(Update: Surgery has been COMPLETED) Surgery in 8 Days - Suffolk, United Kingdom

Hello all! I've been reading all the reviews...

Hello all! I've been reading all the reviews and stories and I just had to join! It's so encouraging and informative to have you ladies post here and share your journeys. I am a 28 year old mother of three girls. I have had big breast since I got my period in middle school, and by my senior year in highschool I was 118 and a 36 D. That increased to a 38 E/F over the course of 8 years, after Depo, three pregnancies, and almost 75lbs weight gain! Also came the back aches, headaches, neck pain, intercostal pain, and so on...the usual. I have been on my reduction journey for three years now, I got pregnant in Dec 2009, so it went out the window! I am an AF veteran (non retired of course) turned Air Force wife, so I am covered under Tricare Prime and medically qualified for a BR. I am currently 187lbs and I work out as aften as I can, from brisk walks to running/alternate walking at the gym. So I plan to continue to drop weight. My PS is Dr. Charles Malata and he is one of Britains leading PS. The hospital here on base referred me to his office. I had my consultation on the 3rd of April, and he pretty much pre-op'd me then...lol. He plans to take out 500 or a little more from each breast and I'll stay 2-3 days before I am released and the reigns are turned over to my husband ;) I am very excited and will take all the advice, encouragement, warnings, concerns, anything you have to offer! Thanks so much ladies and I'm glad to become part of the family here. Also, I am willing to take photos for a picture journey companion, anyone wanna give me the quick way to post pics? May God bless each and everyone of you, swift recoveries and safe surgeries to all who are taking the big step soon as well! Blessings!

Hello Ladies, I hope everyone is well! I am...

Hello Ladies, I hope everyone is well! I am attempting to add a few before photos to be able to compare with after photos later. They are different poses to show my breast size currently, my body type, and such. Thanks for all you ladies do.

Hey Ladies, I did it!!! Bless the Lord...lol...I...

Hey Ladies, I did it!!! Bless the Lord...lol...I updated my before photos, with my husband's permission. You all just don't know how much your pics have helped me! I'd like to help others as well by posting all aspects of my journey. Seven days to go, and I am beyond excited! Ok, so the trick for the photos, in case anyone else runs into trouble: I switched browsers from Firefox to IExplorer, they uploaded fairly quickly after that change! You guys be blessed! I am also losing weight, so I guess you'll get to see that progress as well!
Honestly they do look smaller, but I understand what you are saying tho, you were hoping for a significant difference! I've heard of MYA, I was looking up TT info.
Yeah, swelling and nipple sensation, but there should be size difference. I had it done with MYA in central London.There are a few Spire Hospitals in the East Anglia. I would have had it in one of the it I was still staying that side. I really can't wait to see him.
Great! I hope he gets you down to your ideal size. I wasn't so lucky. Still to see my PS and address my concerns. Hope he is open to do a revision for me.
Pain is not too bad. Maybe cause I imagined the worst :). I think it's just being uncomfortable for the first few days. I was off painkillers on day 3 and was walking about even if I was a bit slow on movement. All the best!

5 days to go ladies, and I can say that I am SUPER...

5 days to go ladies, and I can say that I am SUPER DUPER excited and a little bit nervous. I sent in my pre-Admission package on Friday, and it takes a day for it to get there. I have to be at the hospital Saturday morning at 0700 and I have to stop eating at 2300, which is going to be hard for me, as I am a midnight snack chica! I like to get up, grab water and a graham cracker or townhouse crackers! I'll survive tho, thinking about getting sleep medicine, or not, I may very well catch up on that lack of sleep with all the drugs that will be in my system! I can hardly sit still, the journey to no back, neck, and shoulder pain, and smaller boobies is almost here...5 days!!!!

Hey y'all! One more thing... What's the best bra...

Hey y'all! One more thing... What's the best bra and scar treatment to buy for post op healing and such?
Excited for you.. just a few more days!! Can't wait to follow your journey! All my best!

Good day to the awesomely wonderful women of the...

Good day to the awesomely wonderful women of the BR forum, and to all lurkers...unless you're creepy!...lol. I am T-2 Days y'all, and my excitement is raging and my nerves have seemed to peek out a bit. I am totally looking forward to Saturday and so is my wonderful, amazing, and supportive husband. I asked him the other day was he really ready to say farewell to my ladies and hello to better ones, and he smiled and said yes, he is, he is ready for change! I'm so glad, because under all my joy and excitement, I couldn't help but wonder how he would feel about his beloved breasts being reduced, I mean really feel, despite telling me that he was okay about it. So yeah, I'm elated to know that he is ready as well. My husband is the man!!! It's so funny that this is happening, but the past few weeks, I have been waking up with more noticeable pain in my upper back and shoulders, I guess it really was time to have the BR. It's not horrible, but I guess maybe I am actually paying a lot more attention to what my boobs have been doing to my body! I'm not too thrilled about having to limit my cuddles with our baby girls, well not so baby girls, 5, 4, and 18 months, I've been telling them that mommy won't be able to give big hugs for awhile, but daddy will have an abundance of love to give while I'm healing. Lastly, as I responded to Ms. Kate30 below, this is just the beginning of a bigger journey in my life to get back to where I am smaller and more healthy. Get back to a more healthy weight for my height and be rid of this belly, the "letting go" effect of three pregnancies in about 5 years! I need to be a healthy wife and mother for my family, and my best bet is to kick it into to high gear once I'm all healed up. Well take care ladies, and I'll update again tomorrow, and Sat before I go in, Sat after maybe, and I'll try to post pics of right before the surgery and after once I'm all rested and have come down from the drug high, as well as eaten, I'm a grumpy person when tired and hungry. Until next time, you all take care and as usual, happy and blessed journey to you all and happy healing to the sisters on the other side!
Thanks Kate! It's only the beginning! My Hubby will be deploying in the fall and I am praying, hoping, and working to lose at least 30lbs while he is gone. i just want to feel better overall. No sense in reducing my boobs to alleviate the back and neck pain, the heaviness, and the poor posture, just to have other health issues because of my weight. No ma'am, it's just the start of a new me, and if I lose the smaller boobies that I'm getting on Sat, then so be it, they'll fit my weight loss better. I lost weight so that I could look better with this surgery, but I have some more to drop after, and the possibility of my breasts coming down a notch is not a big deal to me... I'm carrying E's up top! LOL!!! Thanks so much for the encouragement! I'd probably be lost on this subject without you ladies!
Thanks to your awesome husband for his service! You both are just going to love this change. It will change your whole outlook in life, not having to deal with pain all the time. I am so excited for you! You are going to be ecstatic!

Okay guys, it's the night before my surgery and I...

Okay guys, it's the night before my surgery and I must say that I am so very excited, and at the same time a little nervous. Of course about the anesthesia, that always freaks me out, but I'm gonna be just fine! Well guys, I'm gonna try to get some rest, and then I'll post and check in right before and after surgery! Blessings y'all!

Hi ladies, I have checked in and am just waiting...

Hi ladies, I have checked in and am just waiting to go back for all my assessments! See you guys later!!!! Blessings!

By the time you read this you will be on the other side. Hope everything went well and you are resting comfortably and feeling much lighter!

Good Luck, Apple! I'm sure you will not have any trouble with the anesthesia and you will come out a much lighter, smaller version of fabulous you! I can't wait to hear how everything went!
Woo hoo! I'm so excited for you... On your way to a brand new you! Can't wait to hear how it went!

Hello Lovely Ladies! I've missed you guys...lol.....

Hello Lovely Ladies! I've missed you guys...lol...I've finally been able to actually focus on what I'm doing and not high right now, at least until my next round of drugs! :) The surgery was a success, instead of the 500 g per breast, he was able to remove 690 g per breast...yeah...wowzers!!! I can see and feel the difference, and tho I have not seen them with the bandages and bra off, I can definitely say I have itty bitty boobies compared to my E/F's...more than likely a C cup with swelling and a small C once the swelling goes down. My phone died and I don't have my charger right now, my hubby will be bringing it later, so I will be able to upload my pics for you gals to see. I am thoroughly excited, and am going to go ahead and switch my button to "worth it"!!! Oh yeah, another thing, I was a little worried about my nipples, as they are the most sensitive thing on my body, and TMI, but they are what gets me going, and I didn't share this before, but I was absolutely terrified of losing the sensation. Welllllll... I didn't lose a drop of sensation, not even a little bit. I feel so blessed to have a meticulous Dr. Thank you all for your love and support, I'm gonna get some sleep, and I'll upload later! Blessings! I also may not go home until tomorrow or Tuesday, more than likely Tuesday, this hospital is all about the patient's care and rest!

Here are the pics lovies!

Here are the pics lovies!
Hehe, at first I was really startled, thinking "why is she wearing a black hood over her head?" Funny! Well from what I can see, the girls look like a food size & nice round! Hope you stay comfortable!

Thrilled that everything has gone so well for you! Can't wait for the pix!
Pics posted!

Hello all! As stated before, at the hospital that...

Hello all! As stated before, at the hospital that I am at, they do things a bit differently than what we're used to in the States. I am still in the hospital, have been here a total of three nights now. I am actually enjoying myself and this quiet time. Don't get me wrong, I love my family to pieces, but it's been a relief to know that I didn't have to struggle as soon with our three girls, I miss them terribly. I have been missing my hubby so much as well. My doctor comes back in the morning to see me again, and prayerfully, the dang drains can come out. I messed around and bent at the side and pushed one of those suckers deeper into my side, OH MY GOSH, I almost screamed! I am doing fine with the pain, it took me a whole night to pee, the anesthesia did a number on my body, I'm honestly still not the same yet. I feel kinda groggy and sick from the pain meds, and CANNOT fathom how people can do these types of drug recreationally...wooooo... I'm doing fine other than that and my breasts are continuing to heal just fine, with 100% sensation everywhere in them! You guys continue to take care of yourselves, in love~Apple
Wow, I need to spellcheck. I meant good size, of course. Glad to hear you're getting some good quiet rest! Take care!

Post Op day 4: Hey gals! I came home last...

Post Op day 4:

Hey gals! I came home last night, after 3 nights in the hospital, no complications, they just prefer to keep a very close eye on you in the hospital I was seen in! Well since being home, I've been attacked by my 18 month old who was over the moon happy to see her momma! My husband's quick reflexes kicked in like Chuck Norris and prevented serious damage! Anyway, I was happy to see my family, despite leaving the luxury of room service and around the clock attention...lol! So being me, my silly self thought it would be a good idea if I didn't take my codeine because it was making groggy, so I skipped two doses last night and just took the anti inflammatory, the paracetamol, and my antibiotics....bigggggg no no, because this morning I felt like I was shot in my chest, my back, and my legs... my arms, and torso too! So most definitely back to the codeine, I'd definitely rather feel groggy! Lol, so lesson one learned on day 3 post op!!! I also switched back to my open front bra, it was messy at the hospital so I washed it and in the mean time they gave me a back closure bra, same compression type, but Iike the front closing better. I don't know what size I am, and I have my first follow up on Friday, and another visit on 15 May. I will take pics when they change my dressings on Friday and post the pics of my new boobies then! Blessings ladies, xx!


Hey Apple! How are you doing today? You ARE taking it easy, even with your little one, right?? Hope you're feeling well and enjoying your new perfect pair...as much as you can with tape, bandages etc. Can't wait to hear about the first time you try some "old" clothes on! Take good care.
Thank you ladies!!! @ Kate: that is too funny, I totally feel bad for you, cuz I too love my cuddles, but that is hilarious!!! Piggles: that sounds like a great game, will try it later, I REALLY APPRECIATE ALLLLLL OF YOUR SUPPORT AND ADVICE!
Hey Apple; I know EXACTLY what you mean. I couldn't let my younger one near me after a car accident in 2002. Too many flying feet and little hands. I couldn't lie on my sides -was stuck on my back for weeks because of pelvis and hip injuries - UGGGHHH - so we developed a little game of spoons (but not really). She's lie on her side facing away from me and I'd stay on my back and awkwardly tickle her back with my near arm. It may not work for you at the moment, depending on how much mobility you have in your arms, but maybe? At least all those little limbs are facing AWAY from the new real estate! And I can't wait to see what under those bandages; you already look like a new woman!!

Sorry BR Sisters and hello! I have been out of it...

Sorry BR Sisters and hello! I have been out of it since my appt Friday! I am still, my 18 month old got me by sneak attack this morning after my husband left the house to go to his TDY to Iceland! She put all her weight on me climbing into my bed, yikes! We kept our babies up so I could sleep in and them too! Now my left breast is sore and the anchor site is burning and very sore, I prayed to God the my boob was still attached! Lol. Overall, I am happy with the results so far! I had the "Great Unveiling" on Friday after getting those thick bandages off, however I began to feel everything shortly after. The thick bandages were literally holding everything in place. Now I feel the result of every movement and twitch! I'm not in a lot of pain, just what is expected. Though I had to dose up this morning after the bed incident. I will post pics later and give a better update! I have missed y'all!
Oh man, I feel for you with the sneak attack. I've gotten a few accidental toddler elbows but nothing full-force. Ouch. So great to hear you were happy with the unveiling! We all can't wait to see them too! Until next time, happy healing!
Oh Apple! I cringed when I read your update-as I'm sure many others did. Thank God for painkillers when you need them! Hope it's calmed down again. How's the itching? Still crazy? Have you tried on ice pack on the upper part of your chest (not right on your boobs?). I've heard that helps; probably more a diversion that anything else, but if it helps, who cares? Hope you're eating well and keeping up with the lemon tea! I'm trying some this week, I've heard so much about it. too bad by boobs are still obscenely big and saggy.....kind of a waste of lemons! Keep taking good care of yourself, especially when you start to feel better and THINK you can/should do more.
Ha. You always make me laugh. Obscenely big waste of lemons... LOL. :-)

Thank you ladies, the wee one knows that she hurt...

Thank you ladies, the wee one knows that she hurt mommy, now she climbs slowly and says, "boo boo?". I have no forgot about the pictures, will have my friend take them tomorrow, but I haven't been able to do much with my hubby being away now and trying to rest in between entertaining my stinkers! I have a few friends that have been with me since after my husband left yesterday and they've been a huge help. Of course they aren't live in, so I'm having to tackle bed time and they crowd me at night when daddy leaves! No more attacks since then, but my breasts are still feeling the impact! I put some frozen green beans on them and feel better. However I've developed the stinging/ burning pain in my nipples and at my sides where the ends of the sutures are. The itching is slowly easing up, but I have good back scratchers on hand for the bra strap bugging! You guys be on the lookout for me and the pics, and hound me if I don't post, I get the email notifications for every post and update on here. I'm looking forward to my next appt on the 15th and maybe the steri strips come off then?!?!? Well good night for now sweetsies, I'll see ya tomorrow with the "perkiness boobs I've ever had" pictures! Xx

Okay y'all, I'm going to give you some self taken...

Okay y'all, I'm going to give you some self taken after photos, but will get better pics taken by my bestie later... You're welcome! I couldn't resist ladies, I love you guys!!!
Hey Apple! Hope all is well with you and you're not overdoing things! You're LOOKING terrific; hope you're feeling the same.
Hi Apple

How are you feeling? The photos look great! Hope the recovery is not too bad...Judging by your comments, you seem to be in good spirit :))

Lots of rest and all the best!

Hey Apple! How are you feeling? Everything good? :)

Hey ladies! I just wanted to write and let you...

Hey ladies! I just wanted to write and let you know that I was doing fine! Other than the occasional BAD pain and swelling on and off, I have been doing very good! I feel a lot more pulling and tugging at the sites the more I move around, and my nipples are starting to be sore when hard, I guess more sensitive. I have my first follow up on Tuesday and will let you guys know how that goes! I am exactly two weeks since the day of my surgery! Where did that time go? I'm still working on getting picks, but my girl friends and I have been trying to keep up with my kids, their kids and their lives as well! I am so blessed, I know we say that all the time, and it may even be a military thing, but the amount of support from my church, my husband's job, and neighbors is a bit overwhelming, in a good way, I cried the other day! I was extremely joyful and felt so loved and at the same time, I felt so helpless, not being able to reach my very high cabinets ( I'm 5'2 and they are high), can't get my babies... Ugh, but I'm learning humility! Well until next time ladies! Xx
Hi Apple! Hope you're continuing to heal well and the pain is subsiding. And, more importantly, hope you're not overdoing it! Thinking of you as the days whiz by and you approach your 3 week mark!
Apple! So glad to hear you're doing well and are surrounded by so much love.. Sorry to hear about your pain etc; hope some part of you keeps reminding yourself it's your body taking care of itself and healing. Why the hell it can't do that without hurting, we'll never know, but sounds like you're soldiering (!!!) through. Hope the next week brings more improvements and less discomfort. Thinking of you :)

Glad to hear you are doing so well Apple, and it seems you have an amazing amount of support! Congratulations! And give yourself another couple of weeks and you will feel as good as you look!

Hey guys! I suck, I know!!! So it's been three...

Hey guys! I suck, I know!!! So it's been three weeks since my surgery, 3 weeks and 3 days to be exact! Everything is pretty much the same, except I'm not in as much pain, only the burning and stinging pains around my sides and nipples. My check up went well, and they took off the remaining steri strips. I also have to be in my support bra for at least three more weeks. All of my scabs have come off, except for the tiny ones around my areola. I am still without my hubby at home to help me at night, at least for another two weeks or so. My help has been dwindling down and rightfully so, they have their own lives, so I've been doing a lot more on my own, and so very grateful for my wonderful friends. I have taken pictures of my breasts steri strip free, and they look decent, lol. My husband has not seen them since I had the bandages up close, but I sent him pics so he could see how well my scars are healing, he says he doesn't want to see them in person yet, it might traumatize him :/ . I did try on some old lingerie, and it's amazing the difference huge boobs make! I am still very restricted until my 13 June appointment, so I'm looking forward to freedom. I will upload my pics in a few hours, I'm on my iPad right now. I pray all is well with you gals and YESSSSS, I LOVE MY NEW BEAUTIFUL BREASTS! I'd do the reduction 100 times again! Xx
congradulations on your new boobs girl you look great....
Hi Apple! So you're now past the 4-week mark - WOW!! Hope you're continuing to heal well and feeling better and stronger every day. Let us know when your hubby gets home and meets his new wife for the first time; how exciting will THAT be! Take good care of yourself. xo

WooHoo, Apple! Look at those babies :-D You look great! By the time your man gets home you will be feeling great and ready to strut around in that lingerie! Better call in some more help and line someone up to keep the kids :-O

Hey guys! I see thousands of updates! I have to...

Hey guys! I see thousands of updates! I have to read each and every new post as I have my quiet time! Everything is great here, all appointments have been well and I am a 40 C or 38 D and losing weight as well, ten pounds so far. No pain, no fuss, scars are healing great, fading as well. I have found a new hobby, and am keeping busy as you can see by my absence. My hubby is heading on a six month very soon, so we've been spending an awful lot of time together as a family, and I have neglected our Internet. His Iceland trip was good, now he's right back out the door. I have my next appoint in September, and I will see what happens as far as doggy ears and such then, and when the time comes, I'll let you guys know. I'm so sorry I have negletcted the forum, but truly, you all have been in my prayers!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! My hubby loved seeing my new...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! My hubby loved seeing my new bboobies, and loves them even more now, will post pics later!
Hey APPLE!! So good to hear from you! So glad you're doing well and enjoying the new rack! Glad hubby was impressed; he should be :)

Hope we hear from you again sometime; we really miss you (but we know life does go on - lol!). Take good care of yourself! xxxooo

Hey Apple! I was just thinking about you the other day! I'm glad you are doing so spectacularly! Thanks for updating us. I really appreciate it, but totally understand that time as a family is precious and your top priority! None of us will ever begrudge you that!
Dr. Charles Malata

I highly recommend Dr. Malata for this procedure, for anyone living in the UK. I am American, but had to get a referral for Dr. Malata, as the hospital that I attend does not currently have an in house PS. Dr. Malata is VERY meticulous and answers EVERY question that you have with care and knowledge. He is attentive to the patient's needs, concerns, and wants. He definitely gives his all in what he does, and exercises his gifts and talents to the VERY best of his ability. If I could give Dr. Malata 100 stars, I would give him 200! I am very well pleased with my results and his staff. I have a 24 hour contact number for him that I received at my initial consult, for any questions, and as a patient now, for any emergencies or concerns that may arise, yes, Dr. Malata is that DEDICATED. I wish you all the best, and again, I highly recommend Dr. Charles Malata!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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