Mini UBL - Dr Horndeski - Sugar Land, TX - Very Disappointed

DAY 1 Yesterday I had my mini-UBL and I found...


Yesterday I had my mini-UBL and I found other peoples posts very useful so I thought I'd post one as well.

The initial consult I had was about 4 weeks ago, so it was relatively quick to the have the procedure scheduled. Although you are supposed to have someone take you to the surgi-centre and stay there, I caught a taxi. I arrived the surgery at 6am to complete the paperwork and get preppred. Dr Horneski arrived about 7.30am and took photos and marked me up.

That's all I remember until about 1pm when I woke up and was discharged . I was bandaged up like an egyptian mummy for the next 24 hours. I woke up every 2 hours or so in a lot of pain and took more painkillers. I feel like I've been run over by a truck and the pain is mostly around my armpits.

I had my post surgery appointment at 9am where the bandages were taken off and I was helped into my bra. I was told to buy in advance of my surgery new bras - one at my exiting cup size and the other a cup size larger than normal. I'm normally a 38C and I bought a 40D as the larger size. This didn't come close to fitting me, so I had to have a friend go out and buy me a 40DD and 40DDD. I am currently wearing the DDD cup size which is astonishing. I'm obviously extremely swollen.

I haven't really had a look at my breasts yet. I'm still very swollen and in pain and too much movement is making me feel ill.

Things I wish i'd know beforehand:

You will have extremely limited mobility in your arms. I knew I wouldn't be able to lift my arms above my head, but what I hadn't realised that simple things like opening a kitchen cupboard would be difficult. I live by myself so I wish I'd been aware of all the limitations and I would have been better prepared;

ie. take anything out of your kitchen or bathroom cupboards that you think you'll want access to. If its higher than waist height, you are not going to be able to get it without straining and pain.

If your microwave is encased above the stove or recessed high, you'll either need to move it down to the bench or go without. reaching up to put things in or out of the microwave will pull at the stitches and be excruciating.

Buy lots of clothes that button up at the front. You wont be able to put on or take off clothes that don't have buttons or zips down the front. This wasn't really explained to me in enough detail to appreciate how important it would be.

You may need help bathing and toileting. I'm not kidding, simple things like pulling pants up and down and cleaning yourself after going to the bathroom are difficult. I'm hopeful that this will be less of an issue in a few days, but at the moment its a bit of a challenge.

You will be given 3 different kinds of medication - pain relief, antibiotics and muscle relaxant. I wasn't aware that you are not able to drive a car while taking the pain relief. So be prepared to be housebound for many days or have someone else lined up to drive you places if need be.

So overall I feel like someone has dropped a 50 tonne concrete block on my chest. I'm in quite a bit of pain, can hardly move my arms and the girls look all squished and pushed in.

I'll post again in a few days and let you all know how things are tracking.

DAY 6 I thought I'd post a quick update on how...

I thought I'd post a quick update on how I'm feeling today. Well I made it in to work which is great. The pain has receded considerably to the point where I've stopped taking the prescription pain meds and am just relying on over the counter Iboprofin and asprin which seems to be enough. My breast themselves don't hurt at all, what is still very uncomfortable is the area around my armpits. But day by day, this is improving.

The entire area around my nipple is starting to move back into a normal shape - not quite so 'pushed in'. The bruising is of course still very pronounced - I've moved to a lovely shade of yellow as opposed to being black and bruised.

Wearning a bra 24/7 is annoying, but its absolutely imperative so that the breasts are moulded into the correct shape.

So much more positive about the likely outcome than I was even 3 days ago. As I keep being reminded - I need to be patient and let the healing take place.

Day 7 I had my first post-op check up with Dr H...

Day 7
I had my first post-op check up with Dr H this morning. He said everything looks fine and I appear to be healing well despite the massive amount of black and yellow bruising. So I need to continue being patient. I go back again next week and before I head in to the appointment Dr H said to have a hot shower and remove all the bits of tape across the nipples.

I'm totally off pain meds now which is great - although I have been taking a half tablet at night just to help me sleep. I'm used to sleeping on my stomach or side, so I'm finding it difficult to get a good night rest sleeping on my back and the tablet seems to help ensure a good night of sleep.

I do have some discomfort in my left armpit area, but no pain with the actual breasts. Dr H suspects it might be lymph nodes trying to keep me healthy. Its amazing how little pain I have now considering what my poor boobies went thru a week ago. Slight tighness across my chest but basically no real pain which is great.

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos pre-op or post op. As a single gal I didn't have anyone to take photos before hand but I will get someone to take some soon so that you can see how I look 7 days after surgery.

Update to Day 7 - Check up with Dr H I should...

update to Day 7 - Check up with Dr H
I should probably have mentioned that during the check up Dr H touched both nipples to see how much sensation I had. I wasn't looking when he did this and I had absolutely no idea he was touching them. So at the moment no nipple sensation at all. Dr H said sometimes it can take a while before the nerves start to become effective again and that over time I should regain some sensitivity.

Day 20 I removed the tapes around the nipple on...

Day 20

I removed the tapes around the nipple on day 14 before my 2nd post op visit with Dr H and nipple sensitivity has returned with a vengeance. They are extremely sensitive at the moment but based on comments from other ladies i suspect this will settle down over the coming months.

My breasts themselves are still rather tender - even a very light touch is uncomfortable. So long as I don't knock them accidentally its not too bad. Again it's the healing process and I've been told to be patient.

At the moment, 3 weeks out, I'm not that happy with the result. One breast is noticeably larger than the other. When I raised this with Dr H his only comment was 'they shouldn't be because I didn't add anything'. However I thought that the premise of the surgery was to reposition the existing breast tissue and I relied on the doctor being able to do this symmetrically. Hopefully some of the difference is swelling and they'll even up a bit. If not I'm going to be very upset.

Also they are a weird shape - almost squared off over the nipple area. Apparently the final shape is dependent on the bra and I've been sure to follow the instructions I was given. Again I'm hopeful they will round out again over time.

I'll try & add some new photos & will update again in a few weeks

10 weeks post surgery

I thought I'd post a few more photos as there doesn't seem to be that many months after surgery. Nipple sensitivity has settled and is about 70% of what it was. My breasts themselves are soft and natural feeling except around the aerole which is hard and has formed a keltoid scar. I'm using scar gel which hopefully will make a difference over the coming months.

Unfortunately, my boobs have dropped quite a bit as they've settled and healed.

Overall, I don't feel that there was anywhere near a significant enough change and improvement over what I started with to warrant the cost and pain.

3 months post op

I had my 3 month post op visit with Dr H and explained that I was disappointed with the results and feel that overall there's been maybe a 20% improvement and that is in the cleavage area. There has been no discernable difference in actual lifting the breasts.

I was incredibly impressed with Dr H and the way he handled my concerns and disappointment. He agreed that there wasn't significant lift (due to my breasts being right on the border of being able to do a Mini UBL as opposed to the full UBL) and offered several solutions including doing another Mini UBL (at no cost) or nipple revision.

I haven't yet decided what option to take -- I've got time to decide since we need to wait another 3 months until I am completely healed before attempting any other surgery.

Regardless of what I decide, I am very pleased with the manner in which Dr H addressed all of this and can only commend his level of customer service.

12 months post op

I've had several ladies as me for feedback on my mini -ubl as it's now been 12 months since I had the procedure. In October (I think) I also had the nipple revision. That helped considerably to get rid of some rather painful and unsightly scarring. I've added in some new pictures. As you can see there is still considerable scarring and pleating. I've been religiously using scar treatments which has helped a little bit - but the scars are still very noticeable.

Overall I'm disappointed with the results and wish I'd either gone for the traditional breast lift or simply done nothing at all. There really hasn't been a significant improvement for the original pain, discomfort and resultant scarring.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I hope you know how much sharing your story helps people like me who are (or were) considering the mini- or UBL surgery, thank you, thank you, thank you! As someone else observed, the results seem to be either great or horrible--nothing in between, and I'd rather not go into surgery playing Russian roulette!! I also have determined through all these posts, that having surgery far away from home is far too risky and costly--especially for a surgery like this which requires at least one revision if not more. It is best to be in close proximity to your surgeon, and being around for only a few days after surgery is just crazy. Even though Dr. Horndeski kept my $1000 deposit, I am glad I have made the decision not to do it thanks to reading post like yours, so again thank you and good luck with your revisions.
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You had great boobs before the surgery,he ruined them. I hope something can be done to resolve your present condition.
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I cannot believe all the mixed reviews on this doctor. He runs hot and cold with each patient. I pray you get good results. Try to massage the scars to flatten them with your scar gel.
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Just found your review. Whats the update? Are you satisfied now?
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I went to dinner at the hotel buffet the day of my surgery--got out at 3:30 and felt that fine that evening! LOL I have a high pain tolerance though; I always have. I didn't stay in bed other than the first day. Still, I did follow all orders. I was up doing light housework and stuff but barely moving my arms away from my elbows. I looked like I had lobster claws rather than arms the way I moved.
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Hi there, thanks for the review, it was really helpful. I do hope you can get your concerns sorted out, I agree there is a difference in size but it's maybe not as noticeable to others. I was interested in an UBL but after reading doctors replies on it on RS, and seeing some longer term results, I'm off the idea. I have a friend I could have stayed with in the US who is near by but I don't want that 'flat fronted' look some patients of his have, and I think, like you, I'll need more lift. Did you consider any other local surgeons?
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Glad my review was helpful. Over the past 4 weeks I've had several ladies contact me who had the same procedure done who are also very unhappy with their results. I'm lucky - my boobs are basically exactly the same as pre-surgery - some ladies haven't been so lucky and have ended up with noticeably bad results. Personally I wouldn't consider surgery in another country - I'd want to be accessible to the surgeon afterwards for several months. I think that's part of the problem with Dr H - most of his patients fly in and leave so if something goes wrong or the results are less than ideal, its simply too hard and expensive to come back to Houston to fix it. I wish you the best with whatever you choose
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Hey, AllieGB - your comment very much stood out for me. I've been considering a UBL with Dr. H; however, although I'm "trying" to do research on the negative outcomes & any long-term issues, I've yet to find anything! I would be so grateful if you could kindly share more on the information you have, and point me in the right direction ... What on earth is this 'flat-fronted' look you've mentioned? That's worrying! Please PM me! Many, many thanks!
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I had the mini UBL with Dr H if you want to check out my review as well.
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I won't mention any particular results of course but I mean very little forward projection in some cases and a kind of drawstring look around the nipple. Other drs have also commented on the best way being drawing the skin from different angles to give a more semi conical shape. I wouldn't want to come all that way to be lifted but flat looking from the side.
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And of course I wouldn't be around for the revisions which are needed.
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I hope the symmetry has gotten better for u! I'm hoping you will be happy with the final result if you have to undergo another procedure :(. With all due respect, I think you looked great pre-op. and I agree not much improvement with the lift. Best wishes!
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Thanks for the feedback. When I look at photos of other ladies pre-surgery I realize that my boobs weren't too bad at all - but unfortunately there's always one part of our bodies that we wish we could change and for me, I thought it was my droopy boobs. Although Dr H said he'd redo the surgery, I'm not sure that I will go down that path - there are a lot of very unhappy ladies who are now positing about their less than positive results with Dr H and the mini-ubl. I'm not convinced the potential final result is worth the risk of another surgery..
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How are you doing !??? I would love an update as I am following Dr Horndeski's patients - getting close to scheduling a mini breast lift . Thank you !
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I think you still look swollen on the right - cause the other one looked as swollen a few weeks ago - I had a appendectomy 2 months ago - it has taken me this long for the swelling in my tummy to go down . I wouldn't worry yet . :)
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I agree !!! Please keep posting -- I am scheduled for possibly end of Aug fingers crossed :)
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I agree !!! Please keep posting -- I am scheduled for possibly end of Aug fingers crossed :)
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Hang in there - seems to be a common theme that ladies aren't super happy with their result in the first few weeks but then after a few months things start to look better :-) Keep us posted! It really could just be swelling. I hope you can keep us posted....I'm booked for surgery with Dr. H in October and I want to be really sure that the results are great before I proceed so you're feedback and review is really helping me (along with all the other ladies). Thank you!
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I'll be sure to keep posting and let you know how things are looking / feeling in another month or so. Like you, I was interested in what the final results were like and whether ladies were happy 6-12 months down the track. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be that many photos out there or post past the 3 months mark. So I'll be sure that I do.
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Hi there! Any updated pics?!
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Dear Bella6302- I just had my consultation with Dr Horndeski via SKYPE. He said I was a candidate for the mini UBL where he does not cut underneath the breast and only goes through the nipple,?? he explained. I would love to know when & if you do get sensation of your nipples back. Also I notice that on this website, people are SO generous with their photos and experience, but I find that they disappear after a few months or so. I guess the experience is in the past and they are enjoying life. I have been trying to find photos of 6 months later....even a year! That would be GREAT. Also, I saw a few of the Dr's patients who's nipples were different sizes (slightly), one look even a bit sideways. He explained that can be easily fixed under "local" are your nipples even ? Thank You very much.
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I am day 7 and have no feeling in my nipples yet. Nipple revision seems to fairly common to help with pleating around the nipples as well as centering but that's after at least 6 months post op and you won't know until then of you will need it.
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I also found that comments seem to drop off this site after about 6 weeks and its really difficult to find reference to anyone who's had the Mini UBL more than 5 months ago. I never got to see any longer term photos either. I really wanted so see how breasts look a year on. (Although someone did post that Dr H has only been doing the mini UBL for a year, so that might explain the absence of posts and photos) I'm now 11 days post op and only yesterday did I start to get any real feeling in my breasts - and its not a pleasant feeling. Its a light pain when my skin is touching the bra -- I don't have any nipple sensitivity at all. I do hope that it comes back. My only real concern at this point is the actual size of my breasts. I was a 38C or maybe D before surgery. I'm currently wearing 40DD(D) and my left breast is obviously bigger than my right one. I'm hoping this is swelling and he hasn't made me lopsided. I'm also praying that I go back to my normal size. Most ladies who post say that eventually after several months they are back to their usual size. I certainly don't want to stay at a DDD size. I actually couldn't tell you if my nipples are even at the moment. They're still covered in the tape and the incisions have bled quite a bit - so at the moment the whole nipple area is a mess. So I'm purposely not looking too closely or I might freak out. But in a week or two when all the tapes come off I'll let you know.
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Thank you ! Lets touch base again as you heal . Best of luck to you ... Hang in there , or .... Well ,no more "hanging " ;) puglover
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