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I Thank God for Dr. Horndeski in Sugar Land, Texas...

I Thank God for Dr. Horndeski in Sugar Land, Texas. Ladies, I do not want to bore you with the "ever since I was a little girl" or "I hated my breast because" stories. In fact, I can not explain why I was looking, what I was looking for or who I was looking for lol. All I know is I stumbled across Dr. horndeski on realself and I am thankful and so blessed I did. I saw his results, read his reviews and said hmmm.... Interesting. Several women in my family who's had a breast reduction or lift procedure done, didn't look anything like the results seen on Dr. Horndeski patients. At that moment, my interest was peeked and I decided to gave him a called.

To make a long story short, my surgery was completed Feb 6th 2013 and although I'm still in my infancy stages I am sooooo happy and so in love with the results already.. My breast are round, high and perky like an 18 year old lol.. For the first 2 days all I wanted was to sleep but by the 3rd day I was up walking around.

I am 35 years old, no children, 5'1 and weight 152 pounds. Not my ideal weight but planning more surgery this spring so losing weight wasn't a priority for me before the breast reduction/ lift. My bra size was measure at 33H. However, I've been wearing a 38D for years. I've been in the wrong bra apparently.

I am still recovery so I don't have enough photos to show but I will soon.

I flew from Chicago to Sugar Land, Texas. I stayed at the holiday inn express for 7 days. Jana, the staff office manger arranged for me to have a 2 nurses. And I must say, the nurses were angel sent. The sweetest people I've ever met.

What I spent?
Airfare was $277
Hotel was $790
Nurses $309
Meds $92
Bras $88

4 new photos.

4 New photos. I had to put bandages over my nipple. They're so sensitive. Lol.. The sensation is unreal. The strips come off in another week.

My New Breast. High, Round, Perky and m

Nothing new to report. Just reposted the same 4 photos that were deleted by mistake.

Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Boobs for me.

I have too many flaws to be perfect but I am too blessed to be ungrateful or complaining about anything.. I am in love with my breast. Dr. Horndeski did an fantastic job!!!

Today is the day my strips come off. Well actually its suppose to be tomorrow but I couldn't wait any longer. Too excited. I am all finished with the antibiotics. I took a hot shower and let the water peel away the strips. I used antibiotics soap to wash. I then applied 100% silicon gel over the scars and incision. All my incision have closed completely so it's safe to use whatever gel, strips or fade creams you choose. Just be sure to apply it on clean dry skin.

Because I was afraid to catch an infection, as gross as this may sound I only washed up over the barhroom sink. I did not shower or bath directly. I didn't want to chance getting infected. I've been home recovery since surgery. I did not develop a rash. Keloid or infection.

Ok here's how I feeling. I am still tight and numb but no pain and soreness. The swelling has gone down.. I am still a little tender under the arm but that's expected due to the placement of the drains. You can see from the photo some bruising under the right arm.

The shape of the breast are perfect for my frame. Way better then how they looked before. No way will you catch me complaining. I'll update more photos tomorrow once I remove the strips around the nipples but I added 1 photo as a sneak peek.

In the photo you will see some gathering in the immediately crease under the right breast. I expect that to fall in place a few months down the line. Overall, I made the best decisions of my life..

As promised, NEW photos without the strips/tape.

I can not stress enough how happy and grateful I am at my results. The results are so freaking awesome!!! Dr. Horndeski literally answered my prayers (tears as I'm writing). If they look this good now, I can only imagine how they will look several months later..

Let me start off by saying this is a joint venture. You can not walk into any surgeon's office wanting to walk out looking like model. Better yet, even asking for perfection. That's unrealistic! I've read some reviews, comments and questions from others on Realself regarding Dr Horndeski. Some favorable, some not so much. However, with over 90% good reviews, I was convinced I choose the right Dr. So here's what I did to prepare for the surgery. Remember the best result comes from YOUR EFFORT AS WELL. ESPECIALLY before surgery.

1. Worked out. I lifted the weights. No cardio. (I wasn't trying to lose weight and have more loose skin). I only wanted to build muscle under my breast tissue and surrounding area. 2 months before surgery.

2. I ate right, but that's a given right? Your body heals from inside, out. Lots of green and plenty of water. Everyday.

3. Muti vitamin for women. Stopped 2 weeks before surgery.

4. I used any lotion that helped with elasticity.. Everyday for 3 months. Ok so let me elaborate more.. How long it takes a scar to heal depends on the person, overall health and age, the type of injury itself. Scars heal more quickly the younger you are, due to better skin elasticity and better collegen production. So basically, the healthier you are, the shorter the healing time on average. Plus you would yield outstanding results. But dont try telling this to a 60 year old women who waited 30 years to have a breast lift with really really poor skin elasticity.. I'm sure they're on blogs like this blaming their surgeon..

I hope this information is helpful. I did my research over and over again. Please do not let disturbing words from an unstable user convince you out of a remarkable surgery. Keep in mind all Dr's get unfavorable reviews. It's how they get better by listening to their patients. Its almost like saying every defense attorney will win every case they take to trial. Impossible. You win some and you lose some.. However, it's so worth the investment.

Gels and cream I'm using to help in my healing and speedy recovery

1. I apply the arnica gel twice a day. It works well. I used it before during over surgeries I've had in the past. You can get it at whole foods

2. Kelo-cote 100% silicone. I apply this around the areola and incisions under my breast only. My plan is to use this twice a day for 90 days as reccomamded.

3. I am still using gauze around my incisions for a few more months. I don't want to irrate my scars with my bra or open any incisions prematurely.

Perfectly Healed 10 weeks post surgery.

Today is officially 10 weeks post surgery. I am thrilled to report, I am perfectly healed. My recovery went well. Sorry for the delay in comments and emails. I didn't have a running computer. However, as each day went by, I kept detail accounts of the do's and don'ts that work for me. First off, I use the silicon gel everyday. It's working for me. My scars are soft and unnoticeable. I apply this twice daily.

2. The gauze I continued to use upto until 2months. In my opinion removing the medical tape after 2 weeks seems to soon. Your scars are still subjective to being infected.

3. Itching!! OMG! I can't explain how intense the itching was. Lol but I used cortisone cream which works like wonder.

4. I'm still a little numb but that's about it. No swelling, No bruising no rash, no infections, etc. I think I did pretty well with recovery I suppose.

5. Lets talk about the look!!!! You should see how cocky I am now. They're everything. Everyone thinks I have implants. Nope! Lol.

The best decision of my life!!! I'm so happy. I couldn't have asked for a bette outcome. Ill be posting pics of my 10 weeks mark later today.

10 weeks post surgery update with pictures.

First I want to say "Thank You" Ladies for all the kind comments.

I've recieved several request, comments, question via email regarding my surgery. So I want to do a Q & A addressing everything I was asked that I hadn't posted in my original post.

1. Did I have stitching peeking out?
No!! I was adamant about using my regiment of the use medial gauze to cover my incisions and silicone gel. I honestly believe this is the best solution in helping you heal without further risk. Although, I removed the sterile strips at the reccomamded 2 weeks. My incisons was still raw and sore. I didn't want to take any chances of re opening of incisions, infections or irritation. So I kept my incisions covered for 2 months. I'm my opinion, this is the KEY.

2. Did I get aninfection?

3. Do I have nipple sensation?
Yes!!! However, they are still going thru the healing process so I am not ready for them to be touch. Cold or wind is still the worst at this point. Lol!!

4. Do I have "Dog ears"?
No!!! Not everyone develops "dog ears". What I can say from what little I know. The fat around your breast area and bra coatal plays a really big part in if you develop "dog ears". In comparison, imaging having on a pair of jeans that's too big with a too small belt. Everything around the belt area is going to buckle or look bulky. So now imagine your area around you breast. Lifting your breast of reducing them is just not the end result. So the bottom line is losing weight or asked to be lipo in that area at the same time will give you best result.

5. How can I get the same results?
Do your research!!! I knew what I wanted ( which is why I chose Dr. horndeski). I asked for narrow breast. I asked for my incisions to be close to the chest wall. I asked for perky, high, even, round breast and I got everything I asked for and more.

Here's why this is so important. Narrow breast will NOT project pass your arms. (I hope this makes sense). Not asking will make your breat too wide from a frontal view. Lol but basically YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR BREAT TOUCHING YOUR ARMS. Having the incision close to the chest wall is also VERY IMPORTANT. If you don't request this from any surgeon you chose, chances are your incisions could be cut more into the breat area making it semi viable. Pics I posted will show the difference between "close the chest wall" and not. As one of my breast isn't a close. This will not infect your end result.

6. What would I do or asking for differently? Good questions ladies. Lol!!
Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing. However, I am still recovery so I can't answer questions about scaring yet. I did not keloid though. My scars are flat!. I was instructed to place a lip stick tube between my breast to contour a separation. I did this for a little while. Don't know if this will effect my end results.

I hope this is helpful. As time passes, I'll continue to update. Thanks

Scars under the breast.

Here's the latest pic of the scars under breast.

Dr. Horndeski, THANK YOU! 3 Months Post Surgery.

Today makes 3 months post surgery. Everything is still going well. Sometimes I pinch myself, asking how did I get so lucky.. Lol

My breast are now starting to soften up. Meaning their bouncing like they should. Lol!! My scars are light, flat and not visible. I went topless on a beach several weeks ago (I've earned some bragging rights) Lmbo.. I put concealer over my incisions and no one notice. Simple things like going topless only confirms I made the right decision on going to Dr Horndeski.

I don't want to take away the excitement from others who waited a long time to have a breast reduction. However, I couldnt have imagined having a traditional breast reduction with these kind of results with ANY other surgeon. Especially without implants.

My new my have items are "Tank Tops" lol.

The gift that keeps on giving. June 6th 2014 makes 4 months post surgery.

So today June 6th 2014 makes my 4th month post surgery and I couldn't be more thrilled. I must say my surgery and recovery well extremely well. No unwanted issues whatsoever. However, I had a few not so nice comments and some scrutiny by a few other miserable user who had the same exact surgery with unfavorable results...

You are only as beautiful as your inside. Duh!! Maybe your results are a direct result of your inside.. As for me, I look and feel fabulous inside and out... Nothing or No one will stop me from praising Dr. Horndeski for a job well done. He's why!! You can attempt 15 breast lift/reduction in your lifetime with any other surgeon you choose. However ALL surgeons are NOT created equal. You WILL NOT achieve the same results as I, unless you have had your surgery with Dr. Horndeski. There is a special technique that he performs and only he performs it. Sorry ladies..

I just added new pics.. I also added photos of my family member who's had a breast reduction using the traditional technique.

My nipples are still sensitive but not by much. I am still using the creams and gels I suggested... I will continue to update every month and answer in questions. This was a life changing surgery for me and I am proud of my decision. Everyday just gets better and better.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Honestly, You just can not make this stuff up!!! Dr. Horndeski and his staff made me feel like family. Jana (the office manger) picked me up and dropped me off to the surgical center the day of surgery. The next day, Dr Horndseski and his nurse Elisa visited me at my hotel. Dr. Horndseski himself visited me another 2 more times to see how I was I doing, remove my stitches and drains. I can't think of another surgeon who still makes house calls. What a lovely staff. Everyone is professional and just so nice..

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I posted this on another commentor's review as well: Thank you for posting your journey! I am reading with interest reviews of Dr Horndeski's method, and after careful consideration, I feel that some of his best work regarding the UBL is really a 2 step process. I think with conventional breast lift the initial surgery is all that is needed in 95% of the cases, but with the UBL, some revisions are necessary to achieve the relative scarless look. To be honest, I would rather have a few months of dog ears and go back for a revision than to have an implant, mesh in my boobs, and/or a big vertical scar for the rest of my life. I think that a big part of the process is how one takes care of themself afterwards (follows aftercare guidelines with movement limitations, diet, wound care, no smoking) and for 99% of those who follow the instructions the outcome is no less than spectacular. Thanks for posting your journey and information, and great results! I have consulted Dr Horndeski and was favorably impressed, and will likely pursue surgery with him. Another tidbit...spoke with him regarding post-operative surveillance with mammograms and ultrasound, and he said that the prodecure will not interfere with this. Thansk again for posting your review!
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@Silverchica, Thank you for your well received comment. I could not have written it any better. You touched on the one reason I choose Dr. Horndeski. I've searched and searched and researched again for several Doctors to give me what I was looking for, NOT ONE could do what Dr. Horndeski did for me. I love my results!!! YOU WILL BE THRILLED. I rather deal with the dog ears for a few months as you said then the visible vertical scar. I can walk around any women's locker room, dressing room, spa, beach, pool, etc. topless without anyone knowing I had any work done. There is no greater feeling lol.... I just had revision done on my dog ears. I am recovery better then expected. I hated my how top heavy I was before the surgery. Sometimes I tear up thinking to myself "why did I wait this long to look this good." My self esteem went thru the roof the minute I wore a tank top for the first time without a bra. Good luck on your surgery, trust me your be in good hands.
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Hi hun! I'm having a heck of a time to find the type of bra that is needed for recovery (and shaping) what did you use?
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Wait what????? You had the surgery already or preparing? I bought my bra from Target. It's a Bali full covege cup model #B546 @bambi27
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No just preparing - I get my bras from either Britain or recently been looking at Poland. Just having a heck of a time to find what was sent to me! Thanks hun I appreciate that!
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So, you only received a lift right? How did that happen without the anchor or lollipop? Maybe I overlooked it. Just curious because they look great! Please explain.
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It's the dr way of doing the procedure
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wow those DO look VERY GOOD! I as green with envy over your "natural" cleavage!
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@onedimsim lol!!! Thank you. The clevage happens to be my favorite part too. I love the work he's done. Dream come true for me. Lol!!
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I think they look fantastic! Beautiful work!
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@MzMocha Thanks Honey. Best decisions I've ever made.
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Your results are really great. I am now 5 months post nipple revision and just as happy. I can't wait to show off topless on my vacation!
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Lmbo @prettypleased. Thank you. You go girl.. I've been topless several time already. You look fantastic yourself. Why did you have a nipple revision?
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He offers one as part of the initial fee. Usually it's at 6 months. I did it at 9 but it gives him the opportunity to reshape the nipples and remove Any puckering and in the cAse of the ultimate ubl that is also when he would remove the dog ears. The body just can't handle everything at once and healing varies so this is to perfect any areas you need. He did mine in office in about an hour under local anesthesia. It also gives another lift because he removes extra skin and for me he made my nipples smaller as they were rather large. I learned the longer yo wait to revise the better the results because it gives your body time to do some of the work. For example I had no puckering after waiting 9 months so my revision was just rounding the nipples more and removing skin for more lift. Helps to pull the bottom up even more. I think it was really worth it.
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I went topless last summer 4 months after the procedure and nobody would have know if I had not told them.
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@prettyPleased. I know right. Lol.. I'm only 4 months out. I love that my scars are well hidden. Did you have to go to surgical center for revision or in his office? Additional fees? Stitches?
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Wow!! Thats great.. I didn't really developed dog ears but what is puckering? What area is that likely to appear?
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Puckering is just where the skin wrinkles up around the nipples from where the incisions were made around the nipples. Puckering exists immediately after surgery and slowly disappears. You can see in my pics how it lessened over time
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There were no additional fees. It was done in his office under local anesthesia. Took about an hour.
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"You are only as beautiful as your inside. Duh!! Maybe your results are a direct result of your inside.. " *********** I agree. I feel like I might know what/who that post was about. People are dissatisfied and getting nasty with other users. As much as I love ur results for example, I am smart enough to realize my results will NOT be like yours because my breasts are not as big or close together as yours were. My weightloss has flattened out the top and they are apart. Traditional lift might be for me. If you do the research for your type, and build up your muscle your outcome will be different. Point blank.
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@pina_coladaa Thank you doll. Well originally I asked another user about her results because we went to the same surgeon. Apparently she didn't like my question and went on a full blown attack against me and several other users. My gut tells me, she's just an bitter old women. Always have been and it shows. Every nasty comment or qoute she's made has been deleted. My point exactly.. Do your research. It's the best thing you can do. Every surgeon may have an unhappy paitent. Yes build muscle your outcome will be much much better. You're breast will feel firm.
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You look even better everytime you post your updates. Amazing recovery & progress! Remember you will always attract haters when you doing something right, and girl you looking all the way right! ;)
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@tinksxo Thank You... In my post I stressed that NO surgeon is God. You both have to be in agreement with REALISTIC results.. Some people can't believe my results. That's sad..
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What bambi said! Some ppl just have no life and too much free time smh.....why to women hate on each other so much????? You look A-MAZING! I a bbl & extensive lipo 4 mon ago and my girls are next. You got 2 brand new beauties and the are givin me life!!!
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Thannnnnnnkkk You!!!!! @Azzmatazz yes i have brand new boobs lol!! It's a dream come true for me. I waited and waited and waited and waited for right time to have them done.. I'm grateful and happy for the surgeon I chose. No matter how small I was in weight, my breast still made me look heavy. Now that I'm smaller, people ask if I lost weight. I love that!!! Lol
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