I knew Dr. Feldman was the one to perform my...

I knew Dr. Feldman was the one to perform my surgery from the time I looked at the website. I called other doctors but something just kept telling me "this is who should use". I called to set up a consult and was able to get in just a few days later. When I meet with Dr. Feldman, I felt like I had known him for years. I was really comfortable with him and all of his staff. He was the only doctor to ever tell me about a deformity that I was born with, which I no idea even existed, I just knew I never liked what I saw. After doing more research about Constricted Breast Deformity I found out that I wasn't alone in the world, it just wasn't as bad as some. Dr. Feldman was able to correct this deformity and I am now just over 2 weeks post op and couldn't be more happier. If I had to do this all over again I would go with Dr. Feldman and his staff in a heart beat. I absolutely love each and every one of them! Thank you so much Dr. Feldman for finally making my dreams come true!!!
Thank you so much for sharing your opinion about your doctor.
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Can someone let me know of a good cream to help with the scars?
Thank you! I went from 38 a/b (which i think the band has been wrong all along) to 40 D's. It was the best decision I have ever made.

3 weeks post op

When I started my journey I was barely a 38a/b due to the constricted breast deformity that I had. This is otherwise known as tuberous breast. When I choose Dr. Feldman we decided on two different sizes and he went with the larger of the two. He used Natrelle (Allegran) style 20 filled to 650cc's on each side. As you can see from the before and after there is a HUGE difference. I'm in total love with them and can't wait to keep posting pics so I can help others if the have this same issue.
You look amazing & I pray u have worn that fabulous black top out?! U have such a positive beautiful attitude & I am so excited for u! I'm using Bio Oil 2 times a day. Honestly your scars look really good! U should check out my chop boobies & it will give u a new appreciation for your lovely breasts. :D xoxo

3 weeks post op

I am now 40d and decided on silocone instead of saline.

One Month Post Op Update...

So today marks the one month "anniversary" of having my breast augmentation done. I am still amazed at the before and after difference. This was the best decision I've ever made.

I actually went and had a fitting, so I could find a comfortable but yet supportive bra. I know they will still change over the next few months but I really needed a bra that I knew fit. When my doctor released me to wear a comfortable supportive bra, I went to Macy's, and found one.... or so I thought. I figured I would just buy a bra that was the size of the one that the doctor had me in. But earlier this week I walked into Soma, with a gift card in hand I received as a gift for my big 4 0 birthday, and was told the bra I had on was too big. Who would have thought? Then again, none of my bras every really fit because I had “nothing” to put in one. So as of right now I have gone from barely filling out a 38 B because I could never find them in A's to a 38DD.

Ladies, if you are looking for a great comfortable bra that is also supportive, I am recommending the Embraceable Wirefree Unlined Bra from Soma. They are so soft as well (it’s the black bra I have on in the current pictures) and they reasonably priced at $34 each or 2/$59. The girl at the store said a lot of breast patients buy this for the comfort and I believe it. I actually wore it out of the store and went back to work.

As of today almost all of my pain is gone; however, I am still a little bit tender. Still can't sleep on my stomach and sleeping on my side can get to be a little uncomfortable. Since my doctor had to do reconstruction because of my constricted breast deformity the pain was pretty minimal, just had a lot of pressure, but my nipples on the other hand – let’s just say OUCH! They were so sensitive that every bit of clothing I had on hurt. They have stayed erect 24 hours a day for the last 4 weeks and were so painful ... I guess because of the nerves. But that is finally going away (seems like it happened overnight) and all of the other pain I still have, at times, just feels like I a muscle spasm or something.

I can tell you … I AM ONE HAPPY GIRL!!
It really is amazing the difference of the before and after pics. Looks like you had a wonderful doctor too. I never knew anyone else had breasts like mine until I found this site. I thought it was just how I was. Thanks for sharing your story. You look fabulous!! I can't wait until the doctor tells me I can wear a real bra!! It will be so fun to go bra shopping now that there is actually a size that exists for me. I had the same problem trying to find a 38A or 40A. They don't exist. The last bra I was wearing was for mastectomy patients. Not a very feminine feeling. Glad you're healing well!!
Thank you. I also thought I was the only one until I started researching the condition. Let's keep in touch with each others progress. Here's to our new boobies!!!

5 weeks today

Still feeling great. Not sure if it's just me but i think they seem to be changing every day. I am hoping that I will be released with in the next week or so to start running since I'm out of CrossFit for 3 months (at least til August) :( ... oh well, the price we pay to be beautiful. I love biking, running, and crossfit ... time to get back to it hopefully sooner rather than later. I have fallen of the wagon and have been eating so many sweets and junk foods over the last few months. I can definitely tell that I haven't been able to work out and it's killing me. I just have to keep looking ... the light at the end of the tunnel is near ... hopefully i'm almost there.
Regular sports bras are best .;)
There looking good but I wouldn't wear those kind of wire free bras . My ps says that it doesn't let them help drop the right way .they will drop but I guess differently .
I've been wearing these bras because they look better under my work clothes. Since I work for a big corporation I just feel more comfortable in them. But as soon as I get home the "girls" are free and I sleep in a sports bra. My doctor gave me permission to buy a comfortable supportive bras for during the day and to wear sports bras to sleep.

6 weeks and couldn't be happier

It's been 6 weeks today and I'm still so happy. My confidence has gone through the roof. The shirt I have on in this group of pictures I had to wear a tank under before because I didn't "fill it out".... now I don't have too.

I've been feeling great; however, I am having sharp "stabbing" like pains in my right one. I'm assuming they are just the nerves coming back because it doesn't stick around or maybe it's the implant moving / settling. I don't know but I don't have the pain all of the time. I already have a message into my doctor so hopefully I'll hear back soon.

Here are a few shots from this morning. In the front few, to me, the right boob looks smaller than the left one. I'm not sure if it's the way I took the picture or not. To my eye they look the same in the mirror (without taking the picture and hands by my side).

Since surgery I have put on 15 pounds and I'm not digging that at all! I'd like to start running and/or riding my bike this week, hopefully my doctor will release me for that. Still no crossfit for a few more months but that's okay I can deal with that. I am starting the Advocare 24 challenge (as soon as it comes in) to jump start my weight loss since I'm not able to workout like I was. Hopefully this will work; I've had several friends do this challenge and it worked great for them.

Still happy in Texas!
WOW your PS did a great job!! You look super, natural and proportionate!! Love the new swim tops too!! ( + Y + ) Congrats
Thank you, I am very pleased with the way they are turning out! I couldn't be more happy.
Omg!! They look gorgeous and so natural!! Congrats. The sharp pain you feel right now are called zingers and are completely natural. I was cleared for lower body cardio at 2 weeks. Why is your doc making you wait so long, I wonder?

New VS sports bra ... not so good!

My new VS sports bra came in today. It's the Knockout front closure bra. Suppose to be maximum support because of the double layer front closure for bounce free workouts. YEA not so much. I bounce more in this one than my under armour ones. I'm not sure if there's away to make them not bounce but this one will probably be going back to VS this weekend.

Time is Flying - 7 weeks today....

So seven weeks ago I was getting ready to go under the knife to get my long awaited boobies. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I also started the Advocare 24 day challenge on Sunday and I'm down 4/5 pounds (roughly) since then... Woohoo got to get the weight off I've gained since surgery. I have cut out diet cokes the last few days, which has been really hard since that is my "coffee". Since I got the released from the PS to start light cario I have started working out again ... even though it's just the treadmill and the elliptical. But that's ok, baby steps, don't want to push to fast. Still can't get over how much they have changed the way I am looking. Can't wait to see how I will look when I get to go back to crossfit.

Here are some 7 week pictures that i took this morning. The purple Under Armour sports bra has got to be one of the best ones that I have found to work out in. I never wear one pc swimsuits but my sister gave me this Burberry one pc and I think I'm kind of liking it, now I just have to find the belt that goes with it.... hehe.

Still going strong and couldn't be happier!
You look great!! He does a really good job! =)
Thank you ma'am. I'm very pleased with what he did.
You look very classy, sexy and proportionate in the black swimsuit...gorgeous cleavage girl! Hoping all the little aches and pains subside soon!

2 month update ...

Today marks two months since my BA. I can't believe how much my implants feel like a part of my body. My scars are healing nicely. Started massaging more than I was and the zingers seem to ne going away more. I'm still completely happy with my decision and would still do it all over again. Here are some updated photos that I took today showing my scars, updated weekly photo amd two new shirts from my trip to Round Top Texas (really just right up the road). I love the show Junk Gypsy's and we made a trip to their store.

Can't wait to see the way my girls change over the next month.
You look great!!!
Thank you!

My Stats......

So I keep seeing everyone putting their stats on their posts. Well, after some long and hard thinking, I've decided to put mine out there.

I hate saying this because I just want to cry but here we go.........

I'm 5'4" - Before Surgery I was a 38 A/B now I'm a 36 DDD / 38 DD (depending on where I go) - My current weight is 190. Yup, I said it 190. I see it but NO ONE believes me. I wear sizes 10-12 depending on the fit.

Now that I have that out ... I think I can start to get back down to my pre surgery weight of 175 and maybe even below!
You look great and its hard to lose weight when we can't exercise. Like Irb757 said, it is great to see that woman of all sizes can get a boob job. We don't have to be 5'3 115 pounds to have beautiful bodies and beautiful boob jobs. You will lose all the weight and I wish I weighed 190!! I way a lot more than that!! I lost 5 pounds after my surgery and now I've gained it back. I want to lose 45 (I lost 40, well gained 5 so 35 already) more pounds and am hoping that I will be able to get back to exercising soon!!! Walking and stuff just isn't the same.
It is very hard to lose weight ... I know I didn't put it on over night so I know it won't come off over night. All we can do is work our buts off when we are released from our doctors!

More about me and some before pics - Cruise 2013 ...

Here are a few before pics that I found from my cruise with my momma. These were in August of 2013 and my surgery was in May 2014. At this time I knew I always wanted to have a BA done but never really thought about it after my divorce in 2003. I was loving my workouts, getting ready for this trip, and going to school so doing this wasn't in the cards. Then it hit me ... I was turning 40 in May of 2014 and I had the ugliest, smallest, pointiest boobs there were. I never was able to have to children so that didn't help and right before I turned 36 I had a hysterectomy for medical reasons. So in March I decided I was going to do this, my husband was like "ok, whatever".

Here are the befores from my trip and a current one from today!

Pics for ^^^^^ post

i hit post instead of adding photos
You are so cute! You look great. You dont even need to lose weight. you look like your 30 instead of 40!!!
Thanks girl. I wish I was only 30....

New Soma Intimates bras .... no more VS bras

So I have bought three new bras from Soma. I like these better than VS. Maybe it's the way you are treated there or maybe it's the prices. I dont know but I bought this sexy black bra and panties to match. This one was $49. I also bought the purple paisley one and another beige bra with panties to match. I really lilethe paisley and beige ones prices.... 2 for $59. I ended up with 38ddd's 9 weeks post op. I think I'm set on bras for a while unless I run across a good deal.

^^^^ pics ^^^^

Sorry trying to get use to my new tablet. Here are the bras. Never thought I could ever wear a bra with no padding but the black one has none.
Oh I'm so happy for you! I can see in your most recent picture (8 weeks post-op) that your face even shows more confidence and happiness. Thanks for posting your stats too...it really does help other women out there. Take it slow and easy when you head back to CrossFit next month. Love all your updates and bra info. Please continue to keep us posted!
will do.
You look awesome. Thank you for posting your stats. I'm also wearing 38b padded bras that I don't really fill out. I can't wait for my surgery in 11 days!!!

10 weeks post op

Can't believe how fast the last 10 weeks have flown by. I had to recount the weeks to make sure I was right ... lol.

I have scheduled a 3 month post op appt for August 4th and I can't wait. Praying everything is going normal - which they seem to be - and I will be released for full workouts again.

Here is a 10 week picture. I can't get over how fast almost seemingly painless this experience has been (with the exception of the nerves coming back). I can't wait to see what the furture of my boobies holds for me!!! hehe. The girls look really BIG in the pics, I guess because I took selfies....... idk ...... I don't think they are this big. But I could be wrong!

Still thrilled in Texas!
Looking awesome!

10 weeks .... better picture

Sorry for the bra lines. Just got home from work.
Congratulations on such a wonderful outcome! He did a terrific job and you look incredible. I love seeing the difference from the before pictures to the after. Amazing.
I can't believe that I ever had those ugly tubey boobies. These are the ones that should have been with me all along!! I am so grateful that I found an awesome doctor and that I went with my gut.
You look amazing!!! I just bought a bra this past weekend and purchased a 38DD. I was elated!!!!!

Who'd have thought

I just found this picture that I took while I was cleaning out my closets and dresser a few weeks ago. This was taken at 7 1/2 weeks post op. This shirt is a pajama top that actually goes with black bottoms. BUT I'm thinking I might just have to wear the top with a cute pair of shorts and a chunky necklace. I never in a million years thought I would be able to wear something like this. My hubby might not like it but if we're out together on date night he just might!!! :) just sayin'.

The other picture is a before picture of me doing what I love ... back squats with 175 pounds at CrossFit. Three more weeks and I'm hoping that the doc releases me so I can get back to doing this!!! I know it will take a little bit of time to get back to this weight but I'm so ready. Get this weight back off (that i've gained from not being able to do anything) and get back to enjoying my "me time".
Love the black lace bra :) you are looking great :) xx
Thank you.
You look amazing!!! So happy for you hugs Shelly xoxo

11 weeks today

Still can't get over the fact that, at 40, I have the boobs I have always dreamed of having. I can't believe how fast the last 11 weeks have flown by (no updated photos - will have at 12 weeks). Weight still isn't coming off but I have no one to blame but myself. I haven't really been doing much to get it off ... so hard to workout when I still can't do anything but legs (frustrating). I am keeping my fingers crossed that the PS releases me for normal workouts again on August 4 at my 3 month post op visit.

I hope everyone is recovering nicely. I want to wish the girls good luck who have schedule the procedures already! And for those girls, on the fence, who read my updates - this will be the best thing you every did - wether it's for medical reasons or just because this site will answer all your questions!

Hugs from Texas!
Time has flown by hasn't it? You really are one of the ones that just keeps getting better every time I see you.
Awe, thanks Red. I'll post new 12 week pics next week. Just really not feeling it this week. The girls don't seem to be changing much anymore. BUT that's ok, because I love them they way they are.
Congratulations! I do the same thing....50yrs old and finally have boobs! Wish I had done them yearsssss ago! Maybe we just appreciate them more now! Can't wait to see your updates!

12 weeks have come and gone...

As I sit here tonight I still can't believe that it's been 12 weeks since I got rid of my hideous tuberous breast. I continue to look at my boobe every single day and just wonder how these perfect breast were once so ugly. I can't imagine my life with out these new boobies. Although I have found out how difficult ito is to run with them.

Yes I started running again tonight. Only 1.75 miles but after 12 weeks of not doing any exrecuse I figured it was a start. I'm looking forward to going to the doc on the 4th ... crossfit here I come ... fingers crossed I get the ok next week.

I have updated some pictures with before and after comparisonschool as well as new pictures of my incisions.

I not sure how much more theyou will change but I'm just fine with the way they are now!

Loving my boobs!
Thank you! I feel amazing.
You are gorgeous! Wear that little black thing out and show of those beauties.

Back on the workout schedule again

So I'm trying to get my motivation up to start back on a daily workout regimine. I know that I am not going to be anywhere close to where I was before surgery. So and steady ... right? With that said, I ran / walked (because it was hot as hell here yesterday) 1.75 miles. And today I've already hit the elipitcal for 30 mins and will probably have another small run/walk tonight. It's hard to believe that I 3 months ago I quit working out in order for my new assets to heal. Getting back at it is going to be hard but I know that I can do it. I go August 4th to make sure they have healed nicely (which I think they have) and I will be starting crossfit back on August 15th (maybe sooner) but goal is that day. We do a lot of running in crossfit and i'd like to be back where I was before I quit before I start again....... Fingers are crossed that this is my goal date!
Oh... and yes.... you look amazing!!!
Thank you!
One week and the weight is coming back!! I soooo look forward to when I can exercise again.

another 12 week picture

Same swim top ... 9 weeks apart.
I agree, great cleavage! Great results!! Love the bathing suit too
Thank you so much.
You have the best cleavage. You should be rocking that black tank top! Wear it out. you look great!!!

3 months today

I went to my PS on Monday and got released to start back to crossfit. I have to take it easy for a couple of more week ... easing my way back to where I left off 4 months ago. I can't believe how fast these last few months have gone. My doctor was so impressed with the way the girls have turned out. He said that he could not have promised me the results that I have. I am still over the moon about them.

Yesterday was my first day back to crossfit. I was nervous, excited and scared all at the same time. I told my husband how I was feeling and he started sending me little picture quotes throughout the day. (I posted some of them). I know it will take a while to get back to where I was before and I'm going to push myself to look better than I did in Jamaica a year ago. I have left myself go for too long (couldn't help the last 3 months). Before surgery I was going 3 days a week now that I am back and after talking to my husband we've decided I can train 6 days week. Gotta figure out how to keep the girls locked down while running. The right one was all over the place yesterday (so to speak). I'm not sure if I want a compression bra or one that just supportive. I'm confused on that part. Wish me luck....

Here is a before and after photo taken at my doctors office. I hate looking at it because I can definitely tell I've gained weight but it's ok because I am now a work in progress to get to where I want to be. NO more fast foods and pizza. It'll be good breakfasts and lunches and protein shakes with fruit for dinner (since I don't get home from crossfit till 830 or so I don't want to eat that late).

I hope that all of you are well. You can become who you want to be not who someone else wants you to be. I want to be size 8 not a 12 and I will be but I'm also going to be BAD ASS!

Will keep posting ... until then ... feeling determined down in Texas!!!
Looking good girl!! PS did a great job. The weight will start coming off so no worries!! Glad you are cleared to do your crossfit. I do just a little running and wear just a pull over bralette and a sports bra over it. Try that and see how it goes.
Thanks. I couldn't have expected to have the results I have.
Yay! Able to get back to doing what you love! You look great but just wait and see how awesome you'll look getting even more fit AND having Boobs ;) happy training girl!

14 weeks ....

Have been back to crossfit for a week now. Taking it easy ... push up are modified ... pull ups well let's just say I'm definitely not where I was 3 months ago. My whole body was sore last week but that's OK ... it's gonna take a few weeks to get it back. Hahaha... can't get enough of it though. Here are a few weekly pics.
I've been curious about how it is to go back to crossfit after surgery. I'm only 4 weeks post op from BA, TT and lipo on on flanks and I can't imagine pull-ups or squatting heavy at this point. Lol! I'm planning on just doing light weights and walking at a regular gym until my body feels like it can handle more. How are you scaling your wods?
Just taking it day by day. Monday I back squatted 115 instead of 175. And did cleans at 65 instead 85 as rx'd. Pushups ate on my knees for now and pulls with a band but I've always used a band for these. Saturday used a 15 pound kb but Monday used 25. You know your body and your limits. I figure it'll take me a fee weeks or even months to get back with it. Like with front squats I used a 45 pound bar instead of what was rx'd at 95. It'll take time. I was thinking at 4 wks post op how the hell am I gonna do this. It'll come back the way it suppose too.
Thank you, that is very encouraging. You look great by the way!

15 weeks

Feeling great!!! I can't believe that it's been 15 weeks already ... time is flying and before I know it my one year anniversary of my BA will be here. Things are going very well. Found a great sleep bra, was expensive but holy moly it's wonderful. I can't remember the name of it but if your interested I will let you know. No new pics this week; not much has changed.

On another note ... Last night at Crossfit it was a PR (personal record) benchmark day. Last year about this time I was doing back squats at 175 #'s. Well, last night I PR'd them at 210 #'s. I attempted 220 #'s but let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Just wish I could start eating cleaner than what I do. I'm not a veggie person so if anyone has any ideas or tips they'd like to share, I'd all ears.

Happy as can be down in Texas!
Wow awesome job beating yer personal record that's gotta feel so great! I was never a veggie person either till mb a couple yrs ago, my Mom was right yer taste does change ;) course when I was young she could never really get me to try things and never forced me either. Do you like salads? That's where I started, but have barely anything on it, don't like dressing unless I make it with balsamic and oil @ hm. Don't like tomatoes either so just fill it with protein, chicken, tuna, eggs, garbanzo beans, black beans and I gotta have my cheese coming from WI lol, and I make it huge! Just load up on protein, you can always get yer veggies in yer protein shake they hide nicely with some almond milk or soy milk and fruit like bananas or blueberries raspberries etc, I've been using the egg white vanilla protein powder doesn't give me gas like the whey ones. Low carbs for dinner seems to work the best and nothing after 8pm. Of course you know water water water! Keep up the good work with yer cross fit and the lbs are bound to come off as long as yer fairly sensible with what you eat :) can't wait to watch yer progress with everything!
Thanks! No I don't like salad... lettuce makes me gag (literally). I will eat some veggies as long as they are cut up and cooked in other foods. My husband thinks I'm weird cause he is the total opposite of me when it comes to eating. Thanks for the advice.

4 months already

Not much has changed in the last month. Getting stronger every day being back at my crossfit box. Setting all kinds of PR's. Feeling great just hard to believe still that I finally have boobs. My mom says it's weird to look at me because for my 40 years I never had them. Lol.

Will post new pics soon.
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Feldman answered every question I had before I could even ask them. He is very knowledgeable about the products and types of implants that he uses and fit me in the best implant that worked for my athletic body type. I am so happy with my results (2 weeks post op) that if I had / wanted to do this all over again I would choose Dr. Feldman with no questions asked.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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