not a "boob man", but I know we are all boob men, boob people. Breasts rule the world. Otherwise I wouldn't be up at midnight looking at pictures of pipe dreams, torturing myself over the fact I'll never be able to afford what you paid to have changed. You were a lucky girl hun, except for the pain, but strengthening the back and core could have helped. I support your choice though as it's your to make. But dang does the injustice of me not even being able to afford what someone else can throw away, make me wanna cry myself to sleep. Cheers to your originals, the new girls and your pain free new life of turning heads. I ain't a hater, I wish you the best of your desires, I am just a bit jealous. No t, no shade. C-; God Bless.
I loved your results! I want them too! Did your doctor said something about a future preganancy? I am a little worried about that. Thanks!
Thank you so much! They always explain what future complications could result from having anything done with the breasts so yes there is a chance in the future I could face problems but because of the type of procedure they do and how they never detach the nipple from the nerve my chances are still high for being able to breast feed in the future. Hope that helped :) Best of luck!
Texas Plastic Surgeon

In February 2014 I had my first consultation with Dr. Horndeski about what and how i could go about fixing the deflation (you could say) and pain I experienced from carrying around my size E boobs (which I didn’t realize I had until after he pointed my real size). I knew I did not want fake boobs and Dr. Horndeski reassured me that with my breast tissue and the Ultimate Breast Lift procedure,implants were not necessary at all. A 15 minute consultation was all I needed to decide on scheduling my surgery for 3 weeks later. Dr. Horndeski and Elisa truly are a gift. Because of their skills and expertise with the Ultimate Breast Lift procedure I now have ZERO back,neck, and shoulder pain and more importantly feel comfortable in my own skin as a 21 year old, with my own real boobs. The strategy and mathematical effort of the whole technique truly blows me away. The procedure is definitely 1 in a million and I hope to be one of the many to spread the word on this AMAZING breast engineering method and also express how wonderful they are to work with. You would be making the best decision of your life by just going in to have a consultation with them, they are truly that good!

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