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Sudden Haziness After Lasik

My vision was never terrible, just a minor script...

My vision was never terrible, just a minor script for shortsightedness, but I hated wearing glasses all the time. I'm hoping this is going to 'clear things up' for me.

I had my lasik exactly two weeks ago. About two days after surgery my vision was crystal clear, at 2020. I did have bad dry eye for about a week, but this seems to have cleared. Now, my vision seems less sharp, more hazy over the last two days. Is it normal for fluctuations to occur after two weeks? Is it also normal for decreases then improvements in sight quality in the space of just a few days? Thanks
Hi, Thanks for your review. Just wondering how everything has gone for you now a few years on from your surgery? I am considering the same surgeon and clinic but haven't found them to be very friendly or comfortable however am trying to make my decision based on the experience of the surgeon. I would be interested to know if you've had any long term side effects from the procedures and how was your recovery afterwards?
Fluctuating vision may occur for a few months after LASIK. Dryness may induce this so speak with your eyeMD about the best treatment options. Make sure to utilize preservative free tear preparations.
Marc Wei - laser vision

Not overly friendly but very experienced.

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