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I decided to get my mini breast lift procedure...

I decided to get my mini breast lift procedure because I am only 26 years old and was kind of sad about not ever being able to wear a bikini like my friends could. After having a previous breast reduction from another doctor that left me with even more saggy breasts, my mother finally discovered Dr. Horndeski and his staff by doing a search for "scar-less breast reduction" online. Of all the doctors in the US, we chose him because he specializes in virtually scar-less procedures (he invented a scar-less breast lift procedure). We felt comfortable choosing him because he had many good reviews from former patients. I am very pleased with my results and would recommend others to Dr. Horndeski as well. Before, I had very saggy drooping breasts, but after my surgery, they are significantly higher and I can wear a bikini and not look saggy in it! You can see the shape of my waist better now because it is not being hid under oversized, saggy breasts! Surprisingly, my recovery time was very short and I never felt much pain. Only a slight bit of soreness which is standard when you have any surgery! I feel that I probably would have had more scarring had Dr. Horndeski's staff not been as helpful as they were. They gave me very detailed instructions on how to take care of myself post-surgery, what to eat (or not eat) prior to surgery, where to get my antibiotics, etc. The entire staff does truly care about your wellbeing. I bought a tube of ScarFade silicone scar gel in their office for only $30. Silicone gel is expensive, they could have charged way more, but they didn't because they are not out to get all of your money! I loved feeling like I wasn't being taken advantage of which is something I never got from my previous plastic surgeon. On my final important note, Dr. Horndeski's pricing is very reasonable! I'm sure the type of procedure you undergo determines your price, but I was very happy with the price of my surgery.
Awesome story! So glad you have your desired results! Have you taken any before and after pics? How did he manage a scarless surgery and did u have scarring from your previous breast reduction surgery? Did you get an implant or just the lift? Thank you for sharing your story x
Hi there. I am not home at the moment, so I uploaded an "after" picture that I just happened to take of myself this morning on my iPhone! (I will add "before" pictures and clearer/larger "after" pictures in the upcoming days). Dr. Horndeski makes the surgery virtually scarless because he weaves the underlying breast tissue throughout the muscles underneath your skin (the muscles that are kind of up towards your shoulders). This way, it is your own muscles that support your breasts, you don't rely on the tender skin on the outside to hold them up. Therefore, I believe my breasts will remain more supported this way in the long-term than they would have been had I undergone a traditional reduction. Most traditional reductions leave large "anchor" scars and still leave your skin as basically the only thing supporting your breast tissue. Most of Dr. Horndeski's patients (depending how much are you reducing), have a slight "pleating" of the skin on their breasts post-surgery, but I was told that they should fade in 6 months. Mine are seriously so slight that I don't mind it at all. WAY better than having those awful "anchor" scars! FYI: My areolas were a little larger than normal before the surgery, and Dr. Horndeski made them slightly smaller so they would look better, so he can do that for patients too :-) My previous reduction was a "liposelection" (basically liposuction) surgery, so they simply removed some fatty tissue, but did not remove any excess skin. That's why I was left even more saggy! That doctor told me that since I was so young, that my skin (being mostly made of water) would shrink up to 30%, but that never happened. With Dr. Horndeski's scarless reduction, he lifted them so well that I didn't need an implant, although it slightly looks like I do have the implants! (Amazing!!) He said a lot of patients think they need implants, when really they only need a slight lift. He was so right about that :-). Thank you for your question, I will definitely be adding more pictures as soon as I get my "before" pictures from Dr. Horndeski's office :-) He is definitely worth going to and I have ZERO regrets. I'm enjoying summer in my bikini! Take care!
I didn't see your pic before, they look unbelievable!!! Your natural breast volume is perfect! I wish I'd had enough volume not to need an implant but I really needed the implant and I have the dreaded anchor scar, which doesn't bother me too much, it's the price I pay for beautiful perky boobs I guess x Your boobs are perfect! Keep enjoying that bikini

"Before" pictures to come!!

I added a picture that I took of myself this morning. It is exactly 2 months (to the day) that I had the mini UBL (Ultimate Breast Lift) procedure done by Dr. Horndeski. You can see that I have no scars! Once I add my "before" pictures, you can see how droppy my breasts were. You can actually see my waist now :)

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. You look fantastic! That's great your mom helped you find a great PS for your lift. What was your pre op size before your reduction? And how long ago did you have your reduction? Looking forward to your pre op photos. Congratulations!

Thank you! I am very grateful for my mom locating Dr. Horndeski as well! I was a small D size cup before surgery, and not I feel like a large C cup possibly? The doctor did not remove any breast tissue, but since they are not lifted and my areolas are smaller, I feel "lighter". Haha. I really love it! I had the surgery just 2.5 months ago and I feel great. I posted some more updated pictures, as well as my pre-operation pictures if you want to check them out! Thank you for wishing me well, I appreciate it very much! Sorry for the delayed reply, I was retrieving my pre-operative pictures :-)

Thanks for the photos! Oh my look like an entirely different person. Truly amazing. You should be a poster patient for your PS!


Pre-Scarless Breast Lift Procedure Picture

This is my "before" frontal view picture that was taken right before I went into surgery. I want to burn this picture! Haha, just kidding. See how "droopy" my breasts looked before? Uneven too! (Right breast was slightly larger). Also, areolas were much larger. I just overall disliked everything about these old boobs and glad to be the new me now! :-)

2.5 Months Post-Surgery (additional pictures)

These are my updated photos (2.5 months after my surgery)
The recent side shot says it all. Wow... you must still be a D cup, correct? It's amazing how good they look now, although pendulous you looked nice even before I thought.
(Sorry for the delayed reply) ...Why thank you! I actually just posted my 3 month post-surgery pictures if you would like to see an update. I feel that I look the same as I did the other pictures since I healed very well from the moment my swelling went down :) I think my breasts are slightly (and I do mean very slightly) lower than they were in my previous picture updates, but that is only natural and I am much happier with these new boobs than my old ones! Lol!
Hello again. I'm sorry, I guess I failed to address your actual question the first time! ...Since the surgery, I have lost about 10 pounds (because of a new diet), so I am definitely down to a medium C-cup now, but I think that might be due to the weight loss. I can't say for sure :-P.

3 Months Post-Surgery

Hi all, here are my results 3 months after my mini ultimate breast lift procedure (mini UBL).
Absolutely Amazing!! Your results are awesome!!
Thank you! Dr. Horndeski is amazing and such an innovator for having invented this nearly scar-less procedure! :)
Hi there - is there a scar under your breast?

4.5 Months Post-Surgery

Hi all, here are my results 4.5 months after my mini ultimate breast lift procedure (mini UBL).
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Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that you didn't have desirable results! So strange because I felt that both he & his staff were completely understanding & had great experience. I wonder why you have scars on the underside of your breasts, I'm thinking that possibly we did not have the same procedure done? For my "Mini Ultimate Breast Lift (mini UBL)", I only have incision scars around the circumference of my areolas. For your scars, I would suggest buying a tube of "Scar Fade" silicone scar gel on Amazon. A small tube is $30, but you don't need much. I felt this really helped my scar recovery, I hope it helps a bit with yours as well. I know how you feel about being displeased with your surgery results, my first attempt at a breast reduction (with a different surgeon) went horribly and he was a mean, greedy person who made me feel wrong to ask questions and kept adding on additional unknown charges. I was fooled by the fact that he worked at a well-respected major hospital. That surgery left me with highly uneven breasts when before, they were exactly matching in size. Luckily, Dr. Horndeski fixed that. I hope your revision will help to fix your results, keep your chin up, I have seen revision pictures online and doctors are amazing, they can do a magnificent job getting you to back to where you want to be :)
I was told that I would not have scars anywhere. Ha.

6 Months Post-Surgery

This is me 6 months after my Mini UBL procedure was done :)

8 Months Post-Surgery

This is how I look 8 months after my Mini Ultimate Breast Lift (mini UBL) procedure. Breast have naturally dropped a little lower now, but I am still pleased :)
Beautifully shaped breasts!
Thank you very much! I love the new me and I'm very grateful that I had this procedure done by Dr. Horndeski and not someone else :)

11 Months Post-Surgery

As you can see, it's 11 months after my surgery and I am still doing well! I will admit, I was not the most diligent at wearing a tight bra as often as I should have, but my surprisingly, there is no visible sagginess of my breasts. I am still very pleased!
You look amazing!!! I love the natural look. He did my surgery as well and I couldnt be more happier. Lol
Why thank you! Dr. H is a phenomenal doctor in my opinion! I am very thankful for him. I am just so glad that I finally have more confidence in a bikini now. That was important to me since I am still in my 20's and live in California (lots of sun and swimsuit time outdoors!) so I wanted to make the most of it! That is great to hear you are happy with your surgery, that makes two of us becase I am still loving my results as well :).
They look amazing . Do u still have nipple sensation ?
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Horndeski is a great choice because he is experienced (he has years of experience, not one of those young rogue doctors who wants to make you look like a Barbie doll!) He does not rush you at all and even called me in person before my surgery since I was flying in from halfway across the US. In that first phone call, he explained the entire breast lift procedure to me in detail and made sure to answer all of my questions. All of his staff are so sweet and caring and do a fantastic job of preparing you for surgery and also following up with you post-surgery. They even email you a packet before surgery outlining what type of bra you should be wearing, what hotels offer special services for surgery patients, local airports. etc. This is top quality service! Besides getting to enjoy the results of my breast lift, the next best thing was being treating so kindly by Dr. Horndeski and his entire staff. :-)

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