I am 38 years old, I have always dreamed of having...

I am 38 years old, I have always dreamed of having beautiful perky breast. My breast since I was teenager never was perky, my areola is big and my breast saggy. I went to see Dr. E. H. in Sugar Land Texas. I have schedule my surgery for August 30th. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. It's my first surgery I think its time to do something in my body. I will post pictures before and after. I am just afraid of scars but my doctor will try just the lollipop procedure and hopefully I will get nice results. I have to ask my doctor to post full his full name in this review.

I had my surgery the 30th, my medication keeps me...

I had my surgery the 30th, my medication keeps me asleep but as I promise here are some pictures...the one with bandage was the day I came out of the hopital..the ones showing the scars I took it yesterday 24 hours after surgery. I used silicone implants 425 brand Mentor. My Surgeon Eric Humble from Sugar Land Texas. I am very pleased with my surgery...lollipop procedure. I was very nervous the day of surgery this was my first surgery. At the hospital very clean, very professional 5 stars attention. They treated me very nice as I got in the room one of the ladies gave me some stockings ( long socks all the way up the leg) then warm socks on top of that. Later the doctor marked my breast, the anesthesiologist introduced himself, a lady worked on my iv on my hand trying to pop my vein it was hiding. They moved my bed to the surgery room saw everyone smiling and warm my bed was with a warm blanket on top of me. Then when I open my eyes it was done and a lady was waking me up to put me the bandage to help me implants to get little bit down. My breast is swollen little bruises but I think it will look beautiful as I heal. My areolas finally looks little. Yeessss!

Well girls, I bought a recliner chair time ago, I...

well girls, I bought a recliner chair time ago, I never thought I could sleep so great on it. I've been laying down on my recliner chair since I came from hospital and today actually I took a normal shower. Yesterday I just took a dry shower because I was in pain and barely could move. Today I have been walking around the house and just when I take the vicodin makes me sleepy. But oh boy! I love been in vacations! I have to confess that i wasn't sleeping for about 2-3 weeks, all i was thinking was my surgery and in my inner self I was very nervous but excited at the same time. The people in the hospital is very nice, they just called me and asked me how I was feeling. I love the great attention Dr. Eric Humble has. I recommend him 100% to whoever want to have perky beautiful boobies :) I was taking a shower and I see my nipples just in the place I always dreamed, My breast swollen and painful but in the shape I always dreamed. Girls, if you are from Texas and want great attention and nice results I think he is the best. I have seen a lot of girls that he has done procedures to them and all they look very beautiful. his website is: well, i am sleepy again i just took my pain pills and need to take a nap. If any of you have any question I will be more than happy to reply back. I still have 1 week of vacation. ;) yessss!

DAY 3 AFTER SURGERY....well, I just took a nice...

DAY 3 AFTER SURGERY....well, I just took a nice bath and I feel much better I practically move all around. Today, i didn't need help at the shower or getting dress, I still sleep in my recliner chair but I have been doing all by myself. That's great! my breast is looking less I am posting some new pictures....:)

Girls! check this out! I went shopping for a...

Girls! check this out! I went shopping for a comfortable bra and I found this one(check pictures) in Marshalls home good. I spend $12 each one, I think its perfect for after post op. ;)

Girls;) I am scheduled to have my first botox...

Girls;) I am scheduled to have my first botox around my eyes& forehead for 09/25/12 I will post pictures, before and after;) I will post all details from beginning to end!;)

Well Girls, Here I am posting pictures from...

Well Girls,
Here I am posting pictures from today, as you see I still have the tape around my incisions. I don't have any fluid coming out from incisions (I had fluid coming out only the first two days after surgery and it was very very little), I don't have any pain, I am just waiting for my implants to settle in place, tape to fall down and start treating my scars (because the tape is on top of stitches, dry blood residue still there underneath) . Today I am 32 days post op. (4 weeks) and the Dr. Humble gave me appointment for October 9th. Every morning and every night I clean around my incisions with peroxide and alcohol even though it wasn't recommended by my Dr. but my mom says that clean it out like that will protect me for any infection so I do it. Well, I will keep you posted ;)

Well girls, this message is who ever is thinking...

Well girls, this message is who ever is thinking in breast lift, augmentation and areola reduction. The procedure of my surgery was lollipop incision, I got augmentation silicon gel smooth rounded Mentor 425cc and today is my 6 week post op my breast is healing incredibly. I am using silicone sheets on the incisions you can see my pictures of the week 5 the scars are almost not noticeable now the silicone sheet have helped me a lot. All I was worry about was the scars I have scars but let's face it when breast is saggy we need to do something about it, in my case I was thinking for over 10 years to get it done and I don't understand why I took so long to take this decision......I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS!!!! who ever is worry about SCARS please use silicone sheets and silicone gel ;) after the surgery tape come off and the incisions are closed the silicone sheets "it comes as tape or gel roll on, I bought both and it works perfect for me. Try it;) you will see what I am talking about it. BUT FIRST ASK UR SURGEON IF IT'S THE RIGHT TIME FOR YOU TO USE IT. ;)

Girls, I am very happy! I love my new...

Girls, I am very happy! I love my new boobs;)
Today I had Dr. appointment and when he saw my boobs was pleased when he saw my scars. My last appointment I still was wearing the surgical tape but this time the incisions looked clean and fading scars, the most I was worry was about the scars but he told me not to worry that there is a lot of treatments for scars. I bought silicone sheets "SCAR AWAY" but he told me that stuff was ok but he has one better the name is "SCARGUARD MD" it comes like nail polish and you put it on the incision and it looks like shiny glue he said to use this stuff twice a day (morning & night) hope this info can be helpful for girls that going thru scars treatment aft er surgery.

11 Months after Breast lift and augmentation, new pictures posted today....just a happy girl!

11 Months after my breast lift and augmentation (lollipop procedure) I was happy since day one after my surgery and today 11 months after I am feeling more beautiful, confident and sexy ;) Thanks to Dr. Eric Humble. Today I went to my 11 months follow up visit and I wanted to share with all my girls that we went thru the same procedure or similar around the same time (all around the glove). Hope my profile helps a lot of girls that are looking for information about breast lifting and augmentation. Take a look of my pictures 11 months after ;)
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

In my work area, people always talk about him as the best surgeon. And I have seen people who looks very beautiful after his treatments and procedures. I met him for the first time and he is very confident, professional, and made me feel as if he could understand what I wanted from the first look of my breast.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Hi there! Your breasts look amazing! I know you got them done over a year ago so I wonder what they look like now! I too, am going to Dr. humble May 16 and am veryyyyy excited! I have had three kids, all breastfed and lost nearly 70 pounds! I am getting breast lift with silicone Aug. I go for my pre-op soon and am wondering what should look forward to? Thanks so much!
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You look great. We are almost same and so your review helps me get an idea of what my experience may be like. Thank you!
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Hello, if you don't mind can you tell me how tall you are and how much you weigh? I am trying to figure out how many CC's I should get and yours look fantastic :) I am already a DD but saggy so thinking a small implant (around 225 cc's) Also, can you tell me if your doctor went under or over your muscle? Thank you!
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Hi Autumn8675309 (: I am 5'4 And I weigh 128 pounds. Hope it helps, my size is just perfect for my body they don't look too big neither too small (:
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I am 5'6 and 133 pounds. Before B/A & B/L I have 32DD with lots of tissue - so I am still figuring out what cc to go with. I live in Thailand and am having the surgery done here. I think that the Thai doctors are more conservative in giving breast size recommendations here then perhaps at home? On my 3 consults the cc sizes ranged from 175 to 275. I don't want to get the procedure done and have my breasts seem too small but don't want to wake up with giant ones either!
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Do you know if your doctor went over or under the muscle?
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Autumn8675309 Hi again (: at the beginning you will feel big because the surgery but as the swollen gets down and implants in place you will feel fantastic it took about 8 to 12 weeks for me to see the size I have. I was 34B before my surgery and my surgeon recommended me size 425cc gel silicone plus moderate round. Now I am 34DD honestly don't look big when I'm naked it looks just proper for my size. You should ask your surgeon what size you will be after surgery in that way you will know or have an idea? And I went under the muscle.
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Under the muscle, he created a pocket and placed the implant.
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Thank you for your information! So far I am 1 for under the muscle and 1 for over! I have to call the 3rd and ask because I forgot to at the appointment!
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Well, good luck dear! Write down all questions you have And take it to the appointment. I always forget details to ask and wrote down my question when I went to visit my surgeon the first time. My friends recommended him to me so I decided right away first day and schedule my surgery. If you have any other question pre or post op (: here I am! Take care autumn8675309
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Hey quick question do you have nipple sensation? That is one thing I'm terrified of!
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Haha yes, but it took almost five days to come back! And I'm sure that varies by person so don't freak out if it takes a while. Yeah the first 3 days I felt nothing, really--not my nipples or the sides of my breasts. Then, it slowly started to come back.
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Thank you so much for your many pictures and reminders for patience. :) I am one day out of surgery and a little concerned about upper pole swelling / swelling not dropping down but I remembered seeing your pictures and how it took weeks for everything to drop. You look fantastic. Thank you again!
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Hi ggg7255 (: sending you healing hugs hope and pray you recover quickly. Just remember care and patience (:
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Hi, I was wondering how your scars are healing? Would you mind post pictures, I'm considering a areola reduction, ba, and bl but I'm scared of scarring. I've looked everywhere online for post op pics a year after but can't find many:/
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Hi kk5145 (: check my profile latest pictures I posted some new pics last week
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you look great!!! Thank you so much for your post, It is very helpful. Your scars are amazing, will definitely look for that scar treatment. Im at 11 days post op and my doc said don't do any sort of scar treatment yet :( When did you start the treatment?
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Hi mytatas (: I start using the treatment 8 weeks post op.
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HELLO BABE, I must say BA have the most beautiful I've seen so far! Glad to see your results and served to me as a tip to use your tape you used!! Waoooo your scars are invisible!!! I love your new breasts! congratulation
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Morenabella! Thank you honey! (;
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Thank you for posting. I just had this surgery on friday. Today is day 4 and my scarand nipples look so scary. I was freaking out last night until I read your post. Your results are great and gave me faith that mine will also. I was a big B small C very droppy from kids and weightloss. I did smooth ultra high gel 400cc. The swelling is still moderate pain is fine if I dont use much pressure. Opening my meds or pulling closed my car door (it is a big heavy door) is still difficult. Worked today and feel fine only tired. I will try to upload pic. Thank you again
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Hi Chricky ;) Thank you for passing by my profile today I posted pictures 11 months after surgery :) The first days are painful but all its worth it I can tell you that much. If there is anything you would like to know please just ask me and I will reply you back. Healing hugs for you;)
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I must say your breast look awsome. I am having and lift with implants as well in about 5 days. Are there any tips you have on healing well? What kind and size implant did you get? as well as did he go over or under?
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Hi phat_mommy4 ;) I am very sorry to reply just now your question. Thank you so much today I just uploaded pictures 11 months after I hope by now you are feeling great, did you get your lifting done? if so, I know you are feeling very happy now;) with patience and care you will heal quicker and don't stress to much for scars because scars fade slowly every passing day. My surgeon recommended me the solution "ScarfGuardMD" it comes in a bottle like clear nail polish and you apply it to your scarf and it helps to fade quicker.
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